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Roger Pocock Archive
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Photograph of two men outside of log cabin

Photograph of two men standing outside a log cabin in a forest. Cabin, trees, and ground are covered in snow. Writing on reverse reads "Trappers' Shed; 10 June".

Pocock, Roger

2.3 Publications by Others

Subseries consists of biographies or obituaries about Pocock and publications from or about the Legion of Frontiersmen. Many of these publications were written after Pocock's death and were likely not a part of his personal items.

Roger Pocock Archive

  • FC 3216.3 P63 R64
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 1991, predominant 1881 - 1931

The Roger Pocock Archive comprises records created by or about Roger Pocock. Records created and collected by Pocock were done so over the course of his life and reflect his travels, occupations, and correspondence. These records include his scrapbooks, diaries, letters, contracts, clippings, published materials, photographs, and postcards. Records about Pocock were mostly created posthumously and include biographies and documents about the Legion of Frontiersmen. The archive is arranged into three series: Personal Papers, Published/Printed Materials, and Photographs and Postcards.

Pocock, Roger

Series 2 Published/Printed Materials

Series documents some of the published works by Pocock, about Pocock, of about the Legion of Frontiersmen. It includes books, articles, and a musical score by Pocock, as well as biographies about Pocock and articles and handbooks from the Legion of Frontiersmen. Series is arranged into three subseries: Books by Pocock, Other publications by Pocock, and Publications by others.

Photocopy of biographic entry for Pocock (1970)

A photocopy of the biographic entry for Pocock in The Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature (Oxford University Press), published in 1970. The envelope they were found in is address to Harwood Steele from The Geographical Journal, postdated 22 October 1970.

1.2 Correspondence

Subseries contains letters from Pocock or to him from various people. Primarily consists of letters between Pocock and Harwood Steele. Also includes letter from his sister Hilda Pocock to Flora Steele regarding Pocock's funeral. Subseries is arranged by correspondent chronologically.

Series 1 Personal Papers

Series documents the travels and occupations of Roger Pocock and consists of the personal papers of Pocock, including scrapbooks, diaries, correspondence, and other miscellaneous documents such as correspondence and contracts regarding the publication of his books, ephemera about his lecture series or from his travels, and documents from his services with the North-West Mounted Police and British fishing fleets. The geographical coverage of these records is global but primarily covers North-West Canada.

Letter from Hilda Pocock to Flora Steele (2 November 1944)

Letter written by Hilda Pocock (sister of Pocock) to Flora Steele dated 2 November 1944. The letter is about Pocock's memorial. Included are four leaflets about his memorial and the Holy Trinity Church in Cookham, where the Pocock family vault is, and a list of the birth years of Pocock and his siblings.

1.3 Miscellaneous

Subseries consists of records created by or about Pocock pertaining to his travels, publishing activities, occupations, and interests. It includes publishing contracts for several of his books, his certificate of discharge from the NWMP, and his resume while living in Hollywood. Subseries is arranged chronologically.

Obituary of Pocock (1941)

A newspaper obituary of Pocock. The newspaper source and date are not stated, though someone has written 'Times Nov 13th' in pencil at the top of the article.

2.1 Books by Pocock

Subseries consists of books written by Pocock. Only one book, Curly, is confirmed to be from Pocock's personal collection. Subseries is arranged chronologically.

Envelope of negatives (1931)

An envelope containing 5 photographic negatives of images used in Pocock's book Chorus to Adventuresr. Writing on the front of envelope reads "1 Frontispiece - the Commissioner ; 1 copy - 3 prints about same size ; 2 Opposite page 27 - Letter Lord Kitchener ; 1 copy - 3 prints same size as in book". Writing on reverse reads "3 Opposite page 232 - Skull of sea serpent ; 1 copy - 3 prints same size ; 4 Opposite page 264 - ; SV- Frontiersman ; Captain Malins + Captain Macmillan ; copy of each also 3 prints ; of each same size as in book".

Plates from Chorus to Adventurers (1931)

Two plates of photographs used in Pocock's book Chorus to Adventurers. Writing on front of one reads "Chapter VIII ; Plate 1 ; "... forest dense as a hairbrush..." ; A park bridge in the Selkirks". Writing on front of the other reads "Chapter VIII ; Plate 2 ; Paragraph beginning ; "Following the Fraser R." ; Randle Cecil ; The Trapper feeding a pet fisher".

Magazine article: "Nine Men who 'Discovered' America" (1931)

Pocock's article, "Nine Men who 'Discovered' America" is published and found in The Cornhill Magazine, no. 417, published in March 1931. His article covers historical accounts of men who 'discovered' America before Columbus. The rest of the magazine consists of short stories, serialized novel chapters, poems, opinion pieces, and advertisements.

Pocock, Roger

3.8 Semi-Retirement at Charterhouse [ca. 1931]

Subseries consists of a photograph and negatives that are likely of Pocock as a pensioner during his residence at Charterhouse in London, sometime around 1931. Subseries is arranged according to the order that records were processed.

Poem by Eleanor C. Waring (1931)

A typewritten poem that is either dated 12 April 1931 or is titled "April 12th 1931" by Eleanor C. Waring. The words "Ronaele England" are crossed out at the bottom of the page.

Photograph of building and two men

Photograph of brick building with two men standing in front of it. Building is likely a part of Charterhouse in London, and the man on the right appears to be Pocock.

Letter to Harwood Steele (28 May 1930)

Letter from Pocock to Harwood Steele dated 28 May 1930 regarding the rejection to reprint or publish several writings of Harwood's and Pocock's attempt to meet with other editors.

Pocock, Roger

Letter to Harwood Steele (1 July 1930)

Letter from Pocock to Harwood Steele dated 1 July 1930 regarding the rejection to publish several of Harwood's writings. Pocock also writes about a veteran's dinner he attended.

Pocock, Roger

Photographs of two men beside giant skull (1930)

Photograph of two unidentified men standing beside a giant skull-like object. Writing of reverse of each reads "Skull of a Sea-Serpent, From Chorus to Adventurers By Roger Pocock (John Lane, The Bodley Head Ltd. London).

Portrait of unidentified man [1907 - 1929]

Postcard of an unidentified man sitting in an ornate chair. Writing on reverse reads "Vincent-Mitchell Studios; 1022 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 111 W. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md."

Letter from Harwood Steele (20 July 1928)

Letter from Harwood Steele to Pocock dated 20 July 1928 regarding Harwood trying to sell the motion picture rights possibly for his book Spirit of Iron. Harwood also writes about his health and goals.

Steele, Harwood

Pocock Diary (1921, Vol. I)

Pocock's 1921, Vol. 1, diary mostly consists of notes and diary entries taken during an expedition to Spitzbergen, Norway, with Oxford University.

Diary contains:
Sea chanties [sic] and songs.
Clippings of [train?] schedules (in Swedish).
Diary entries for 13 May 1921 to 31 July [1922?] covering his expedition to Spitzberg with Oxford University
Sketches of geological features to supplement written descriptions.

Pocock, Roger

Air League Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 42 (October 1922)

Issue of the Air League Bulletin, a publication of the Air League of the British Empire. This issue contains an article about the world flight with details about those involved, the objectives, the itinerary, and foreseen weather issues.

Photograph of the S.Y. Frontiersman (1922)

Photograph of the ship the S.Y. Frontiersman that fueled the plane for the World Flight. Writing on reverse reads "S.y. Frontiersman; From Chorus to Adventurers By Roger Pocock (John Lane, The Bodley Head, Ltd., London)".

Pilot Chart of the North Pacific Ocean

Chart showing the wind directions over the Pacific Ocean for the month of December. Prepared and published by the Hydrographic Office of the Navy Department of the United States of America.

Photograph of Capt. Malins and Capt. Macmillan (1922)

Photograph of Captain Malins and Captain MacMillan of the World Flight in 1922. Writing on reverse reads "Capt. Geoffrey Malins O.B.E. & Capt. Norman Macmillan M.C., A.F.C. From Chorus to Adventurers by Roger Pocock (John Lane, The Bodley Head Ltd. London)".

Pocock Diary (1921, Vol. 2)

Pocock's 1921, Vol. 2, scrapbook mostly consisting of notes and diary entries taken during an expedition to Spitzbergen, Norway, with Oxford University. Many entries are undated.

Scrapbook contains:
Map of Spitzbergen.
Letters about the Expedition to Spitzbergen.
Descriptions of various fish from the region.
Observations of Norway, including geological features, climate, and cultural practices.
Diary entries covering his expedition to Spitzbergen with Oxford University and various other topics. Entries are inconsistently dated; Pocock seems to be recording various memories.
Sketches of geological features to supplement written descriptions.

Pocock, Roger

3.6 Journey to Spitzbergen (1921)

Subseries consists of photographs from Pocock's expedition with Oxford University to Spitzbergen, an island in northern Norway. This expedition took place in 1921 and is documented in Pocock's 1921 diaries. Subseries is arranged according to the order that photographs were processed.

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of schooner v.1

Photograph of an unidentified schooner. Likely the Terningen, the boat used for the Spitzbergen Expedition.

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of Magdalena Bay

Photograph of the snowy, mountainous shoreline of Magdalena Bay and the schooner Terningen taken from the shore. The schooner. Location and ship identified from Pocock's book A Chorus to Adventurers (1931, p. 242).

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of old coffin at Magdalena Bay

Photograph of an opened coffin and bones among the rocks of Magdalena Bay in Norway. Writing on reverse reads "The unburied dead of the Arctic". Location identified from Pocock's book A Chorus to Adventurers (1931, p. 243).

Pocock, Roger

1.1 Scrapbooks and Diaries

Subseries document the travels, occupations, and interests of Pocock and consists of his scrapbooks and diaries. Pocock's scrapbooks contain journal entries, correspondent, sketches, photographs, clippings, among other things, which document his whereabouts and activities of a particular year. Hi diaries contain journal entries and appointments of a particular year. Scrapbooks primarily cover his time in North America from 1880 to 1913 and his travels to Northern Norway in 1920. The subseries is arranged chronologically.

Continuous Discharge Certificate (1919)

A continuous certificate of discharge of Pocock for the British fishing trade. It was issued on 14 July 1919 and Pocock's last discharge was on 15 September 1919.

Photograph of R.A.F. soldier [ca. 1916]

Photograph of R.A.F. soldier standing by a motorcycle in front of the orderly house during the First World War. Writing on reverse reads "R.A.F. Chapter (crossed out) ; Eagles and Penguins Chapter ; The Dispatch Rider".

Note to "Gentlemen" [1914?]

A brief note in Pocock's handwriting addressed to "Gentlemen" which states "With reference to Mr. Stanley Hawley's music, set to poems for Miss Ashwell's recitation." There is no date and the address "10 Bedford Row" is written at the top. On the reverse is written "JB Thompson, Hotel Britannique, 20 Avenue Victoria, Paris".

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Diary (1913)

Pocock's 1913 diary containing mostly brief notes and entries of his activities, meetings, and travels with Randle Ceceil.

Diary contains:
Receipt from Calgary Sales Repository for two horses (one sorrel gelding and one buckskin gelding), dated 20 June 1913.
Instructions of what to do with diary in case of accident to Pocock.
Clipping of review for Pocock's novel "The Cheerful Blackguard".
Diary entries from 13 May 1913 to 24 December 1913 about his activities, meetings, and travels with Randle Cecil through British Columbia.
Lists of food, dinnerware, and other goods.

Pocock, Roger

Map of Washington State (1913)

A map of Washington published by Rand-McNally in 1913. There are handwritten notes in Pocock's hand about distances between various landmarks.

Images from Alberta and British Columbia

Files contains images of locations in Alberta and British Columbia from Pocock and Cecil's journey in 1913. Places are identified on the postcards and photographs either by Pocock's handwriting or by printed description. File is arranged chronologically according to order of location visited.

Postcard of Peace River Valley, AB

Postcard of a scenic view of Peace River Valley. Caption on front reads "Scene at dawn. Peace River Valley" and text on reverse reads "Series No. 138. "Copyright" The H. Enida Olive Co'y Ltd Calgary Canada". It is improbable that Pocock and Cecil ever visited Ft. Vermilion and this was likely purchased while in Calgary.

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