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Prairie Ephemera Collection Winnipeg, MB
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PE004720 - Souvenir Royal Alexandra Hotel Guest Book from 1915

Royal Alexandra Hotel Guest Book from 1915.  Blue paper cover with the name of the hotel letter-pressed in gold ink on the front, and an advertisement for Blackwoods Dry Ginger Ale and Blackwoods Aero-distilled Drinking Water printed in black ink on the back cover. Inside the front cover is an advertisement for The Princess candy store.  Inside are forty (40) pages of glossy white paper bordered with a repeating maple leaf pattern printed in pale blue ink.  The left page is usually an advertisement for a local business, with the opposing page giving information and an image for a local Winnipeg attraction.  “This book designed and compiled for and with the approval of the Royal Alexandra Hotel by G. E. Webb” and printed by Sulman Bros. Ltd in Winnipeg.

PE000635 - Canada Paint advertisement

Brochure advertising for Canada Paint, sold at Alsip Brick, Tile & Lumber Co. of Portage Ave. [Winnipeg, Manitoba]. Includes 32 paint colour samples, suggested exterior painting colour schemes and bright colour illustrations on the front and back cover.

PE001269 - 15 Cents per Bushel--

Poster produced by the Vancouver Sun, protesting the opposition of the Winnipeg Board of Trade to modification of existing rail shipping rates. The poster opines that the present rates unnecessarily discourage Western farmers from shipping their products through the westbound route to Vancouver.

PE000672 - Winnipeg Municipal Election Handbills

Collection of handbills supporting candidates for positions in Winnipeg municipal government.
Collection includes:

  • Mary Jenkins for School Trustee in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Jenkins and a brief biography. [1940?],
  • W. A. Cuddy for School Trustee in Ward 1. Features B&W photo of Cuddy and list of credentials. [1940?],
  • Ernest Hallonquist for Alderman in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Hallonquist and list of credentials. Oct. 1948,
  • Slaw Rebchuk for Alderman and Andrew Zaharychuk for School Trustee (up for re-election) in Ward 3, supported by the Winnipeg Taxpayers’ Association. Features photos of both candidates. Oct. 1949,
  • James Black for Alderman in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Black, list of credentials and the heading “Winnipeg Is Your City! Safeguard Its Future!!” Oct. [1949],
  • Peter Taraska for Alderman and Edward Bachynski for School Trustee in Ward 3, supported by the North Winnipeg Taxpayers’ Association. Features B&W photos of both candidates. Oct. 1952.

PE004765 - Federal re-election campaign brochure for Stanley Knowles of the NDP

Pamphlet from the federal re-election campaign for Stanley Knowles of the New Democratic Party in the riding of Winnipeg North Centre. The front of the pamphlet is taken up by a B&W portrait photograph of Stanley Knowles. The pamphlet’s back gives election day as Monday, November 8, and encourages voters seeking further information to call the New Democratic Party Headquarters at SPruce 2-5795. The pamphlet is authorized by Art Coulter, Official Agent, and is printed by Comet Press Limited.

PE001182 – Great Winnipeg Fire

Image has Gibson inscribed into it. Written under the image on paper is Winnipeg Fire 14/1/11. Image shows buildings covered in ice with ladders reaching up to windows. Written on back is “From Freddie to Nellie.

PE001004 - Album of a Trip across Canada

An album of photographs by an unidentified but accomplished photographer, with some commercial photos from Barclay and Steele & Co. mixed throughout. The album documents a trip across Canada, from sea to sea, taking place in the late 1800s. Many scenes in British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies (including Aboriginals and cowboys), and Ontario and Quebec, but the album does not seem to be arranged chronologically.

26 photographs in B.C.,
22 in the Prairies,
10 in Quebec and Ontario.

PE004759 - Photograph Album Documenting the Royal Visit to Winnipeg in 1951

The photographs cover the royal visit of Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to Winnipeg, MB in 1951.  Photographs processed by Sun Photo Co. in Winnipeg.  There are no captions. 

  • Princess Elizabeth, heir apparent to the British crown, and her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, disembark a Canadian Air Force plane and are greeted by uniformed gentlemen. 
  • Still on the tarmac, with the Canadian Air Force plane in the background, Princess Elizabeth smiles as she signs documents on a table flanked by two uniformed men.
  • Princess Elizabeth inspects a line of Royal Canadian Air Force members.
  • Princess Elizabeth and Philip ride in the back of a Cadillac car, protected on all sides by a clear canopy.
  • Princess Elizabeth and Philip pass officials on a staircase outside an unidentified location.  In the background, officers link hands to hold back a massive crowd.
  • Princess Elizabeth and Philip ride in the back of the canopied car, driving past cheering crowds.  People crowd in the second and third floor windows above Moore’s restaurant.  A theatre marquee sign wishes “A Warm Welcome.”
  • Princess Elizabeth stands surrounded by officials at the top of stone steps between two stone columns. 
  • Princess Elizabeth and Philip ride in the back of the canopied car.  Crowds appear to be pressing close, with this photograph taken very close to the passenger side of the car. 
  • Princess Elizabeth and Philip descend stairs inside an unidentified location.

PE001257 - Hudson’s Bay Company Royal Visit Program

Information booklet & program for the royal visit to Old Fort Garry, in Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 24, 1939. In addition to the events program, the booklet provides some background on the purpose of the event – namely, the ceremonial fulfillment of the obligation found in the Hudson’s Bay Company charter to provide two Elk and two black beavers to the crown upon any visit to HBC lands.

PE000760 - Testimonial Dinner in honour of the Rt. Hon. and Mrs. John G. Diefenbaker at the Marlborough Hotel, Winnipeg

Testimonial Dinner in honour of the Rt. Hon. and Mrs. John G. Diefenbaker at the Marlborough Hotel, Winnipeg. Put on by The Dominion Executive with the Winnipeg Branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee. It includes the event schedule, dinner menu, and a biography of John Diefenbaker in English and Ukrainian. There is also a list of the members of the honorary committee and two photographs of John Diefenbaker.

PE000160 - Letter from Thomas Seaton Scott (former Chief Dominion Architect) to his daughter

Handwritten letter on Grand Union Hotel letterhead, dated April 15th, 1882 by Thomas Seaton Scott (former Chief Dominion Architect) to his daughter Alice in which he reminisces, discusses being out west, offers his opinions on the First Nations Peoples, etc. Winnipeg Manitoba. --Includes a short typed biography of Scott and a transcribed selection from the letter.

Scott, Thomas Seaton

PE001020 - 1931 Manitoba Wheat Pool Library Catalogue

The Pool Library Catalogue, written by the Department of Education and Publicity, Manitoba Wheat Pool, Winnipeg. This is the Fourth Issue, 1931.
This is the catalogue for the lending library run by the Manitoba Wheat Pool for its members. The Pool pays postage both ways to mail books requested by its members for their education on a wide variety of topics. Some books are also available for young readers.

Manitoba Wheat Pool

PE000902 - "Premier Truck Cabs and Bodies - Anthony Steel Dump Truck Bodies - D. Ackland & Son Limited - Winnipeg - Calgary - Chevrolet" booklet

Title reads: "Premier Truck Cabs and Bodies - Anthony Steel Dump Truck Bodies - D. Ackland & Son Limited - Winnipeg - Calgary - Chevrolet." Cover contains an ink drawing of a speeding truck with a farm scene in the background. Title and drawing are done in green ink. Interior contains descriptions and drawings of different truck parts and accessories available for purchase. A note on the back page says the booklet was printed by Birt Printing Co., Ltd, and compiled by W.H. Hart. There is an included page printed on thin green paper noting the Premier Truck, Cab and Body Price list at D. Ackland & Son, Limited, Winnipeg.

PE000785 - International Cartage Service Ltd. Brochure

This brochure is for International Cartage Service Limited, a truck service in Manitoba. Located at 363 William Ave. Phone 23 196. The inside of the brochure contains rates, contact information, and company features, while the back outlines rates for express services. All trucks are from General Motors Corporation in Winnipeg.

PE004763 - Postcard invitation to a Canada Club member for a Board of Trade Luncheon to be held May 31, 1937

Postcard invitation addressed to Louis Kornberger, Esq. of 501 Avenue Bldg, Winnipeg, MB.  The one (1) cent postage is pre-printed onto this cream-coloured card stock invitation and lacks a postal cancellation.  The invitation is for a Winnipeg Board of Trade Luncheon to be held May 31, 1937, in the Royal Alexandra Hotel.  Mr. Kornberger, as a member of the Canadian Club, is invited to purchase a 75 cent ticket to hear Sir Francis Floud, C.B., K.C.B., speak on the topic of “Agricultural Aspects of the Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom.”  Sir Floud is High Commissioner, and a summary of his career in the British Civil Service is given.  He previously spoke to the Canadian Club on June 7, 1935. 

PE004867 - The Prairie Lumberman Monthly Publication.

A monthly publication of the Western Retail Lumbermen's Association titled "The Prairie Lumberman"(January 26 volume). Printed in colour. Publication includes cartoons, illustrations, stories, jokes, updates and news relating to the lumber industry. Publication based in Winnipeg.

PE001239 - Winnipeg Typographical Union Working Cards

Working cards, issued by the Winnipeg Typographical Union, signed by A.J.P. Atkinson. The cards are dated for 1922 and 1926. Each card contains a description of union dues, as well as a chart to record the payment of dues. A number of stamps are affixed below the chart on each booklet, presumably to certify the payment of dues.

PE004845 - House of Commons Debates Official Report - Speech of Mr. Peter Heenan - Member for Kenora and Rainy River on The Winnipeg Strike of 1919

"Canada - House of Commons Debates Official Report - Speech of Mr. Peter Heenan - Member for Kenora and Rainy River on The Winnipeg Strike of 1919 - Delivered in the House of Commons on Wednesday, June 2, 1926." Consists of six (6) pages detailing the speech of Peter Heenan concerning the Winnipeg Strike. Printer’s mark is located on the last page: Printed by F.A. Acland, Printer to the King’s Most Excellent Majesty, 1926. 

PE004762 - Souvenir photograph from Dukes (sic?) Barbecue

Front cover is printed with a B&W image of a long, low building identified as “Dukes (sic?) Barbecue, Dine and Dance, Featuring Piano-Solo Vox by Romeo.”  The address is 2523 Portage Avenue, phone number 62 951.  The photograph inside shows three (3) male-female couples sitting in a booth.  A 7up bottle is identifiable amongst the cigarette packs and glassware on the table.  The men all wear suits and ties, while two (2) of the women wear suit jackets.  The third woman wears a dress.  The printing company seems to be Cusitar, address 650 Maryland St, phone number 23 162.  Possibly located in Winnipeg, MB.  

PE000778 - Souvenir Album Folder of Western Canada.

Nine (9) photographs depict images of Winnipeg, Brandon, Edmonton, Calgary, Moose Jaw, a standard passenger train, the train on the Canadian Pacific Railway, close-up of the Canadian Northern Railway Standard Passenger Train, and buffalo in the park at Wainwright, Alberta. These photographs are enclosed in a brown envelope containing various imagery typical of Western Canada. Printed by Hough Litho Limited (Toronto).

Recitals of the Students of Jean M. Wallace

Programs for musical, dramatic and humourous variety performances put on by the students of Jean M. Wallace - a Winnipeg, Manitoba teacher. Performances occurred between 1927 and 1931. Each program gives the title of each act (including plays, poems, dramatic readings and songs) and the performers' names.

PE000690 - Program for the Canadian tour of British actor Sir John Martin Harvey and his company

Program detailing the repertoire of British actor Sir John Martin Harvey and his company while on a Canadian tour. The four pages of the program feature B&W portraits of Martin Harvey and actress N. De Silva, as well as descriptions and reviews of each play performed. The back of the program lists the schedule of performances to be held at the Walker Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

PE000758 - 37th Convention Program of the Western Retail Lumbermen’s Association at the Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Program for the 37th convention of the Western Retail Lumbermen’s Association. The event was held at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, MB. Contents of the program include inspirational messages, a photograph of the principal guest speaker and president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, E.W. Beatty, as well as the event schedule, discussion questions, and songs performed.

PE004680 - Menu card for Shanghai Chop Suey restaurant

Menu card for Shanghai Chop Suey restaurant located at 238-240 King Street in Winnipeg, MB.  The covers are printed to look like red leather.  The front mentions the restaurant has air conditioning and does banquets, and has illustrations of the restaurant and a crane with silver accents.  There are one hundred sixteen (116) numbered menu items including chop suey, egg foyoung, chow fan, chow mein, warmein, and guykew.     

PE000611 - Ticket to Linton Dramatic Club’s One Act Play performance

Ticket to the Linton Dramatic Club’s One Act Play performance at Central Church on Hargrave St. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ticket notes that the Minister of the Central Church is Stanley H. Knowles. Nine years later, Mr. Knowles would become a Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North Centre. Ticket lists the names of the plays and the actors’ names.

PE001087 - Winnipeg Jewish Community Wartime Materials

These materials comprise various cards, invitations and programs originating from the Jewish community in Winnipeg immediately prior to, and during the first years of the Second World War. Included are:

  • An invitation to a ‘stag’ in honor of Hy Chmelnitsky, held on Dec. 27, 1941.
  • An invitation to the wedding of Mary Zilberman and Jack Chochinov, held on Dec. 21, 1941.
  • A pamphlet from the National Council of Canadian Hadassah, which carries information about the work performed by the council in facilitating and supporting the movement of Jewish refugees into Palestine.
  • An invitation to, and program for an open meeting of the Hadassah Organizations of Winnipeg. The booklet includes a brief description of the Hadassah’s contribution to the Allied war effort.
  • An invitation to the wedding of the children of the Gold and Chmelnitsky families, Leah and Hymie, held on Jan. 4, 1942.
  • An album containing a variety of small – generally business card sized - greeting cards or invitation, as well as membership cards for the Hadassah Organization of Canada. Many of the cards carry content in Hebrew script, in addition to English text.

PE004723 - Flyer for “Face the Facts" talk by Judge Rutherford

Flyer advertising a free talk being given by Judge Rutherford on Sunday, September 11, 1938, 1 p.m. at Amphitheatre Rink in Winnipeg, MB.  The speech, titled “Face the Facts,” is to be broadcast simultaneously “throughout England, Australasia, Canada and America.”  Judge Rutherford is also the author of “Enemies,” a book available for purchase through the Watch Tower office in Toronto, ON, for twenty-five (25) cents.

PE004732 - Letter accepting Miss. Wilcox into Central Congregational Church in Winnipeg, MB

Envelope postmarked March 5, 1887, addressed to Miss Richardson c/o A. Wickson of 144 Donald Street.  A letter dated March 4, 1887, signed by J. M. Silcot or Silcox on behalf of the congregation of Central Congregational Church in Winnipeg, MB accepting Miss Richardson’s application for membership.  On the reverse is printed the covenant members enter into with the Church.  The letter is printed on cream paper watermarked “A Pirie & Sons 1886” and bears numerous creases.

PE004764 - "Favorite Songs of the M.F.A." compiled by Helen Watson for the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture

Booklet titled “Favorite Songs of the M.F.A.” and compiled by Helen Watson, Director of Youth Work, in October 1941.  M.F.A. stands for the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture, located at 610 Royal Bank Building, Winnipeg, MB.  The introduction mentions that the accompanying music for two-thirds of these songs was published as the M.F.A. Music Kit.  Many of the songs are traditional, such as “Alouette” and “O Susanna,” or Christian, such as “Lord I Want to be a Christian” and “Nearer My God to Thee.”  The songs are organized under themes such as “Patriotic” and “Organization,” but also “Introduction.”  

Manitoba Federation of Agriculture

PE004769 - Booklet "With the Compliments of the Winnipeg Bankers’ Hockey Association Schedule 1922-1923."

Booklet titled: "With the Compliments of the Winnipeg Bankers’ Hockey Association Schedule 1922-1923." Contains a list of officers for the season, honorary patrons, past winners of the championship cup, and a list of dates, times, locations, and clubs playing in games throughout the season. Scores and results have been hand-written into the blanks provided. Printed by Veteran Press Ltd.

PE004816 - Booklet "With the Compliments of the Winnipeg Bankers’ / Hockey League Schedule 1921-22."

Booklet titled: "With the Compliments of the Winnipeg Bankers’ Hockey League Schedule 1921-22." Booklet contains a list of officers for the season, honorary patrons, previous winners of the championship cup, and a list of the times, dates, locations, and teams playing in games for the league’s season. Scores and final results have been written-in by hand. Printed by Veteran Press Ltd.

PE000766 - Advertisement for Reliance Ink 

Advertisement for Reliance Ink. It is printed on pink, light cardboard and features the illustration of a hand writing with an ink pen. The product logo is featured on the right bottom corner, as well as the name of the company (Reliance Ink Company Ltd), and the city it is based: Winnipeg.

PE004674 - Letter from Line Elevators Farm Service of Winnipeg, MB welcoming veterans

Typed letter from Line Elevators Farm Service of Winnipeg, MB as per Director F. J. Greaney.  The letter is a welcome to “newly-established veterans” who are entering the farming community, offering them consulting service, seed laboratory service, and publications.  Originally, this letter accompanied several bulletins and leaflets, now lost.  

PE001156 - "The Bartered Bride" Program

Program for a performance of the musical production “The Bartered Bride” at the Playhouse theatre in Winnipeg. The booklet includes a listing of the music in the production, an outline of the story, a cast list, a list of performing dancers, and lists of production staff and the company executive. In addition, the booklet also includes a number of advertisements for local businesses, individuals and products.

The enclosed newspaper clipping is entitled “’Met’ Choir Scores with Bartered Bride”, and provide a positive review of the performance.

PE001159 - Winnipeg Theatre Magazine

Vol. 6, No. 28 of the Winnipeg Theatre Magazine. Carries a list of upcoming productions at the Theatre, the program for the production “The Witching Hour”, an outline of the next week’s production, “The Girl I left Behind Me”, and a list of music to be (presumably) performed by the Winnipeg Theatre Orchestra. In addition the booklet contains a very large number of advertisements for various products and local businesses.

PE004897 - "Thank You" in Christmas Edition of Winnipeg Tribune

Thank you note - The Winnipeg Tribune - Christmas 1960 Edition. Printed on newsprint in red and black ink, this is a miniature version of this journal containing news stories and images. There are two blank pages at the end of the edition, in which the paper boy, identified as Helmut Thohaben, has written a note to express gratitude to his customer and to wish him a Merry Christmas.

PE004756 - Third Annual Report of the Winnipeg Amateur Driving Club

Booklet titled: "The Winnipeg Amateur Driving Club 1908." The cover contains only a small ink depiction of a carriage pulled by four (4) horses. Interior is comprised of six (6) pages detailing the information of the driving club including:  a list of officers, membership roll, honorary members, class winners, cup donors, mile heat races, records for 1908, and the treasurer’s report. Cover is made from thick paper stock, while the interior pages are comprised of glossy paper stock.

PE000993 - Multiple articles concerning the Boy Scouts in Canada, and especially Lord Baden-Powell

Multiple articles concerning the Boy Scouts in Canada, and especially Lord Baden-Powell. Items include:

  • 15.6 x 23.9 cm souvenir programme for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Boy Scouts Association Ninth Winnipeg Group, 1910-1935. Programme contains a b&w photograph on the front of the First Presbyterian Church of Winnipeg. Below the photograph is a caption noting it as the headquarters of the group during the past either years. It then continues on to describe the formation of the ninth Winnipeg troop Boy Scouts listing the scouters in charge and the instructors. The interior contains advertisements, along with the programme for a three-act comedy performed by the troop. The rest of the programme details the anniversary banquet and dinner, the Divine Worship schedule, and information on the formation of the Wolf Cub Pack and the Girl Guides. Programme is quite stained, and has a few tears in it.
  • 15.3 x 22.5 cm programme titled: "The Boy Scouts Association West Winnipeg and District, assisted by The St. James Concert Orchestra, Presents a Night of 'Good Turns' in the Winnipeg Auditorium Concert Hall on February 1, 1936, under the distinguished patronage of His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba." Below this is the crest of the Boy Scouts Association, and a hand-written note stating: To Willard Lawrence-who actively participated in this “pioneer” concert. C.H. Heddesheimer, Scouter. The interior contains 6 pages, which includes advertisements, the programme for the performances and a list of the Boy Scout Troops, Wolf Club Packs, Rover Scout Crews, and executive members. Programme is in good condition, with little show of wear.
  • 15.3 x 23 cm programme for the Boy Scout and Girl Guide Rally, in honour of The Rt. Hon. Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, G.C.M.G., K.C.B. Chief Scout of the World and The Lady Baden-Powell G.B.E. Chief Guide of the World. Rally was held in the Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, 4th May, 1935. Front cover contains two b&w photographs of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. Interior contains the programme for the rally, and the back page contains a listing of the Scout, Cub, Guide, and Brownie promises and laws. Programme is quite stained and faded, but in otherwise good condition.
  • 15.5 x 14 cm newspaper clipping titled Watching the March Past. Contains a b&w photograph depicting Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, their two daughters, Lieutenant-Governor Tupper, and several other people in the background watching the marching regiments of Boy Scouts as part of Winnipeg’s Silver Jubilee Celebration. Clipping is in good condition, though faded.
  • 15.2 x 12.6 cm newspaper clipping depicting a large b&w photograph of Lord Baden-Powell shaking hands with veteran Scouts. Clipping is faded, but in good condition.
  • 15.2 x 11 cm newspaper clipping from the Winnipeg Free Press, containing a b&W photograph of men in uniform, captioned Regiment Honors Chief Scout. Rest of caption details Lord Baden-Powell’s visit to the Manitoba Club. Clipping is dated Tuesday, May 7, 1935. Clipping is faded, but in good condition.
  • 15.2 x 12 cm newspaper clipping depicting a b&w photograph of a Scout beacon aflame, with the caption noting the lighting of the beacon after the recall of the Spanish Armada. Clipping is faded, but in good condition.
  • 10.2 x 11.8 cm newspaper clipping containing a b&w photograph of Lord Baden-Powell in his youth. A small blurb above it describes how Lord Baden-Powell came to be a scoutmaster. Clipping is faded, but in otherwise good condition.

PE004987 - Minutes of the Western Canadian Press Association

Minutes are either written or pasted into the exercise book. Includes:

  • Manuscript.  Minutes of meeting of the Western Canadian Press Association held in Sons of England Hall.  14pp.
  • Manuscript.  Meeting of Association at Clarendon Hotel Sept (??) 1, 1898.  8pp.
  • Proceedings at Convention of Printers and Publishers held at Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, Friday, Dec. 17th, 1897.  N.p., c.1897.  14pp.
  • Proceedings at the Convention of the W. Canadian Press Assoc. held in Sons of England Hall, Winnipeg, Feb. 11th, 1898.  N.p., c.1898.  6pp.
  • Meeting of the W. Canadian Press Assoc. held at the Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, April 8th, 1898.  2pp.
  • Western Canada Press Assoc. Annual Meeting Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, March 3, 1899.  8pp.  Includes list of members.
  • Western Canada Press Assoc. Proceedings Fourth Annual Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba, March 1st-3rd, 1900.  Includes list of members.

PE004850 - Postcard invitation to the Winnipeg Section National Council of Jewish Women Annual Meeting.

Postcard invitation to the Winnipeg Section National Council of Jewish Women Annual Meeting. To be held at the Royal Alexandra Hotel on Monday, May 11, 1936. Details the agenda, along with a notice that the meeting will commence promptly at 2:00 pm, and is signed by Sybil M. Cohen, Corresponding-Secretary. The back side is addressed to Mrs .H. Medovy, and the postal stamp dates it to May 7, 1936.

PE004730 - Publicity photographs of various hosts at CJOB radio station in Winnipeg

A group of B&W publicity photographs of various hosts at CJOB radio station in Winnipeg.  The publicity photographs are all reproduced with the signature of the pictured host: George Gallagher (Your “Night Owl”), Geo “Hank” McCloy, Jim Gibson, Chuck Skelding, Allan Bready, and Dudley Armand Paterson.  Additionally, Hank McCloy’s photograph is cropped and reproduced as an advertisement for his daily “Ladies’ Choice” program, with “Miscellaneous” recipes on the back, apparently from page 78 of a publication.  The recipes are for party sandwich loaf, sandwich spread, and Spanish sauce.  Someone has written “Sunday. Jerrys” in blue pen

PE004863 - Photo Album of the Service Flying Training Centre Carberry

Photo album including photographs of RCAF Station Carberry, Service Flying Training School No. 33.

The album leaves devoted to the camp are preceded by about 26 photos illustrating the trajectory to the camp and succeeded by approximately 114 photos of Vancouver. The locations depicted in the photos include: New York City; Moncton, New Brunswick; Carberry, Manitoba; Brandon, Manitoba; various locations within Winnipeg; the Rockies (Jasper, Banff, AB); Regina, Saskatchewan; Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Drumheller, AB; Montreal, Quebec. Photographs of the camp include aerial views of the camp, the Carberry coat of arms, images of activities on base, images of cafeterias and technical stores in the camp, personnel photographs, harvest in Carberry, and images of the town.

PE000986 - "A History of the Winnipeg Public Schools 1871-1950" book

A typewritten manuscript copy of “A History of the Winnipeg Public Schools 1871-1950” written by W.G. Pearce, M.A. (Ed.), and Principal, Pinkham School, Winnipeg, MB. The manuscript is 134 pages with an additional 4 pages for the index adhered inside the back cover. Whole paragraphs and some corrections are often glued into the body of the text. The history of schools in Winnipeg is covered, including curriculum changes, environment of the schools themselves, the effects of World War, etc. A long list of principals, retired principals and their years of service are included as an appendix.

Pearce, W. G.

PE000664 - Duff Roblin Campaign Materials

Collection of campaign materials in support of former Manitoba Premier Duff Roblin’s campaign to be the Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South Centre. Collection includes: Handbill with B&W photo of Roblin and information on how and where to vote., Handbill with B&W image of Roblin talking on the phone and looking at his watch, includes a map of the Winnipeg South Centre riding., Pamphlet, trifold, titled “…we want this man” featuring a B&W picture of Roblin lifting up a smiling young girl, includes lists of his achievements and policies., Flexidisc in a red and purple, paper cover titled “Duff Roblin in the Man for South Centre.” Cover and flexidisc feature two-tone high contrast images of Roblin’s profile. Produced by McKim Productions.

PE000685 - E. B. Osler Campaign Booklet

Booklet supporting E. B. Osler, the Liberal candidate for the federal riding of Winnipeg South Centre. The booklet has the aesthetic of an issue of TIME magazine, including a masthead listing the members of his campaign committee on the front inside cover; editorials by Osler and Pierre Elliott Trudeau; an article on Osler’s policy positions; many B&W pictures of Osler, his constituents and his family; and a review of Osler’s books The Man Who Had to Hang: Louis Riel and La Salle.

PE001161 - General Study to Establish Areas for Redevelopment, Rehabilitation or Conservation

A report on the need for redevelopment or repair of urban areas within the City of Winnipeg, produced by the Urban Renewal & Rehabilitation Board. The report evaluates a number of areas in then-southeast Winnipeg, along the Red River, for the prevalence of ‘blight’, as determined by a visual survey of building exteriors. The authors separate this area into three types of zones: ‘Redevelopment Areas’, subject to wholesale clearance, ‘rehabilitation areas’, which may be improved through improved enforcement of city bylaws, and ‘conservation areas’, where only preventative action is required. The report recommends further analysis of the areas it examined, re-examination of existing by-laws and enforcement, and better communication of ‘conservation’ programs to the public

The attached maps are of the area examined by the report, and comprise:

  • An overall area map
  • A map of designated ‘urban renewal areas’
  • A maps of existing land use
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