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Lake Louise, AB
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PE004746 - "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System" tourism brochure

Tourism brochure titled: "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System." Brochure opens up to a three page spread depicting the three major hotels the tour stops at - Banff Springs, Lake Louise Chateau, and Emerald Lake Chalet. Has large b&w pictures of all three areas, a list of Canadian Rockies Feature Events for 1940, and a small map of the Canadian Rockies. The back pages contain information on things to see and do in the Canadian Rockies, and information on how to get to the Canadian Rockies, as well as information on an Alaska Cruise with Princess Cruises.

PE001221 - Day by Day, Lake Louise

Promotional booklet on Lake Louise and the Chateau Lake Louise. The booklet provide some brief description of the lake itself, as well as available and suggested activities, including driving and pony trips, for visitors to the Chateau.

PE000945 - "Alberta’s Scenic Circle - Complete, Detailed Information: Mapped and Illustrated" brochure and letter to Deer Lodge, Lake Louise

Alberta Motor Association brochure titled: "Alberta’s Scenic Circle - Complete, Detailed Information: Mapped and Illustrated." When unfolded, the front cover expands to a green and white pencil drawing of a mountain scene. It is captioned: "Mt. Athabasca and the Athabasca Glacier." When unfolded initially, the brochure contains information regarding the province of Alberta’s national parks, a small map of the major highways in Alberta, a list of approved conveniences, (hotels, camps, cafes, etc), a listing of prices for entry into the parks, and several images of park scenery, (including Mount Rundle, Athabasca Lookout, and Mount Edith Cavell). The bottom of one interior page notes: "Alberta Motor Association Edmonton-Lethbridge-Calgary-Medicine Hat-Red Deer." The brochure unfolds again to a large map of Alberta and British Columbia. It depicts the major highways, including Alberta’s Scenic Circle, major points of interest and geographical landmarks. The brochure unfolds once more to include a detailed description of the Circle Tour, including miles from destination to destination, directions, and a description of each site.

Inside the brochure is a letter, printed on the back of an advertisement for Deer Lodge. The letter is from Ivan R. Baker, and requests a cabin for three nights at Deer Lodge, Lake Louise. Letter came from San Gabriel, California. The advertisement on the front includes a b&w picture of Deer Lodge, as well as Rates for the 1953 season. It includes rates for meals, directions to the lodge, nearby sites, and bus rates from the train to the hotel. 

PE001223 - Lake Louise Bungalow Camp

Promotional brochure for the Lake Louise Bungalow Camp. Contains descriptions of the area, and of available accommodations and amenities at the camp, as well as a map that indicates the location of the camp in relation to nearby highways. Photographs within depict either scenes in the camp, or images of the surrounding scenery.

PE000713 - C.P.R. publicity shots taken in the Rockies

Six (6) Canadian Pacific Railway publicity shots taken in the Rockies.  Prints bear captions on back:

  • Lake O’Hara cabins, Lake O’Hara, BC;
  • Yoho Lodge, BC;
  • Train along the Bow River near Lake Louise, Alberta;
  • C. P. Passenger Train – Spiral Tunnels near Field, BC;
  • C. P. Passenger Train nearing Banff, Alta.;
  • Banff Springs Hotel and Bow Valley, Banff, Alta.