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Regulations for promoting moral and religious improvement

A print report outlining the Hudson's Bay Company's rules and regulations pertaining to the "religious improvement" of servants and "effectual civilization" of Company employees' families and Indigenous peoples associated with the Company. Portions of other reports are also included.

The report outlines conduct and moralizing activities prescribed to servants, women, children, and Indigenous people in general. It is suggested that all groups listed attend religious services, that wives and children speak the language of their husband or father, that women and children should occupy their time with activities that promote "virtuous habits," and that fathers should spend part of their leisure time educating their children.

The portions of other reports included in this document prescribe rules and regulation related to Indigenous hunting and trapping, providing for wives and children, tariffs, wages, trade, inventories and property, and payment to and treatment of Indigenous people, including a statement calling for gradual decreases in liquor sales to Indigenous peoples. Partial rules and regulations aimed at preserving beaver populations are also included.

Correspondence, 10 March 1837

Correspondence from John Spence at Berens River to William Sinclair at York Factory. A full, typed transcript, a handwritten excerpt of the transcript, and a small black and white print are also included.

Spence wishes Sinclair well, expresses condolences to Sinclair for losing all of his old sweethearts, and asks Sinclair to relay his well-wishes to a man named Thomas Brown, who Spence believes has fathered illegitimate children with English wives. Spence also notes his desire to return to Red River and that the settlement at Red River has recently suffered from poor crops.

On one side, the print depicts people building an igloo. On the reverse side is a partial image and a caption that states the image is from "A Peep at the Esquimaux" [Inuit?].

Correspondence, 6 May 1848

Personal correspondence from John Mactavish in Tobago to his brother William Mactavish at York Factory. The letter is addressed to arrive at York Factory care of The Hudson's Bay [Co's] House in London.

The letter notes the recovery of "Mr. Hargrave," which may be reference to James Hargrave, and it describes in great detail the well-being of Alick, which may be Alex [Mactavish], including a note that John and William's father will be sending Alick to Australia. The letter also describes the destruction of property and injuries suffered as a result of a hurricane in Tobago. John contemplates going to Puerto Rico, but instead decides to go to the Sandwich Islands. The letter concludes with a request to William to have Dugald [Mactavish] write and provide an account of the Sandwich Islands. Mention is also made of George Simpson, Lockhart [Mactavish], and John McTaggart.

Correspondence, 18 May 1849

Correspondence from Hector McKenzie at Hudson's Bay House, Lachine to William Mactavish at Saint Mary's, which is likely an anglicized version of Sault Ste. Marie.

The sender states that he has returned from a trip to Fort William and asks what Mactavish would like done with found possessions belonging to his deceased brother. Mackenzie also asks Mactavish how he likes his new placement and notes that he is sure to be popular with the ladies there.

Correspondence, 23 March 18[52]

Private correspondence from an unknown sender to an unknown recipient at Fort Garry.

The letter describes exchanges of goods and letters with other Hudson's Bay Company posts. It also notes the movement of livestock to Red River, news about women named Mrs MacChristie and Mrs Campbell, the storage of a Catholic Bishop's piano, and medical needs. A man named Mr Lockhart is also mentioned.

Correspondence with envelope, 1865

A letter and handmade envelope made of birch bark. The envelope is addressed to [Revd] William [MacLaren] at Belleville, C. W. [Canada West?]. Postage stamps on the envelope mark the letter's transit.

Correspondence with envelope, 27 September 1871

Correspondence from W. J. Christie at Lower Fort Garry to J. S. Helmcken at Victoria, [Vancouver Island?] Also included is a small, blue envelope marked with Helmcken's name and location.

The sender informs the recipient that he and other Hudson's Bay officers in London, [England] would like to formally express respect and esteem to Donald A. Smith and asks if the recipient will join them in doing so.

1926 (March-November; n.d.)

"Defeat" (ts/ms)
"Keats" (ts/ms)
"Pregnancy" (ts/ms)
Unto the hills alone will I sing my songs... (ts/ms)
"Simile" (ts/ms)
"Sleep" (ts/ms)
"Leaves" (ts/ms)
"To M.F." (ts/ms)
"After Christmas" (ts)
"Aliens" (ts)
"Apology: By a Philanderer" (ts)
Even to that grey house I must travel... (ts)
"The Game" (ts)
"The Gulf" (ts)
"Innocence" (ts)
"I Wish Something Strange Would Happen" (ts)
"Light and Shadow" (ts)
"A Long Time" (ts)
"Miriam" (ts)
"Philanderer" (ts)
"Remorse" (ts)
"Song" (ts)

1928 (January-December [EB 5-82])

Things hurt, quite suddenly,… (ts)
"The Snare" (ts/ms)
"Puritan" (ts)
"Sonnet II" (ts)
"Of Eustacia, Who Drowned Herself" (ts)
"Masquerade" (ts)
"Legend" (ts)
"Pastoral (Prince Edward Island)" (ts)
I shall be afraid of mountains… (ts)
"Refuge" (ts)
"Impression" (ts)
"The Lake" (ts)
This defeating power of life… (ts)
"Emergence" (ts)
"The Sitter" (ts)
"Reality" (ts)
"Cinquain" (ts)
"Snow Burial" (ts)
"Interpretation" (ts)
"A Dream" (ts)
"Sonnet III" (ts)
"Sonnet IV" (ts)
"Song" (ts)
"Impossibility" (ts)
"Epistle" (ts)
"Ironic Night" (ts)
Tenacious faith… (ts)
"Pioneer" (ts)
"Vandal" (ts)
"The Lover" (ts)
"Green Rain" (ts)
"Romanticism" (ts)
Sun through the winter's dust… (ts)
"Symbols" (ts)
"A Bystander at Golgotha" (ts)
"The Choice" (ts)
"To the Last Pioneer" (ts)
He often stood and watched how the snow fell;… (ts)
"Song to Myself" (ts)
"Snare" (ts)
"Going to Sleep" (ts)
"Emily Dickinson" (ts)
How many of us have learned, with Orpheus... (ts)
The wind was busy for a moment… (ts)
I have not found… (ts/ms)
"A Confidence" (ts)
"Enchantment" (ts)
Capture the rose and let it die… (ts)
Let this suffice / Your bitterness… (ts)
The earth is my lover… (ts)
However fast I run… (ts)
There was a beating of air,… (ts)
"Testament" (ts)
"Of Seasons" (ts)
"Aliens" (ts)
Now the dark sky is islanded… (ts)
"The Seeker" (ts)
"The Clearing" (ts/ms)
"Haunted House" (ts/ms)
Woman and instrument become one song… (ts)
"Journey" (ts)
"Summer" (ts)
"Spring" (ts)
Out of my dreams… (ts)
I am abandoned, who once was proud,… (ts)
As children, beauty was imperative,… (ts/ms)
"September" (ts)
"Epitaph" (ts)
"September Rain" (ts)
"Personalities" (ts)
Because of this and this---… (ts)
"Sesame" (ts)
"Youth" (ts/ms)
If I should die this night… (ts)
"The Stranger" (ts)
This sing with joy… (ts)
"Retreat" (ts)
"Adventure" (ts)

1931 (n.d.)

Again the fever; at last to see you!... (ts/ms)
"Apology for Amelia" (ts/ms)
Dark was we led each other, who yet sought… (ts/ms)
Dear. I felt you. You lay still… (ts/ms)
I am the vine that keeps you, silent tree… (ts/ms)
I cannot weep---… (ts/ms)
I've come to a nice place, suddenly---… (ts)
The lilacs are in bloom… (ts)
Little lover, bless you;… (ts/ms)
Love has come back now like a cloud… (ts/ms)
The old crow who sits in that elm tree… (ts/ms)
Out on the rock I lay, with the sun… (ts/ms)
"Parrot of the Night" (ts/ms)
So many friends… (ts)
"Sunday Morning" (ts/ms)
Take such delight beyond my eyes… (ts)
The terrible reality of mind---… (ts/ms)
These things are patient out of time… (ts/ms)
"We in the Maze" (ts/ms)
What is there to say of you, white flower… (ts/ms)
Your gentleness awakes my heart… (ts/ms)

1933 (October; n.d.)

If I have blundered, that's because growing up… (ts/ms)
Take a walk through the city, believe me… (ts/ms)
Lenin, I hear your voice… (ts/ms)
"Montreal -- 1933" (ts/ms)

1934-1935 ("Down and Out" Series)

"Twenty Years After" (ts/ms)
Give us rain in April; for rain is harsh… (ts/ms)
The boss was a friend of mine… (ts/ms)
"Canada to the Soviet Union" (ts/ms)
"I Am Ahead of You" (ts/ms)
I'm in a tight place, God… (ts/ms)
I can be a vegabond and still… (ts)
I sit and hammer melodies… (ts/ms)
In the beginning was the word… (ts/ms)
The little hearts still say: "Tomorrow spring,… (ts/ms)
"Man Asleep" (ts/ms)
A sagging woman, sagging breasts… (ts/ms)
"A Song for Parents" (ts/ms)
"They Speak to the Enemy" (ts)
"Walls" (ts/ms)
We are the ones without a stone… (ts/ms)

1936 (January-October; n.d.)

"I Never Hear" (ts/ms)
"Dominion Day at Regina" (ts(2))
"Resurgence" (ts)
"Deep Cove: Vancouver" (ts/ms)
"Comrade" (ts)
Even although the skimpy relief investigator… (ts/ms)
"In Preparation" (ts(2))
"The Second Journey (From a Train, at Night)" (ts(2))

1937 (n.d.)

"Annie Charlotte Dalton" (ts/ms)
"An English Bay" (ts/ms(2))
"Ghost Town" (ts(2))
I have no special book of songs for you… (ts/ms)
"The Mother" (ts/ms)
O shaggy city, sprawling from the hills… (ts/ms)
"A Song for Vancouver" (ts/ms)
"SOS" (ts(2)/ms)
"Spain" (ts/ms)
Turn the view outward, outswept, seaward… (ts/ms)
"Wind on the Heath" (ts)

1939 (January-March; n.d.)

"War" (ts(2)/ms)
"Surrealism" (ts/ms)
"Sing!" (ts/ms)
"The Lizard" (ts/ms)
And life goes on. And here… (ts)
And love, the beauty and the brunt of it… (ts/ms)
"Catalonia" (ts(2)/ms)
"A Clearing (Frontier)" (ts)
"Of Freedom" / "Unto the Hills" (ts/ms)
O hold me closely in your arms, beloved comrade… (ts/ms)
"Prelude for Spring" (ts)
"We Are Alone" (ts)
"Words Before Battle" (ts(2))

1941 (April-October; n.d.)

I cannot weep again, although the tears… (ts/ms)
Our slow spring tempers the blood… (ts(2))
You would not know these hands, for they were poised… (ts/ms)
Terrible to be a child, you said, so unaware… (ts/ms)
"Letter to a Friend" / "A Letter to Magaret" (ts(4))
"Play School" / "Art Class" (ts/ms)
Old woman now… (ts/ms)
"The Refugees" (ts)
"Serenade for Strings" / "Midnight Concerto" (ts(4))
"Song of the Nations" (ts)

1952 (n.d.)

"Arms and the People" / "Chorale" (ts(3))
"Ariel" (ts)
"Children's Camp" / "Excursion" (ts(4)/ms)
"Song" (ts)
"Song" (ts(3))
"The Three Emilys" (ts(2))

1955-1956 ("The Academicals" Series)

"The Academicals" [Series of four poems] (ts(2))
"The Professor as Medium" (ts(2))
"The Professor as Magician" (ts(2)/ms(3))
"The Professor as Twins" (ts(2))
"Egg and Square" (ts(2)/ms)

1958 (November-December)

"The Voyage Out" (ts(6)/ms)
"In the Ward" (ts/ms)
"Quaker Meeting" (ts(2)/ms)
"Sonnet for the Times" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"Russel Square: Winter" / "In the Park" (ts(4)/ms)

1958 (n.d.)

"Ballet of Squares" [includes poems "Fitzroy" (ts(2)); "Guy Fawkes Night" (ts(3)); "November Eleventh" (ts(2)); "Trafalgar" (ts(3))]
"The Coil" (ts/ms)
"Conversations" (ts(2))
"One, Two, Three" (ts)
"The Dismembered Poem" (ts(3))
"The Emperor's Circus" (ts(5))
"Eurydice" (ts(2))
"From the Shell" (ts(3))
"Girl" (ts/ms)
"A Long Night's Journey" (ts(3))
"The Sky Watchers" / "Aurora Borealis" (ts(4))
"Sonnet" (ts)
"Surgery" (ts(2))

1959 (January-September)

"The Absences" (ts(3))
"Cote d'Azur" (ts(3)/ms)
"Words for our Time" (ts(2)/ms)
"Persephone" (ts(2)/ms)
"Mothering Sunday" (ts(2)/ms)
"Picasso, Sketching" / "Picasso's eye" / "Picasso's 'I'" / "The Clowning Act" (ts(8)/ms)
"Gardening" (ts/ms)
"Song" (ts/ms)
"Window" (ts/ms)
"Invocation" (ts(2)/ms)

1964 (n.d. [F-N])

"For a Young Poet" / "For Gwendolyn" (ts(7)/ms)
How often shall we move, and moving be… (ts/ms)
I must apologize:… (ts/ms)
In the still centre of this painting… (ts)
"It's Catching" (ts/ms)
"Jet Age" (ts/ms)
"Labour Peer" (ts(2)/ms)
"Living Room" (ts(2))
"Neither-nor" (ts(2)/ms)

1964 ("Zambia" Series)

"Zambia" [Series of nine poems]
"Initiation" (ts(3))
"U.N.I.P. Meeting" (ts(3))
"Prophet" (ts(3))
"Cockcrow" (ts(3))
"Christening" (ts(3))
"The Wild Fig Tree" (ts(3))
"Village" (ts(6))
"Funeral" (ts(3))
"Wedding" / "Finale" (ts(3))
[Unused portions of "Zambia"]:
"Before Independence" (ts/ms)
"The Prophetess" (ts/ms(2))
I boughed under the trees… (ts)
O wild fig tree… (ts/ms(2))
"Zambian Wedding" (ts/ms)

1966 (n.d.)

"Another Journey" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Balance" (ts/ms(2))
The blind man turns… (ts(3)/ms)
"Cote d'Azur" / "The Skin Divers" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Elms" (ts/ms)
In my dream room… (ts)
"Library" (ts/ms)
"The Notations of Love" / "For Richer, or Poorer" (ts(5)/ms)
"Poet and Critic (For Ray Souster)" / "Critic" (ts(2)/ms)
"Reaching Out" (ts/ms)
The record of all our nights… (ts)
"Time" (ts(2)/ms)
"Truths" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Unquiet Bed" (ts(4)/ms)
"Variations on an Elizabethan Theme" / "Melody on an Old Air" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Witch" (ts)

1967 (February-August)

"The Woman with Small Hands" (ts(4)/ms)
"Iconoclast" (ts/ms)
"Another Sickness" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Game" / "Spring Happenings" (ts(3)/ms)
"Fundy" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"Centennial People" (ts(3)/ms)
"At Birney's (June 4, 1967 -- Before the Israeli-Arab Conflict)" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Labyrinth" (ts)
"Birthday" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Cave" (ts(7)/ms/p)
Storm rise... (ts/ms)
"Parenthood" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"Rachel Rachel" / "A Dream" (ts(8)/ms)
"Instructions" (ts/ms)
"Waking" (ts(2)/ms)

1967 (October-December)

"Auguries" / "Journey by Steel" / "Journey by Night" (ts(9)/ms)
"The Lovers" / "Rhythms" (ts/ms)
"Birdwatching" (ts(5)/ms)
"The Metal and the Flower" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"The Uninvited" (ts(7)/ms)
"Erosion" (ts(2)/ms)
"Dream" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Outsider" (ts(2)/ms)
"Aliens All" (ts(2)/ms)
"Remembering New Jersey: 1935" / "U.S.A. 1935" (ts(2)/ms)
Never but once before… (ts/ms)
"The Phone-in" (ts(4)/ms)
"Imprints" (ts(5)/ms)

1968 (May-December)

"Queen's Park (For Desmond on his Birthday)" (ts(2)/ms)
"Mother Song" (ts(5)/ms)
"Catechism" (ts(2)/ms)
"Poem" / "Another Spring" (ts(12)/ms)
"An Evening with Clark" (ts)
"Travel Maybe" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Good Neighbour" (ts/ms)
"Victoria's Bells on Sunday Morning (For Diane)" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Operation" (ts(5)/ms)
"Post-operative Instructions" (ts/ms)
"The Holly and the Ivy" (ts(2)/ms)
"Sonnet" / "Cry" (ts(4)/ms)
Tied in the knot of love… (ts(2)/ms)
"The Game" (ts/ms)
"The Feminist" (ts(2)/ms)

1969 (n.d.)

"At Porpoise Bay" (ts(2)/ms)
"Edmonton at Night" (ts(6)/ms)
The protestants and puritans were right:… (ts(3)/ms)
"The Sign" (ts(6)/ms)

1972 (n.d.)

"The Alphabet of Sleep" (ts(2)/ms)
"Breathing" (ts)
"Cassandra" (ts(2)/ms)
"Flight of the Tenses" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"The Garden of Silence" / "Victoria "Garden of Truth"" (ts(2)/ms)
"Gathering Oysters" (ts(3)/ms)
"Good Friday" (ts)
"Grandmother" (ts(2)/ms/p)
"How come?" (ts/ms(2))
"Hurricane Beth and the Bertha Army Worm and All That" (ts(2)/ms)
"I Get Restless" (ts/ms)
"Indian Summer: North Winnipeg" (ts(2)/ms)
"Last Letter" (ts(2))
"Mathematics" (ts)
"Old Soldier" (ts(6)/ms)
"Parks Department" (ts)
"Song" (ts)
"Thumbing a Ride" (ts(5)/ms/p)
"Time and Mrs MacNair" (ts/ms/p)
"To be Blind" (ts(5)/ms(2))
"Walking in the Dark (For Randal)" (ms)
"Whitepiece" (ts(2))
"Why are we Here (For Elizabeth Brewster)" (ts(3)/ms)

1974 (January-June)

"For the New Year" (ts(2)/ms)
"Windows" (ts(6)/ms)
"Seagulls" (ts(2)/ms)
"Envoi" (ts/ms)
"The Illness" (ts/ms)
"Gull" (ts(3)/ms)
"Cry" / "A Bed of Roses" (ts(2)/ms)
"So?" (ts(2)/ms)
"Widow" (ts(2)/ms)
"Ice Age (For Marcy and Marvin)" (ts(2)/ms)
"My Loves" (ts(2)/ms)
"Empathies" (ms(2))
"Martha" (ts/ms)
"The Position" (ts/ms)
"Definition" (ts/ms)
"Postscript" (ts/ms)
"Love Apples" (ts/ms(2))
"A Gentle Man" (ts/ms)
"The Superiority of Flight" (ts/ms)
"Some Dreams" (ts/ms)

Correspondence with Ryerson Press

Series includes business correspondence between Ryerson Press and Dorothy Livesay. Most letters are from various editors and managers regarding the publishing and publicity of Livesay's works. There are also copies of letters written by Livesay to various people at Ryerson Press. Correspondents include Lorne Pierce, Frank Flemington, Elsinore Haultain, Fred(?) Ellins, Enid Thornton, Earle Toppings, Campbell Hughes, George Truss, Georgeanna Hamilton, and Robin Farr. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.
Series also includes miscellaneous items such as newsclippings, postage receipts, royalty statements, review lists, and advertisements.

Dorothy Livesay Archives

  • PS 8523 I95 Z46
  • Fonds
  • 1919, 1924-1974

Fonds reflect Dorothy Livesay's earlier work as a poet and consist of poetry manuscripts and typescripts, business correspondence, and typescript drafts of several publications. These records span from 1919 to 1974 and are arranged into four series: Poems: Typescripts and Manuscripts; Poems: Notebooks; Correspondence with Ryerson Press; and Publication Drafts and Author's Prints.

Livesay, Dorothy

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