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Laura Reid fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1901-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Laura Reid and her work as a painter and with the Department of Extension at the University of Alberta.

Reid, Laura

Laurence George Wiedrick fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1949-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Laurence Wiedrick and the University of Alberta's School of Library Science (or MLIS).

Wiedrick, Laurence George

Laurent Godbout fonds

  • UAA-2019-051
  • Fonds
  • 1986-2008

Fonds contient des documents textuels relié la société Boite a Theatre, le Théâtre français d'Edmonton, L’UniThéâtre, St-Joachim, et l'ACFAS qui inclus des documents financiers, des reçus, des programmes de théâtre, la correspondence, des publicités, des procès-verbaux et rapports, des demandes de subventions, des questionnaires, des extraits de journaux (photocopies et originales) et autres documents relié au théâtre francophone à Edmonton en Alberta.

Fonds consists of textual records pertaining to Boite a Theatre Society, Théâtre français d'Edmonton, L’UniThéâtre, St-Joachim, and ACFAS including financial statements, receipts, theatre programs, correspondence, advertisements, meeting minutes and reports, grant applications, questionnaires, newspaper clippings (photocopies and originals) and other documents relating to Francophone theatre in Edmonton, Alberta.

Godbout, Laurent

Legal Studies Program fonds

  • 2003-80
  • Fonds
  • 1973-1997

Consists of materials from the University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension, Legal Studies. Materials include program files.

Legal Studies Program, Faculty of Extension

Legion of Frontiersmen Collection

  • FC 8 L44 L47
  • Collection

The Frontiersmen Collection is organized by country—Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and India—and includes correspondence, financial and legal records, meeting minutes, newsletters, and a variety of military forms, as well as photographs, maps, banners, and medals. It is home to the official Charter Certificate for the founding of the Legion of Frontiersmen Canadian Division, whose headquarters are located in Edmonton. The highlight of the collection is a group of nine field diaries penned by Roger Pocock dated 1905-1917. This collection is closely related to several others housed in Bruce Peel Special Collections, specifically the Sir Samuel Benfield Steele Family Archive which includes Pocock's papers. It continues to grow thanks to ongoing donations.

Legion of Frontiersmen

Leonard Eustace Gads fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1969-1970

Leonard Eustace Gads – Descriptive Inventory 1907-1974

Gads, Leonard Eustace

LeRoy Peter Vernon Jhonson fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1909-1970

Fonds consists of records pertaining to LeRoy Johnson and his work in agriculture.

Johnson, LeRoy Peter Vernon

Leslie R. Gue fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1959-1986

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Leslie Gue and his work as an educator.

Gue, Leslie R.

Leszek Kosinski fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of records of Leszek Kosinski and his work in the Department of Geography at the University of Alberta.

Kosinski, Leszek

Lewis Gwynne Thomas fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1939-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Lewis Thomas and his work as a historian and lecturer at the University of Alberta.

Thomas, Lewis Gwynne

Lewis Herbert Thomas fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Thomas Lewis Herbert including his time in the History Department at the University of Alberta.

Thomas, Lewis Herbert

L.H. Thomas Fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1939 - 1982

The Lewis H. Thomas fonds span a period of over forty years, and provide a valuable record of the research, teaching, and life experiences of a significant scholar and long-serving member of the University of Alberta's faculty. In his career as an archivist; professor; and researcher and writer of scholarly history, Dr. Thomas' papers encompass a wide range of topics related to the historical development of Western Canada. The source material and research files in this fonds include a wealth of archival documents, bibliographies, imprint items, and research notes on subjects related to the exploration, settlement, and growth of Western Canada, particularly the Prairie region. Dr. Thomas published extensively in this area, and his research files and lecture note material provide insight into the many subjects he lectured and wrote about. They provide insight also into the research methodologies and strategies that he applied in his own work. There is information related to his teaching career at both the Universities of Saskatchewan (Regina) and Alberta, and documents related to the Department of History at the University of Alberta, and Professor Thomas' position as chairman of this department. Among his papers are files of professional correspondence that contain letters written to colleagues, including many well-known Canadian historians, across the country. There is correspondence with graduate students whose work Dr. Thomas supervised, and letters of recommendation prepared by Thomas for these same students as they applied for grants or employment opportunities. Shortly before he died, L.H. Thomas wrote to a young writer that "the aspect of my work which has given me the greatest satisfaction is teaching, and associations with students." (See Accession #87-130-4) He supervised the work of six doctoral students, several masters' students, and sat as a member of many thesis supervising committees. As the long-serving Alberta representative on the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board, L.H. Thomas' papers contain a great deal of information about the workings of the board with particular reference to the naming of historic sites in Alberta and Northern Canada. L.H. Thomas' varied committee experience and affiliation with other national organizations and associations is well documented in the papers. As well, L.H. Thomas' experience as an archivist, and his life-long interest in promoting and encouraging the use of archival documents in historical research, is a subject touched upon frequently in his papers. He corresponds with archivists, writes about archival practice, and fills his source material files with items gleaned from archival holdings. Finally, researchers interested in the topic of Canadian socialism may find these records relevant. L.H. Thomas was himself a life-long supporter of socialist doctrine, and published articles on the CCF and Socialist movements. His last major work before his death was a transcription of a series of taped interviews with Tommy Douglas, and records related to this subject are included in the papers. The records are in excellent physical condition and have been arranged into four series: Early Records; University of Alberta Records; Research and Publication Records; and Associations, Committees and Boards Records. Within these broad series designations are sub-series that further organize the records. Where possible, the file titles provided by L.H. Thomas are retained. A brief description of each series is provided, followed by a detailed file listing. A subject and name index is found at the end of the inventory to assist in locating specific files.

Thomas, Lewis Herbert

Life, Events, and Players in the North-West

  • FC 3213 L55
  • Collection

The Life, Events, and Players in the North-West is comprised of several smaller collections within Bruce Peel Special Collections that contain materials related to the history and culture of the north-west of what would become Canada.

Linda Marilyn Potts fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1980-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Linda Pott's work as a Drama teacher.

Potts, Linda Marilyn

Louis A. Pagliaro and Ann M. Pagliaro fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of personal and professional papers of Louis and Ann Pagliaro including publications, presentation materials, employment materials, drafts, research grant applications, reports, manuscripts and nursing course materials. Fonds also consists of photographs related to the Faculty of Pharmacy and the 75th Anniversary of Nursing in Alberta, publications including "The Pharmacologic Aspects of Aging" and materials regarding the history of nursing, nursing education, educational psychology and a possible presidential drug abuse committee at the University of Alberta.

Pagliaro, Ann Marie

Louis Auguste Romanet fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1945

The Romanet papers consist of correspondence, notebooks and reports on the fur trade, and the manuscripts of Kabluk of the Eskimo including several revisions. When the collection was received by the Archives in 1972, only a small part was preserved in Louis Romanets own meticulous arrangement. Care has been taken to maintain these files in their original order; but it was necessary to sort and arrange the bulk of the collection to define Romanet's career. One of the journals he composed during his first winter in Canada exists only as a carbon copy on tissue sheets. It is so fragile that a transcription has been made for the use of researchers. The 860 photographs in the collection depict the Hudson's Bay Company's employees, trading posts, and stern-wheel steamships; the native population of Northern Canada including the Arctic Islands; and the Romanet family. Almost 100 of the photographs were collected from Government and Hudsons Bay Company sources to illustrate Kabluk of the Eskimo, although only sixteen were used in the published version. A descriptive inventory was prepared in 1975. This inventory was revised and reprinted in 1997, however, the physical arrangement of the fonds was not altered.

Romanet, Louis Auguste

Lucien Auclair fonds

  • UAA-2019-027
  • Fonds
  • 1907-1986

Fonds contient des états financiers, des plans architecturaux, des procès verbaux, des documents constitutionnels, des listes des actionnaires, des lettres circulaires, des rapports, des listes et documents de comité, des bulletins, des organigrammes, de la correspondence, des programmes, des documents de recherche et conférences, des reçus, publicités, cartes géographiques, cartes de souhaits, budgets, notes, instructions, questionnaires, plans d'actions, pétitions, annuaires, mémoires, dépliants, catalogues, journaux, statuts et règlements, registres, invitations, livres, catéchismes, partitions de piano, revues, organes, et divers publications.

Fonds consists of financial documents, architectural plans, meeting minutes, constitutional documents, shareholder lists, circular letters, reports, committee lists and documents, bulletins, organizational chart, correspondance, programs, research and conference documents, receipts, advertisements, maps, greeting cards, budgets, notes, instructions, questionnaires, action plans, petitions, directories, memoirs, pamphlets, catalogs, journals, statutes and rules, registers, invitations, books, catechisms, piano sheet music, magazines, digests, and various publications.

Auclair, Lucien

Mary and Frank Glenfield fonds

  • Fonds 422
  • Fonds
  • 1949-2008

Fonds consists of tehatre programs, posters and miscellaneous documentation of the dramatic arts in Alberta. Includes office files documenting the administrative and operational activities of such local Edmonton theatre projects as Walterdale, The Fringe, The Citadel, Theatre 3, Shadow Theatre, Stage Polaris, Workshop West, and Teatro la Quindicina. and Freewill Players.

Glenfield, Frank; Glenfield, Mary

Max Wyman fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1937-1989

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Max Wyman and his work as a mathematician and in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Alberta.

Wyman, Max

Maxwell Mordecai Cantor fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1928-1950

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Maxwell Cantor and his work as a coroner and as a Fellow in Biochemistry at the University of Alberta.

Cantor, Maxwell Mordecai

Mel Hurtig fonds

  • 1991-62, 1991-63, 1991-64, 1995-34, 1995-101, 1995-200, 1996-27, 2004-74
  • Fonds
  • 2004

The Mel Hurtig fonds encompass a wide range of records, documenting the many areas of interest and pursuits Mr. Hurtig enjoyed in the professional, personal and political arenas of his life. In the first series, Hurtig Business Records, only a few files concern Hurtig’s Bookstore; most of the files relate instead to his publishing concerns. The series includes correspondence with authors and a series of files Hurtig called “Possible Future Books”, where book proposals and potential publishing projects were considered. The correspondence with authors is very interesting and the Hurtig Business records series provides the researcher with some sense of the complexity involved in the publishing world. There is extensive business correspondence files located in Series 1 and they have been arranged in date order by day, month and year. It is perhaps a misnomer to label Hurtig’s correspondence as business or personal or CIC/COC etc., because such tidy separations do not actually exist in his correspondence. All these ‘boundaries’ blend together. His letters to authors, for example, often contain information related to his CIC and COC initiatives, and the hundreds of invitations he receives for speaking engagements invite him to speak on topics encompassing his many interests and expertise. In the end, the letter-head the letters were sent on determined what series the correspondence was filed with; the letters located in this series were written on various Hurtig business logo stationery. The CIC and COC correspondence are likewise filed because of the letter-head or titles typed on the retained flimsy file copies. In more recent dates, the correspondence often consists of printed e-mails, again on numerous issues and topics, but is filed in the ‘Personal Records’ series because of when they were written in relation to Mel Hurtig’s stage of life and career. Separate finding-aids are available to the records of The Canadian Encyclopedia and The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada Mel Hurtig’s involvement with the Committee for an Independent Canada and with the Council of Canadians is well-documented in Series 2 and Series 3 of the fonds, particularly in regard to the issues both groups were involved with. Hurtig was a central figure in both organizations, and his correspondence files provide a valuable record of the day-to-day operations of these national bodies, as well as a more global view of the organizations and the public personas they presented. There are copies of board meeting documents and executive correspondence, as well as policy documentation, issue-oriented presentations, news releases and related clipping files. A major issue the COC, in particular, rallied against was the Free Trade Agreement and there is an extensive collection of research material and documents gathered for background reference and research purposes. The COC corresponded with federal politicians, well-known Canadians, and other action bodies (such as the Pro-Canada Network) in assembling their issues information library, as evidenced in the Series 3 files. Peace and disarmament issues are also extensively documented in the COC files. Series 4, consisting of Mel Hurtig’s political files, contains files related to his membership in and candidacy for the Federal Liberal Party and more extensively, his founding and leading of the National Party of Canada. The National Party records are fascinating in that they clearly document a unique event in the Canadian political landscape. In a time frame of about two years, a party was formed, ran a national election campaign, and was dissolved, with the records in this series documenting the dramatic unfolding of events. Mel Hurtig’s book writing files are retained in Series 5. There are complete drafts of the following Hurtig books: The Betrayal of Canada, At Twilight in the Country, The Vanishing Country, and Rushing to Armageddon. Chapter drafts contain editing comments, corrections and additions and deletions. There are also related clipping and publicity files that document the book signing and speaking tours post publication. Series 6 is broadly defined as personal records, and includes textual files, published material and photographs. While the files contain references to family and personal concerns, again there is the blurring of boundaries with a lot of the e-mail correspondence focusing on political and issue-oriented topics. Hurtig corresponds with well-known Canadians in campaigns designed to oppose missile defense, call attention to issues of Canadian sovereignty and affect political change. The photographs span a period of some sixty years, and also included in this series is a collection of books given to Hurtig by their authors, with Hurtig usually referenced in the book. The final series, Series 7, contains audio-visual records including video-tapes, cassette tapes, and compact discs. The subject matter of this material references all the previous series topics, and is listed in date order. The records are in excellent physical shape and provide a very complete documentation of the activities and passions of a well-known Canadian.

Hurtig, Mel

Metis History 1910-1940 Guide

  • Fonds 679
  • Collection

Metis History – Sources relating to the Metis of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta 1910-1940

Mixed Chorus fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1944-1989

The University of Alberta Mixed Chorus fonds housed in the University Archives span a period of more than forty years, and provide a valuable record of a long-standing University organization (approaching its 60th anniversary of operation). The Mixed Chorus was, and remains, an active contributor to University society, as well as the broader surrounding community because of its annual province-wide concerts and related public appearances. The Chorus is significant to the history of the development of choral music in Alberta, and its individual members and directors contributors in their own right to the province's musical growth.

The records have been arranged and described in two broad series and several sub-headings, with a basic chronological order maintained within each series. The textual files provide information about the early years of the Chorus' existence, particularly the years from 1946 to about 1971. Files maintained by the executive and directors (Richard Eaton and James Whittle) are significant for the information they provide about the Chorus' yearly operations and activities. Information in the files after the Whittle years is sketchier, and more incidental in nature. The textual files include correspondence, clippings, some meeting minutes, membership lists, the organization's constitution, and evidence of the planning and fundraising required to orchestrate the annual UAMC Spring Tour.

Series 1 consists of the Executive/Director files with sub-series providing information about membership; social activities, commemorative/historical records, and publicity and promotion files. Correspondence to and from members of the executive was filed together (in the form of scrapbooks in the 1940's), with correspondence maintained by the Chorus director. Where possible, the original order of the files was maintained, while the series and sub-series titles were assigned by the archivist to reflect the record function.

Series 2 is the Performance-related records, comprised of printed programs, sound recordings, and photographs. As noted earlier, the sound recordings form the largest component of the Mixed Chorus fonds. They include both taped recordings (cassette and reel-to-reel) as well as disc recordings. The photographs, numbering over 1200 in quantity, include prints, negatives, and a few transparencies and contact sheets. While the photographs do vary in quality, they provide important documentation of Mixed Chorus performances, social activities, and tours. There are excellent images of the Chorus's 40th anniversary activities taken by Hal Kinsey, as well as the annual formal photographs of the Mixed Chorus. Various alumni have sent copies of their personal photographs to the Mixed Chorus executive, adding to the views of the annual Spring tours, and various Chorus social events.

The records do not extend beyond the 1980's, but future accessions from the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus are anticipated. The Mixed Chorus records provide a profile of an aspect of the non-academic life of the University of Alberta student community, as well as make a valuable contribution to musical/performing arts history documentation for both the University of Alberta, and the Province of Alberta.

Mixed Chorus

Morden Heaton Long fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1886-1965

The fonds includes M.H. Long's published works and records, primarily photographs, relating to his activities as a member of the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board; five photographs depict the unveiling of the Crowfoot Memorial in Gleichen, Alberta.

Long, Morden Heaton

Muriel Oslie fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1931-1978

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Muriel Oslie.

Oslie, Muriel

Native Sources at UAA

  • Fonds 681
  • Collection

Native Sources at the University of Alberta Archives Subject Guide

University of Alberta Archives

New Canadian Encyclopedia fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1974-1988

The Canadian Encyclopedia fonds provide a comprehensive and detailed record of one of the largest and most important cultural undertakings in Canadian publishing history. The records are extensive, and detail the process involved in producing a large reference publication from the inception stage through to final publication.

The fonds consist of approximately 13 metres of records, excluding illustrative material that is to be returned to the Archives at a later date. The material was donated to the University of Alberta Archives in 1986, and original order was subsequently disrupted in the re-boxing of records from binders, filing cabinets, and closets for transfer to the Archives. As well, some of the records were still active and being consulted in preparation for the second edition publication of The Canadian Encyclopedia. The volume of records has meant that the fonds will be arranged and described in three phases. Phase one, which this inventory represents, involved a complete overview of the entire fonds, the restoration, where possible, of original order, and the file level description of six of eight series.

Within each of these series, sub-series designations were assigned to better organize and describe the records. Each series is further described in an introduction preceding the series listing. Original file titles, if they existed, were retained by the archivist in the description. A subject and name index is found at the back of the inventory to further assist in locating specific information.

These records have tremendous research value. The administrative and financial records provide a complete business history of the project. Based on correspondence, internal memoranda, meeting minutes, and monthly reports, etc. the researcher is able to better understand how the publication was planned, produced, and delivered to the public. The internal operation of The New Canadian Encyclopedia Publishing Ltd. are revealed through the procedures manuals and internal instructions which outline operating practices, guidelines, and editorial methodology. The files also provide an original and comprehensive picture of the publishing business from a Canadian perspective. The article and entry files contain samples of work by top Canadian academic experts. Because the editors were constrained by space and subject limitations, not everything they received could be printed in the encyclopedia. The files complement the published record, indicating how articles were edited, categorized, and sometimes cut altogether. Material, not published in the Encyclopedia, is retained in the files.

Hurtig, Mel

Newspapers Le Franco Albertain fonds

  • UAA-2019-048
  • Fonds
  • [19–?] -

Fonds contient plusieurs journaux Le Franco depuis plusieurs années.

Fonds consists of several journals Le France dating back several years.

Le Franco Albertain

Nexus Theatre fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1983-1995

The fonds consists primarily of administrative files and scripts from 1983 to 1994. While the bulk of the records are textual, the fonds also contain some production photographs, posters, promotional materials and set designs.

Most of the administrative files were originally in alphabetical order within a specific time period. The files are organized into descriptive series which include administration, audience surveys, finances, fund raising, physical plant, production files, publicity, subscriptions, contracts, posters, photographs, and other theatres’ publicity materials. Usually the date given for the items, such as scripts, corresponds to the year in which the play was produced by the Nexus Theatre. The date of the unproduced script corresponds to the year in which the playwright or artist proposed the play to the Nexus Artistic Director. In some cases when no date appears on the proposal, the copyright date of the play is used.

Nexus Theatre

Norman Yates fonds

  • Fonds

Accession consists of the personal papers of Norman Yates.

Yates, Norman

Office of Budget and Statistics fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of office files, project files, budget summaries, statistics, reports, ledgers, and data books.

Office of Budget and Statistics

Office of Human Rights fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Office of Human Rights at the University of Alberta.

Office of Human Rights

Office of Public Affairs fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1908-1990

Fonds consists of the records from the University of Alberta's Office of Public Affairs.

Office of Public Affairs

Office of Research Services fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of records from the Office of Research Services at the University of Alberta.

Office of Research Services

Office of the Ombudsman fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1971-1975

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Office of the Ombudsman at the University of Alberta.

Office of the Ombudsman

Office of the Registrar and Student Awards fonds

  • Fonds 127
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1990

The fonds consists of the records created by the Office of the Registrar and Student Awards in the performance of Office's principal responsibilities: admissions, scheduling, recordkeeping, awards, and other discretionary authority.

Office of the Registrar and Student Awards

Office of the Vice-President (Research) fonds

  • Fonds 14
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1990

Records of the Industry Liaison Office, a unit within the portfolio of the Vice-President (Research), whose role is to promote University of Alberta research in technology commercialization. The records include Partnerships Affiliation Agreements. There is also a small accession (2007-019) of Vice-President (Research) records which includes two files: one on the Indiginous Centre, and the other on Metis Research.

Office of the Vice-President (Research)

Oliver Cromwell Edwards fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1898-1920

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Oliver Edwards.

Edwards, Oliver Cromwell

Otto Schaefer fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1944-2002

Otto Schaefer's records related his years as a medical researcher in Northern Canada among aboriginal people; included are manuscripts, publications by others, raw data, statistical materials, printed materials, correspondence and related medical files.

Otto Schaefer Slides – Back up

Schaefer, Otto

Ousmane Silla fonds

  • UAA-2019-017
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1989 [predominantly 1970-1979]

Ce fonds est constituée des correspondances, des mémos, des quittances, des articles académiques, des répertoires d’universités et d’Instituts, un plan d’action des parents des écoles francophones, des communiqués, des formulaires, des journaux, des publications, des revues, des ordres de travail, des transcriptions d’entrevues, des bulletins d’information, des publicités, des annuaires, des formulaires d’inscriptions, des pamphlets, des rapports, des règlements généraux, des bulletins de nouvelles, des procès-verbaux, des photos, des programmes de conférences, des listes d’ateliers, des programmes de conférences, des budgets, des tableaux, des bibliographies, des guides, des questionnaires, des dissertations, des demandes de subventions, des notes d’un discours, des adresses, des répertoires, des appels de communications, des tableaux statistiques, des enquêtes, des annonces publicitaires, des listes de récentes acquisitions, des catalogues, des factures, des références, un organigramme, des notes de recherche, un mémoire de maîtrise, un mémorandum.

This fonds contains correspondence, memos, receipts, academic articles, a repertoire of universities and institutes, a plan of action of parents from francophone schools, statements, forms, journals, publications, magazines, a work agenda, interview transcriptions, information bulletins, public advertisements, directories, registration forms, pamphlets, reports, general rules, news bulletins, meeting minutes, photos, conference programs, lists of workshops, budgets, tables, bibliographies, guides, questionnaires, dissertations, grant applications, speech notes, addresses, repertoires, calls for communication, statistics tables, inquiries, lists of recent acquisitions, catalogues, bills, references, an organizational chart, research notes, a master’s degree memoire, and a memorandum.

Silla, Ousmane

Patricia A. McCormack fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1929-1980

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Patricia McCormack and her work as an anthropologist.

McCormack, Patricia A.

Paul Denis fonds

  • UAA-2019-028
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1974

Fonds contient deux tomes biographiques, plusieurs éditions de la revue bimestrielle Vie française, et une lettre du Général de Gaule de 1940.

Fonds consists of two biographical tomes, several editions of the bimonthly magazine Vie française, and a letter from the General de Gaule from 1940.

Denis, Paul

Paul Dubé fonds

  • UAA-2019-054
  • Fonds
  • 1976-2006

Fonds contient des matériaux (qui inclus des documents de la court) relié à le procès impliquant Paul Dubé, Jean-Claude Mahé, et Angeline Mortel et les écoles francophones, comprenant les documents de court et des extraits de journaux. Le fonds contient aussi des documents relié au droits de languages minoritaires au Canada.

Fonds consists of materials (including court documents) relating to a court case involving Paul Dubé, Jean-Claude Mahé, and Angeline Mortel and French schools, including court documents and newspaper clippings. The fonds also consists of records relating to minority language rights in Canada.

Dubé, Paul

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