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Banff Springs Hotel
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PE004746 - "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System" tourism brochure

Tourism brochure titled: "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System." Brochure opens up to a three page spread depicting the three major hotels the tour stops at - Banff Springs, Lake Louise Chateau, and Emerald Lake Chalet. Has large b&w pictures of all three areas, a list of Canadian Rockies Feature Events for 1940, and a small map of the Canadian Rockies. The back pages contain information on things to see and do in the Canadian Rockies, and information on how to get to the Canadian Rockies, as well as information on an Alaska Cruise with Princess Cruises.

PE004688 - Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club

A menu in the shape of a tasseled fez hat.  Burn marks and drink stains on the front cover.  This menu is the Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club located in the Elks Building in Calgary, AB.  It is bound with two staples.  Inside the front cover is a B&W photographic collage of the inside of the Elks Club, while the collage inside the back cover features photographs of teepees, city skyline, a dinosaur sculpture and the Banff Springs Hotel.  The menu is eight (8) pages of alcoholic drinks.  Printed by Foothill Printers Limited.

PE001011 - Malcolm Tapp, Banff Springs Hotel Golf Pro Photo Album

Many of the photographs are staged Canadian Pacific publicity shots showing the handsome golf pro and the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel golf course. Tapp even appeared in a Hudson's Bay Company print advertisement. In this album, some photographs were taken by Nicholas Morant and a typewritten letter from him is included. Several photographs are of Malcolm Tapp posing with celebrity visitors to the resort, including singers Roy Rogers, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bing Crosby, and Robert Goulet, as well as hockey legend Gordie Howe. There is a single print of Marilyn Monroe receiving a golf lesson from Tapp during her visit to Banff in 1953.

Of particular note:

  • 20.5 x 25.5 cm B&W photograph. A young Malcolm Tapp stands next to a man holding a clapboard. F510 / Cameraman Beesley / Scene No. A5. They are on the golf course and hold golf clubs. Camera on tripod is pointed by the cameraman at them.

  • Newspaper clipping: The Vancouver Sun: Sat., Mar. 21, 1964. Giant print ad for the Hudson’s Bay Company showing Malcolm Tapp posing on the golf course with various golf equipment and a young female model. “The Bay has the expert advice of professional Malcolm Tapp plus equipment for every golfer.”

  • 20 x 25.5 cm B&W original photograph used in the HBC advertisement.

  • 13 x 18 cm B&W photograph. [Taken in 1953 by John Vachon] – Marilyn Monroe smiling at the camera as Tapp gives her a golf lesson.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph. Shot inside the golf shop. An unknown man, Roy Rogers, and Malcolm Tapp (in a suit jacket and tie) stand together.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph. Four male golfers pose with golf clubs. Malcolm Tapp is leftmost. Singer Tennessee Ernie Ford is middle left in the white pants.

  • Four 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photographs of Bing Crosby and Malcolm Tapp.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph of Malcolm Tapp and a young Robert Goulet.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph of hockey legend Gordie Howe posing while talking with Malcolm Tapp in the golf shop. A smiling young boy looks directly into the camera.

Tapp, Malcolm

PE000581 - Trail Riders’ Sing Song

Book of song lyrics titled “Trail Riders’ Sing Song.” The location (Banff Springs Hotel), date and time (8:15 PM) are printed on the cover. There are 19 songs, all versions of popular songs rewritten to be about riding horses through the Rocky Mountains. Printed by Crag & Canyon Presses.

PE001010 - Great Canadian Rockies Golf Competition Poster

Framed poster for the 1st Great Canadian Rockies Golf Competition, held in 1972 at the Banff Springs Golf Club, the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course, and the Pitt Meadows Golf Course. The poster is covered with the signatures of 39 Japanese participants. Four Japanese sponsoring agencies are printed on the poster. Banff Springs Golf Club pro Malcolm Tapp's signature appears above and to the left of the word "Banff."

PE000713 - C.P.R. publicity shots taken in the Rockies

Six (6) Canadian Pacific Railway publicity shots taken in the Rockies.  Prints bear captions on back:

  • Lake O’Hara cabins, Lake O’Hara, BC;
  • Yoho Lodge, BC;
  • Train along the Bow River near Lake Louise, Alberta;
  • C. P. Passenger Train – Spiral Tunnels near Field, BC;
  • C. P. Passenger Train nearing Banff, Alta.;
  • Banff Springs Hotel and Bow Valley, Banff, Alta.

PE000229 - Various blank stationery from Rocky Mountain hotels

A collection of blank stationery and a print related to hotels in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta:

  • A folded, colour print of the Banff Springs Hotel. No date.
  • A colour illustration as letterhead for a sheet of blank Banff Springs Hotel stationery. No date.
  • A sheet of blank Banff Springs Hotel stationery featuring B&W prints of Canadian Pacific. No date.
  • An empty envelope from the Jasper Park Lodge, with artwork depicting various recreational activities and wildlife in the rockies. No date.
  • Blank sheet of stationery from the Sanitarium Hotel in Banff. Banff, Alberta, [prior to 1915].

PE000864 - Miniature Guest Booklet -Banff Springs Hotel

A tiny guest booklet for guests of the Banff Springs Hotel. This miniature booklet contains information on tourist activities and available hotel services. In the middle is a fold-out map of an aerial view of the valley with mountains labelled.

The cover is printed green and features an illustration of a golfer against a background image of the hotel.

PE004707 - Hotel rates at the Banff Springs Hotel

A folded card listing the rates at the Banff Springs Hotel, owned by Canadian Pacific, for the 1940 season, lasting from June 8 to September 8.  Rates vary based on whether the room has a view of Bow Valley or Sulphur Mountain, with the Bow Valley view costing more.  Extra amenities include playing golf and swimming in fresh and sulphur swimming pools.

PE000729 - Press photos of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff.

Nine (9) press photographs of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff. Photos have captions on the back:

  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Annual Indian Day at Banff, Alberta; Stoney Indian Medicine Man in his medicine teepee [sic] (Courtesy Canadian Pacific Railway)."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Newspaper clipping showing printed photograph identifies figure as Walking Buffalo, former chief of the Stony Indians of Western Canada.
  • 7" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney; parade around village and ride into Banff."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Four minutes after the construction job was begun, the Stoney squaw and papooses are comfortably established in their new home—with a slight touch of modern conveniences to get the housework done."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: "Stoney Indian 'Mr. Big,' This is Jonas Roder, second chief of the Stoney Indians tribe, dressed in full regalia for the annual Calgary, Alberta stampede. Far from the 'vanishing American,' the chief has much to say about how his tribesmen live."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Golfing in the Canadian Rockies has its illusions. Chief John Hunter, a full blooded Stoney Indian, makes a picturesque caddy on the Banff course."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: “ 'From where he sits' This papoose seems quite interested in the goings-on at the Calgary, Alberta, stampede. His mother, a Stoney Indians squaw stoops to squint, yet keeps a supporting hand against her back-riding youngster."
  • 7" x 8" B&W print. Caption: " 'The end of a busy day' Chief Spotted Eagle and his squaw Red Cloud Woman finish their shopping trip by indulging in a strawberry soda. Their eight-year-old daughter, Big Bird Woman (center), was a little shy." Print is very wrinkled.
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney, fashion show at Banff Spring, Alberta."