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1970 (n.d.)

"Aorte" (ts(3)/ms)
"Art Gallery" (ts/ms)
The glitter and the snap… (ts/ms)
I want to swing and swing and SWING… (ts/ms)
mauve michaelmas… (ts/ms)
"Gold Rush" (ts/ms)
"Lullaby" (ts/ms)
"The Twins" (ts(4)/ms)

1970 (September-December)

"McCluhan Criticized" (ts/ms)
"Weather Forecast" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"Interior Landscape (For Roy Kiyooka)" (ts(3)/ms(2))
"The Time Child" (ts(3)/ms)
"Intermedia" (ts(6)/ms)
"Wringso Write" (ts(5)/ms)
"The Hallowe'ens" (ts/ms)
"Respice Ad Finem" / "Look to the End" (ts(4)/ms)
"Explosives" (ts(3)/ms)
"Old Woman Waiting" (ts/ms)
"Where I Usually Sit" (ts(4)/ms)

1970 (August)

"House Amongst Trees" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Universal Lover" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Yin and the Yang" (ts(2)/ms)
"Savour of Salt" (ts/ms)
"The Eaters" / "The Eating Poems" (ts(4)/ms(2))
"After the Operation" (ts/ms)
"Green Peace" (ts(2)/ms)
"Prose and Poetry" (ts/ms)
"The Artefacts: West Coast" / "The Island Story" / "Hair as History" (ts(5)/ms)
"Manitoba: August" (ts/ms)
"Out of the Cradle" (ts(4)/ms(2)/p)
"Sword into Ploughshare" (ts(4)/ms)

1970 (January-July)

"Solstice" / "Train journey" / "C.N.R. West" (ts(3)/ms)
"From my Balcony" / "Po Loo Shun in Edmonton" (ts(7)/ms(2)/p)
"Mud Bath" (ts(2)/ms)
To drink a whole bottle… (ts/ms)
"A Day in Lent" (ts/ms)
"St. Valentine's Day" (ts(4)/ms)
"Sea Shelter" / "The Houses" (ts(4)/ms)
"Jack on the Telephone Beanstalk" / "Who's Who" (ts(4)/ms)
"Heredity" / "Autobiog" / "My Father's Crest" (ts(9)/ms(3))
"After Winter" (ts/ms)
"Love is" (ts(2)/ms)
"A Poem for Randal" (ts/ms)
"Each Year the Birds" (ts/ms)
"We've Tamed" (ts(3)/ms(2))
"The Dilemma" (ts/ms)

1969 (n.d.)

"At Porpoise Bay" (ts(2)/ms)
"Edmonton at Night" (ts(6)/ms)
The protestants and puritans were right:… (ts(3)/ms)
"The Sign" (ts(6)/ms)

1969 (October-December)

"Perspectives" (ts(4)/ms)
"Birthday (For Frank Bessai)" (ts(4)/ms(3))
"No Exit" (ts(3)/ms)
My days move lightly over you… (ts/ms)
"Frank Bessai" (ts/ms(2))
Don't move near to hear me speak… (ts(2)/ms)
"Visiting Hours" / "Hospital" (ts(4)/ms)
"Autumn" (ts(2)/ms)
"History" / "Perspectives (Edmonton)" / "Echoes" / "Winter day" (ts(10)/ms)
"Poems for the City Sick" (ts(5)/ms)
"Photograph" (ts(2)/ms)

1969 (January-August)

"The Snow Girl's Ballad" / The Curse Not Cast" (ts(3)/ms)
"Homelands" (ts(2)/ms)
"Rowan Red Rowan" (ts(3))
"High Rise" / "Omniplex" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Undressing" (ts(4)/ms)
If in the dark… (ts(3)/ms)
"Looking Down" (ts(2)/ms)
Sometimes in the dead of night… (ts(4)/ms)
The cool green tongues of grass… (ts/ms)
"Consequences" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Waves" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Rooms Exist No More" (ts(4)/ms)
"Only" (ts(2)/ms)
Old age puts a staple… (ts(2)/ms)
"Goodness Knows" (ts(2)/ms)
When the guest have gone... / "Old Frames" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"To Robbie Burns from on of his Mistresses" (ts(2)/ms)
"And on the Third Day" (ts(2)/ms)
"Caretaker" (ts(4)/ms)

1968 (n.d.)

"Among Friends" (ts/ms)
"The Apparition" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Child's Bed" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Dream" (ts/ms)
"Geranus' ... Crane" (ts(3)/ms(2))
I keep trying… (ts/ms)
"Insomnia" (ts(4)/ms(2))
Life is a process… (ts/ms)
"A Modern Crusoe" (ts(3)/ms)
"Never Shall I Lie" (ts(2)/ms)
"Of Marriages" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Step Beyond" (ts(2)/ms)
"Walking in the Dark" (ts(2)/ms)
"Woman" (ts(2)/ms)

1968 (May-December)

"Queen's Park (For Desmond on his Birthday)" (ts(2)/ms)
"Mother Song" (ts(5)/ms)
"Catechism" (ts(2)/ms)
"Poem" / "Another Spring" (ts(12)/ms)
"An Evening with Clark" (ts)
"Travel Maybe" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Good Neighbour" (ts/ms)
"Victoria's Bells on Sunday Morning (For Diane)" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Operation" (ts(5)/ms)
"Post-operative Instructions" (ts/ms)
"The Holly and the Ivy" (ts(2)/ms)
"Sonnet" / "Cry" (ts(4)/ms)
Tied in the knot of love… (ts(2)/ms)
"The Game" (ts/ms)
"The Feminist" (ts(2)/ms)

1968 (January-April)

"At Dawn" (ts(7)/ms)
"The Woman" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Dreamers" (ts(3)/ms)
"Ave" (ts/ms)
Cities are of the mind... (ts/ms)
"The Quarrel" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Samaritan" (ts(2)/ms)
"Notes for a Train Poem" (ts(2)ms(2))
"Romance Languages" (ts(2)/ms)
"Dirge for March: Saint John River" (ts/ms)
"Fredericton Spring" (ts/ms)
"Suburbia" (ts(2)/ms)
"Snow Woman" (ts(4)/ms)
"Objets trouvés (For Anne)" (ts(4)/ms)
"Threnody: Easter, 1968" / ""I have a dream" (For Martin Luther King)" (ts(4)/ms(3)/p)
"Cutting Bread" (ts/ms)
"The Pupil" (ts/ms)
"Pagan" (ts(2)/ms)
"Sorcery" / "A Call for Sorcery" (ts(5)/ms)
"There is a Satellite" (ts(2)/ms)

1967 (n.d. [R-T])

"Random Pictures (The Manga)" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Road to Monckton" (ts/ms)
"Roomers" (ts/ms)
"The Sculptors (Within These Walls)" (ts(6)/ms)
"Snowy Morning" (ts(4)/ms)
"Sunflower in Winter" (ts/ms)
Two cripples set out along the road… (ts/ms)

1967 (n.d. [A-P])

"April Night" (ts(2)/ms)
"At "Sosnovka"" (ts(3)/ms)
Because you cannot be my mate… (ts(2))
"Between a Thousand" (ts/ms)
"The Eccentrics" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Encroachment" (ts/ms)
"The Feedback" (ts(2)/ms)
"House Keeper" (ts(3)/ms(2))
"In the Garden" / "The Coupling" (ts(3)/ms)
"In the Labyrinth" (ts(2))
"The invasion" (ts(5)/ms)
I seek an elixir… (ts/ms)
"Memo to my Daughter" (ts(2)/ms)
"Patterns" (ts(3))
"Persephone" (ts/ms)

1967 (October-December)

"Auguries" / "Journey by Steel" / "Journey by Night" (ts(9)/ms)
"The Lovers" / "Rhythms" (ts/ms)
"Birdwatching" (ts(5)/ms)
"The Metal and the Flower" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"The Uninvited" (ts(7)/ms)
"Erosion" (ts(2)/ms)
"Dream" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Outsider" (ts(2)/ms)
"Aliens All" (ts(2)/ms)
"Remembering New Jersey: 1935" / "U.S.A. 1935" (ts(2)/ms)
Never but once before… (ts/ms)
"The Phone-in" (ts(4)/ms)
"Imprints" (ts(5)/ms)

1967 (February-August)

"The Woman with Small Hands" (ts(4)/ms)
"Iconoclast" (ts/ms)
"Another Sickness" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Game" / "Spring Happenings" (ts(3)/ms)
"Fundy" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"Centennial People" (ts(3)/ms)
"At Birney's (June 4, 1967 -- Before the Israeli-Arab Conflict)" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Labyrinth" (ts)
"Birthday" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Cave" (ts(7)/ms/p)
Storm rise... (ts/ms)
"Parenthood" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"Rachel Rachel" / "A Dream" (ts(8)/ms)
"Instructions" (ts/ms)
"Waking" (ts(2)/ms)

1966 (n.d.)

"Another Journey" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Balance" (ts/ms(2))
The blind man turns… (ts(3)/ms)
"Cote d'Azur" / "The Skin Divers" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Elms" (ts/ms)
In my dream room… (ts)
"Library" (ts/ms)
"The Notations of Love" / "For Richer, or Poorer" (ts(5)/ms)
"Poet and Critic (For Ray Souster)" / "Critic" (ts(2)/ms)
"Reaching Out" (ts/ms)
The record of all our nights… (ts)
"Time" (ts(2)/ms)
"Truths" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Unquiet Bed" (ts(4)/ms)
"Variations on an Elizabethan Theme" / "Melody on an Old Air" (ts(4)/ms)
"The Witch" (ts)

1966 (March-December)

"From Spanish Banks" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Transfer" (ts/ms)
"Sun Fast" (ts(2)/ms)
"Thinking of you" (ts/ms)
"Return to a Birthplace" / "Roots" (ts(8)/ms(2))
"Moving out" (ts(3)/ms(2))
"Widow" (ts/ms)
"Eve" (ts(4)/ms)
"Messages" (ts(2)/ms)
"Mercy Living" (ts/ms)
"Perceptions" (ts/ms)
"F.R.L." (ts/ms)
"The Journey East" / "Traffic Island" (ts(6)/ms)
"Autumn 1966" (ts/ms)
"Autumn" (ts/ms)
"Psalm" (ts(3))
"A Book of Charms" (ts/ms)
"The Fog Horn" (ts/ms)
"New Song" (ts(9)/ms(3))
"Hello" (ts(2)/ms)
"De-evolution" (ts(5)/ms)

1965 (n.d. [P-Y])

"The Pacemaker" / "Sun Fast" (ts(2)/ms)
"Pavane" (ts/ms)
"Roots" / "Pear Tree" (ts(3)/ms)
"Points of View" / "Colour book" / "Colours" / "The Colouring Book" (ts(4))
"Postscript" (ts(3)/ms)
"Process" / "The Inheritors" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Rat" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Road Re-traced (On a Theme by Edwin Muir)" (ts/ms)
"The Secretive Tock" (ts)
The severance being willed… (ts)
"The Taming" (ts(3))
Thank God I waited till you came… (ts)
"This Page my Bed" (ts)
"The Touching" (ts(8)/ms)
Unable as I am… (ts)
"The Unicorn" / "The Mark" / "The Dream" (ts(4))
"View North" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"The Vigil" (ts)
"The Way" (ts(2)/ms)
You put me through the gamut... / "Sonnet" (ts/ms(2))

1965 (n.d. [A-O])

"Autumn" (ts/ms)
"Being at a Loss" (ts/ms)
The colour of your talking... / "Voice" (ts/ms)
"Comox: 1965" (ts(6))
"Completion" (ts/ms)
"Epilogue" (ts)
"Four Songs" / "Variations on a Theme by Emily" (ts(11)/ms)
"He Calleth for Couples" (ts)
I bless you most, because… (ts(2)/ms)
I have to go on beyond your in time and space... / "The Differential" (ts(2)/ms)
I loved your mind… (ts)
"The Incendiary (For Duncan)" (ts(5)/ms)
"A Letter" (ts)
"Museum" (ts/ms)
"New for Walt" / "It's Time" (ts(4)/ms)
"Old Song" (ts)

1927 (January-December [MSS 45-131])

"Melody" (ts)
"He Who is Blind" (ts)
"Desire" (ts)
"Prayer to the Four Corners" (ts)
"Quest" (ts)
"Impuissance" (ts)
"Treasure" (ts)
"Messages" (ts/ms)
"Conceit" (ts/ms)
"The Priest" (ts/ms)
"Prostitute" (ts)
"A Tale" (ts)
"Secret" (ts)
"Strophe" (ts)
"Landscape" (ts/ms)
"Caution" (ts)
"Monologue" (ts)
"Sympathy" (ts)
"Connoiseur" (ts)
"Wraith" (ts)
"A Thief in Heaven" (ts)
"Houses: A Contrast" (ts)
"Bridal" (ts/ms)
"The Godmother" (ts/ms)
"Finis" (ts)
"Adventure" (ts)
"Portrait" (ts)
"Wedding?" (ts)
"Shadow" (ts)
"Phantasy in May" (ts)
"Meditations of a Thief" (ts)
"Song" (ts)
"Out of Loveliness" (ts)
"Epicurean Lady" (ts)
"Blind Song" (ts)
Dawn is a sigh of wind… (ts)
"Two Songs" (ts)
"The Intimates" (ts)
"Silhouettes" (ts)
"Song for a Runner" (ts)
"Finale" (ts)
"Primitive" (ts)
"Chinese" (ts)
"Prelude: Chopin" (ts)
"Madrigal" (ts)
"Sudden Awakening" (ts/ms)
"Cinquain" (ts/ms)
"Widow-woman" (ts)
"Etching" (ts/ms)
"The Forsaken" (ts)
"Growth" (ts)
"The Gardener" (ts)
"Nostalgia" (ts)
"Hermit" (ts/ms)
"Explanation" (ts/ms)
If you think… (ts)
"Confession" (ts)
"Song for Departure" (ts)
"A Boy in Bronze" (ts)
"To One Dying" (ts)
"Boswell" (ts)
"Exile" (ts)
"Analysis" (m)
"Answer" (ts)
Never hesitate to say… (ts/ms)
"Defiance" (ts)
"Monition" (ts)
"Madonna" (ts)
"Interim (Recess)" (ts)
"Transcendence" (ts)
"Autumn" (ts)
"Unkind Hokkus" (ts)
"Clarity" (ts/ms)
"Cinquain" (ts)
"Song in Winter" (ts)
In arresting love… (ts)
"The Wife" (ts)
"Pilgrim" (ts)
"Advent" (ts)
"Memorials" (ts)
"Fire and Reason" (ts)
"The Untouched" (ts)
"Thief" (ts)
"Philosophy" (ts)
"Hokku" (ts)
Nothing to tear the heart… (ts)
"Epitaph" (ts)

1965 (March-October)

"Soccer Game" / "Soccer: Vancouver" (ts(2)/ms)
"Making the Poem (For Jack Spicer before his death)" / "Serial Poem" (ts(8)/ms/p)
"Flower Music" (ts(6)/ms(4))
"Empress" (ts(4)/ms)
"Poem" (ts(2)/ms)
"And Give us our Tresspasses" (ts(2)/ms)
"Moment" (ts/ms)

1964 ("Zambia" Series)

"Zambia" [Series of nine poems]
"Initiation" (ts(3))
"U.N.I.P. Meeting" (ts(3))
"Prophet" (ts(3))
"Cockcrow" (ts(3))
"Christening" (ts(3))
"The Wild Fig Tree" (ts(3))
"Village" (ts(6))
"Funeral" (ts(3))
"Wedding" / "Finale" (ts(3))
[Unused portions of "Zambia"]:
"Before Independence" (ts/ms)
"The Prophetess" (ts/ms(2))
I boughed under the trees… (ts)
O wild fig tree… (ts/ms(2))
"Zambian Wedding" (ts/ms)

1964 (n.d. [P-Y])

"Poet" (ts(2))
"Points of View" (ts)
"Second Coming" / "Questions" (ts(5)/ms)
"Sour Poem (For Malcolm Lowry)" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Still Centre" / "On Hearing a Sonnet" (ts/ms)
This old house creaks… (ts/ms)
"Toilette" (ts/ms)
"Weather Report" (ts(2))
"Without Benefit of Tape" (ts(8)/ms/p)
"Woman Waylaid" / "Fork Lake" (ts(8)/ms)
"Woman Waylaid" / "Leda again" (ts(2))
"The Yoke (For DCM)" (ts(3)/ms)

1964 (n.d. [F-N])

"For a Young Poet" / "For Gwendolyn" (ts(7)/ms)
How often shall we move, and moving be… (ts/ms)
I must apologize:… (ts/ms)
In the still centre of this painting… (ts)
"It's Catching" (ts/ms)
"Jet Age" (ts/ms)
"Labour Peer" (ts(2)/ms)
"Living Room" (ts(2))
"Neither-nor" (ts(2)/ms)

1964 ("For Abe Klein: Poet" Series)

"For Abe Klein: Poet" [series of poems dedicated to Abe Klein; each poem (except "The Descent) begins with a line of Abe Klein's poetry]
"The Descent" / "Envoy" (ts(2)/ms)
He breaks the wineglass underneath his heel. (A.K) / When they come… (ts(2)/ms)
"A Gloss of Poems (Remembering Abe Klein)" : Break down the twigs, break down the boughs / But break not, Lord, the golden bowl. (A.K.) / My body is tree… (ts(3)/ms)
The wrath of people is like foam and leather / Risen against us. Wherefore, Lord, and why? (A.K.) / Tender the boy's song… (ts(2)/ms)
"For Abe Klein: Poet" : And lives alone, and in his secret shines / like phosphorous. At the bottom of the sea. (A.K.) / Drowned? Were you the one… (ts(3)/ms(2))
"For Abraham" : Break down the twigs, break down the boughs / But break not, Lord, the golden bowl. (A.K.) / The stutter of the guns must still go on… (ts(2)/ms)
His was an open heart (A.K.) / He was always so 'there'... (ms)

1964 ("The Colour of God's Face" Series)

"The Colour of God's Face" [Series of four poems] (ts)
"The Land" (ts(2)/ms)
"The People" (ts) [includes poems "Village"; "Funeral"; "Wedding"]
"The Prophetess" (ts)
"The Leader" (ts)

Unused portions of "Zambia" and "The Color of God's Face":
"Cockrow" (ts(2))
"Prophet" (ts)
"The Takeover" (ts(2))
"The Drowned Boy" (ms)
"Copperbelt" (ts)
"Copperbelt night" (ms)

1964 (n.d. [B-C])

"Ballad of me" / "Never quite" / "Auto Biog" (ts(5)/ms) [includes poems "The Abortion" (ts/ms); "The Psychiatrist" (ts)]
"Bathing" (ts(2) [includes poems "Company"; "Baptism"; "Vespers"]
"Calligraphies" (ts/ms)
"Haiku" (ts/ms)

1964 (March-December)

"Bivouac" (ts/ms(2))
"The Thirties" (ts(2))
"Among Friends" (ts(2)/ms)
Wow, Mr. Wu!... (ts(2))
"Remembering Red Lane" (ts(3)/ms)

1926 (April-December [MSS 1-44])

"Night Song" (ts)
"Possession" (ts/ms)
"The Unfulfilled" (ts/ms)
Only in music do I find rest... (ts)
"The Dreamer" (ts/ms)
"The Prophetess" (ts/ms)
Stung by fierce pride, she stood,... (ts/ms)
"Poet's Song" (ts)
"At the Fair" (ts)
"Young Sleep" (ts)
I sought her on the mountains where the sun has set... (ts)
"Old houses" (ts)
"Sonnet: An Imagined Conversation" (ts)
"Shower" (ts)
"Triolet" (ts)
"The Wind Sings" (ts)
"Remembrance" (ts)
"Love Crept so Sadly" (ts)
Come not too near me;... (ts)
"Voice from the storm" (ts)
"Disquietude" (ts/ms)
My soul is the wind, the strong white wind... (ts/ms)
"Epitaph" / "Wind in the rushes" (ts)
"In the Chapel" (ts)
"Barrier" (ts)
"The Beseigers" (ts)
"The Unwritten Letters" (ts)
"Bankrupt" (ts)
"Fireweed" (ts)
"Hate/Desire" (ts/ms)
"The Woman Who Lived Alone" (ts/ms)
"Autumn" (ts)
"A Gardener" (ts/ms)
"Helen" (ts/ms)
"Thoughts from the Shore" (ts/ms)
"The Listener: Sunday Morning" (ts)
"Fantasy" (ts)
"The Builders" / "Ecstasy" (ts)
"Her Valentine" (ts)
"The Man of Destiny" (ts)
"The Invincible" (ts)
"In her Cupboard" (ts)
"The Marauders" (ts)
"In Winter" (ts)

1962 (August-November; n.d.)

"Benny Lighting a Fire" (ts/ms)
"Morning in Africa" (ts(2))
"My Poor Mouth" (ts)
"Progression" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Second Language (For Raphael: "Mwapuleni mukwai")" (ts(3))
"Mother Tongue" (ts(2)/ms)
"Widow" (ts/ms)

1960 (March; n.d.)

"Day" (ts/ms)
"Audio-Visual" (ts/ms)
"Babel" / "United Nations" / "Exercises in Co-existence" (ts(3))
"Before the Journey" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Gift" / "Paris" (ts(5)/ms)
"Point of View" (ts(3)/ms)
"Pot Luck" (ts(3))
"Self-portrait" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Sitter" (ts(3)/ms)
"Co-existence" / "United Nations" (ts(2))
"Hoax" (ts)

1959 (n.d.)

"After Grief" (ts(2)/ms)
"Articulate Defense" (ts/ms)
Bent to untowardness, he... (ts(2))
The birds who sang at midnight when the lights went on… (ts/ms)
"The Blue Room" (ts(3)/ms)
"Brief Encounter" (ts)
"Conformity" (ts/ms)
Darker than the world… (ts/ms)
"Deliverance" (ts/ms)
"The Dream" (ts(2)/ms(2))
Each day is a house I build… (ts)
"Fasten Safety Belts" (ts/ms(2))
"Girl Child" (ts/ms)
"Hold" (ts/ms)
"Houdini Eliot" (ts/ms)
"Icarus" (ts(3)/ms)
"The Immortals" (ts/ms)
"Indian Summer" (ts)
"Letter to my Daughter" (ts(2)/ms)
"The Lovers" (ts(2))
"Man on Grouse Mountain" (ts(3)/ms)
Masses are sad in church but outdoors… (ts/ms)
A felling of sun slides in the sulky air… (ts/ms)
"Paysage Provencale" (ts(4)/ms)
Poems are written in the dead centre of night… (ts/ms)
"Poet Proliferate" / "Dudek sprecht" (ts/ms(2))
"Praise and Lament" (ts(2))
"Prayer for Sleep" (ts)
"The Ring" / "Mutations" (ts)
"Russell Square: Spring" / "May in Russell Square" (ts(4)/ms)
"She Replies to his Pleas" (ts(3))
"Song" (ts)
"Song" (ts/ms)
"Sonnet" (ts)
"Sunflower" (ts(2))
"Time Tells us we are Tall" (ts/ms)
"Vase" (ts/ms)
"Wine from Cyprus" (ts(3))
"Vintage" / "In Luxembourg of Kensington" (ts)
"The Yoke" (ts/ms)

1959 (January-September)

"The Absences" (ts(3))
"Cote d'Azur" (ts(3)/ms)
"Words for our Time" (ts(2)/ms)
"Persephone" (ts(2)/ms)
"Mothering Sunday" (ts(2)/ms)
"Picasso, Sketching" / "Picasso's eye" / "Picasso's 'I'" / "The Clowning Act" (ts(8)/ms)
"Gardening" (ts/ms)
"Song" (ts/ms)
"Window" (ts/ms)
"Invocation" (ts(2)/ms)

1958 (n.d.)

"Ballet of Squares" [includes poems "Fitzroy" (ts(2)); "Guy Fawkes Night" (ts(3)); "November Eleventh" (ts(2)); "Trafalgar" (ts(3))]
"The Coil" (ts/ms)
"Conversations" (ts(2))
"One, Two, Three" (ts)
"The Dismembered Poem" (ts(3))
"The Emperor's Circus" (ts(5))
"Eurydice" (ts(2))
"From the Shell" (ts(3))
"Girl" (ts/ms)
"A Long Night's Journey" (ts(3))
"The Sky Watchers" / "Aurora Borealis" (ts(4))
"Sonnet" (ts)
"Surgery" (ts(2))

1958 (November-December)

"The Voyage Out" (ts(6)/ms)
"In the Ward" (ts/ms)
"Quaker Meeting" (ts(2)/ms)
"Sonnet for the Times" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"Russel Square: Winter" / "In the Park" (ts(4)/ms)

1956 ("Water Colours: Victoria" Series)

"Water Colours: Victoria" / "Victoria in Aquarelle" [Series of six poems] (ts(7))
"Frost-bitten" / "Strange Winter" (ts)
"Sea Summer" (ts)
"Hotel Garden" (ts)
"Parliament Buildings" (ts)
"Beacon Hill" (ts)
"Convention" (ts)

1956 (n.d.)

"Incognito" (ts)
"Isolate" / "Cobwebs" (ts(2)/ms)
"God Talking" / "Lovers" (ts(2))
"Melpomene" (ts)
"Modern Times" (ts/ms(2))
"On Whipping a Child" (ts/ms)
"The Skin of Time" / "Tiger, Tiger" (ts(2)/ms)
"Sunbather" (ts/ms)
"Boy Girl" / "Loving Weather" / "Of Human Weather" (ts/ms)
"Cameos" (ts)
"Madrigal" (ts)
"To a Younger Poet" (ts(5)/ms)
"The Twins" / "Man to Man" / "Units of Study" (ts/ms(2))

1955-1956 ("The Academicals" Series)

"The Academicals" [Series of four poems] (ts(2))
"The Professor as Medium" (ts(2))
"The Professor as Magician" (ts(2)/ms(3))
"The Professor as Twins" (ts(2))
"Egg and Square" (ts(2)/ms)

1926 (March-November; n.d.)

"Defeat" (ts/ms)
"Keats" (ts/ms)
"Pregnancy" (ts/ms)
Unto the hills alone will I sing my songs... (ts/ms)
"Simile" (ts/ms)
"Sleep" (ts/ms)
"Leaves" (ts/ms)
"To M.F." (ts/ms)
"After Christmas" (ts)
"Aliens" (ts)
"Apology: By a Philanderer" (ts)
Even to that grey house I must travel... (ts)
"The Game" (ts)
"The Gulf" (ts)
"Innocence" (ts)
"I Wish Something Strange Would Happen" (ts)
"Light and Shadow" (ts)
"A Long Time" (ts)
"Miriam" (ts)
"Philanderer" (ts)
"Remorse" (ts)
"Song" (ts)

1955 (n.d.)

"Pool" (ts/ms)
Animal, fawn… (ts/ms(2))
"Ceremonial Journey" / "Journey by Air" / "A Ceremony of Love" (ts(3))
"The Dark Runner" (ts)
"Diagnosis" (ts(2))
"Generation" (ts/ms)
"Genii" / "West Coast" (ts(2))
"Nocturne I" (ts(2))
"Nocturne II" (ts(2))
"On Seeing" (ts(2))
"Song" (ts)
"Song" / "Winter Song" (ts)
"Spring" (ts(4)/ms(2))
"The Traveller" (ts(2)/ms)
"This Arrow" (ts/ms)
"Versus the Universe" (ts/ms(2))

1954 (n.d.)

"Beggar's Opera" (ts/ms)
Beloved the horn… (ts/ms)
The scratched face of the sea… (ts/ms)
"The Blade of Grass" (ts(2)/ms)
"Hop-scotch" (ts(2))
"Other" (ts(2))

1952 (n.d.)

"Arms and the People" / "Chorale" (ts(3))
"Ariel" (ts)
"Children's Camp" / "Excursion" (ts(4)/ms)
"Song" (ts)
"Song" (ts(3))
"The Three Emilys" (ts(2))

1951 or 1952

Father of this our lot… (ts(3)/ms)
"If Time" (ts/ms)
I'll never hear… (ts)
"Epithalamium for Susan" / "Overture for Susan" / "Ballad for Susan" (ts(3)/ms)
"Sequence in Light" (ts(2)/ms)
"Stampede" (ts/ms)
"Variations on a Solitary Theme" (ts/ms)

1951 (n.d.)

"Easter 1951 (After Hiroshima)" (ts(2)/ms)
"Pied Piper" (ts/ms)
"Hymn to Man" (ts/ms(2))
A leaf leaps out… (ts/ms)
"Though Winter Comes" (ts(2))
"Wedlock" (ts/ms)

1950 (n.d.)

"Lines on a Poet Who Stopped Writing (P.K. Page)" (ts(3)/ms)
"Adam's Choice" (ts)
"Autumn" (ts/ms)
"Bulldozer" (ts)
"The Invisible Sun" / "Housewife" (ts)
"On Seeing" (ts)
"Tale" (ts)

1925 or 1926

"Circular Letter" (ts/ms)
"A Confidence" (ts/ms)
"Fantastic Parable" (ts/ms)
Inarticulate... (ts/ms)
It is my grief... (ts/ms)
"Light: A Sonnet" (ts/ms)
Never can I entrust myself to darkness... (ts/ms)
Not adamantine bound... (ts/ms)
"Nymph Song" (ts/ms)
Something is coming to be born... (ts/ms)
This April has slowed up; unkind and cold... (ts/ms)
Whether it be autumn or spring... (ts/ms)

1948 (n.d.)

"At Sechelt" / "Sea Sequence" (ts)
"Call my People Home" (ts/ms)
"The Child in Fear" (ts)
"Easter" (ts)
How good it is to turn the earth again… (ts/ms)
"The Mirror" (ts)
Now, my Lord… (ts/ms)
"Variations on a Tree" (ts)
"On Tape (Cariboo Bus)" (ts/ms)

1946 (n.d. [L-R])

"London Revisited (1946)" (ts(2))
"Lullaby II" (ts)
"Lullaby I" (ts)
"Of Neighbours" (ts/ms)
"Song and Solitude" [a dramatic poem for radio] (ts(3))
"Okanagan Pictures" (n)
"Journey by Train" (ts(3)/ms)
"Pastoral" / "Ontario Story" (ts(2))
"Prairie Town" (ts/ms)
Rain is mother… (ts/ms)
Reared in snow she was… (ts/ms)

1946 (n.d. [A-I])

"Abracadabra" (ts(3))
"Ancestral Theme" / "Signature" (ts(5)/ms)
As though the mind, shaken by fiery voices… (ts/ms)
"Autumn in Wales" (ts(2))
"Carnival" (ts/ms)
I saw a bird come down… (ts)
"The Inheritors" (ts)

1945 or 1946

"Evensong" (ts)
"Inheritance" (ts(2)/ms)
"Pain (A Response to C.E.M. Joad)" (ts(2))
"Rain" (notes) (ms)
Words travel through my mind like rain... (ts/ms)

1945 (April-September; n.d.)

"F.D.R." (ts/ms)
Dust will settle; silence be… (ts/ms)
"Motif for a Mural" / "Remembrance Day 1945"(ts(2)/ms)
"For Paul Robeson: Playing Othello" (ts(3))
"Contact" (ts)
"Ferry Trip" (ts(3))
"Lament (For J.F.B.L.)" (ts/ms)
Something took place--- Did you hear it?... (ts)

1944 (n.d.)

I hear dawn cracking with a burst of birds… (ts/ms)
"Invasion" (ts)
"Letter from Home" (ts)
"Of Love" (ts)
"Of Mourners" (ts)
"Small Fry" (ts/ms)
"Song" (ts)
"The Take-off" (ts)
The weight and wordiness of Spring… (ts)

1943 (January; n.d.)

"Boy" (ts/ms)
For in these cities woman cannot nurse;… (ts/ms)
Point Counterpoint" (ts/ms)
"West Coast" (ts/ms(2))
When the house snaps out its lights… (ts)
Without this benefit, this dark… (ts)
The cannot have must contradict… (ts/ms)

1942 (January-December; n.d.)

The dark plunge of the year is past… (ts/ms)
"Godmother" (ts(2))
"Preludium" (ts(2)/ms)
"Fantasia" (ts)
How to allay the loose delight… (ts/ms)
"Letter at Midnight" (ts)
"Reply to a Timesaver (Letter to A.M. Stephen)" (ts(2))
"Five Poems" (ts)
"To an Evacuee" (ts)

1925 (March-December; n.d.)

"What a Pity!" (ts/ms)
"To a Forgotten Hermit" (ts/ms)
"Four winds" (ts/ms)
"Autumn Day" (ts/ms)
"The Hour" (ts/ms)
"Love" (ts)
"The Philosopher" (ts/ms)
"The Scarlet Handkerchief" (ts)
"A Country House in Town" (ts/ms)
"The Unfortunate Cricket" (ts)

1941 or 1942

"Ballad for our Time" (ts)
Poets die quicker deaths today… (ts/ms)
We lay beneath bough-shelter, rocky roof-tree… (ts)
Windy Easters bellow out the mind… (ts/ms)

1941 (April-October; n.d.)

I cannot weep again, although the tears… (ts/ms)
Our slow spring tempers the blood… (ts(2))
You would not know these hands, for they were poised… (ts/ms)
Terrible to be a child, you said, so unaware… (ts/ms)
"Letter to a Friend" / "A Letter to Magaret" (ts(4))
"Play School" / "Art Class" (ts/ms)
Old woman now… (ts/ms)
"The Refugees" (ts)
"Serenade for Strings" / "Midnight Concerto" (ts(4))
"Song of the Nations" (ts)

1939 (January-March; n.d.)

"War" (ts(2)/ms)
"Surrealism" (ts/ms)
"Sing!" (ts/ms)
"The Lizard" (ts/ms)
And life goes on. And here… (ts)
And love, the beauty and the brunt of it… (ts/ms)
"Catalonia" (ts(2)/ms)
"A Clearing (Frontier)" (ts)
"Of Freedom" / "Unto the Hills" (ts/ms)
O hold me closely in your arms, beloved comrade… (ts/ms)
"Prelude for Spring" (ts)
"We Are Alone" (ts)
"Words Before Battle" (ts(2))

1938 or 1939

"Autumn" (ts)
"Frontier" (ts(2)/ms)
"Grouse Mountain" (ts/ms)
Highways we trod… (ts/ms)
"I, Challenger" (ts)
The long unquiet breath is over… (ts/ms)
"Riel" [Fragment] (ts/ms)
"Louis Riel" (ts)
"O Canada (After swallowing a New Canadian Anthology)" (ts/ms)
"Question" (ts)
"Scourge" (ts(4))
Small things move the heart to wonder… (ts/ms)
"The swimmer (The Anarchist)" (ts(4)/ms)
And supposing it was Beethoven ploughing his field… (ts/ms)
"Te Mortituri Saluamus" (ts)
Time slipped down the corridor… (ts/ms)
"Two Sides of a Window" (ts)

1938 (July-September; n.d.)

I snatched a day from time's onrush… (ts/ms)
The rowen berries bunched in red grape clusters… (ts/ms)
"At the Beach" (ts/ms)
"Board Meeting" (ts)
"The Child Looks Out" (ts(2)/ms)
The excitement of evening, bare belief… (ts)
"Lorca" (ts(3)/ms)
"Lullaby 1938" (ts)
"The Wife" (ts/ms)

1937 (n.d.)

"Annie Charlotte Dalton" (ts/ms)
"An English Bay" (ts/ms(2))
"Ghost Town" (ts(2))
I have no special book of songs for you… (ts/ms)
"The Mother" (ts/ms)
O shaggy city, sprawling from the hills… (ts/ms)
"A Song for Vancouver" (ts/ms)
"SOS" (ts(2)/ms)
"Spain" (ts/ms)
Turn the view outward, outswept, seaward… (ts/ms)
"Wind on the Heath" (ts)

1936 or 1937

Give me the sinews, and the gusty glance… (ts/ms)
"Invitation to Silence" (ts/ms)
In what disguise… (ts/ms)
Speak through me, mountains,… (ts/ms)
Take me for the breath blown and eyes opened,… (ts/ms)
Those who can spring, barefooted to the icy floor… (ts/ms)
"Words for a Chorus" (ts/ms)

1936 (January-October; n.d.)

"I Never Hear" (ts/ms)
"Dominion Day at Regina" (ts(2))
"Resurgence" (ts)
"Deep Cove: Vancouver" (ts/ms)
"Comrade" (ts)
Even although the skimpy relief investigator… (ts/ms)
"In Preparation" (ts(2))
"The Second Journey (From a Train, at Night)" (ts(2))

1934-1935 ("Queen City" Series)

It's joy to see… (ts/ms)
"Stop a moment!" (ts/ms)
"Unemployed" (ts(2)/ms)
"Perspectives" (ts)
Blow my bugles, the time is ready… (ts)
"Yes!" / "Christmas Lullaby" (ts(2))
"Queen City" (ts)
Shaped like a bugle… (ts)
"Only fi' cents Buy a song"… (ts)

1934-1935 ("Down and Out" Series)

"Twenty Years After" (ts/ms)
Give us rain in April; for rain is harsh… (ts/ms)
The boss was a friend of mine… (ts/ms)
"Canada to the Soviet Union" (ts/ms)
"I Am Ahead of You" (ts/ms)
I'm in a tight place, God… (ts/ms)
I can be a vegabond and still… (ts)
I sit and hammer melodies… (ts/ms)
In the beginning was the word… (ts/ms)
The little hearts still say: "Tomorrow spring,… (ts/ms)
"Man Asleep" (ts/ms)
A sagging woman, sagging breasts… (ts/ms)
"A Song for Parents" (ts/ms)
"They Speak to the Enemy" (ts)
"Walls" (ts/ms)
We are the ones without a stone… (ts/ms)

1924 or 1925

"Fate" (ts)
"Midsummer Night" (ts/ms)
"Passer-by" (ts/ms)
"To an Ancient Maiden" (ts/ms)
"You are like Pan" (ts/ms)
"Song" (ts/ms)

1935 (n.d.)

"Challenge from Clairton" (ts)
"Day and Night" (ts)
"Chorus of Youth" (ts)
"The Outrider" (ts(4))
"2000 A.D." (ts)
"Where is Revolt?" (ts/ms)

1934 (February-July; n.d.)

"Montreal" (ts/ms)
"Testament" (ts/ms)
Do you see them running? -- Who? -- The people… (ts/ms)
"The Fallow Mind" (ts)
"An Immigrant (Nick Zynchuk)" (ts/ms)
"Repeal" (ts)

1933 (October; n.d.)

If I have blundered, that's because growing up… (ts/ms)
Take a walk through the city, believe me… (ts/ms)
Lenin, I hear your voice… (ts/ms)
"Montreal -- 1933" (ts/ms)

1932 (January-May; n.d.)

I have to listen hard for the clock's ticking… (ts/ms)
"Tomorrow" (ts(2)/ms)
Now I am free… (ts(2)/ms)
Within the dark you come… (ts/ms)
Chartree… (ts/ms)
Your honesty… (ts/ms)
"Withdrawal" (ts/ms)
"Old Tree at Pere La Chaise" (ts)
The skulking dead lie huddled in these roots---… (ts/ms)
What pitiful thing can love do… (ts/ms)
Shut out the personal element, can't you?... (ts/ms)
You know me now,… (ts/ms)

1931 (n.d.)

Again the fever; at last to see you!... (ts/ms)
"Apology for Amelia" (ts/ms)
Dark was we led each other, who yet sought… (ts/ms)
Dear. I felt you. You lay still… (ts/ms)
I am the vine that keeps you, silent tree… (ts/ms)
I cannot weep---… (ts/ms)
I've come to a nice place, suddenly---… (ts)
The lilacs are in bloom… (ts)
Little lover, bless you;… (ts/ms)
Love has come back now like a cloud… (ts/ms)
The old crow who sits in that elm tree… (ts/ms)
Out on the rock I lay, with the sun… (ts/ms)
"Parrot of the Night" (ts/ms)
So many friends… (ts)
"Sunday Morning" (ts/ms)
Take such delight beyond my eyes… (ts)
The terrible reality of mind---… (ts/ms)
These things are patient out of time… (ts/ms)
"We in the Maze" (ts/ms)
What is there to say of you, white flower… (ts/ms)
Your gentleness awakes my heart… (ts/ms)

1931 (January-December)

Clean up, clean up yourself!... (ts/ms)
"To know silence perfectly is to know music." -Carl Sandburg (ts/ms)
Far cry! I did not treasure you enough… (ts/ms)
My heart is full of hard thoughts… (ts/ms)
I thought of you... (ts/ms)
"Write of a crocus;" so she said… (ts/ms)
It is easy, so they say… (ts/ms)
This broken laughter has changed to laughter now… (ts/ms)
How like a ship your hands are fashioned out;… (ts/ms)
"Shut up the Windows" (ts/ms)
Paint the heart with yellow in slow bloom… (ts/ms)
I never was exultant in the dark… (ts(2)/ms)
Shake me with your own grief… (ts(2)/ms(2))
I shall still be wandering through this wood… (ts/ms)
In the wood wild orange lilies burn… (ts/ms)

1931 (January-December [EB 203b-240])

"Spring Song" (ts(2)/ms)
He shot a singing bird… (ts)
"Journey" (ts)
"Reiteration" (ts)
Strange girl, wanting… (ts/ms(2))
"The Listener" (ts/ms)
"Protest" (ts/ms)
Earth was her vagrancies of time and mood… (ts/ms)
It is too late to recall / The word unspoken… (ts/ms)
"Another Spring" (ts/ms)
Rain, let me your creature be… (ts(2)/ms)
When in despair--- the dark being waywardness… (ts)
I think I have not learned… (ts)
And I shall stand like autumn in the air… (ts)
To stand in sunlight is an easy thing… (ts)
You are my sun; not fire that strikes and sears… (ts)
"Always" (ts)
Once your voice sounded me… (ts)
My longing was a chain so holding me… (ts)
More lovely than you know… (ts)
Love me in the house, not in the wood,… (ts)
"Still-life" (ts)
I cannot sing; the song has gone… (ts)
Amazement!…. (ts)
Don't criticize me while the blood is hot… (ts)
The wind has broken in pieces again me… (ts)
The mirage of your love… (ts)
Shape me to your will… (ts)
Shake off the hours like petals, dream… (ts)
Let not our love grow mildewed, out of use… (ts)
"Jeune Menage" (ts)
"Dialogue" (ts)
"The Kiss" (ts)
"Flowers he feeds on, where no voice in heard" (ts)
I am merry; till I lie alone…(ts)
It's true, philosophies… (ts)
Shepherd of my delight… (ts)
"Primavera" (ts)

1924 (April-December; n.d.)

"Enmeshed" (ts/ms)
"Song of a Philanderer" (ts/ms)
To-day we drove out to Clarkson... (ts/ms)
"Mad Wind" (ts/ms)
Capture me the wind,... (ts/ms)
"The Gypsy" (ts/ms)
"Toronto" (ts/ms)

1930 (January-December; n.d.)

"The Saviour" (ts/ms)
Creatures of night and day (dark and light)… (ts/ms)
"In a Norman Graveyard" (ts/ms)
What Lord beheld the rain… (ts/ms)
What old perfection covereth these hills… (ts/ms)
"Loss" (ts/ms)
"Lazarus" (ts/ms)
Yet still my ghost hung near and could not rise… (ts/ms)
You cannot force desire nor smother it… (ts/ms)
Bestir my bones... (ts/ms)
Suddenly the world is empty… (ts/ms)
Out of the forest, walls;… (ts/ms)
"Threshold" (ts)

1930 (January-December [EB 162-203a])

"Habit" (ts)
"Stung" (ts)
"Absence" (ts/ms)
"Pioneer" (ts/ms(2))
"Crossroads" (ts)
"Street Lamp" (ts/ms)
"Dust" (ts)
"Guest" (ts/ms)
What virtue is there in the night… (ts/ms)
"Retrospect" (ts/ms)
"Memory" (ts)
"I Was Not Indiscreet" (ts)
"Morning Song" (ts)
"For N.E.W." (ts)
"In the South" (ts)
"Sun" (ts/ms)
"I Dreamed at First" (ts/ms)
"Sea Flowers" (ts/ms)
"Hibernate" (ts/ms)
"Release" (ts)
If we rest motionless as any star,… (ts)
"Discovery" (ts)
Not in the country did I hear… (ts/ms)
"I Saw My Thought" (ts/ms)
"Surfeit" (ts)
"Discovery" (ts)
"Morning" (ts)
"Gardening" (ts)
"Echo (Edge of the World)" (ts/ms)
"Farewell I" (ts)
"Farewell II" (ts)
I know not death, although… (ts)
"Constancy" (ts)
"Sanctuary" (ts)
Glittering shadows of leaves flicker… (ts/ms)
"Haunted" (ts(2)/ms(2))
"In the Wood" (ts/ms)
"Nothing Can Change My Heart" (ts/ms)
"Repulse" (ts)
I am not ashamed of loving you... (ts)
"I hate now, being alone"… (ts/ms)
"If" (ts/ms)
"If Looking Were Saying" (ts/ms)

1929 (n.d.)

"Advice to an Over-fond Lover" (ts/ms)
"Lonely Paradise" (ts)
"The Angel" (ts)
"Mask" (ts)
My heart is a golden fruit… (ts/ms)
"The Return" (ts)
The room I entered suddenly… (ts/ms)
So much rain… (ts/ms)
"Sympathy" (ts)
"The Undesired" (ts)
I think I never will regret… (ts/ms)
"Where is it?" (ts/ms)
A woman veiled walked by me in my dream… (ts/ms)

1929 (January-December)

"Sleeping Beauty" (ts/ms(2))
Summer shall break… (ts/ms)
"Old Man Dozing" (ts/ms)
"Adventurer (Explorer)" (ts/ms)
What strange thing plunges us into happiness,… (ts/ms)
The moment that I missed… (ts/ms)
"From Shadow to Shadow" (ts/ms)
"Spleen" (ts/ms)
"Malice of Wind" (ts/ms)
My heart is a bird… (ts/ms)
What should I know of tears... (ts/ms)
Again, high singer, you are here… (ts/ms)
"Canada: Invocation" (ts/ms)
I remember you, March, with your rough winds… (ts/ms)
I am impelled by secret joy… (ts/ms)
"Hermit" (ts/ms)
"For Shelly and His Singing Companions" / "Signpost" (ts/ms)
"Milton" (ts/ms)
"Confessional" (ts/ms)
"Greece -- Before 1940" (ts/ms)
"Invocation" (ts/ms)
"Song for the Multitude" (ts/ms)
"Song" (ts/ms(2))
We have forgotten the dust… (ts/ms)
"Growing Up" (ts/ms)
What cloud was it… (ts/ms)
"Alien" (ts/ms)
"There Was One Day" (ts/ms)
Is there no more furtherance of this?... (ts/ms)
"The Accident" (ts/ms)
I never know much about silence… (ts/ms)
Let me beware of joy…(ts/ms)
There was no place to lay my head… (ts/ms)
If I awake in the night… (ts/ms)
"Old Man" (ts/ms)
"Nocturne" (ts/ms)
"Difference" (ts/ms)
"Doubt" (ts/ms)
Some breath of wind form a topmost bough… (ts/ms)

1929 (January-December [EB 83-161])

"Sign Post" (ts)
"Astronomers" (ts/ms)
"The Unbeliever" / "Accusation" (ts/ms)
"Old Song" (ts/ms)
"This Wisdom" (ts)
"Sheila" (ts/ms)
"Staccato" (ts)
"City Night" (ts/ms)
I confess I'll wear a smiling face… (ts/ms)
"Samaritans" (ts)
"Secrets" (ts)
"Of Battles" (ts)
"Tokens" (ts/ms)
"Weapons" (ts)
"For Archibald Lampman" (ts)
"And Even Now" (ts)
"Song" (ts)
"In the Street" (ts/ms)
"Resurrection" (ts)
"Blindness" (ts)
What way can my distress… (ts)
"Perversity" (ts)
"Alienation" (ts)
"Climax" (ts)
"The Room" (ts)
"Chained" / "The Aliens" (ts/ms)
"Decree" (ts)
"A Song for Ophelia" (ts)
O spring, hold back a little while… (ts)
"Interrogation" (ts)
Everyone says "Believe!"… (ts)
"Eurydice" (ts/ms)
"Envoy (To N.E.W.)" (ts/ms)
"Perversity (ii)" (ts)
"The Prisoner" (ts)
"Question" (ts)
"Time of Year (For M.E.W.)" (ts)
I must have trembled, then, because the storm… (ts)
"The Challenge" (ts)
"Doubt" (ts/ms)
"The Portraits" (ts)
"Winter" (ts)
"Edward Thomas" (ts)
Now I am starved for sun, and need… (ts)
"Wilderness Stone" (ts)
"Ask of the Winds" (ts)
"Assertion" (ts/ms)
"The Accursed" (ts)
"Sonnet for Ontario" (ts)
"The Difference" (ts)
"In the Grass" (ts)
I cried when I found something lovely;… (ts)
"Sonnet" (ts)
"Moments (Fragments)" (ts)
"Astronomy" (ts/ms)
Be thou then, the lamp… (ts)
No ground is alien to my eyes… (ts)
"Song for Solomon" (ts)
"No Kiss" (ts)
"Let us climb the tower," you said,… (ts)
"Neighbourhood" (ts)
"Summer" (ts)
"I was Surprised" / "Time" (ts)
"Song for Departure" (ts)
"Afterthought" (ts)
"What is it?" So I tried… (ts)
"If it were Easy" (ts/ms)
"Time" / "Time II" (ts/ms)
"Fable" (ts/ms)
"Not Love (For N.A.B.)" (ts/ms)
"The Peasants" (ts/ms)
"September Morning" (ts/ms)
"The Price" (ts)
"Recompense" (ts/ms)
"Supplication" (ts/ms)
"Companions" (ts)
"Daedalus" (ts/ms)
"Postscript" (ts)
"Northern loon" (ts(2))

1928 (n.d.)

"August" (ts)
Sometimes from night there comes disquietude… (ts/ms)
"City Wife" (ts/ms)
Down in the valley the yellowing leaves… (ts/ms)
"Experience" (ts/ms)
I have made enough songs… (ts/ms)
In puffs like blue smoke… (ts/ms)
"Legend" (ts)
On the beloved road… (ts/ms)
"Philosophy" (ts)
"Scarred" (ts)
"Song: I Would not Lose" (ts)
"Spinster's Retort" (ts/ms)
"Spring Dusk" (ts)
"To H.C.E." (ts/ms)
What things are mine… (ts/ms)
The whip-poor-whill is still to-night…. (ts/ms)
"Wind Song" (ts)
"Winter" (ts)
"The Witch" (ts)

1928 (January-December)

It is a thing I never shall have learned… (ts/ms)
How lovely now are the winds that lighten… (ts/ms)
Happiness I know is grass… (ts/ms)
"To All the Children (ts/ms)
Not of myself… (ts/ms)
"Archibald Lampman: Old and New Trinity" (ts/ms)
"Self-prophecy" (ts/ms)
In the early sunlight… (ts/ms)
"The Peril" (ts/ms)
Is it the field that I loved… (ts/ms)
Now let darkness come… (ts/ms)
Find laughter deep… (ts/ms)
"After Silence" (ts/ms)
"August" (ts/ms)
Feed the fire long… (ts/ms)
Men have sung how out of Eden's garden… [Fragment for the poem "Orpheus & Eurydice"] (ts/ms)
Fancies and phantoms of an older lover... [Fragment for the poem "Orpheus & Eurydice"] (ts/ms)
Three times a ship went, in a squall… [Fragment for the poem "Orpheus & Eurydice"] (ts/ms)
"She Justifies Herself" (ts/ms)
"Prelude" (ts/ms)
You would think spring were here… (ts/ms)
From anything in pain… (ts/ms)
No matter what befalls… (ts/ms)

1928 (January-December [EB 5-82])

Things hurt, quite suddenly,… (ts)
"The Snare" (ts/ms)
"Puritan" (ts)
"Sonnet II" (ts)
"Of Eustacia, Who Drowned Herself" (ts)
"Masquerade" (ts)
"Legend" (ts)
"Pastoral (Prince Edward Island)" (ts)
I shall be afraid of mountains… (ts)
"Refuge" (ts)
"Impression" (ts)
"The Lake" (ts)
This defeating power of life… (ts)
"Emergence" (ts)
"The Sitter" (ts)
"Reality" (ts)
"Cinquain" (ts)
"Snow Burial" (ts)
"Interpretation" (ts)
"A Dream" (ts)
"Sonnet III" (ts)
"Sonnet IV" (ts)
"Song" (ts)
"Impossibility" (ts)
"Epistle" (ts)
"Ironic Night" (ts)
Tenacious faith… (ts)
"Pioneer" (ts)
"Vandal" (ts)
"The Lover" (ts)
"Green Rain" (ts)
"Romanticism" (ts)
Sun through the winter's dust… (ts)
"Symbols" (ts)
"A Bystander at Golgotha" (ts)
"The Choice" (ts)
"To the Last Pioneer" (ts)
He often stood and watched how the snow fell;… (ts)
"Song to Myself" (ts)
"Snare" (ts)
"Going to Sleep" (ts)
"Emily Dickinson" (ts)
How many of us have learned, with Orpheus... (ts)
The wind was busy for a moment… (ts)
I have not found… (ts/ms)
"A Confidence" (ts)
"Enchantment" (ts)
Capture the rose and let it die… (ts)
Let this suffice / Your bitterness… (ts)
The earth is my lover… (ts)
However fast I run… (ts)
There was a beating of air,… (ts)
"Testament" (ts)
"Of Seasons" (ts)
"Aliens" (ts)
Now the dark sky is islanded… (ts)
"The Seeker" (ts)
"The Clearing" (ts/ms)
"Haunted House" (ts/ms)
Woman and instrument become one song… (ts)
"Journey" (ts)
"Summer" (ts)
"Spring" (ts)
Out of my dreams… (ts)
I am abandoned, who once was proud,… (ts)
As children, beauty was imperative,… (ts/ms)
"September" (ts)
"Epitaph" (ts)
"September Rain" (ts)
"Personalities" (ts)
Because of this and this---… (ts)
"Sesame" (ts)
"Youth" (ts/ms)
If I should die this night… (ts)
"The Stranger" (ts)
This sing with joy… (ts)
"Retreat" (ts)
"Adventure" (ts)

1974 (n.d.)

"Women's Lib" (ts/ms)
"Surfaces" (ts(2)/ms)
"Halleluia" (ts/ms)
"The Hibernation" (ts)
"The Law of the Sea (Seagull and Two Crows)" (ts(2)/ms)
"Prison Camp" (ts)
"Unmusical Bird (Blue Heron)" (ts/ms)

1927 (n.d.)

"Age" (ts)
"The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestickmaker" (ts/ms)
"Enigmas" (ts)
"Fire" (ts)
"The Gift" (ts)
"Gifts" (ts)
Houses grow very tall in October… (ts/ms)
I chased my dream… (ts/ms)
I could lie here always… (ts/ms)
I fled words… (ts/ms)
Into slow amythyst October pales… (ts/ms)
Music is behind;… (ts/ms)
"Paint" (ts)
"Phantoms" (ts)
"A Prayer" (ts)
"The Return" (ts/ms)
Shy purple birds… (ts/ms)
Things I have been dreaming of this sober while… (ts/ms)
"Understanding" (ts/ms)

1974 (January-June)

"For the New Year" (ts(2)/ms)
"Windows" (ts(6)/ms)
"Seagulls" (ts(2)/ms)
"Envoi" (ts/ms)
"The Illness" (ts/ms)
"Gull" (ts(3)/ms)
"Cry" / "A Bed of Roses" (ts(2)/ms)
"So?" (ts(2)/ms)
"Widow" (ts(2)/ms)
"Ice Age (For Marcy and Marvin)" (ts(2)/ms)
"My Loves" (ts(2)/ms)
"Empathies" (ms(2))
"Martha" (ts/ms)
"The Position" (ts/ms)
"Definition" (ts/ms)
"Postscript" (ts/ms)
"Love Apples" (ts/ms(2))
"A Gentle Man" (ts/ms)
"The Superiority of Flight" (ts/ms)
"Some Dreams" (ts/ms)

1973 (n.d.)

"Aging" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"Baby Sitter as Hypnotist" (ts/ms(2))
"The Cabbage" (ts/ms)
"Canadian Saga (For Gary Geddes)" (ts/ms)
"The High" (ts/ms)
"Klein" (ts(2)/ms)
"Legends" (ts(3)/ms/p)
"Looking Across Juan de Fuca Strait" (ts(2)/ms)
"One-way Conversation" / "The Man with the Small Penis" (ts(2)/ms)
"Recipe for a Young Poet" (ts)
"Red River" (ts)
"The Survivor" (ts(2))
"Winnipeg: 1905" (ts/ms)

1973 (January-November)

"West Coast Winter (1973)" (ts(4)/ms)
"For Galen, Five Months Young" (ts(2))
"The Prisoner of Time (for an Old Man)" (ts(3))
"L'envoi" (ts/ms)
"Don't walk!" (ts/ms)
"Popular Song" / "Popular Song: You were an Angel" (ts(4)/ms)
"Letter from Victoria: 1973" (ts(2)/ms)
"It Ness" (ts(2)/ms)
"Cloud Messages" (ts/ms)
"Rock Cottage" / "Song: No Wild Sea" (ts/ms)
"Manifesto" (ts(3)/ms)
"Old Woman in the K Mart" / "Inflation" (ts/ms)
"Unitas" / "All One" (ts(2)/ms)
"Suicide" (ts(3)/ms)
"Sermon to a Young Man" / "Lecture to a Young Man" (ts/ms)
"Mount Baker" (ts(3)/ms)

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