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Photographs of 'Punch' Dickins, his family and friends, as well as landscapes and airplanes.

Clennell 'Punch' Dickins fonds

  • TL 540 D53 C64
  • Fonds
  • 1910s to 1990s

Includes photographs, as well as correspondence and miscellaneous materials from Dickins' professional and military career, plus personal memorabilia.

Dickins, Clennell Haggerston ('Punch')

Welcome to — Grand Forks and Scenic Sunshine Valley [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Statistics of Grand Forks District
  • A general description of the area provided by The Grand Forks District board of Trade
  • Gazette Printing co., LTD — Grand Forks, B.C.
  • Photo of the Aerial View of Grand Forks
  • One page description of the history of the area
  • One page dedicated to a copy of a hand-drawn map of the Grand Forks and Boundary District

Trout Fishing in Oregon [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Where to fish in the following areas: The Coast Streams, Willamette Valley Streams, Southern Oregon Lakes and Streams, Central Oregon Lakes and Streams, and Eastern Oregon Lakes and Streams
  • Rates for Hunting and Angling licenses for the 1923-1924 season

The Whiteshell [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Descriptions of canoe trails
  • List of "Suggested Outfit for Two People" including camp outfit, cooking outfit, and rations for five days
  • Photo of Silver Falls on the Winnipeg River
  • Map issued by the Winnipeg Travel and Publicity Bureau Department of Mines and Natural Resources

Jack Russell's Camps [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Hunting and Fishing in the area
  • Accommodation, rates, location and transportation
  • Printed in the USA - Publishers Printing Co. of N. Y.
  • Small stamp of "Eldred Bailey Lessee" in green on the front panel and inside in the "management" section

Photo Album given to Charles V. Hancock from J. Hughes-Parry

Rare -- May be unique. Album was from the library of Charles V. Hancock, Literary Editor of the Birmingham Post. Album has a greeting card inscribed to Hancock with a photo of Hughes-Parry holding the record rod-caught fish for the Dee, a 42 lbs 5 oz salmon caught from the Welsch Dee river dated April 15, 1935. Photos in album are of Hughes-Parry fishing from a coracle (a little folding boat he invented)

Canada Guides Limited [book & photo]

Textual information includes:

  • Map on p.6 showing railroad connections and schedule of Canadian National Railways fares
  • Information about their services
  • Pull out map that shows the routes to Ogoki, Opichuan, and Albany Rivers from Ombabika attached to the rear cover

S.I.N.I. [photograph album]

Includes photographs of the following places:

  • Studebaker Creek
  • Mirror Lake
  • Campbell River & Lake
  • Elk Falls
  • Alberni Mountain
  • Alberni Canal
  • Sprout River & Lake
  • Great Central Lake
  • Stamp River
  • Butchart Gardens

Fishing in Newfoundland

Includes photos by Lee Wulff, noted angler and author. Wulff was an American who spent a lot of his time fishing in Canada and did promotional work for Newfoundland, among other places.
Textual information includes:

  • Freshwater fishing
  • Big game fishing
  • One page map of Newfoundland

The Golden Era of Fly Fishing

The item is a 50th-anniversary promotional pamphlet for Weber Fly Tackle.
Textual Information includes:

  • Weber family and company history
  • Photos of the various home bases and factories of the company
  • Information about their upcoming catalog

Ascension Fish & Game Club

This book is rare and offers a brief history of this club (originally the Green Lake Fish and Game Club), which occupies a lease over 22 square miles north of Montreal. The back 2 pages list past and present officers and members of the club.

Pattern Card of Veniard Special Dyes & Guide for Dyed Goods

Textual information includes:

  • further explanation: "These Dyes are specially prepared for Dyeing Feathers, Furs, Wools &c, Recommended by Roger Woolley, T J. Hanna, F. Napier-Sutton, &c. FAST and BRIGHT"
  • Address of E. Veniard, LTD given on the front cover: 138 Northwood RD, Thronton Heath, Surrey, England.

Bradford City Angling Association

Textual information includes:

  • Address of the Bradford City Angling Association Headquarters: Hepworth & Grandage Sports & Social Club, 357 Sticker Lane, Bradford 4
  • Printed by Ernest Cummins, Bradford BD3 9HG
  • Rules
  • Select Member's names
  • Advertisements on the back pages

Silver Dace Angling Association

Textual information includes:

  • List of the board members including president, vice presidents, chairman, treasurer, committee, delegates, and secretary
  • List of rules
  • Guide to private waters
  • Contest arrangements
  • Headquarters "White Horse", Two Mile Hill.
  • Member's ticket filled out with name and address of owner, endorsed by J.E. Dolling (Secretary)
  • Quote by "Buck Gnat" on the back cover
  • Printed by H. E. ILES, Halls Road, Kingswood

Envelope and Letterhead

Note inside reads: "With the compliments of the New Zealand Government Travel commissioner, Suite 530, 630 Fifth Avenue, New York, Telephone JUDSON 6-0060"

New Zealand [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Details of 11 tours available between 1961-1962
  • Contact information of New Zealand Government Travel Commissioner for San Francisco and New York
  • Map and directions on how to get there
  • Information on things on main attractions and facts about New Zealand

Visitor's Guide to New Zealand [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Formalities for entry
  • Air and Sea Routes, and when to go
  • Information on sightseeing, travel hints, health, currency, climate, transport, vehicles, customs, shopping, food, and sports
  • List of New Zealand Government Travel Representatives Abroad
  • Printed by R. E. Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand

Trout Lake [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • List of accommodations and facilities
  • Information on where it is located
  • Rates
  • Proprietors are Pat & Rich Broemeling
  • Published privately by Leno-Whimster Printing Ltd., Nelson B.C.

Douglas Lodge, Stuart Lake [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Activities such as hunting, fishing, walks, trails, riding, and swimming
  • Lodge information such as size, rates and how to get there
  • Map of "Northern Hunting and Fishing Grounds Adjacent to Douglas Lodge"
  • Small map on the back of British Columbia

Fishing is Good in Manitoba [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Issued by Province of Manitoba Department of Mines and Natural Resources, Hon. J.S. McDiarmid (Minister), D.M. Stephens (Deputy Minister)
  • Distributed by Tourist and Convention Bureau of Winnipeg and Manitoba (Lt.-Col, G.F.C. Poussette (Manager)
  • Licenses and regulations
  • Hunting information

Algonquin Park Ontario: Highland Inn [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Information on Algonquin Park including a two-day camping trip arranged by the hotel
  • Descriptions of recreational activities such as camping, boating, hiking, riding, fishing, bathing, tennis, badminton, and dancing
  • Hotel features such as church services, comfort, food, and service
  • Rates for rooms, guides, Saddle horses, boats and canoes
  • Includes contact information
  • Printed by Grand & Toy LTD. Toronto

The Maganetawan River [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Brochure is signed by E.S. Whitney, 5 October 1909
  • All places listed in the brochure are reached by the Grand Trunk Railway system
  • Map of Grand Trunk Railway system
  • Prices and information on hotels and boarding houses
  • Summer schedule of Grand Trunk Railway passenger trains

Algonquin Park [brochure]

Printed by the Canadian National Railway.
Textual information includes:

  • Several photos and information on different hotels and camps in the area
  • Fishing information such as guides and equipment, regulations, and customs
  • List of Canadian National Railways passenger agencies

Recreation Guide to Spooner Area [brochure]

Textual Information includes:

  • Map titled "Spooner Lake Region: Heart of Wisconsin's Indian Head Country" with the text: "For your vacation write Chamber of Commerce Spooner, Wisconsin"
  • A three-page directory of recommended resorts
  • A full page (12 panels) map of the Spooner Lakes area in Wisconsin (copyright 1948, John T. Mathiesen)

Stuart Island Resort [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • How long it will take to get there by airplane, auto ferry and highway, and by float plane.
  • Vancouver office address and telephone information and instructions to contact the Stuart Island Resort through the radio operator.
  • Rate schedule effective from 15 May to 15 September 1969, including prices for accommodation and resort guests.
  • Reservation form on the reverse side of the rate schedule sheet.

Bruce P. Dancik Angling Ephemera

  • SH 571 B78
  • Collection
  • 1962-2015

The collection consists of fishing-related ephemeral material such as brochures, maps, photographs, two photo albums, magazine clippings, catalogues, typed speeches, menus, and anglers' ticket books. The majority of the items are from various locations in Canada or the United States of America. Non-North American items include four brochures from New Zealand, and several miscellaneous items from the United Kingdom. Most of the ephemera are from the mid-twentieth century, but the dates are as early as 1909 and as late as 2000. Many of the items in this collection also cover outdoor recreational activities popular at their time of creation.

Field Notes

Field notes written by Robert Bell recording dates, temperatures, and coordinates. Notes pertain to the areas of Athabasca River and Slave River, Alberta.

George S. McTavish, Jr.- Incoming Correspondence

Incoming correspondence from George S. McTavish discussing how times have changed and the art of writing is lost. McTavish also writes that he has kept in contact with old friends. Correspondence sent from Victoria, British Columbia to Robert Bell.

George S. McTavish, Jr.- Incoming Correspondence

Incoming correspondence from George S. McTavish discussing his holiday travels and visit to Hudson’s Bay Company in Winnipeg. McTavish writes that he saw old faces from his past and that the world has moved on without them. Correspondence sent from Rivers Inlet, British Columbia to Robert Bell.

George S. McTavish, Jr.- Incoming Correspondence

Incoming correspondence from George S. McTavish congratulating Dr. Bell on his recently appointed position as director of the Geological Survey. McTavish also writes that he misses his friends and the old officers have been replaced by the younger generation. Correspondence sent from Rivers Inlet, British Columbia to Robert Bell.

George S. McTavish, Jr.- Incoming Correspondence

Incoming correspondence from George S. McTavish discussing his desire to leave the Hudson's Bay Company, but was told to wait for his contract to expire. McTavish also discusses ship travel, trade, and expenses. Correspondence sent from B. C. Canning Co., Rivers Inlet, British Columbia to Robert Bell.

George S. McTavish, Jr.- Incoming Correspondence

Incoming correspondence from George S. McTavish discussing his new position as Book keeper, with an increased pay from $50 per month to $75 per month. Correspondence sent from Victoria, British Columbia to Robert Bell.

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