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General Correspondence - 1915

General Correspondence – Personal letters, incoming and outgoing, re: various matters; includes three letters Sam wrote to his brother-in-law discussing his changing role within the First World War command; incoming letters of introduction and reference, and a letter from Louis J. Lipsett, recently appointed Commander of the 3rd Canadian Division, thanking Steele for his letter of congratulations. There is also a letter with two photographs sent to Sam from Major C.B. Strutt. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Harwood, C.A.

General Correspondence - 1916

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes letters from A.C. Macdonell and C. [Donnelly] who both had sons killed in recent battles; letters from other acquaintances and colleagues, including Louis Lipsett, and James Harding, a former A Battery Kingston and NWMP officer who served with SBS; and an interesting letter from A.C. Harwood (Gus), discussing his efforts to get “fair play” for Steele in Canada. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Harwood, C.A.

Military Correspondence - Incoming

Correspondence sent to and from SBS in his capacity as Colonel in Command of Military District #10, based at the Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg; includes correspondence to and from R.J. Gwynne, with SBS questioning reports that Gwynne has stated his dissatisfaction with Steele’s treatment of Saskatchewan officers; letters around the appointment of another officer for the District 10, and changing the District to a Division; the resignation of the Commander of The Cameron Highlanders; and other matters. There is a letter sent to SBS from O.W. Evans who served under Steele with the N.W.M.P. in the Yukon. Handwritten; typewritten

Gwynne, R.J.