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Ketchen, H.D.B. Kent (England)
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General Correspondence - 1917

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes letters from former colleagues; letters of thanks for recommendations received; a letter with attached narrative on the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade written by H.D.B. Ketchen; letter from Vivian T. Bartram discussing, among other things, the upcoming Canadian Federal election and correspondence with other family and friends, including a letter written, 1 April, from SBS to C.A. Harwood (and marked by H.S. ‘for use only if necessary’); and other letters between C.A. Harwood and SBS, and a letter from Hugh J. Macdonald regarding Steele’s treatment by the Canadian Military (includes copies). Handwritten; Typewritten.

Harwood, C.A.

General Correspondence - 1918

General Correspondence – Personal letters, incoming and outgoing, re: various matters; includes letters from Steele to H.D.B. Ketchen, further letters of congratulations regarding Steele’s knighthood; and letters from family and friends, many revolving around an effort to overturn Steele’s imposed active military retirement; included also is a letter and information about his publication: “Romanian Songs and Ballads” from R. Stewart Patterson. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Harwood, C.A.

Ketchen to SBS: 10 Aug 1915

Handwritten letter from H.D.B. Ketchen at Otterpool Camp (Kent, England) to SBS at Shorncliffe. Ketchen is writing to recommend SBS arrange a billet for Colonel Corelli.

Ketchen, H.D.B.

French and Belgian Troop Reports

French and Belgian Troop Reports Reports on campaign operations in France and Belgium sent to SBS for his information; includes information on the Battles of St Eloi, The Somme, and Vimy Ridge; includes an explanatory note written by Harwood Steele [ca. 1969]. Typewritten

Ketchen, H.D.B.