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PE001563 - Photographs: [Images of Calgary and surrounding area]

Born in Ontario, Harry Pollard (1880-1968) was the son of a photographer and established his own studio in Calgary in 1899. Although based in Alberta, his work documented people and places across Canada and around the world. From 1924 until his retirement in 1954, Pollard worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway producing promotional photographs and films of the various ocean cruises that the company operated. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Provincial Museum of Alberta's Harry Pollard fonds (available online at [accessed on 10 December 2018]).

The album contains views of Calgary and of various local buildings, churches, and residences. Agricultural and ranching scenes, including photographs of prize livestock and produce, are also present.

Pollard, H.

PE001561 - Postal souvenirs: [Images of East End, Saskatchewan]

Although the album does not contain manuscript annotations, many of the postcards possess captions identifying scenes in and around East End, Saskatchewan. The album contains images of the local landscape as well as of individuals captured in a variety of settings, both within the town site and outside its boundaries. The latter category of photographs includes several taken at a dam. There are also a number of images of cowboys and rodeo competitions.

Several of the rodeo postcards contain the date 17 July 1914. Although other images in the album are not explicitly dated, many would appear to be of a similar vintage. Several photographs capture individuals posing in front of a Royal North-west Mounted Police depot. Formed in 1873, the force took on its modern identity as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920.

PE001104 - Combined Irrigation Materials

Various pamphlets and informational booklets on irrigation in Alberta, comprising:

  • ‘Does it Pay to Irrigate in Sunny Southern Alberta?’: A booklet by W.H. Fairfield, superintendent of the Dominion Experimental Farm, promoting irrigation as a means to increase farm yields. Some statistical data is included.
  • ‘Irrigation Farming: Conservative results in 1919 in the Lethbridge District’: A booklet on the impact of irrigation on farm yields, including some statistical data.
  • ‘Irrigation Farming Around Lethbridge’: An article by G.R. Marnoch, reprinted from the Monetary Times, providing background on initiatives to construct irrigation works around Lethbridge.
  • ‘Better Balanced Farming’: An article by G.R. Marnoch, reprinted from the Monetary Times, providing the author’s opinion on agricultural development in Alberta.
  • ‘Why We Want Irrigation as an Adjunct to Dry Farming’: The text of an address by P. Baker and C. Jensen, given at the thirteenth annual convention of the Western Canada Irrigation Association.

PE001559 - Photographs: [Alberta scenes]

The creator of the album is not explicitly identified, but visual evidence suggests he may have been Lorne Muir. Two images identified as "Lorne Muir" or "L. Muir" appear to match photographs containing the captions "self" or "myself." From 1911 into the 1950s, Edmonton Henderson's directories contain entries for a Lorne Muir, first as a resident of the Mortlake Block and subsequently of other local addresses. He began work as a clerk at Revillon Bros., eventually becoming manager of its hardware department. He later worked at Ashdown's Hardware. The album contains photographs of Revillon buildings as well as the interior of an apartment accompanied by the caption "Rooms, Mortlake Block."

The album consists largely of photographs of individuals - presumably friends, family, and colleagues - in a variety of settings ranging from mountain and ranch scenes to residential and commercial venues. The subjects are often identified by first name and, in many cases, more fully. Although there are a number of British Columbia locales represented, the bulk of the images appear to have been taken in Alberta. There are several photographs and postcards of the Edmonton flood of 1915. The postcards include images of the 1899 flood and prospective miners heading north to the Klondike gold rush.

PE001573 - W.J. Oliver photographs of the Calgary Stampede

Born in England, William John Oliver (1887-1954) settled in Calgary and worked as a staff photographer for local newspapers. He also operated his own studio. Oliver's work explored many themes, but during the 1920s and 1930s he shot extensively at the Calgary Stampede. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Glenbow Museum's W.J. Oliver fonds (available online at [accessed on 9 December 2018]).

These 7 photographs document the Calgary Stampede rodeo, capturing cowboys competing in several events: bronc riding (5), chuckwagon racing (1), and calf roping (1).

PE001116 - Associated Mortgage Investors Loan Documents

Contains three descriptions of loans held by Associated Mortgage Investors, as advertising for re-sale to investors. Each description includes content on the debtor, and the land that they have provided as security for their loan. The loans comprise:

  • A $7,000 loan to Robert Carlton Morrow, of Ethelton, Saskatchewan, with one half-, and one quarter- section valued at $18,640 as security.
  • A $4,000 loan to Arthur Lewis, of Delia, Alberta, with a half-section valued at $11,685 as security.
  • A $4,500 loan to Andrew Aune, of Morrin, Alberta, with two quarter-sections valued at $14,100 as security.

In addition, the cover in which these documents are enclosed includes promotional information and newspaper extracts relevant to the load offerings.

PE001113 - Pocket Compendium for the Friends of Massey-Harris Co. Limited

Notebook containing useful agricultural facts and tips. Subjects covered include measurement and conversion charts, postal information, individual first aid instructions, miscellaneous ‘household hints’, and cooking recipes. Additionally included is lined space for notes, and illustrations and advertisements of various pieces Massey-Harris Co. Ltd. farm machinery.

A brief pencil note has been written into the first page of line notes in the booklet.

PE001575 - Album: [Images of southern Alberta]

The album's images capture a wide range of subjects, including portraits, mountain and agricultural scenes, as well as residences, commercial buildings, and streetscapes from various towns. Although not all of the postcards possess captions or other information that identify the individuals or locales photographed, those that do are associated with southern Alberta or specific communities within the region. Images from Lethbridge, Cardston, Raymond, Magrath, and Waterton Lakes are all represented.

The 16 loose photographs generally capture individuals in various settings, although agricultural and logging scenes predominate. One image is of a mine or other industrial facility.

PE000713 - C.P.R. publicity shots taken in the Rockies

Six (6) Canadian Pacific Railway publicity shots taken in the Rockies.  Prints bear captions on back:

  • Lake O’Hara cabins, Lake O’Hara, BC;
  • Yoho Lodge, BC;
  • Train along the Bow River near Lake Louise, Alberta;
  • C. P. Passenger Train – Spiral Tunnels near Field, BC;
  • C. P. Passenger Train nearing Banff, Alta.;
  • Banff Springs Hotel and Bow Valley, Banff, Alta.

PE001562 - [Photo album containing predominantly Edmonton and Alberta images]

Some of the images are identified as from Edmonton's Alfred Blyth Studios. Alfred Blyth (1901-1980) moved to Edmonton from Scotland around 1913 and began work as a darkroom technician in 1916. In 1928, he opened his own studio, which he operated until his retirement in 1970. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Provincial Museum of Alberta's Alfred Blyth fonds (available online at [accessed on 12 December 2018]).

Approximately half of the album's photographs document Edmonton and area landscapes, buildings, and events. These include images of the Legislature, the Public Library, local golf courses, the 1937 Coronation celebration, and the dedication of the Cenotaph. The remaining images capture scenes elsewhere in Alberta - for example, Banff, Jasper, and Cooking Lake - or outside the province. There are a number of photographs of Vancouver and the Pacific Coast of the United States. Northern scenes are particularly prominent, including images of Alaska and a page of photographs accompanied by the notation "Eskimo scenes."

PE001569 - Photographs: [Images of a tour of Alberta mining towns]

The album appears to document a tour through Alberta. Industrial and transportation themes are particularly prominent. Many of the photographs capture scenes from coal-mining communities such as Mercoal, Coleman, and Frank, There are several photographs of aircraft and boats in Fort McMurray and elsewhere in northern Alberta. The remaining images capture mountain scenes as well as various towns and cities across Alberta, including several photographs of Edmonton and Calgary.

Paulsen, J.G.?

PE001556 - Photographs: [Images of Rocky Mountain tourist camps]

The album's photographs capture Rocky Mountain scenes. Some of these are generic landscapes, but most are associated with tourist camps operated by Fred Brewster (1884-1969). Brewster, born in Banff, was a central figure in the development of the tourism industry around Jasper, establishing a number of camps and tours in the region. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives' Fred Brewster fonds (available online at [accessed on 12 December 2018]).

The album contains photographs from Brewster's Tonquin Valley Chalet, Maligne Lake Chalet, Medicine Lake Chalet, and Black Cat Guest Ranch. The images capture camp buildings and equipment as well as staff and guests. Staff members are also shown in various activities related to the operation of the facilities and tours, such as opening and closing the camps for the season.

Some annotations list only the first names of the people shown, but in some instances - for example, Bud and Myra Patterson, manager and hostess of the Maligne Lake Chalet - the surname is also provided. One of the individuals identified, George Chopey, is also listed as having taken several of the photographs.

Lord, Robert G.

PE001567 - Photographs: [Images of First Nations communities at an Oblate mission, Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan]

Several photographs are noted as having been taken at Buffalo Narrows, a community in northern Saskatchewan. Two of the captions identify the person pictured as Reverend Edward Bleau, an Oblate priest. The necrology section of the Oblates communications Web site (available online at [accessed on 10 December 2018]) lists an Eduardus Bleau as dying in the Pas in 1956.

Certainly the contents of the album appear to capture life in a missionary community. There are numerous images of First Nations children and adults in various settings. There is also a photograph of a priest celebrating mass in a small clearing in the woods, Several First Nations congregants are kneeling in the background. Also among the photographs is an image of Bishop Martin Lajeunesse arriving on the shore after a canoe trip.

Approximately half of the album's photographs appear to document life in the missionary community. Several others capture scenes related to clerical life, such as the interior of a church and a portrait of what appears to be a group of first communicants. The remaining images consist mostly of family photographs and souvenirs of a trip to Niagara Falls and other locations in southern Ontario.

PE000785 - International Cartage Service Ltd. Brochure

This brochure is for International Cartage Service Limited, a truck service in Manitoba. Located at 363 William Ave. Phone 23 196. The inside of the brochure contains rates, contact information, and company features, while the back outlines rates for express services. All trucks are from General Motors Corporation in Winnipeg.

PE001554 - Photos: [Images of a buffalo hunt in northern Alberta]

The locations of the photographs are not identified, but the locales seem likely to be in northern Alberta. One photograph shows three men standing in front of a building with the sign Embarras Airport over its entrance - presumably from Embarras, Alberta. Another photograph shows a man standing on one of the pontoons of a Territories Air Service plane. The content of the newspaper clipping also suggests a northern-Alberta setting, as it discusses a proposed buffalo hunt in Wood Buffalo National Park. Indeed, many of the photographs in the album likely capture this event.

The album contains several photographs of buffalo and, more specifically, of buffalo hunting. These include images of hunters posing beside dead buffaloes and field dressing carcasses. The album also contains photographs of more generic hunting and fishing scenes as well as of lakes and other northern landscapes. Images of town sites (some of which are aerial shots) are also present.

The album also contains images of airplanes, ferries, canoes, and other forms of transportation. Groups of men (perhaps the hunting parties) have been captured in various settings. The album also contains several photographs of a game warden or other uniformed official caring for young animals.

PE001012 - Portrait, presumably of Gladys Jean Lowe

Black and white photograph portrait of a woman. The photograph is mounted to a slightly larger piece of cardboard. On the reverse, written in pencil: “Return to: Glady Jean Lowe 1727 McDonald St.” and “Social / Sa(?) Island / 3” x 4” ” and “A to match ‘B.’ ”

PE001004 - Album of a Trip across Canada

An album of photographs by an unidentified but accomplished photographer, with some commercial photos from Barclay and Steele & Co. mixed throughout. The album documents a trip across Canada, from sea to sea, taking place in the late 1800s. Many scenes in British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies (including Aboriginals and cowboys), and Ontario and Quebec, but the album does not seem to be arranged chronologically.

26 photographs in B.C.,
22 in the Prairies,
10 in Quebec and Ontario.

PE001356 – Nicholas Garry Letter

Letter by Nicholas Garry who gave his name to Fort Garry, now Winnipeg. Removed from album with a few marks on the last (blank) page. Sent from conduit St. (London), 18th March 1828.
“Sir, I request you will permit Sam Gale to visit the Travellers Club….” Garry (1782 - 1856) was a deputy governor of the HBC. In 1821 he was in Canada to facilitate the merger of the HBC and the North West Company. Samuel Gale was active in Quebec and testified three times in 1828 before the committee of the House of Commons inquiring into the Government of Canada.

Nicholas Garry

PE001059 - Army Medical Department Report for the Year 1870

Comprehensive report by the Army Medical Department in the United Kingdom, providing statistical information and descriptive reports on disease, mortality, sanitation and healthcare among the troops. The overall report is divided geographically, with areas covered including the British Isles, Ireland, the Mediterranean, Canada, the Caribbean, Sierra Leone and the Gold Coast, Mauritius, Ceylon and Labuan, China and Japan, and India, as well as a section devote to troops embarked on ships. For most areas, statistic appear to be for Caucasian troops only. In addition, twenty-one appendices are included, covering reports and papers, case notes, orders and administrative documentation, and statistical abstracts.

Of particular interest, in the context of the Prairie collection, is the information on Canada, from pages 62 – 67, and medical history of the Red River Expedition on pages 448 – 473.

PE001565 - Photographs: [Scenes at home and abroad, Xmas 1938]

Many of the photographs appear to have been taken in conjunction with visits of medical teams to First Nations communities in Saskatchewan. These teams were working to diagnose and treat cases of tuberculosis - a disease that was extremely prevalent among the Indigenous peoples of western Canada during this period. This association is not made explicit in the album's captions, but there are a number of photographs of the Fort Qu'Appelle Sanatorium. Moreover, at least two of the individuals identified in the album may have been associated with the anti-tuberculosis campaign in Saskatchewan. Dr. R.G. Ferguson - Director of the Fort Qu'Appelle Sanatorium from 1917 to 1948 - was the province's leading tuberculosis researcher and administrator. Dr. Austin Simes, a collaborator of Ferguson, was appointed medical superintendent of the Qu'Appelle Indian Health Unit in 1929.

The R.S. Connell identified on the album’s first page may have worked with these men. C. Stuart Houston's biography of Ferguson mentions the significant contribution to the anti-tuberculosis programme made by Robert S. Connell and his brother, James. Houston writes that "[t]he story begins in early 1923, when Robert S. Connell was on staff as 'assistant technician, x-ray'…. Later, Robert's brother James was also hired.… The two Connell brothers had a natural talent for radiography. Robert pioneered the makeshift methods for taking a portable generator and x-ray machine to the File Hills Indian Reserve and to Indian schools for Dr. A.B. Simes." (R.G. Ferguson: Crusader against tuberculosis, Toronto: Hannah Institute, 1991, p. 103).

This generator may be captured in one of the images. Mr. Connell certainly appears to have travelled to the two places most prominently featured in the album: Lac la Ronge and Beauval. Houston notes on page 98 of his book that Dr. Simes and Mr. Connell flew to these communities in 1937.

The album also contains photographs from other Saskatchewan communities, including Ile-a-la-Crosse, Lebret, Onion Lake, Montreal Lake, Piapot Reserve, Little Pines Reserve, and Red Pheasant Reserve. Also present are a number of postcards and other reproductions capturing scenes from Fort Walsh and the North-west Rebellion of 1885.

Broderick, Jeanette

PE001329 - Stores Record 1880-1883

Contains a handwritten record of various goods received at an unnamed disembarkation point – likely a Canadian Pacific Railway station. Each entry identifies the item, as well as the associated date, quantity and the sender of the item.

The additionally enclosed receipts are from the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Store Department; one is blank, but has its reverse used to tally up an order, while the other is partially filled out.

PE001626 - Plains Indian Women with Children in Carriers

Three photographs of Indigenous women with babies in carriers. First photograph features a baby in board baby carrier with ornate beadwork. The second features a mother with her child in a board baby carrier with plaid and striped cover and tumpline support strap across forehead. The third features a women with child in baby belt tumpline and plain blanket. On each mounting board is written “Hall & Lowe – 499 Main Street, Winnipeg”

Hall J. and S. Lowe

PE001613 - Six Original Historical Photographs by Prof. Buell

Six photographs taken at or around Fort Qu’Appelle. Each photograph has a description on the back. Descriptions: “A Barber’s Emporium, Riel Rebellion. Page 31 Scarlet & Gold 13th Annual, Legislature Library,” “Lebret Mission Fort Qu’Appelle,” “The Tenth Royals E.R. Transportation Riel Rebellion 10th Royals Toronto,” “Certainly. The Tenth Royals at Fort Qu’Appelle E.R.,” “Winnipeg Cavalry Troop escorting 12th Battalion out of Fort Qu’Appelle 1885,” “Winnipeg Cavalry Troops at Fort Qu’Appelle Rebellion 1885.” Underneath each photograph is “Entered According to Act of parliament of Canada in the Year 1885 by Prof. Buell in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture.”

Prof. Buell

PE001357 – Metis Land Scrip

Dominion of Canada department of the interior. The bearer hereof is entitled to an allowance of ….. Dollars in any purchase of dominion lands. Issued at the department of the Interior, Ottawa … 18 authority of the order of the hon. The Privy Council. Dated the 20th of April 1885. Boldly written over in red ink: “Specimen for agent. Manitoba supplementary half breed scrip.” There are a number of these scrips this one has an engraved vignette of 5 deer at its centre.

Dominion of Canada, Department of the Interior

PE001225 - The Short Stories and Essays of “Kismet”

This book collects the writings of ‘Kismet’ (pseudonym of John Little), which were published in the Calgary Tribune between February and July 1886. The writings contained in the book consist of creative essays and short fiction, generally set in contemporary Western Canada; the editor notes that some reformatting and minor editing of the works has been performed to enhance readability. Nine pieces by the author are included in the book, as is the author’s obituary, a brief news excerpt regarding the author, and an introduction and comment by the editor.

Additionally enclosed with the book is a letter from the editor, Bruce Bailey, to Robert Cole of the University of Alberta Library, which accompanied the book’s donation to the University of Alberta.

Little, John

PE001035 – The short and unhappy life of Queenstown, Alberta

The items included are regarding the formation and ending of the Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Ltd (CPCCL) which was formed in 1888 with the intent of founding a town in Alberta.
l) (Prospectus): Dominion of Canada, Province of Alberta. Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Limited. To found the town of Queenstown, North-Western Canada. Capital £500,000. Nov, 1888. 8 pages. 23 x 18 cm.
m) Reproduced letter: From Henry Hayman D. D. President of the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889. 24 x 19 cm.
n) Share Certificate: 25.5 x 22.5 cm for 10 shares in the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889
o) Broadside: 36.5 x 23 cm. Choice Lands in Alberta. Advert to induced people to move out and colonize Queenstown.
p) Transcript: 32.5 x 20 cm. Discusses circumstances of Queenstown which included a prairie fire, which destroyed the hay crop for the coming winter and caused the loss of several hundred head of cattle.
q) Notice: 20 x 25 cm. Notice of a CPCCL meeting to be held on 24 Dec 1890. Issued 15 Dec 1890.
r) 4 Resolutions: 33 x 20.5 cm. Enumerates the four resolutions o be ratified at the Dec. 24th 1890 meeting.
s) Letter from Maddisons: (open: 25 x 40.5 cm, closed: 25 x 20.5cm) dated Dec 19 1890, acting on behalf of 50 shareholders to wind up the corporation.
t) Letter from the CPCCL: 20 x 26.5 cm. Issued Dec. 20 1890. Rebuffs the Letter from Maddisons.
u) Report of Proceedings: 8 pages. 33.5 x 21 cm. Report of the Dec 24th 1890 meeting.
v) The Companies (Winding-up) Act 1890: The winding up act is in four pieces.
a. No. 23/ Notice: 40.5 x 25 cm. A notice that a meeting of the contributories will be held on March 25 1891 which encloses with it two forms: The General (blue paper, 40.5 x 25 cm) and Special Proxies(yellow paper, 40.5 x 25 cm)
b. A summary of the affairs of the company was included (closed: 40.5 x 25 cm)

PE001090 - Victorian-Era Photograph Album

Photo album containing images from Western Canada, England and (possibly) India. Of particular interest in the context of the Prairie Ephemera collection are the 68 photos set in Western Canada – likely near Calgary, on the Bow River – which primarily depict cattle ranching, with images of cattle, horses, family groups, as well as a single photo of a pair of aboriginal persons in traditional dress. The remaining 61 photos depict locations, people and animals in England, as well as including several images of Indian army soldiers on parade or drill.

PE001619 - Pioneers of Edmonton, N.W.T.

A group of well dressed men posing in front of a hotel. The name of the hotel is cut off, but “A Hotel” as well as “L. Kelly Prop” are visible on the building. The photo is captioned with “No. 380. Pioneers of Edmonton, N.W.T., Nov. 4th 1891.” The mount has “F. Steele, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg” on it.

F. Steele

PE001274 - “Famous Old Kingston”

Vol. 48, No. 13,088 (Feb 6, 1892) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Famous Old Kingston” provides a reminiscence about Kingston, Ontario; a second article further on in the newspaper describes the history of the Ontario College of Pharmacy.

PE001273 - "Calgary: Alberta's Capital"

Vol. 49, No. 13,550 (July 29, 1893) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Calgary: Alberta’s Capital” provides, despite its title, a broad overview of the province of Alberta, including Edmonton, and small towns such as Olds. Accompanying photographs depict various scenes from the province, including prairie landscape shots, agriculture, and town buildings.

In addition to the feature article, a number of brief miscellaneous articles and stories are carried on the last page of the newspaper. A number of advertisements for products and businesses are also present.

PE001275 - “Edmonton and the Saskatchewan Valley”

Vol. 49, No. 13,514 (June 17, 1893) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Edmonton and the Saskatchewan Valley” provides a description of Edmonton and the surrounding environs. As the municipality was still small at the time of writing, much of the content revolves around rural living; however, there is still an in-depth exploration of major Edmonton landmarks and businesses. Accompanying photographs depict both landscapes and scenery outside Edmonton, as well as major buildings within the municipality.

The Globe newspaper, to which the Saturday Globe was a supplement, is bound to the back of the supplement. However, the parent newspaper does not appear to carry substantive content on the Prairie Provinces. Both the supplement and its parent newspaper carry, in addition to articles and editorials, a number of advertisements for products and businesses.

PE001267 - "Manitoba: The Great Wheat Province of Canada"

Vol. 49, No. 13,424 (Mar. 4, 1893) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Manitoba: The Great Wheat Province of Canada”, describes the Province of Manitoba, providing some detail on the various regions of the province, and on infrastructure such as railways; much of the focus is on farming and agriculture, as evidenced by the accompanying photographs, which largely depict rural or agricultural scenes.

In addition to the feature article, the newspaper also features a portion of a fiction serial entitled “The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib”, as well as a number of advertisements, including one for Massey-Harris farm machinery, which includes illustrations of several agricultural implements.

PE001645 - Edmonton/Klondike Postcards

5 postcards addressed to the secretary of the Law Society of Alberta accompanied by transcriptions and details regarding place, date, and delivery. Postcards sent by G.H.S. Wade who was traveling up from Edmonton to the Yukon looking for gold. Postcards were sent from: Lesser Slave Lake, Fort Dunvegan, Fort Resolution, Mackenzie River, and Peace River Crossing. Accompanied by 5 pages of background information by D.W. Thompson and Hugh Delaney.

G.H.S. Wade

PE001637 - Wreck on the C&E Near Leduc

A photograph of men standing around the wreckage of a train wreck. The photograph is captioned with “231 Wreck on the C&E Near Leduc May 29, 1899.” The mounting is captioned with “C. W. Mathers …Photographer. Edmonton, N.W.T.”

Mathers, C. W.

PE004834 - Poster for Public Auction in the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories Judicial District of Eastern Assiniboia

Poster reads: "Public Auction in the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories Judicial District of Eastern Assiniboia, Between David Greig, (Plaintiff), and William Grieg, (or Greigg), (Defendant)…I shall offer for sale by Public Auction, at my office in the Court House, in the Town of Moosomin, [SK] on Saturday, the 10th day of August, A.D. 1901, AT THE HOUR OF Twelve O’clock noon, the South-east Quarter of Section Fourteen )14), in Township Fifteen (15), in Range Thirty (3), West of the First Meridian, in the North-West Territories." Bears two stamps on the back side from the Supreme Court of East Assiniboia, and the Supreme Court of the N.W.T. The former from April 1901, the latter from October 1901.

PE001264 - Panoramic Photograph of the Regina CPR Railway Yard

A wintertime panoramic image of the CPR railway yard in Regina, Saskatchewan. Present in the image are a number of CPR railway cars, including a long train of flatbed cars carrying farm tractors. Additionally visible are the buildings of railway yard, and, in the background, some of Regina’s larger commercial and industrial structures.

PE001047 – Rare “Pictorialist” Artistic photograph

Contains image and photocopy of the back of image where writing is located.
Image: Woman at table/desk siting in ornate chair facing away towards windows.
Back/photocopy: “Please return to Mrs. H. Ay[life] L[on/an]gford. Address 103 Llewllyn St Fort B[o/a/u]ye Winnipeg.” Has additional writing that cannot be read.

President of the Manitoba Manual Art Association

PE001658 - Barr Colony Materials

A collection of materials dealing with the founding of the Barr Colony in New Britannia in the North West Territories. Contains legal documents and publications from the Barr Colony. It also features two handwritten diaries – one containing a description of events of the founding of the Barr Colony and the other is an account of daily life written by a colonist.

Barr Colony

PE001240 - Agreement between the Rural Municipality of Kildonan and the Winnipeg Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg Railway Co

Text of a contract between Kildonan, Manitoba, and the Winnipeg Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg Railway Co. The contract grants the company, for a period of twenty years, exclusive right to build and operate a trolleybus system in the municipality. The document details the reciprocal rights and responsibilities of each party, including privileges and rights-of-way granted to the company, and the initial fare for the trolleybus service. The contract lists the names of John Henderson and Geo T. Munroe, Reeve and Clerk of the Municipality respectively, as well as John Arbuthnot, President of the Company.

PE001081 - Morris Safe & Lock Co. Documents

Documents from, or associated with, the Morris Safe & Lock Co., pertaining to their business affairs with Canadian organizations in Calgary and Saskatchewan. Included amongst the documents are:

  • Correspondence, typed and written, by Norris Safe & Lock Co. employees and by customers of the company on business matters and transactions. Relevant newspaper extracts are attached to two of these.
  • Bills from the City of Calgary, John Jones Alberta Paint Shop, and Tasker Transfer Company
  • Cheques from the Dominion Bank
  • An Alberta Government Telephone notice that payment is in arrears.

PE000806 - King Edward Hotel Christmas Day Menu

A menu for a Christmas Day meal served at the King Edward Hotel in Banff. Proprietor: N.K. Luxton. Dishes served included Blue Points from Baltimore, Oranges Glace au Kirsch from California, and Prairie Chicken Cutlets a la Montpensier from the Rocky Mountain Foothills.

PE001080 - Letter to Donald Stewart

Letter to Donald Steward from his nephew, Harry, describing recent events and circumstances in the nephew’s family and circle of acquaintances. The location from which the nephew is writing is not made explicit in the letter, but is likely to be a rural area.

Stewart, Harry

PE000834 - "Indian Education in the North West" Booklet

Booklet is titled "Indian Education in the North West." Cover is brown cardboard and includes a framed title and the author’s name, Rev. Thompson Ferrier, who argues for the fight to “civilize, educate, and Christianize the Indian.” Published by the Department of Missionary Literature of the Methodist Church, Canada. 

PE001553 - Sunny memories: [Images of Saskatchewan and Manitoba]

Documentation from the dealer who conveyed the album indicates that one of the photographers represented is Arthur E. Cubbidge of Winnipeg. Born in England, Cubbidge (1881-1952) settled in Canada in the early 20th century and established himself as one of Winnipeg's leading architects. For more information, please see Cubbidge's entry in the Manitoba Historical Society's Web site Memorable Manitobans (available online at [accessed on 12 December 2018]).

The album contains several images of buildings (one of which is a plan carrying the caption "Front elevation: Design for public library, A.E. Cubbidge") as well as three photographs of a street in the aftermath of a fire. The album's focus, however, is not architectural. Most of the photographs capture friends, family, and colleagues in a variety of settings. Some subjects are identified by at least their first name and, in some cases, more fully.

Several images appear to document the activities of a surveying crew in Moose Mountain and other areas of southeastern Saskatchewan. Agricultural scenes are also captured.

PE001033 – General Merchants Letter

Envelope: Has written on it “If not called for in ten days return to general merchants Pincher Creek, - Alta.
Letter: Transcript: Received the sum of thirty five dollars from [T. F.] Moore for 1 mare & colt [v12]. Mare bold face bay branded [square marking with dot in centre] on left shoulder & left hip blemished on right hind fetlock. J. P. Lovery

Lovery, J. P.

PE001206 - Manitoba College Journal

Vol. 23, No. 7 (May 1908), of the Manitoba College Journal. This issue of the journal contains student profiles, assorted articles and columns related to the college or its students, and a report on the activities of alumni. In addition to the content of the journal proper, there are also several pages of advertisements for local businesses preceding and following the main content.

PE001245 - Edmonton Promotional photo booklet

Promotional booklet on the City of Edmonton, issued by the Edmonton Board of Trade. The inside page contains a brief list of facts and statistics on contemporary Edmonton; affixed to the page opposite is a fold-out photographic feature, with 27 photographs of various locations in the city.

PE001237 - Homestead Payment documents

Materials relating to payment for a homestead in Swift Current, Saskatchewan; the materials are addressed to Percy L. Stubbs. The materials include:

  • An Oct, 7, 1910 payment reminder for the 3rd installment on the homestead, amounting to $64 plus interest on the outstanding amount.
  • A Dec. 27, 1912 payment receipt for $211.35 in relation to the homestead. The receipt includes the location of the homestead property.
  • A postal envelope, addressed to P. L. Stubbs, and dated Dec. 27, 1912.

PE001172 - Diary of Elder Lawrence Earl Talbot

Diary of Elder Lawrence Earl Talbot (LDS) describing his work and activities from the time he left home in December 1909 to fill a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Hilo, Hawaii. Daily record of activities, meetings, and observations.

Talbot, Lawrence Earl

PE001261 - Public Auction Sale Poster

Poster advertisement for a public auction of “Cattle, Harness, Farm Machinery and Household Effects”, to be held in Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. A list of the items to be offered for auction is featured on the poster, as are the terms for payment.

PE001085 - Vanguard, Saskatchewan Photo Album

Contains photographs, primarily of Vanguard, Saskatchewan early in that village’s history, but also of some other nearby areas in the province, and possibly of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Photographs include depictions of buildings, farm machinery, cars and trains, people (chiefly infants), and several landscape shots of the prairies.

Hall, W. O.

PE001265 - Auction Sale Poster

Poster advertisement for a public auction to be held at Engelfeld, Saskatchewan. A list of the items to be offered for auction – chiefly livestock and farm implements – is featured on the poster, as are the terms for payment.

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