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Prairie Ephemera Collection
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Prairie Ephemera Collection

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  • 1800s and 1900s

The Prairie Ephemera collection consists of a wide range of photographic and manuscript materials related to the social, economic, and cultural development of the Prairie Provinces. The photographic collection – which consists of both individual images and albums – is highly varied. Scenes of farm and urban life are both well represented. The textual materials are equally diverse, including letters, diaries, meeting minutes, political campaign materials, song books, stock certificates, performance programs and advertisements, among other things. These materials include first hand accounts from homesteaders and visitors to the region discussing the nature of Prairie life in the pioneer period and through the 20th Century.

PE001006 - Tour of Northern Hudson's Bay Company Posts

Unidentified photographer. Judging by the number of aerial photographs, those of bush planes, and the large number of Hudson’s Bay Company buildings and posts, this collection may document a tour of northern Hudson’s Bay Company posts in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario by someone linked with the HBC. Photographs of people usually show them holding fox furs. At least half of the photographs were taken during winter. Nearly all photographs are captioned on the back in pencil, and some are also numbered.
Places photographed include Fort McMurray (AB), Fort Chipewyan (AB), Embarras Portage (AB), Fort Vermilion (AB), Stony Rapids (SK), Moosonee (ON), Moose Factory (ON), Albany (ON), and Attawapiskat (ON).
A guide to the identified places is interleaved within the album.
In the group photograph, 42 adults stand on the steps of a building and smile for the camera. This photograph seems unrelated to the rest of the album.

PE000925 - Programs for the Edmonton “Pops” Orchestra “Pop” Concert

Three (3) programs for the Edmonton “Pops” Orchestra “Pop” Concert. All printed by Co-op Press Limited, Edmonton, AB. 

  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra First 'Pop' Concert." Cover is printed in green ink with a small green border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid green ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - May 21st - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains an advertisement. The interior of the program contains biographies of the soloists, along with small photographs of them, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists.
  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra Second 'Pop' Concert." Cover design is printed in blue ink, and consists of a small blue border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid blue ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - June 12th - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains an advertisement. The interior of the program contains biographies of the soloists, along with small photographs of them, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists. There is a hand-written remark in blue pencil on the front cover dating the program to 1952.;
  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra Eighth 'Pop' Concert." Cover design is printed in green ink, and consists of a small green border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid green ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - Sept. 3rd - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains two advertisements. The interior of the programme contains small photographs of the soloists, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists.

PE000930 - Program for the operetta “Hansel and Gretel”

Program for the operetta “Hansel and Gretel.” Front cover contains a hand-drawn picture of a gingerbread house surrounded by trees, with two gingerbread figures on either side of the house. Front cover reads: "Hansel and Gretel - AN Operetta - Music by: E. Humperdinck, Composer - Berta Elsmith, Author - Presented by - The 'McDougall Singing Club' - McDougall School Auditorium - 107 St. 109 Ave. 8:00 PM. May 4 & 5 1950 - By permission of Publishers C.C.Birchard &Co.-Boston, U.S.A." Interior of the program contains the information on the acts, the actors, the characters, and the stage crew. The back of the program contains a thank you note from the McDougall Singing Club to its contributors. Took place in Edmonton, AB.

PE004738 - Program for the City of Calgary’s Commemoration Services on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.  

The program for the City of Calgary’s Commemoration Services on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.  Held in Victoria Park, Calgary, AB on June 2, 1953.  Printed in Canada by John D. McAra of Calgary.  The program’s front cover features a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II printed in purple ink.  The back cover features the City of Calgary’s coat of arms, also printed in purple.  The program consisted of events held at 12:30pm and later at 8pm, with speeches, music, dances, prayer, and fireworks.

PE000979 - 1925 Program for the Northern Alberta Old Timers' Banquet and Dance

A program for the "Northern Alberta Old Timers Banquet and Dance at the MacDonald Hotel Wednesday, December 16th, 1925 at 7 p.m." Front cover also contains a long b&w photograph depicting a train of wagons pulled by oxen, with old wooden buildings in the background. A figure sits in the lead wagon. This picture is folded down over the top of the program, and covers the top 1/3 of both the back and front covers. The back cover contains a poem by Frank C. Steele titled: "The Pioneer Dead." The interior contains the program and menu for the banquet. Printing attributed to Douglas Printing.

PE004735 - Program for the University of Alberta Commerce Club’s 1949 Dividend Day party

Grey paper program for the University of Alberta Commerce Club’s Dividend Day party held at the Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton, AB on Wednesday, March 30, 1949.  This program certifies that R. Beere is the holder of five ten shares of the Preferred Stock of the club.  The club declared a dividend of one-fifth of one evening’s enjoyment per share.  The evening included grace, dinner, “The King,” Toast to Graduates by club president Mr. J. D. Campbell, reply by D. M. Wilson, speech by Chairman of the Provincial Board of Public Utility Commissioners Mr. G. M. Blackstock, which was then followed by dancing. 

PE000779 - Program for the Seventh Annual Freemasonry Reunion at Moose Jaw Lodge of Perfection

Program for the seventh annual Freemasonry reunion at the Moose Jaw Lodge of Perfection. It is bound in a blue/purple cover with copper-coloured lettering indicating the title of the event and the organization’s logo. The program includes details of the event and a list of members and candidates. Each page is framed by an ornate blue margin around the content.

PE000901 - Canadian Postmasters Association (B.C. and Yukon Branch) Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference.

Title reads: "Canadian Postmasters Association (B.C. and Yukon Branch) Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference." Below this is a pixelated picture of a hotel set next to a roadway. Below the picture it reads: "Leon Hotel, Port Moody, B.C. June 4th, 5th, 6th, 1962. Souvenir Programme." The back cover is blank. The interior is printed on regular paper stock, and details the day to day itinerary of the conference. Also includes various advertisements for sponsors of the conference, as well as a President’s Message on the second page.

PE000981 - Souvenir programme for the Saskatchewan Motorcade to Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee 1936

Program titled: "Welcome Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Motorcade and Souvenir Picnic Programme, Souvenir Program, 1886 Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee 1936." Front cover contains an elaborate drawing depicting cars along a route in the prairies to Vancouver, and another drawing depicting those same cars entering Vancouver. Drawing has been done in green ink. Back cover is blank. Interior contains advertisements for various activities and services in Vancouver, a welcome address by the mayor of Vancouver, and a programme and daily schedule of events from July 11-19th.

PE001148 - 19th Annual Maritime Provinces Banquet Program and Menu

Menu and program for the 19th Annual Maritime Provinces Banquet, held at the MacDonald hotel in Edmonton. The booklet additionally contains a list Maritime Provinces Association executives, sponsors, and, on the back cover, information and sponsors for a scholarship award to Jean Keeley of Edmonton in 1947. The front cover features an illustration of a lighthouse on the coast.

PE001167 - Wesley College 34th Annual Dinner Program

Both booklet and cover comprise the program for the Wesley College’s 34th Annual Dinner Program, held at the Fort Garry Hotel. The cover contains a blank space for autographs – partially filled with handwritten names – and the text of three yells / chants. The booklet contains a menu, events program, and a list of graduating students. The events program is interspersed with the lyrics and text of various songs and chants.

PE001168 - University of Manitoba Engineering Society Annual Banquet Program

Program for the University of Manitoba Engineering Society Annual Banquet, held at the Fort Garry Hotel. The booklet includes a list of the graduating students, cartoons, a menu, the events program, personal messages attributed to staff and students, and a blank space for autographs, which has been filled in partially with handwritten names. The front cover bears an illustration of a graduating student in front of a meal.

PE001257 - Hudson’s Bay Company Royal Visit Program

Information booklet & program for the royal visit to Old Fort Garry, in Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 24, 1939. In addition to the events program, the booklet provides some background on the purpose of the event – namely, the ceremonial fulfillment of the obligation found in the Hudson’s Bay Company charter to provide two Elk and two black beavers to the crown upon any visit to HBC lands.

PE000759 - The Alberta Homestead Journal

The Alberta Homestead Journal. 12-page journal printed in Edmonton, AB, described as a journal for the farmer and his family. It features stories on agriculture, farmer conventions, farm equipment sales advertisements and opinion columns.

PE004752 - Northwest Uprising covered in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, printed in New York, No. 1,544, vol. LX. Front cover contains a large b&w ink drawing of four figures, three on snowshoes with one carrying a child, in a winter landscape. Caption reads: "Canada - The Uprising in the Northwest - White Inhabitants of the Saskatchewan Region Leaving a Settlement, After an Indian Raid." Remainder of the paper contains news from around the world, including Canada and the Riel Rebellion.

PE001273 - "Calgary: Alberta's Capital"

Vol. 49, No. 13,550 (July 29, 1893) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Calgary: Alberta’s Capital” provides, despite its title, a broad overview of the province of Alberta, including Edmonton, and small towns such as Olds. Accompanying photographs depict various scenes from the province, including prairie landscape shots, agriculture, and town buildings.

In addition to the feature article, a number of brief miscellaneous articles and stories are carried on the last page of the newspaper. A number of advertisements for products and businesses are also present.

PE004758 - 1924 Canadian Pacific Railway Dining Car Service Luncheon and Beverages menu intended for “The British Association for the Advancement of Science, Ninety-Fourth Year”

Front cover features a B&W photograph of the Banff Springs Hotel and Bow River Valley, captioned as such.  Interior printed with the Luncheon and Beverages menu of the Canadian Pacific Railway Dining Car Service intended for “The British Association for the Advancement of Science, Ninety-Fourth Year” on the occasion of their “Transcontinental Tour, Toronto-Vancouver And Return, August 17 - September 4, 1924.”  Beverages menu includes prices and a selection of cigars and cigarettes.  Back cover is printed with an oval B&W photograph of Lake Louise and the Chateau, labelled as such, and a smaller photograph of a figure canoeing.  A blurb describes features of the “Canadian Pacific Rockies,” including the Canadian Pacific Hotels and bungalow camps located there.

PE001138 - Jasper Park Lodge Dinner Menu cards

Four menu cards from the Jasper Park Lodge, owned by the Canadian National System. The menus correspond to June 20, 22, 29, and Sept. 11, for the year 1946. Each menu features a color photograph or illustration of location or landscape, with the text of the dinner menu underneath.

PE001142 - 1946 Chateau Lake Louise Dinner Menu

Dinner menu for the Chateau Lake Louise. In addition to the menu items, the booklet also carries a notice detailing the requirements of government rationing regulations, as well as information about available activities and entertainment. The front cover features a photograph of a couple on a walk, with the Rocky Mountains in the background; the back cover lists the hotels that comprise the Canadian Pacific Hotel chain.

PE001143 - 1926 Chateau Lake Louise Dinner Menu

Dinner menu for the Chateau Lake Louise; the additional enclosed sheet contains the ‘Table D’Hote Dinner’ menu, for the same date as the larger booklet. The front cover of the booklet features an illustration of two diners, overlooking a mountain scene; the back cover carries a list of Canadian Pacific Hotels. The smaller sheet likewise features a listing on its reverse, with numbered accompanying black and white photographs of the hotels.

PE001144 - 1939 The MacDonald Hotel Dinner Menu

Dinner menu for the MacDonald Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, operated by Canadian National Railways. Menu items are divided into three categories: ‘Table d’hote’, ‘dinner de lure’, and ‘dinner a la carte’. The front cover of the booklet features an illustration of the royal train carrying George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the back cover carries text that provides further background on that subject.

PE004677 - Commercial Café Menu in Edmonton, AB

Commercial Café paper menu in original plastic-window cover, edged in burgundy with three of the four gold corners intact.  Windows have dried spills.  Front of the menu includes advertisements for Barrett & Olson Men’s Wear and Bates Electric as well as the Commercial Café name and address (10333 – 82 AVE) in South Edmonton.  Menu prices are often obscured by black marker with new prices handwritten beside.  A typewritten page dated Sunday, April 25th shows specials and lists desserts such as “Flapper Pudding.”  Back page has four advertisements for Hollywood Coldwaves, McBeth Agencies, Self’s Meat Market, and Capitol Cleaners and Laundry Limited.

PE001051 - Minutes of Meetings Held in 1950-1951 Inaugurating and Establishing Civil Defence in Alberta

Contains a record of provincial civil defense committee meetings, exercises and significant activities, from Dec. 12, 1950 to the end of Oct. 1954. The document comprises a summary record of activities (‘Civil Defense Diary’), 50 appendices, largely containing meeting minutes, but also including some administrative records, such as personnel lists, and miscellaneous other documentation, including additional meeting minutes, organizational charts of Alberta’s civil defense organization, and progress reports on civil defense planning.

PE001247 - Saskatchewan: A Few Facts

Informational booklet which describes various aspects of Saskatchewan’s geography, economy and government. The inside cover carries a list of contemporary executive council members and former premiers and lieutenant-governors. The back cover features a simple topographical map of the province.

PE000373 - Cityscape Photograph - Edmonton Civic Centre Development Project

B&W print, wide-angle photograph of cityscape.

Part of a collection of materials related to the planned Edmonton Civic Centre in the 1960s. In the early 1960s, Webb & Knapp, a large land development company, entered into an agreement with the City of Edmonton to develop a proposal for a new downtown civic centre. The agreement contained provisions such that Webb & Knapp would fund the cost of the proposal, and if the proposal were to be approved, Webb & Knapp would receive considerable land rights in the development area as compensation. However, were the proposal to be rejected, the proposal itself was to become property of the City of Edmonton. The proposal by Webb & Knapp was ultimately rejected, but not until after the City of Edmonton Planning Commission developed its own proposal that, Webb & Knapp argued, made significant use of the original proposal. Webb & Knapp sued the City of Edmonton, ultimately winning a decision on breach of copyright in 1970.

Collection includes memorandum of agreement between the City of Edmonton and slated developers Webb & Knapp, architectural plans from Webb & Knapp as well as the City of Edmonton, cityscape photographs, and an artist’s concept rendering. PE000368 (F-8-0-0-5) to PE000375 (F-8-0-0-12).

PE000669 - PC Handbill Federal Campaign

Handbill supporting Progressive Conservatives John Diefenbaker (for Prime Minister) and Robert “Bud” Simpson (for Churchill, Manitoba) in their bid to be returned to Parliament. Features B&W pictures of both candidates and a list of 10 reasons to vote Progressive Conservative.

PE000672 - Winnipeg Municipal Election Handbills

Collection of handbills supporting candidates for positions in Winnipeg municipal government.
Collection includes:

  • Mary Jenkins for School Trustee in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Jenkins and a brief biography. [1940?],
  • W. A. Cuddy for School Trustee in Ward 1. Features B&W photo of Cuddy and list of credentials. [1940?],
  • Ernest Hallonquist for Alderman in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Hallonquist and list of credentials. Oct. 1948,
  • Slaw Rebchuk for Alderman and Andrew Zaharychuk for School Trustee (up for re-election) in Ward 3, supported by the Winnipeg Taxpayers’ Association. Features photos of both candidates. Oct. 1949,
  • James Black for Alderman in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Black, list of credentials and the heading “Winnipeg Is Your City! Safeguard Its Future!!” Oct. [1949],
  • Peter Taraska for Alderman and Edward Bachynski for School Trustee in Ward 3, supported by the North Winnipeg Taxpayers’ Association. Features B&W photos of both candidates. Oct. 1952.

PE000699 - Supplementary Report on the City of Edmonton, Fire Insurance

Fire insurance report titled “Supplementary Report on the City of Edmonton, Alberta (no. 14),” produced by the Fire Branch of the Western Canada Insurance Underwriters’ Association of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Report is a supplement to a full report submitted October 1918. Includes descriptions of the city of Edmonton’s waterworks and fire department as well as some general conclusions.

PE000734 - Letter regarding employment written by agent of the Canadian Government Agency

One sheet of paper: one side text, other side a B&W map of Western Canada.  Contents are in response to a letter sent by Mr. D.W. Mason from Baker City, Oregon, to the Canadian Government Agency, apparently in regard to finding work in Edmonton or other parts of Alberta.  Letter was written by J.N. Grieve, agent of the Canadian Government Agency.  

PE000890 - Elect Strynadka campaign pamphlet

Brochure cover contains a b&W photograph of a man wearing a suit and glasses, (Harry Strynadka), and it reads: "Elect Strynadka. Vote…New Democrat Strathcona Centre. Vote Strynadka, H. J. X." The bottom notes it was published by Strathcona Centre N.D.P. Top portion of the front folds up to reveal the election campaign of Harry J. Strynadka. Back portion contains the biographical details of Harry Strynadka, as well as contact details for the NDP committee rooms. Writing at the bottom notes the pamphlet was printed by Co-op Press Limited.

PE004765 - Federal re-election campaign brochure for Stanley Knowles of the NDP

Pamphlet from the federal re-election campaign for Stanley Knowles of the New Democratic Party in the riding of Winnipeg North Centre. The front of the pamphlet is taken up by a B&W portrait photograph of Stanley Knowles. The pamphlet’s back gives election day as Monday, November 8, and encourages voters seeking further information to call the New Democratic Party Headquarters at SPruce 2-5795. The pamphlet is authorized by Art Coulter, Official Agent, and is printed by Comet Press Limited.

PE001237 - Homestead Payment documents

Materials relating to payment for a homestead in Swift Current, Saskatchewan; the materials are addressed to Percy L. Stubbs. The materials include:

  • An Oct, 7, 1910 payment reminder for the 3rd installment on the homestead, amounting to $64 plus interest on the outstanding amount.
  • A Dec. 27, 1912 payment receipt for $211.35 in relation to the homestead. The receipt includes the location of the homestead property.
  • A postal envelope, addressed to P. L. Stubbs, and dated Dec. 27, 1912.

PE001246 - What Does Social Credit Stand For?

Reprint of an interview of Solon Law, leader of the Social Credit movement nationally, by Blair Fraser, as originally carried in MacLean’s Magazine. The interview consists of a preface, followed by 33 questions, and their accompanying replies, that broadly outline the positions of the Social Credit party.

PE000836 - Straw Weaving Example from Alberta

Weaving is done in a chevron shape, with wheat tails protruding in a fan from the bottom of the chevron. Chevron is attached to another woven triangle, with a wheat woven hanger on top. Contains an information card stating: "The art of Straw Weaving is a tale of wonder and respect. The farmer would weave a straw symbol of the last grain to act as a resting place of the Spirit - thus ensuring a bountiful harvest for the following year. Today the weavings have become symbols of good luck." Card notes that the weaving was handcrafted in Alberta, and contains a date stamp of Edmonton, 2000.

PE001066 - One Year

Contains photographs, poetry and decorations on seasonal themes. Each page contains a short poem and an accompanying photograph of a locale in Manitoba, with a decorative illustration in the margin. A small calendar is also contained within, for the year 1915.

Bale, Florence Gratiot

PE001089 - A Mountain Vista

A painting of a forest scene in the mountains, subtitled ‘A Mountain Vista’. The frame bears the message ‘The Season’s Greetings’, and is signed by the author in pencil. On the reverse, pencil notes include the message ‘ To Mrs. McRiver and the boy who lay down the lay to her’.

Bridgen, Frederick H

PE000563 - Birthday card from Jean Breadner

Birthday card from Jean Breadner. Colourful paper card with flowers, a ribbon, three notepads and a pencil on the cover. The cover reads “On Your Twenty-First Birthday Sis: Best Wishes for Today and Always”. Inside is a poem and a short note.s.l.

Breadner, Jean

PE000221 - Diary of Mr. Maxworthy

A small, softcover diary (‘1935 DIARY’ on cover), which features brief daily entries about the activities of a Mr. Maxworthy, resident of Lethbridge [?] Alberta. Includes descriptions of trips around southern Alberta, meetings with family and friends, etc.

PE000491 - Four Letters on Wild Flowers to Miss Emily Sartain

Four letters addressed to Miss Emily Sartain apparently responding to inquiries about the total number of wild flowers in Canada and in the province of the respondent’s residence. Found, by the dealer, in a copy of Fraser & Russell’s "A revised, annotated list of the plants of Saskatchewan," 1944.

  • One-page typed letter on University of British Columbia letterhead from John Davidson, Associate Professor of Botany, dated March 31, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Royal Victoria College, McGill University letterhead from Muriel V. Roscoe, dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page handwritten letter on University of Alberta letterhead from E. H. Moss [?], dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Canada Department of Agriculture letterhead from Harold A. Senn, Senior Botanist, on behalf of Dr. Craigie, sent from the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Ontario, and dated May 29, 1947.

PE004781 - Note to Mr. T.L. “Tommy” Robertson, Boy Scout Headquarters

Note addressed to Mr. T.L. “Tommy” Robertson, Boy Scout Headquarters, 42456 or 83504 Ave. Letter is divided into 5 sections, each dealing with slightly different issues. The first section talks about the number of copies needed for Campcraft & Handicraft, the second mentions an unnamed person not receiving booklets, the third refers to the opinion of Mr. Robertson, the fourth regards changes to a section, and the fifth mentions adding the topic of fencing and contacting the Toedol Fencing & Archery Club. It is signed by a Mrs. Mathews.

PE001057 - Christmas Card - RAF Carberry

Christmas card, with the text ‘With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year’, and slightly below, ‘R.A.F’. A map of Canada showing the location of Carberry, and the text ‘Greetings from Canada’, is present on the inside page.

PE001352 – Lindberg Cabin, etc

1) Green leaf rubbing
2) “Original Lindberg Cabin, 1890?” house on ranch.
3) Close up of barn
4) Image of cow and calf and person.
Letter: Addressed to Lois and Mr. Fenna (?). Written in the winter of 1991 and covers basic topics of conversation and Johnson’s new book, her age (77) and nearly being hit by a car.

Magnhild Johnson

PE001353 – Meine Leibe Christien

: Three letters and a list on scrap paper.
1951 Letter: dated Nov 1st Feast of All Saints 1951. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
Dec 4th Letter: dated Second Sunday in the Advent (Christmastime) Dec 4, Golden Ridge. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Contains 7 questions about Jesus Christ and mentions Evangelism. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
1948 Letter: dated November 21 1948. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Quotes sections of the bible. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
List: 6th S. N. October. Partially in English with no0tes in German. Written on scrap paper, torn from original letter from a Regina office. Religious topics.

PE001356 – Nicholas Garry Letter

Letter by Nicholas Garry who gave his name to Fort Garry, now Winnipeg. Removed from album with a few marks on the last (blank) page. Sent from conduit St. (London), 18th March 1828.
“Sir, I request you will permit Sam Gale to visit the Travellers Club….” Garry (1782 - 1856) was a deputy governor of the HBC. In 1821 he was in Canada to facilitate the merger of the HBC and the North West Company. Samuel Gale was active in Quebec and testified three times in 1828 before the committee of the House of Commons inquiring into the Government of Canada.

Nicholas Garry

PE001172 - Diary of Elder Lawrence Earl Talbot

Diary of Elder Lawrence Earl Talbot (LDS) describing his work and activities from the time he left home in December 1909 to fill a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Hilo, Hawaii. Daily record of activities, meetings, and observations.

Talbot, Lawrence Earl

PE001645 - Edmonton/Klondike Postcards

5 postcards addressed to the secretary of the Law Society of Alberta accompanied by transcriptions and details regarding place, date, and delivery. Postcards sent by G.H.S. Wade who was traveling up from Edmonton to the Yukon looking for gold. Postcards were sent from: Lesser Slave Lake, Fort Dunvegan, Fort Resolution, Mackenzie River, and Peace River Crossing. Accompanied by 5 pages of background information by D.W. Thompson and Hugh Delaney.

G.H.S. Wade

PE001105 - Reclaiming the West

The text of an address to a joint meeting of the Canadian Club and the Edmonton Board of Trade. The author advocates measures for the prevention of desertification on the prairies, including water conservation, dam construction and tree planting.

MacTavish, W. L.

PE001109 - Crow's Nest Pass Freight Rates

Text of an address given by J. Prudhomme, City Solicitor for Winnipeg, to the National Club. The author takes a position of defending the Canadian National Railways against accusations of having imposed excessively high freight rates for the transit of agricultural produce through the Crow’s Nest Pass.

Prudhomme, J.

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