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Winnipeg (Man.) North West Mounted Police (Canada)
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Diary of Alexander R. Macdonell, 1881

Daily journal; hand-written entries; report at beginning of diary Inscribed in front with the following names: Chamberlain, Ashe, Brown, Molson, [Mountar], Sinclair; on inside pages are written: "Received February 28 1881, A.R. Macdonell, Inspector NWM Police"; "The four great evils of the day by Cardinal Manning"; and "J.F. Ruttan, Land Agent, Main Street, Winnipeg, Man." Manitoba area Cash accounts records at back of diary

Macdonell, Alexander R.

General Correspondence - 1909

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes letters from colleagues and friends such as: [H.?] Irving; A.L. Haydon; R.J. Gwynne; E.B. Edwards; Hugh Davidson; E.G. (Teddy)Rundle; and others. Handwritten.

Gwynne, R.J.

General Correspondence - 1910

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes a letter from A.W. Strange. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

General Correspondence - 1913

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; including correspondence regarding Steele’s Memoirs; letter from a former NWMP colleague asking for assistance; and a letter from the Chief Surveyor, Province of Saskatchewan. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Niblett, Mollie Glen

General Correspondence - 1915

General Correspondence – Personal letters, incoming and outgoing, re: various matters; including a letter sent from Sam to the publishers of his Memoirs; a letter from Sam to C.A. Harwood; a letter from M.I. Macleod, widow of N.W.M.P. Commissioner James F. Macleod, thanking Sam for sending a copy of his book and commenting on the mention of her husband in said book, and letters received from family and friends. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Harwood, C.A.

Letter to Marie Steele, 07 Feb. 1909

Letter from Sam to Marie, with an attached letter and clipping sent to SBS from E.W. [N]utch, a former NWMP constable who served with SBS in the Yukon. He now owns a fruit farm in the Okanagan.

Steele, Marie (de Lotbinière Harwood), 1859-1951

Loose item from 1885 scrapbook: letter to father (2 November 1884)

A handwritten letter from R.P. to his father. Roger is enroute from Ontario to the west, travelling through the United States and then on through Manitoba, stopping at Winnipeg. He describes the scenery he encounters on his trip, and is writing on the eve of reporting for duty to the NWMP fort at Winnipeg.

Pocock, Roger

Military Correspondence - Incoming

Correspondence sent to and from SBS in his capacity as Colonel in Command of Military District #10, based at the Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg; includes correspondence to and from R.J. Gwynne, with SBS questioning reports that Gwynne has stated his dissatisfaction with Steele’s treatment of Saskatchewan officers; letters around the appointment of another officer for the District 10, and changing the District to a Division; the resignation of the Commander of The Cameron Highlanders; and other matters. There is a letter sent to SBS from O.W. Evans who served under Steele with the N.W.M.P. in the Yukon. Handwritten; typewritten

Gwynne, R.J.

Military Correspondence - Incoming / Outgoing

Correspondence sent to and from SBS in his capacity as Colonel at Valcartier Camp, established as part of the mobilization of the Canadian Expeditionary Force at the onset of the First World War; includes correspondence to and from Sam Hughes, re: what SBS’s role will be in terms of the First Canadian Contingent; letters from individuals volunteering for military appointments; letters from SBS to Robert Rogers expressing frustration at the way he is being treated and at Hughes actions; etc. He is particularly upset by Hughes' dismissal of Henry Norland Ruttan whom Steele had recommended for brigadier. Handwritten; typewritten

Hughes, Sam, Sir, 1853-1921