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PE001338 - A Builder in Zion

Our object: to supply the Holy Scriptures to every man in his own mother tongue. This Certifies that Mr. A. M. Fraser, Winnipeg has been elected A Builder in Zion in recognition of his assistance in the erection of the Bible House in Jerusalem. A Tower of Light and strength and bulwark of faith within the walls of Zion, in accordance with the constitution of the Society. Given under our hands and the Seal of the Society at the Bible House, Winnipeg, 6th Oct. 1920. [seal] [signed:] [Illegible] President. E. j. B. Salter Secretary. J. Mackie Niven Accountant. [at bottom:] To declare the name of the Lord in Zion and His praise in Jerusalem. Partly Printed Broadside, blanks filled in Ms. [rendered in italics in the description], folio, printed in black (faded to brown) and yellow ink, some small creases, stain at bottom.

PE001260 - Manitoba Fur Animal Show Program

Program for the 1942 Manitoba Fur Animal Show, held in Dauphin, Manitoba. The booklet includes the names and portraits of the competition judges, rules and regulations for the show, and a listing of the various competition classes to be judged at the show. Additionally, a substantial number of advertisements for businesses related to the farmed fur trade are carried by the booklet; a list of advertisers is also present at the back of the booklet.

Included with this item is a postal envelope, addressed to Mr. Edward Robinson at Gaybird Fur Farm, in East Bay, Manitoba, which was presumably used to mail the show program.

PE000953 - "Golden Jubilee Fifty Years of Progress Edition News=Record" Newspaper

Newspaper titled: Golden Jubilee Fifty Years of Progress Edition News=Record. Title page contains three drawings - one of a mounted RCMP, one of a horse-drawn wagon, and one of two indigenous people. There is a large dedication in the middle of the title page to those who helped settle the prairies, with the dates 1889-1939. Newspaper is volume 35, number 31, printed in Lumsden, Sask on November 1939. Newspaper sold for 25c per copy. Back cover contains an advertisement for men's suits and coats.

PE001243 - The Northern Saskatchewan Farmer & Labor News

Vol. 1, No. 1 – 3 of the Northern Saskatchewan Farmer & Labor News, published in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, which describes itself as ‘a weekly publication in sympathy with the farmer, labor and C.C.F. movement’. Contains news, articles and editorials, generally from a left-wing perspective. In addition, each issue contains a number of advertisements for local businesses, and classified advertisements.

PE001316 - “Western Oil Crisis”; Hush

A copy of the Vol. 5, No. 5 (Feb. 4, 1932) issue of Hush. The cover story “Western Oil Crisis: Alberta Oil and Gas Fields Doomed” claims that the Brownlee intends to surrender Alberta oil and gas resources to ‘big interests’. The remainder of the newspaper includes news articles and editorials on various Canadian subjects, as well as a number of advertisements, primarily for Toronto-based businesses.

PE000880 - Menu and program for the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot

Menu and program for a complimentary banquet held to commemorate the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and to honour Ashmore Kidd, M.P.P. in Ontario. The cover indicates the location (County of Winnipeg), the sponsoring group (Loyal Orange Order), its active dates, and information regarding time/location of the event.  The left page contains the menu while the right page contains the program. Each page is delineated with a decorative black frame. The back side of the document contains four (4) advertisements for various local businesses.

PE004682 - Menu card for My Wigwam restaurant

Menu card for My Wigwam restaurant in Okotoks, AB.  The cover is printed to look like brown leather, complete with realistic shading along the fore edges.  The front cover has a large illustration of a First Nations chief’s head and headdress of buffalo horns.  The chief also wears a red medal showing the bust of a young queen, presumably Queen Victoria.  Inside are listed a breakfast menu and an a la carte menu.  A typed list of evening specials showing finger smudges is attached with a paperclip to the inside of the menu card.

PE004689 - Menu for W. K. Chop Suey Restaurant

Menu card and tipped in sheet for W. K. Chop Suey Restaurant located at 209 Centre Street in Calgary, AB.  The menu shows numerous stains and is printed in green ink on a paler green card stock.  The menu is creased across the lower left corner.  There are forty-six (46) items on the menu.  The tipped in sheet is pink and features the menu in Chinese characters.  Printed by Hickey & Jones of Calgary, AB.

PE004690 - Menu for Sammy’s Coffee Bar

Menu for Sammy’s Coffee Bar in Calgary, AB.  The cover features a charcoal sketch of Sammy and the sentiment “Eat well my Friends as we are here to please you – Sammy.”  The sketch is signed Bowen.  The back cover carries another message in Sammy’s handwriting, “I have a jewelry store just around the corner.  I call it Switzer’s because it happens to be my last name.  We feature costume jewelry of the latest design.  Drop in and see for yourself. – Sammy P.S. Bring your dark glasses; the place will dazzle your eyes. P.S. We also have the finest in quality watches and diamonds priced just for you.”  Both fore edges of the cover have stains from what looks to be binder ring holes, suggesting this menu was stored in a sleeve in a binder at some point.  The restaurant makes its own ice cream and claims to be the first coffee shop in Alberta with T.V.  Sketches on the walls are by Calgary’s John Bowen.

PE004737 - Menu program for the first dinner in the new Corona Hotel

Souvenir program of the first dinner served in the new Corona Hotel.  The program is bound with a yellow ribbon tied through two holes punched through the textured card stock cover and the single interior sheet of paper.  Printed by Douglas Printing Co., Ltd. in Edmonton, AB.  The dinner menu for the evening included dishes such as pigeon printaniere style, saute of frog legs a la Marengo, and milk-fed chicken with bread sauce.  A list of hotel rates is also included.

PE001134 - Carr’s Coffee Shop Menu

Menu for Carr’s Coffee Shop. The front cover carries a cartoon illustration of 1910’s-era automobile having its tire filled by the driver. The back cover features advertisements for Alberta Stationers & Office Suppliers Ltd., and for Premier Cycle & Sports.

PE000659 - Collection related to the 1980 McKenzie School Reunion and the 75th Anniversary of Saskatchewan

Collection of documents related to the McKenzie School Reunion and the 75th Anniversary of Saskatchewan celebration, both held in Kindersley, Saskatchewan in 1980. Items in this collection include:

  • Program of the church service held on Aug. 3, 1980 at St. Paul’s United Church, Kindersley, Sask., held for the guests of the McKenzie School Reunion. All other items were folded into this program.;
  • Invitation to attend the McKenzie School Reunion from Aug. 1st to 3rd, 1980. Includes the tentative itinerary and a guide to accommodations in town. Envelope is addressed to Mrs. Kathleen Reid Hadell of Victoria, B.C. and post marked 29 XII 1979.;
  • Typed letter “To Former Pupils of McKenzie School” requesting addresses for students who attended McKenzie School in 1927 and inquiring if there is sufficient interest among former students to justify organizing a school reunion. Includes a two page list of the names of all students enrolled in McKenzie school in 1927.;
  • Invitation to Reunion ’80 on card stock featuring Celebrate Saskatchewan 1905-1980 logo. This invitation and the following two items are contained in an envelope addressed Kathleen Hadell and post marked 5 III ’80.;
  • Typed letter inviting “Friend and/or Former Residents” of Kindersley, Saskatchewan to the 75th Anniversary events from Eric Halpenny, Chairman of the Kindersley Celebrate Saskatchewan Committee. Includes the program of planned events.;
  • Invitation to attend the McKenzie School Reunion from Aug. 1st to 3rd, 1980. Contains the same information as the invitation described above, but without spelling mistakes.

PE000775 - Championship Gala by the Maple Leaf Swimming Club

Championship Gala at Sherwood Pool staged by the Maple Leaf Swimming Club. It is typewritten on orange newsprint. The cover lists the participating categories, ticket prices, and contact information. It has a printed illustration of a swimmer diving on the top left corner. Printed by the Alberta Printing Trades Council of Winnipeg.

PE004788 - "Personal Stuff By the Editor - Being a Christmas Greeting from … Elmer E. Roper."

Booklet titled, "Personal Stuff By the Editor - Being a Christmas Greeting from … Elmer E. Roper." Contains 16 pages of literary sketches, taken from “Personal Stuff,” a column in the Alberta Labor News, and meant as a Christmas greeting from the editor. Cover is in a light green colour, and contains a cartoon drawing of a man furiously typing on a type-writer.

PE004904 - Totem Pole Tournaments brochure

This six-fold brochure of the Totem Pole Tournaments is divided into 6 sections which include: a list of events, rules & regulations, rates, timetable, and question & answer. The brochure is printed in colour; the cover features the event title, location, and dates and a prominent colour illustration of two Canadian National Railway agents presenting the totem trophy against a background of the Rocky Mountains.

PE004905 - Landowner’s map with divisions and aerial photograph

Map depicting the sections in which the school districts of Lindal, Diamond, Elk Creek, and Deer Creek in Manitoba are divided according to land ownership. Each section contains the names of its owners. The map also numbers the applicable school districts and marks applicable international boundaries, township lines, section lines, quarter section lines, secondary highways, cemeteries, and any part owners of quarter sections. This map is accompanied by a colour aerial photograph of the region.

PE000809 - Farm Workshop Digest

Farm Workshop Digest. The cover advertises its content as “valuable money-saving gadgets” and “over 500 handyman helps.” This book contains a list of practical ideas and methods to carry out handy farm/home fixings and includes illustrations to complement the instructions. Published by the Country Guide of Winnipeg, MB.

PE000572 - Letter from Lavallée to Rev. Salamon requesting information

Typed, two page letter on Canadian Pacific letterhead from Omer Lavallée, Corporate Archivist for Canadian Pacific to Reverend G. C. Salamon of the Sacred Heart Rectory in Lebret, SK requesting information about the locations depicted in three photographs recently published by his archive. A handwritten post script describes the location of “Photo no 108.” Montreal, QC.

The three photos in question were sent with the letter. Find them under PE000575 (F-3-1-0-7), PE000576 (F-3-1-0-8) & PE000577 (F-3-1-0-9). Apr. 5, 1978, Montreal, QC.

For further correspondence between Lavallée and Reverend Salamon see also PE000573 (F-2-0-0-12) and PE000574 (F-2-0-0-13).

PE000767 - Invitation to a church dance held at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

Church Invitation to Miss Annie Mo Anashong from St. Paul’s Church. The invitation states that “the young men of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church” request the invitee’s pleasure. The event was to take place in the Lecture Room. The invitation folds to an 8 x 16 cm rectangle and the edges of the right and bottom were decoratively cut in a series of small waves. Other decorative features are darker drops throughout the entire paper. It is in good condition but the colour has faded.

PE000887 - Prayer Book for Ukrainian Catholic Youth

A prayer book for Ukrainian Catholic youth. Cover is black patterned cardboard with a brown-gold picture of a cross entwined with flowers. Contains 96 pages of Bible readings in both Ukrainian and English. Inside pages are quite thin and worn, however book is in good condition aside from first page, which is torn. The name of Metropolitan Vasylï? of the Ukrainian Catholic Church can be found on the back of the first page.

PE000955 - "Programm zur 50-jährigen Gedenkfeier der ersten Einwanderung von Mennoniten in Manitoba" (Programme for the 50 year commemoration of the first immigration of Mennonites to Manitoba)

Title reads: "Programm zur 50-jährigen Gedenkfeier der ersten Einwanderung von Mennoniten in Manitoba." (Program for the 50 year commemoration of the first immigration of Mennonites to Manitoba). The interior contains the program for the day, and selections of song to be sung in the congregation.

PE004798 - "Act of Visitation of St. Mary’s Province by Very Rev. John P. Walsh"

Book titled: "Act of Visitation of St. Mary’s Province by Very Rev. John P. Walsh, O.M.I., Assistant General, March 6- to June 9, 1956." Book contains 40 pages, which provide an overview of the mandate, execution, act of visitation, and division of the visit, as well as recommendations for the oblates regarding religious life, exercises, practices, etc. Contains a letter written by the Superior General in Rome, to the oblates of St. Mary’s Province.

PE004800 - "The Schools Called Public Schools of Manitoba are in reality Protestant Schools," by His Grace A. A. Taché, Archibishop of St. Boniface

Booklet titled: "The Schools Called Public Schools of Manitoba are in reality Protestant Schools," by His Grace A. A. Taché, Archibishop of St. Boniface. Contains 12 pages in which the Archbishop answers the question: “Are the Public Schools of Manitoba the Continuation of the Protestant Schools of the same Province?”

Taché, A. A. (Alexandre-Antonin)

PE001230 - Saint James Church

This booklet provides a history of the St. James Church in Winnipeg, from its construction in 1853 to the time of publication. Accompanying photographs and illustrations depict church buildings or related individuals. The final section in the text includes a solicitation for funding to support repairs and renovations to the building; directly following this is a tear-away form allowing the reader to commit to the church improvement fund.

PE001046 – (Joe) Clark Family Portrait

On Back: to Annie Richardson from Ted Grant. + ink stamp of “Please Credit Ted Grant Ted Grant Photography Ltd. Suite 300 185 Somerset Street West Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0J2 Copyright”
Image: Joe Clark, Maureen McTeer, and daughter Catherine posing on a couch in a living room with a large dog sitting on floor in front of them. Likely taken in 1960-1980’s.

Ted Grant Photography Ltd.

PE000576 - Qu’Appelle Industrial School in Lebret, SK

B&W print of a man wrapped in a blanket standing beside a bake oven. Rev. Salamon identified the bake oven as belonging to the Qu’Appelle Industrial School in Lebret, Saskatchewan. One of three (3) prints made in 1978 by Omer Lavallée, Archivist of the Canadian Pacific Archives. Lavallée sent the prints to Reverend G. C. Salamon of the Sacred Heart Rectory, Lebret, Sask. in order to confirm their origins. Find correspondence under PE000572 (F-2-0-0-11), PE000573 (F-2-0-0-12) & PE000574 (F-2-0-0-13). According to the correspondence, the original photographs were taken in the 1880s by "Professor Buell."

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