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Harwood, C.A. Ottawa (Ont.)
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Military Correspondence - Incoming / Outgoing

Correspondence sent to and from SBS in his capacity as Major-General, C.B., M.V.O., Canadian Headquarters, Shorncliffe, England. The correspondence, largely confidential, continues to revolve around SBS’s now imminent retirement, and his handing over command to Major-General G.J. Cuthbert on the first of March 1918. Letters, usually confidential, are sent to colleagues and military personnel, explaining SBS’s situation, and his request that he be allowed to remain in England for three months after his retirement, and not immediately return to Canada. Included is the copy of a Resolution passed by the Folkestone Town Council regretting Steele’s retirement, and wishing him all the best; and copies of SBS’s letters of thanks sent once he accepts the retirement order will not be overturned; included are explanatory notes by Harwood Steele (1968) about some of the correspondence found in the file. Handwritten; typewritten

Bartram, Vivian T.