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Alberta, Canada
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Images from Alberta and British Columbia

Files contains images of locations in Alberta and British Columbia from Pocock and Cecil's journey in 1913. Places are identified on the postcards and photographs either by Pocock's handwriting or by printed description. File is arranged chronologically according to order of location visited.

3.4 Journey with Randle Cecil (1913)

Subseries documents the journey of Pocock and Randle Cecil. Randle Cecil (1889 - 1917) was son of Lord Rupert Ernest William Gascoyne-Cecil, Bishop of Exeter, and in early 1913 Lord Gascoyne-Cecil asked Pocock to act as a guide and chaperon to Randle during an exploration of the Pacific North-West. They traveled mostly by horseback from Calgary, AB, to Red Bluff, CA, over the later half of 1913. Subseries contains photographs and postcards of the locations they visited, and perhaps intended to visit, as well as some people they met (mostly unidentified). It is arranged chronologically into three files: Images from unknown locations, Images from Alberta and British Columbia, and Images from Washington to California.

Walter Edgar Harris fonds

  • UAA-2012-027
  • Fonds
  • 1915 - 2011

This fonds contains the records of the University of Alberta chemistry professor Dr. Walter Harris. He was instrumental in the modernization of the University’s successful Analytical Chemistry program. Dr Harris was acclaimed for his work in chemistry education, scientific research, and committee service.

The materials date from 1915 to 2011. The records predominately date after Harris began his career at the University of Alberta in 1946. The collection is rich in teaching materials, including a number of lectures written verbatim, an abundance of lecture slides and audio visual recordings of Walter Harris lecturing, as well as a significant amount of Dr. Harris’ research papers and supporting information. The fonds also incorporates materials related to the history of the Chemistry Department at the University of Alberta. In addition, it provides insight into Harris’ book publications with related correspondence, revisions and notes. The fonds is abundant in records relating to Harris’ work as a committee member including meeting minutes, agendas, committee reports, and correspondence.

This fonds contains an array of document types including such textual materials as notes, correspondence, talks, programs, pamphlets, articles, cards, course materials, announcements, books, and personal history information. It also contains yearbooks, plaques, certificates and newspaper clippings, as well as a variety of media types including photographs, slides, negatives, lantern slides, a 16mm film, reel-to-reel audiotapes, a VHS videocassette, a u-matic video tape, and a CD-ROM disk. The fonds geographically pertains predominantly to Canada with some materials created in the United States, and a few materials generated in countries abroad. The materials related to Europe are from international conferences or committee travels taken by Harris.

Harris, Walter Edgar

PE002028 - “Ralph Elmer’s Place” harvest scene

Depicts a group of farm workers, as well as some ladies dressed up in fancy clothes, together with teams of work horses, all posing around a very large bale of hay, with a large fork machine for lifting the hay onto the bale. Caption on the back reads “Ralph Elmer’s Place, Alberta Canada.”

Human Rights Institute of Canada fonds

  • UAA-2013-051
  • Fonds
  • 1928-2012

The Human Rights Institute of Canada fonds contains the records of the Human Rights Institute of Canada and its founder and president, Marguerite Ritchie. The Human Rights Institute of Canada is an independent, not for profit, non-partisan research group which conducts and promotes research into issues that impede equality for Canadians, as per the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with a specific focus on women’s equality. This Institute was founded by Ottawa based lawyer, Marguerite Ritchie, a former lawyer for the Department of Justice and Vice-Chair of the Anti-Dumping Tribunal. The fundamental premise of the Institute was to provide expert legal research to the Canadian people in the same way that the Department of Justice gives legal advice to the Government of Canada. As founder and President, Marguerite Ritchie set the tone for the Institute and this fonds also contains her papers from before she founded the Human Rights Institute of Canada.

The materials in this fonds date from 1934 to 2013. Materials from the Human Rights Institute of Canada are from 1973 to 2013, while legal research materials date back to the 1700s. The fonds pertains predominately to Canada, with some research on the United States of America (USA), Europe, the Soviet Union (USSR), the Middle East, and Africa. With the exception of United Nations conferences and research on Israel, most of the research on other nations and regions is for a point of comparison for rights, equality, and politics.

The fonds contains three types of materials: those of Marguerite Ritchie from her personal life and career before she founded the Human Rights Institute of Canada, those relating to the functioning of the institute, such as administrative records, and those relating to the work of the Institute produced mainly by President Marguerite Ritchie. Documents from the work of the Human Rights Institute of Canada is the largest portion of the fonds. Materials produced by the Institute were generated mostly by the projects it was involved with, including tracking issues over the course of years and its efforts to publicise its research in the media and the government. This fonds does not contain working papers of volunteers. Function based Institute records document the Human Rights Institute of Canada’s founding, its procedures, funding, support, and organisation. Materials of founder Marguerite Ritchie contain research from her work at the Department of Justice and the Anti-Dumping Tribunal, Anti-Dumping Tribunal procedures, her personal experiences facing sexism and gender discrimination while working for the federal government. It also includes her personal research on women’s issues which she began while working for the Department of Justice and which became a life-long passion.

The Human Rights Institute of Canada addresses issues of women’s equality, human rights, the United Nations and international law, Canadian laws and equality, the functioning of government, equality in the justice system, the relationship between the federal governments and the provinces, and funding and support for the Institute. Major projects the Institute worked on to address these issues include Persons Case II, Senate reform, the Meech Lake Accord and Charlottetown Accord, status equality for aboriginal women, the Expropriation of Nanoose Bay, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the high arctic relocations, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women and following the development of the status of women, Quebec separatism, and the Official Languages Act and bilingualism. The most common document types are newspaper clippings, memorandum, correspondence, press releases, reports, legislation, House of Commons and Senate debates, committee minutes and proceedings from Parliament, promotional materials, and government publications. Newspaper clippings are mostly annotated with citations and marginalia. The fonds also contains a significant number of Dialogue magazines; Marguerite Ritchie was a long time contributor to this magazine, which publishes reader contributed articles on political and social issues from a variety of perspectives.

Ritchie, Dr. Marguerite E.

PE004865 - Documents related to the Alberta Ultimate Purchasers Act

There are three related documents:

  1. A 15x28cm, 4 page proclamation published by the Alberta Gazette of the Ultimate Purchasers Act, which includes regulations and exceptions to the Act.
  2. A 16x26cm, 4-page publication of Chapter 7 of the Ultimate Purchasers Tax Act Ultimate Purchaser’s Act.
  3. A letter sized typewritten letter written by the Acting Superintendent of Sales Tax, E.M. Gunderson, outlining the recent passing of the Ultimate Purchasers Act, the impact that this has on the recipient, and the necessary steps that the recipient needs to take.

PE004814 - Leaflet titled: "The Oil Industry Works for Alberta."

Leaflet titled: "The Oil Industry Works for Alberta." There is a large b&w photograph of an oil well on the front of the leaflet. Below this picture it notes that it’s  promoted by the Canadian Petroleum Association. The interior pages detail the changes that have happened with Alberta’s oil development. It also attempts to connect agriculture and the oil industry.

PE000945 - "Alberta’s Scenic Circle - Complete, Detailed Information: Mapped and Illustrated" brochure and letter to Deer Lodge, Lake Louise

Alberta Motor Association brochure titled: "Alberta’s Scenic Circle - Complete, Detailed Information: Mapped and Illustrated." When unfolded, the front cover expands to a green and white pencil drawing of a mountain scene. It is captioned: "Mt. Athabasca and the Athabasca Glacier." When unfolded initially, the brochure contains information regarding the province of Alberta’s national parks, a small map of the major highways in Alberta, a list of approved conveniences, (hotels, camps, cafes, etc), a listing of prices for entry into the parks, and several images of park scenery, (including Mount Rundle, Athabasca Lookout, and Mount Edith Cavell). The bottom of one interior page notes: "Alberta Motor Association Edmonton-Lethbridge-Calgary-Medicine Hat-Red Deer." The brochure unfolds again to a large map of Alberta and British Columbia. It depicts the major highways, including Alberta’s Scenic Circle, major points of interest and geographical landmarks. The brochure unfolds once more to include a detailed description of the Circle Tour, including miles from destination to destination, directions, and a description of each site.

Inside the brochure is a letter, printed on the back of an advertisement for Deer Lodge. The letter is from Ivan R. Baker, and requests a cabin for three nights at Deer Lodge, Lake Louise. Letter came from San Gabriel, California. The advertisement on the front includes a b&w picture of Deer Lodge, as well as Rates for the 1953 season. It includes rates for meals, directions to the lodge, nearby sites, and bus rates from the train to the hotel. 

PE004775 - Tourism Brochure to See Northern Alberta

Brochure titled, "See Northern Alberta by the Scenic Routes via Valleyview of Lesser Slave Lake. 'Land of the Midnight Twilight' Gateway to the Yukon, Alaska, Yellowknife and the Great Northwest Territories." Brochure opens up into six (6) full-page spreads, each page containing information on a particular area along the route a tourist could take. Contains maps of each region, as well as a full one of Alberta, and suggestions for things to see and do in each area. Includes multiple pictures, in both b&w and colour, of the various areas to visit. Printed by Reliable Printing in Edmonton.

PE000919 - Dept. of Educ.- Alberta "Diamond Jubilee of Confederation" instructions

Booklet titled: "Diamond Jubilee of Confederation - June 30, 1927 - 'Let us now praise famous men.'" Below the title it notes: "Department of Education-Alberta." 

The front cover is brown construction paper, on which a red border has been drawn. The top contains the Albertan coat of arms, and the interior has a picture of the fathers of confederation in b&w. The picture looks to have been done in ink, and there is a British flag and globe, along with a stem of maple leaves behind the photo. The back cover contains a photo of the Union Jack and a poem titled: "The Union Jack." The interior contains the details of the programme to be carried out during the school day, including the raising of the flag, the singing of the national anthem, and a pageant for Canada’s 60th birthday. Also contains a music score for The Maple Leaf, and a picture of His Majesty King George V.

PE004844 - "Western Canada - The Granary of the British Empire" book

Book titled: "Western Canada - The Granary of the British Empire." Cover is made from brown paper, with a drawing of a bushel of wheat on the front. The back cover contains an advertisement for the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Pacific Coast Highway. The interior contains maps and illustrations, as well as text. Contains information regarding Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, including crops, fruit, and animals sustainable in each location. Also includes information on land surveying, mineral land regulations, government land offices, settlers’ effects, general information, etc.

PE004829 - "Oil! Buy Oil Shares Now Before the Boom!" pamphlet for purchase of shares in the Nakamun Asphalt & Oil Co Ltd.

Pamphlet titled "Oil! Buy Oil Shares Now Before the Boom!" Pamphlet details the purchase of shares in the Nakamun Asphalt & Oil Co Ltd. Details the history of the company, the availability of asphalt, coal, and the railway as a benefit to the company, quotes from the mayor of Edmonton and the city engineer of Edmonton, as well as the value of shares if purchased. The company existed from 1912 to 1920.  Pamphlet is one sheet folded to create four (4) pages, contains both text and illustrations, (four (4) b&w photos of oil industry workings).

PE004789 - "Alberta Vacation" tourism brochure

Tourism brochure titled "Alberta Vacation." Cover is a large, glossy photograph of a woman sitting by the edge of a lake, with a mountain range in the background. The back cover is another glossy photograph of a woman in a snowy mountain scene. Interior of the brochure contains two fold-out maps of Alberta, photographs of Alberta landscapes, and small articles on what to see and do, where to stay, and other tourism options in Alberta.

PE000856 - Program for "The Unveiling of the Memorial" on the anniversary of the province of Alberta

Program for ceremony commemorating the inauguration of the province of Alberta. Cover includes title "The Unveiling of the Memorial: Erected by the Government of Canada on the Advice of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board," as well as the event location and time. The ceremony is sponsored by the Historical Society of Alberta. The first page contains a B&W photograph of Sir Wilfrid Laurier speaking at Alberta’s Inauguration Day Ceremonies, dated September 1st, 1905. The opposite page includes the program and event acknowledgements. There is also a slip inside the program containing the lyrics to “O Canada.” The back of the pamphlet contains a photograph of the plaque documenting the creation of the province of Alberta.

PE000111 - Album of Alberta Homestead Postcards

Clear cover report folder (with photographic protector sleeves) containing 44 B&W prints (as postcards), most captioned, depicting people, equipment, buildings, etc. in various scenes of farm life on an early 20th century Alberta homestead. Some feature correspondence on reverse.

PE000849 - Booklet - "Oil and Gas in Alberta: The Real Story"

Booklet titled "Oil and Gas in Alberta: The Real Story" and containing a transcription of an address delivered June 23rd, 1949 at the Annual Meeting of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada. Authored by C. O. Nickle. This includes an overview of the background of the relationship between Alberta and the oil industry, the issues at the time of the address, and the projections for years to come.