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UAA 2019-021

  • Accession
  • [19-]

Accession consists of audio cassettes containing the proceedings from Mega Projects. Tapes include Don Stanley, Ted Coartrage, Vic Henning, Stan Roberts and Alex Mair.


Accession contains University of Albert Press publications for 2017 to 2019, including books edited and authored by Robert C. Rival; Jay Scherer, David Mills, and Linda Sloan McCulloch; Michael Stock; Tessa Jordan; Ursula Mathis-Moser and Marie Carriére; Geo Takach; Sandra Semchuk; Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean, and Angela Failler; Roger Epp; Margaret Atwood; Pamela Brett-MacLean and Lianne McTavish; Aldona Jaworska; Rod Macleod; Darryl Raymaker; Norma Dunning; Susmita Roye; Douglas Barbour; Carissa Halton; Rona Altrows and Julie Sedivy; Melissa Tanti, Jeremy Haynes, Daniel Coleman, and Lorraine York; Jenna Butler; John Rae and William Barr; Amanda Wakaruk and Sam-Chin Li; Marita Dachsel; Michael Crummey; E.D. Blodgett; Naomi K. Lewis; Leslie Main Johnson;George Pavlich and Matthew P. Unger; Alana Fletcher and Morris Neyelle; William Wray Carney, Colin Babiuk, and Mark Hunter LaVigne; Nora Foster Stovel; Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra Styres, Spencer Lilley, and Dawn Zinga; and Therese Greenwood.


  • UAA-2017-007
  • Accession
  • 2012-2017

Books published by the University of Alberta Press.

University of Alberta Press

UAA 2018-018

Records comprise minutes, events (retirements/dinners/banquets) agendas,correspondence, reports and related documentation of the Board of Governors, the Board Finance and Property Committee, Human Resource and Compensation Committee,University Relations Committee, Board Executive Committee, Facilities Development Committee, Learning Environment Committee,Undergraduate Awards and Scholarship Committee, Learning Environment Committee Campus Law Review Committee, Academic Standards Committee and reports from various faculties and reports to the Board

Board of Governors


Accession consists of digital recordings, images, and PDFs of John Szczepaniak interviews for The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers. Sound and video recordings consist of interviews with Japanese game developers. All records are in digital format.

In May 2013 Szcepaniak's The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers started as a Kickstarter project to produce a book with interviews covering things never documented before in Japanese game development. Using his contacts from his time in journalism and magazine production he built a list of interviewees. The interviews were published in 3 volumes and contained over 100 interviewees. 95% of the interviews accumulated audio which has been transcribed and published. As well, more than half the interviews were supplemented with textual records provided via email. In some cases entire interviews were done exclusively through email correspondence. Given the large amount of email, these are not included in the archived records.

Szczepaniak, John


University Mixed Chorus 60th Anniversary Celebration booklet

Mixed Chorus


  • UAA-2003-036
  • Accession
  • 1996-1997

Video of Convocation ceremonies in June 1996 and June 1997, as well as stock footage from around campus for Welcome Week and other promotional purposes.

Office of the Registrar


  • UAA-2008-059
  • Accession
  • 1995-

Episodes of Global News' Woman of Vision program, hosted by Lesley MacDonald.

MacDonald, Lesley


  • UAA-2017-010
  • Accession
  • 1994-2010

Operational files primarily GSA Council Sessions

Graduate Student's Association


  • UAA-1992-013
  • Accession
  • 1991

Camrose Normal School Scholarship Fund Committee. Materials relating to the Presentation Assembly at Barnett House (January 18, 1991) in honour of Scott Allen Key, the first recipient of the Camrose Normal School Scholarship in History of Education.

Camrose Normal School Scholarship Fund Committee


  • UAA-2004-028
  • Accession
  • 1995-1991

Research materials regarding William Rowan, including handwritten notes, research correspondence, photographs and news clippings.


  • UAA-2017-016
  • Accession
  • 1990-2014

Copies of Folio publications from 1990-2014. Most volumes contain complete issue series; however some are missing. Duplicate copies also contained in accession.



Accession consists of a videotape of Dr. Myer Horowitz speech entitled "The Religious Dimensions of a Secular University." A lecture at a luncheon sponsored by the Hillel Club.

Department of Sociology


President Horowitz sound and video recordings of speeches and ceremonies: "My Last Year in Office - 1988-1989"

Technical Services - A/V Services Division


  • UAA-1988-111
  • Accession
  • 1987-1988

Photographs of Timms Collection Centre: Blueprints and models


Ivan Rudnytsky typescript and copy-text for book: Essays in Modern Ukrainian History

Rudnytsky, Ivan


  • UAA-1998-101
  • Accession
  • May 16-17, 1986

Audio recordings from the Canadian Ethnology Society sessions May 16-17, 1986. Tapes labelled with session times.

Canadian Ethnology Society


Accession consists of records pertaining to the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus including concert recordings, programmes, and photo negatives.

Mixed Chorus


  • UAA-1987-020
  • Accession
  • 1986

International Nursing Research Conference papers, brochures, leaflets and slides.

Stinson, Shirley


Accession consists of Faculty of Extension, Faculty Council Meeting Minutes.

Faculty of Extension


  • UAA-2017-008
  • Accession
  • 1984 - 1994

Audio recordings of interviews with accompanying transcripts: Psoriasis Research Project, Herbal Medicine
Botanical Field Notes and Photos
Media Coverage
Sweat Lodge Ceremonies video recordings

Young, David E.


  • UAA-1985-014
  • Accession
  • 1984-1988

Four booklets: "Medical Students' Survival Guide", Department of Medicine, University of Alberta


Materials from the monthly arts newspaper Edmonton Bullet, including: author files, photocopied issues of the newspaper (April 1986 to Oct.1992).

The Edmonton Bullet


  • UAA-1985-033
  • Accession
  • 1981-1983

Zooarcheological Research News (vol 1 - 3). Publication during this period was at the University of Alberta, later moved to Simon Fraser University.


Photographs and slides of Austin Mardon with family and during fieldwork in the North.

Mardon, Austin


  • UAA-1992-082
  • Accession
  • 1980-1981

University of Alberta Forest Society: Yearbook

Cameron Library


Accession consists of audio cassettes containing interviews with Norman Yates by Elizabeth Beauchamp (M.FA thesis).

Beauchamp, Elizabeth Joan

UAA 2019-006 (Dr. Gordon R Freeman)

The accession consists of non-chemistry research conducted by Gordon r Freeman on a stone structure near Majorville located in South Eastern Alberta. There, Freeman discovered stones arranged by humans. One significant stone structure was identified as a widespread "Temple to the Sun, Moon and Morningstar". During the period 1980-2014, Freeman took many photos (2,000) of the temple and area. These images comprise a significant volume of the accession and were used widely in the seven volume publication: "Temple to the Sun, Moon and Morningstar". The book depicts that indigenous peoples on the Great Plains 5000 years ago had significant scientific knowledge of the motions of the lights in the sky. The records including photographs, field notes, research notes, site excavation information, presentation, conference information and presentations (namely Archeoastronomy conference 1998), correspondence and observations embody the work that led to the writing of two additional books of the site: Canada's Stonehenge (2009) and "Hidden Stonehenge" (2012).

Freeman, Gordon R.

UAA-2018-005 (Bibliotheque St. Jean)

  • Accession
  • 1980

Bibliotheque St. Jean photographs in three albums and in envelopes. approximately 200 colour images of the campus and staff of BSJ.

Bibliotheque Saint-Jean


Accession consists of materials from the Patricia Austin Memorial Exhibit including trophies, pins, framed documents, photographs and correspondence.

Department of Physical Education and Recreation


  • Accession
  • 1979 - 1980

Membership lists, newsletters and minutes from IPALLOSH (InterProvicial Association of Library Lovers of Sheep), which is a group of Chief Librarians in the western provinces of Canada.

InterProvicial Association of Library Lovers of Sheep (IPALLOSH)


  • UAA-2002-059
  • Accession
  • 1978

Dr. S.W. Tromp, Director of the Biometerological Research Institute of Leiden, Introductory lecture course in human, animal, and plant biometeorology. Various computer disks, some labelled with specific people's names. Transparencies of refugee data for Asia.

Tromp, Dr. S.W.


  • Accession
  • 1978

McInnes, Grace


40 Years of WW production materials including programs, previews, reviews, and media and production reports. Includes multiple media: CDs, DVDs, VHS, Cassettes, photographs and textual materials of productions, promotional posters for productions, media reviews, scripts, annotated scripts, news releases, seasonal promotional materials, video and still productions, performance schedules, program materials, design information, as well as, administrative records of the company including financial statements, year end statements, tax information, lease agreements, annual returns, File contains agendas, minutes, corresponds, reports, director lists, artisitic director's reports, budget, general manager's reports, un-audited year end statement, funding applications, sponsorship information for various seasons and festivals.

Workshop West Theatre


  • UAA-1978-038
  • Accession
  • 1977-1978

Photographs of Thailand Project III participants

Faculty of Education


St. Joseph's College: Brochures, clippings and publicity materials

St. Joseph's College


Accession consists of the personal and professional papers of Cedric Lowe including reference materials, course materials, undergraduate notes, and drafts of research papers.

Lowe, Cedric James


  • UAA-2004-031
  • Accession
  • 1974

Correspondence from Maimie Simpson about life at the University of Alberta in the early and mid 1970s.

Simpson, Maimie S.


Accession consists of audio recording of 2 interviews of H.E. Bulyea by Bill Nakamura (husband of Yackiyo Yonema) with a run time of 60 min each.


  • Accession
  • 1974

University Telephone Directories

Office of the Registrar


Accession consists of 207 5 1/4 inch floppy disks primarily of file backups of Candas Jane Dorsey’s literary career, containing short stories, novels, poems, drafts, editing and freelance work including the titles "Poetry - A Dancer in that Country - 1985 Revision," "Black Cat," "Machine Sex: And Other Stories," "Everybody's a Stranger in Somebody's Country," and "Hardwired Angel." Accession also contains 2 sound recordings consisting of poems and songs from the “Crystal - Edm. Folk Club.” Textual records are of Candas Dorsey’s personal papers.

Dorsey, Candas Jane


Accession consists of documents relating to Dr. Husain’s academic career.

Husain, Ali-Amir


  • Accession
  • 1972-09

General Faculties Council Policy Manual

Humanities and Social Science Library


  • UAA-1984-106
  • Accession
  • 1972-1984

Student Yearbooks: Dentistry Students' Association (1972-1982), Business Administration and Commerce (1974-1982), Faculty of Nursing (n.d.) and Faculty of Law (n.d.)


  • UAA-1990-026
  • Accession
  • 1972

Interviews with Drs. J.W. Scott, R.F. Shaner, and J.R. Vant - by Drs. D.F. Cameron, J. Dvorkin, S.E. Greenhill and E.G. Kidd


Accession consists of A.G. McCalla, papers and publications, (1932-1969), as well as, inter alia, CKUA files (81-120).

McCalla, Arthur Gilbert


  • Accession
  • 1971-1972

Student Telephone Book, 1971-72


The accession consists of copies of minutes of departmental staff meetings of the Department of Physiology,

Department of Physiology


Booklet: "Anagrammatix: A collection of experimental writings by the adult students of the U. of A. Extension Department course"

Department of Extension

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