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Bruce Peel Special Collections Hunter, James Red River Settlement, Rupert's Land
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1844 (Sept) from James Hargrave to Smithurst

Place: York Factory

From: James Hargrave

To: Revd John Smithurst, &c. &c. &c., Red River Settlement

Details: 1pp and integral address face

Notes: James Hargrave, an HBC employee, responds to a letter from Rev. Smithurst delivered by Mr. Morvat. The letter dealt with receiving and sending articles by the ship “Prince Rupert.” Hargrave goes on to say that Rev. Hunter and his wife arrived from London, and have continued on to the Saskatchewan District [Cumberland - Devon mission] in a boat along with part of their baggage. The rest of their baggage will be sent to them in the Spring.

1846? (Jul) - from Charles Thomas to Smithurst

Place: Cumberland Station

From: Charles Thomas

To: Revd John Smithurst, Indian Settlement

Details: 1pp and integral address face

Notes: Charles Thomas is one of the baptized Natives living at Cumberland Station. In this letter to Rev. Smithurst, Thomas mentions Rev. Hunter, making it possible to date this letter between 1846 and 1854.

[1849] List of wheat subscriptions

A list with the heading "Subscriptions in Wheat, Barley or Peas, to be appropriated, exclusively, to the Rev. Mr Hunter's Station." Donations are promised by: Peter Garrioch, Henry Cook, William Gaddy, Robert Rowland, William Gibson, Peter Flett, Alexander Work, Sam Norn, James Slater, Henry Brown, James Taylor, William Taylor, Thomas Halcro Sr, Robert Miller, John Garrioch, and Samuel Cook.

1849 (Jul) from Henry Budd to Smithurst

Place: Lake Winnepeg, En route to Norway House

From: Henry Budd

To: the Reverend J. Smithurst, Indian Settlement, Red River

Details: 3pp and integral address face

Notes: Henry Budd offers his heartfelt thanks for the wheat subscriptions promised by parishioners at Red River. Budd has been busy building the church, and while he makes the point of saying that he does not mind the labour, he deeply regrets that it takes him away from educating his children.

Budd, Henry

1850 (Aug) from Donald Ross to Smithurst

Place: Norway House

From: Don Ross

To: Reverend J Smithurst, Indian Settlement, Red River

Details: 2pp and an envelope

Notes: A private letter written quickly by Donald Ross to Rev. John Smithurst. He vaguely refers to trouble involving Mr. Hunter, and also refuses to comment on an unidentified situation.

Ross, Donald

1844 (Jun) from Henry Budd to Smithurst

Place: Cumberland Station, River du Pas (sic)

From: Henry Budd

To: The Rev’d J. Smithurst, Indian Settlement

Delivery: Carried by courier

Details: 3.5pp + integral address face

Notes: A letter briefly outlining six enclosures originally included with the letter (but now lost), with instructions on processing certain accounts. Other issues include Charles Cook resigning, and John Turnor Junior taking his place (at a wage of ten (10) skins a month) to fish, cut, and haul firewood, square timber, and do other labour. Mr. Budd and his family are happy to hear that a minister has been assigned to their outpost, and while they anticipate meeting Reverend James Hunter, they are distressed that Smithurst himself cannot come to the settlement to baptize the Natives. The chief had also hoped to see Smithurst, and has now gone to Norway House in the [Hudson’s Bay] Company boats, probably to York Factory.

Budd, Henry

1857 (Apr and May) from W.H. Taylor to Smithurst

Place: Saint James, Assiniboia [Red River Settlement]

From: W. H. Taylor

To: Rev. J. Smithurst, Harriston [Ontario]

Delivery: Postal system in Canada

Details: 16pp + addressed envelope with postal marks

Notes: A long and detailed letter from Reverend William Henry Taylor of Saint James parish along the Assiniboine River. Rev. Taylor writes to Rev. John Smithurst, updating him on the Red River Settlement. Much of the news has to do with repairing the extensive damage caused by the great flood in 1852. No one seems to be able to find enough workers for these repairs.

Mentioned are:
Father E.G. Gear, who broke his leg.
Mr. Robert Logan and Mrs. Logan, who are living near where the flax mill stood.
Old Mr. Pritchard and his wife died.
Their son, Sam Pritchard, teaches at St. Paul's school. His brother, Arelui (?), married.
Mr. Smith the Collector and Mr. Pruden are briefly mentioned.
Rev. Abraham Cowley and Mrs. Cowley are mentioned multiple times. Rev. Cowley now has a Seraphine instrument which Mrs. Cowley plays during services. Rev. Cowley also has detailed plans for the repair and renovation of his church.
Archdeacon James Hunter now has a barrel organ at the Rapids church (also known as St. Andrew's).
Thomas Cook is catechist at Nepowewin mission. Rev. Henry Budd says the work there is difficult.
Rev. Robert Hunt is at English River, also known as the Stanley mission near Lac la Ronge, and he is building an expensive and impressive church.
Rev. Henry Budd is at The Pas with a young Rev. Henry George, but plans to leave for Nepowewin permanently in the Spring.
Rev. William Stagg is struggling at Manitoba.
Rev. Kirkby is still assistant at St. Andrew's.
McDonald is at Islington (White Dog) but has health problems.
Watkins is leaving Fort George possibly for Cumberland.
Rev. William Mason has success in his work, but following the Bishop's visit, disease broke out and killed multiple Natives. Small pox is rampant among the Plains people in the area of Beaver Creek and Touchwood Hills.
The steam mill is producing excellent flour.
Political unrest as renewal of the Hudson's Bay Company's charter is being debated in England. A Mr. Kennedy and Donald Gunn have written and circulated a petition to the Canadian Legislature urging them to become involved.

Taylor, William Henry