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1851 (Jun) from William Cockran to Smithurst

Place: Red River Settlement

From: Wm Cockran

To: Rev. John Smithurst, Upper Fort Garry

Details: 3pp and integral address face

Notes: Reverend William Cockran writes that he only just heard through Major Caldwell that Rev. Smithurst was leaving for England with Henry Cook in a few days. Rev. Cockran says he is sorry he cannot see Rev. Smithurst in person, but he is too busy preparing to form a settlement at Portage la Prairie. He then writes about the difficulties in getting a thrashing machine and asks Rev. Smithurst to inquire in the United States if a machine can be imported from there. He then complains about Adam Thom and Governor Colville throwing obstacles in the way of getting this new settlement established. Rev. Cockran then returns to the issue of Rev. Smithurst leaving and expresses his sadness that Smithurst and his congregation have had such a falling out. He then prays that God will grant Rev. Smithurst repentance. He asks Rev. Smithurst to send financial aid back to Red River to help pay for the building of a new stone church.

Cockran, William

PE004724 - Group of Portage La Prairie, MB Sports Photographs

Group of Portage La Prairie, MB Sports Photographs. B&W, various sizes, showing minor hockey teams and football players.

  • 11 x 15 cm B&W image printed on brown paper and bordered by thin strips of the same paper decorated to look like a proper frame. The photograph shows a team of fifteen (15) minor hockey players flanked by two adult men in overcoats and hats. Someone has written “Portage La Prairie, Feb. 26, 1951 Hockey Team” on the back in pencil. Back also shows crayon marks and a brown stain. There are a number of pierced holes in the top corners of the photograph.
  • 11 x 22 cm B&W photograph of a team of minor hockey players. Fourteen (14) young boys pose on two rows of bleachers, all wearing striped hockey uniforms. Only a few are crested. Of these, the most visible reads “West End Eskimos Portage Football Champs” and a capital “E” is visible on others. A smiling man in an overcoat sits beside the goalie.
  • 12 x 17 cm B&W photograph, stamped “Enlargement made by Taylors Limited Winnipeg.” Image shows a smiling young man wearing football equipment and standing in a field. His jersey says “Kadets.”
  • 7.0 x 11.5 cm B&W photograph showing four men playing football in the same field as the previous photograph. Multiple brown stains. Stamped “C45” on the back.
  • Four (4) 9 x 13 cm B&W photographs looking to have been shot in one session, all showing the same man posing in football equipment. He sometimes stands in a dirt field with a house in the background. His helmet has a stripe down the centre and two rows of stars. Two of the photos are identical, although one copy has a stain.
  • 3 x 6 cm B&W photograph of a young man playing football. No cresting on his uniform. This photo looks to have been cut out from a larger photograph. It has a deep crease running top to bottom.
  • 3 x 4 cm B&W photograph. Photograph shows a lot of creasing and has been cut from a larger photograph. Bleachers are visible in the background. A man in a hat and a man in a knit sweater look down at something between them. Another figure is on his knees on the ground by their feet.

PE004779 - Leaflet for Lake of the Woods Milling Co. Ltd.

Leaflet titled: "Lake of the Woods Milling Company Limited, Manufacturers of Hard Wheat Flour." Front cover contains an ink drawing of a city on a lake, and contains the company’s logo. The interior contains a page on how to make bread from their product, and another ink drawing of Portage-La-Prairie Mills. Back cover contains another ink drawing of Keewatin Mills. Printed by Bulman Bros & Co. of Winnipeg.

PE004793 - Flyer for the city of Portage La Prairie, MB

Tourism advertisement for the city of Portage La Prairie, in Manitoba. One side shows a b&w picture of the court house, in Portage La Prairie. The opposite side lists the various services provided by the city: six (6) chartered banks, nine (9) churches, four (4) public schools, a collegiate institute, water works, sewage system, and electric light plant.