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1972 (n.d.)

"The Alphabet of Sleep" (ts(2)/ms)
"Breathing" (ts)
"Cassandra" (ts(2)/ms)
"Flight of the Tenses" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"The Garden of Silence" / "Victoria "Garden of Truth"" (ts(2)/ms)
"Gathering Oysters" (ts(3)/ms)
"Good Friday" (ts)
"Grandmother" (ts(2)/ms/p)
"How come?" (ts/ms(2))
"Hurricane Beth and the Bertha Army Worm and All That" (ts(2)/ms)
"I Get Restless" (ts/ms)
"Indian Summer: North Winnipeg" (ts(2)/ms)
"Last Letter" (ts(2))
"Mathematics" (ts)
"Old Soldier" (ts(6)/ms)
"Parks Department" (ts)
"Song" (ts)
"Thumbing a Ride" (ts(5)/ms/p)
"Time and Mrs MacNair" (ts/ms/p)
"To be Blind" (ts(5)/ms(2))
"Walking in the Dark (For Randal)" (ms)
"Whitepiece" (ts(2))
"Why are we Here (For Elizabeth Brewster)" (ts(3)/ms)

1972 (June-December)

"Jay" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Merger" (ts(2)/ms)
"Aubade" (ts(2)/ms)
"Dawn" (ts(2)/ms)
"Morning Rituals" / "Waking" / "Between Laughter and Tears" / "Old Woman" (ts/ms)
"Morning Rituals" / "Acupuncture" (ts/ms)
"Blessing" / "White Ceiling" / "Window" (ts/ms)
"Evensong" / "Evening Prayers" / "Ceremony for Desdemona" / "Night Song for Desdemona" (ts(3)/ms)
"Epiphany" / "Of Stress" (ts(2)/ms)
"Down Beat" (ts(2)/ms)
"Semantics: (Remembering Mazo)" (ts/ms)
Fresh as that pearl-yellow… (ts/ms)
"The Old Bawd" / "The Courtesan" (ts(2)/ms)
"Small Dialogue with Icarus" / "Icarus" (ts/ms)
"For Louis Frank: Nootka" / "News from Nookta (For Louis Frank, Ahausit)" / "News at the End of the War" (ts(2)/ms/p)

1972 (February-May)

"As" (ts/ms)
"A Catechism" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Stoned Woman" (ts(2)/ms)
"A Late Spring" / "February" (ts(3)/ms)
"Not" (ts(2)/ms)
"A Poem for Diane" (ts/ms)
"Of Chains (for Anne Campbell)" / "Of Death: At Easter (for Jean Crawley)" (ts(5)/ms)
"March 26 (for Jean Crawley)" (ts(2))
"Living Alone" (ts(2)/ms)
"Dilemma" / "Creation" (ts(3)/ms)
"Unexpected Guests" / "Young Visitor" / "The Messenger" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Impossible Doorway" (ts(6)/ms)
"The Assassinations" (ts(5))
"The Disembodiment of Pierre Eliot Trudeau" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Magnet" (ts(5)/ms)

1971 (n.d.)

"Essondale" (ts/ms(2))
"For Rent" / "The Bedroom of the Nation" / "Consecutive Smile" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Guitar-maker" / "A "found" Poem" (ts(5)/ms)
"Jennie" (ts/ms)
"The Pearl" (ts/ms)
"The Unquiet Bed (Aurora Borealis)" (ts(4)/ms)
The body is precious… (ts/ms)

1971 ("Disasters of the Sun" Series)

"Disasters of the Sun" [Series of seven poems]
"Sky Apartment" (ts(2))
"For Tom Ezzy" (ts/ms)
"Flight 403" (ts(2))
"Discards" (ts(2)/ms)
During the last heat wave… (ts)
Keep out… (ts)
Connect me underground… (ts(3))

1927 (January-November)

"Legend" (ts/ms)
"The Prisoner" (ts/ms)
"Fear" (ts/ms)
There is no one in the house but I… (ts/ms)
"Episode" (ts/ms)
Who can paint the sun… (ts/ms)
"Decision" (ts/ms)
Where once the road went, see not the willows… (ts/ms)
Your cry---was it your cry?... (ts)
"October" (ts/ms)
Is it inconstancy… (ts/ms)
All night I heard the calling… (ts/ms)

Poems: Typescripts and Manuscripts

This series consists of approximately 1,470 poems, which are represented as typescripts and/or manuscripts. File titles within this series reflect the arrangement of poems, which are grouped together based on the year and time frame in which those poems were written or, in the case of poems with no recorded date, the year and alphabetical span of those poems.
While nearly all of the poems are typescript, most poems in this series are in both typescript (ts) and manuscripts (ms) form. Many poems have multiple typescript copies and some have multiple manuscript copies. It is not clear whether Livesay herself created the typescripts, but many have handwritten notes, edits, or signatures from Livesay. When there is one or more typescript and one or more manuscript of a single poem, the materials are arranged together (ts/ms). Rarely, two different poems are written on one manuscript and therefore not all manuscript poems are arranged with their respective typescript.
This series also consists of clippings and photocopies of published poems (p), which are arranged with the typescript and/or manuscript of the same poem.

Dorothy Livesay Archives

  • PS 8523 I95 Z46
  • Fonds
  • 1919, 1924-1974

Fonds reflect Dorothy Livesay's earlier work as a poet and consist of poetry manuscripts and typescripts, business correspondence, and typescript drafts of several publications. These records span from 1919 to 1974 and are arranged into four series: Poems: Typescripts and Manuscripts; Poems: Notebooks; Correspondence with Ryerson Press; and Publication Drafts and Author's Prints.

Livesay, Dorothy


From Box 15, folder 865; Box 17, folders 876 & 880.

Coach House Press Archives

The Coach House Press archive includes material related to the history of the Press and contains articles, news clippings, printed information and notes. Included are two ninety-minute audio cassette tapes of interviews with Stan Bevington and Victor Coleman and also of note, is a file related to a Coach House Press exhibition held at the Grolier Club in June/July 2010.

New Wave Canada Exhibition - Catalogue

Excerpts from the catalogue that accompanied an exhibition at the National Library of Canada curated by David McKnight which ran in Ottawa between June 21, 1996 and February 20, 1997.

New Wave Canada Exhibition

The New Wave Canada exhibition files include correspondence leading up to the issuing of the Library and Archives exhibit contract, including business correspondence, a draft exhibition proposal and drafts of the catalog, and cover proofs associated with the development and publishing of an exhibition catalogue and website. Two photographs related to the exhibition are also included with these files.

Coach House Press Project and Archive

David McKnight writes that he began collecting books published by the Coach House Press, a Toronto, Ontario literary small press in 1972. As he further explains: “Coach House emerged as one of the leading venues dedicated to publishing Canada’s nascent literary avant-garde.” In the summer of 1996, McKnight signed a contract with National Archives and Library of Canada to curate and prepare a three-dimensional exhibit for the Coach House Press. The exhibit used papers held by the National Library (literary manuscripts), and some loaned material.

This series includes the files related to planning and setting up the exhibition (New Wave Canada Exhibition) for the National Library and Archives, as well as general archives related to the history of the Coach House Press.

Title based on contents of series.

New Wave Canada Exhibition - Correspondence

Re: contract with National Archives and Library of Canada for David McKnight to curate and prepare a three-dimensional exhibit for the Coach House Press (for 1996). Includes correspondence leading up to issuing of Library and Archives exhibition contract; draft exhibition proposal by David McKnight.

Tratt, Grace

Photocopy of "Check List of Canadian Small Presses English Language."

Tratt, Grace

"Check List of Canadian Small Presses English Language." Dalhousie University Occasional Paper, 7.

Shade, Leslie Regan

"Small and Alternative Press Materials in Libraries: An Annotated Bibliography and Directory. MA thesis, UCLA.

Reuter, Marilyn

Course paper for History of Books and Printing titled "A Short History of the Private Press in Canada."

Price, Kathleen

Photocopy "The Small Literary Press in Canada, 1964-1972: a communicational analysis of alternative forms and resistant practices. MA thesis, McGill University.

Melanson, Holly

"Literary Presses in Canada, 1975-1985: A Checklist and Bibliography." Dalhousie University Occasional Papers Series.

McKnight, David

Bound copy "An Annotated Bibliography of English-Canadian Little Magazines: 1940-1980." Dedicated to Wynne Francis by David McKnight.

McKnight, David

Unbound copy "An Annotated Bibliography of English-Canadian Little Magazines: 1940-1980." MA thesis, Concordia University.

McDougall, Robert

Photocopy "A Study of Canadian Periodical Literature of the 19th century." Thesis, University of Toronto. Incomplete: lacks front matter & pages 199-415.

McCullagh, Leota Joan

Contemporary Verse and the Development of Modern Poetry in the Forties. MA thesis, University of British Columbia.

Knight, Alan R.

"Word Order/World Order: A Study of the Poetry of bp Nichol." MA thesis, Concordia University.

Irvine, Dean.

"Little Histories: Modernist and Leftist Women Poets and Magazine Editors in Canada, 1926-1956." PhD dissertation, McGill University; email correspondence.

David, Jack

Photocopy of MA thesis, "Concrete Poetry," University of Windsor.

Campbell, Robert

Microfilm copy "A Study of the history and development of Raymond Souster's Direction, Contact, and Conbustion." [MA] thesis, University of New Brunswick.


Report of ACQL Committee on Research in English-Canadian Literature 1976-1978.


Articles; news clippings; reviews; catalogue of Women's Studies.

Vancouver Poetry Scene

Photocopied articles; letter from George McWhirter to Wynne Francis; letter from Frank Davey to Wynne Francis.


Raymond Souster - Poems Selected: "Great Moments in our History."

Montreal Poetry

News clippings and articles; bibliography; course paper written for Professor Irving Layton at York University.


Kaufman, David: "before sun-street" (published book of poetry)

Jewish-Canadian Poetry

News articles and clippings; reviews; course paper written for a Canadian Jewish Literature course.

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