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PE001261 - Public Auction Sale Poster

Poster advertisement for a public auction of “Cattle, Harness, Farm Machinery and Household Effects”, to be held in Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. A list of the items to be offered for auction is featured on the poster, as are the terms for payment.

PE001284 - Trapping for Profit

An informational booklet supplied by HBC, and meant as an introductory text for novice fur trappers. The booklet provides tips on trapping, both general and specific to various types of animals, as well as information on the preparation of skins. Additionally enclosed is a postal envelope from the HBC, addressed to Ivan Diegel, of Craigmyle, Alberta.

PE001299 - Welcome to Calgary

Advertising brochure from the HBC, which promotes the HBC department store in Calgary, as well of general tourism in Calgary. The brochure contains information on the types of items carried by the Bay department store and recommendations for tourist activities in Calgary, as well as customs' information for American visitors to Canada.

PE000462 - Posters as “Warning to Minors” with sections of the Saskatchewan Liquor Act

Two posters on orange cardstock with the words “Warning to Minors” in bold followed by excerpts from the Saskatchewan Liquor Act. It was issued by the Hotels Association of Saskatchewan and Approved by Saskatchewan Liquor Board. Printed by Davidson Leader Print. Since the text infers that serving beer is legal, but serving women is not, it must have been printed sometime between 1935 and 1960. PE000462

PE000920 - Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book

"Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book." Cover is printed on brown cardstock, and the back cover is blank except for the publisher’s mark. The interior details the operations of the Ad Club. Includes a list of members with phone numbers, plans for the upcoming year, information about memberships and dues, a list of officers currently in office, and quite a few advertisements for businesses in Edmonton. Pamphlet also contains one small 12.8 x 7.8 cm card which can be used to apply for a membership with the Edmonton Ad Club. Within is also a 21.5 x 27.8 cm tri-fold letter bearing the Edmonton Ad Club’s letterhead, and addressed to Mr. Ernest Brown. The letter extends an invitation to the addressee to join the Edmonton Ad Club, and extolls some of the benefits of joining. Printed by Edmonton Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd.

PE004841 - Receipt to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Top of receipt reads: "International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-1200 15th Street N.W. Washington 5, D.C." It has been issued to H. M. Wilson, initiated on October 22, 1919 and last paid in August, 1954. It states it’s for pension and death benefits, and is signed by the international secretary. There is an address stamped on the back, sending the receipt to Mr. A. E. Fearey, Financial Secretary, Lu. #348, P.O. Box 154, Calgary, Alberta.

PE000428 - Regulations for the sale of lands in the C.P.R.'s irrigation block

Document listing the regulations for the sale of irrigable and non-irrigable lands in the western section of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s irrigation block and for the supply of water for said irrigation lands. Signed J.S. Dennis, Superintendant of Irrigation. Calgary, Alberta.

One of two documents written by J.S. Dennis of the Irrigation Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. See also PE000459

Dennis, J. S.

PE000780 - Letter and Bulletin from the International Record Collector’s Club to Mr. Abbott. 

Bulletin #100 of the International Record Collector’s Club to Mr. W.J. Abbott at 81 Laurier Av. West, Ottawa, Canada.  This is a two page, typewritten brochure with illustrations of renowned opera figures. It has been folded in a triptych to fit in the 9.6 x 16.5 cm envelope. The envelope includes a three cent U.S. postage and a stamp with the date, time, and location (Dec.3, 1940, 9:30PM, Bridgeport, Conn.). Enclosed is also a typewritten note from the club’s founder to the recipient (dated Dec 2nd), which acknowledges the latter’s partial payment towards two records, as well as an expression of concern over Canada’s ban on “luxuries,” and its impact on the club’s Canadian audience. 

PE000851 - United Grain Growers Notebook

Booklet containing a detailed account of the United Grain Growers, including shareholder information, stock and farm supplies, information on other agricultural agencies, record forms, grain assessment, examples of grain bills, and other factors surrounding the company. It also includes calendars and memoranda where the book owner can make notes, as well as space for addresses. The owner of this booklet made a fair number of notes throughout the latter sections, primarily for grocery lists, addresses, and recipes.

PE000858 - Letter Seeking to Promote a Song

A handwritten letter to the editor of the Edmonton Bulletin from S. K. Larson. The letter requests that the Edmonton Bulletin write a few lines on the publication of Larson's song, "The Rose of My Heart," issued by Dearborn Music Co. of Chicago. It has been published in England, Australia, and the United States. Larson mentions that he was a pioneer of Stony Plain in the Edmonton District, having settled there in 1894 for 15 years, although he now lives in Prince Rupert, B.C. Attached is a short notice announcing the song’s success published by The Evening Empire newspaper, from Prince Rupert, B.C. There is a red, 3 cent Canadian stamp featuring King George V's portrait on the bottom right of the letter.

PE000892 - Harold & Thompson Holland Binder Twine Notebook

Notebook front cover reads: "Harold & Thompson Holland Binder Twine. Manufacture by United Ropeworks Rotterdam-Holland. Our Brands: Queen City-550 ft. Prairie Pride-600 ft. Harold & Thompson Regina-Sask. General Sales Agents." Cover is a mixture of green and white, with red writing on the white background and white writing on the green background. Cover contains a red and black ink drawing of two sheaves of wheat on either side of a roll of binder twine. Back cover contains an advertisement for the company’s new Lattice Cover. Contains the same logo as is found on the front. Inside contains multiple blank graph pages for writing, along with advertisements, useful information such as weight conversions and standard bushels, as well as a 1939-1940 calendar. Owner has put in several personal notes onto the pages.

PE000892 - Plymouth Binder Twine Notebook

Notebook front reads "Plymouth Binder Twine" and shows four (4) rolls of binder twine. Cover is brown, red and black with black writing. Picture on the front is in b&w, except for the tops of the rolls, which are colored red or green. Back covers is mainly red and brown, with black and green writing. Contains an advertisement for Plymouth Green-Top twine. Contains an ink drawing of a sack bound by rope. Interior covers show the same picture: one man hanging a picture with an advertisement on it: Plymouth binder twine on the inside front cover, and  Green Top twine on the inside back cover. Inside are several pages of graph paper for persona, notes. There is also a 1936-1937 calendar, an identification page, and two pages of advertisements. There are some notes on the pages from the owner. One (1) of eight (8) files associated with PE000892. See also Reference Number: F-7-0-0-49 through to F-7-0-0-56.

PE000913 - Documents pertaining to the acquisition and maintenance of a thresher’s license.

Documents pertaining to the acquisition and maintenance of a thresher’s license. Includes the following:

  • 16.7 x 25.4 cm bifold pamphlet titled: "1934 Chapter 28 An Act to amend and consolidate The Threshers’ Lien Act." Document contains the different aspects of the act, including registration of the threshing machine and threshers’ liens. Back page notes the pamphlet was printed in Edmonton by A. Shnitka, King’s Printer.;
  • 17.7 x 14 cm certificate printed on thick paper stock, titled: "Registration Certificate for Threshing Machine 1941 Registration No. 3416." The certificate is printed in green writing, and contains the emblem for the Department of Agriculture in Alberta, as well as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture’s signature.;
  • 14 x 8.6 cm Canada Post card printed on cream colored thick paper stock. One side contains the Department of Agriculture of Alberta’s emblem, and is a blank report card to be filled out by the thresher owner at the close of harvest season. It includes details such as the name and address of the thresher, and how many acres and bushels of various crops were collected at the end of the harvest season. The opposite side shows that the card has postage pre-paid by the Department of Agriculture of Edmonton, Alberta. The top notes: "Canada Post Card," and there is a 1 cent stamp printed on it.;
  • 27.8 x 17.5 cm notice printed on brown card stock. The top of the notice states: "This card must be attached to a prominent part of the threshing machine. The Noxious Weeds Act. Provisions Relating to Threshers." Below this are noted several sections pertaining to the cleaning of threshing machines and grain, as well as extracts from the Act Affecting Threshing Machine Operators.;
  • 24.2 x 16.5 cm brown envelope. The top of the envelope states: "Thresher’s License No. 3416." On the top left corner it states: "Department of Agriculture Government Buildings Edmonton Alberta." The envelope appears to be addressed to S. Bororoski, ? (there is a second name below this, but it is unclear what it says). 

PE000927 - Envelope from Western School Supply Limited - Used

An envelope from Western School Supply Limited addressed to Copp, Clark Company Limited, 495 Wellington St. W., Toronto, 2, Ont. Envelope has a 3 cent Canadian stamp, and includes a b&W ink drawing of a Western School Supply, Limited building. Above this drawing it states: If not called for in ten days return to Western School Supply Limited. Below this drawing it notes: School Equippers 1402 Rose Street Regina, Sask. Canada. There is a small circular postmark on the envelope stating it was received in Regina at 6 pm, November 5, 1931, Sask. The back of the envelope depicts a b&w drawing of a hanging globe. It is captioned: Hanging Globe No 505.

PE004767 - The “Private and Confidential No. 1 Price List” for Massey-Harris Co.

The “Private and Confidential No. 1 Price List” for the Manitoba branch of the Massey-Harris Co., Limited for the year 1906.  Salesmanship suggestions printed on the inside covers.  Terms for sale are followed by prices for farm equipment: binders, mowers, rakes, manure spreaders, drills, cultivators, feed cutters, no.6 diamond harrow, no.11 clip harrow, no.8 lever harrow, disc harrows, cream separators, plows, scuffler, vehicle jack, rollers and packers, wheelbarrows, sleighs, wagons, spring lorries, wagon boxes, and wagon parts.

PE004833 - Brochure celebrating the opening of a second Bank of Toronto branch in Calgary

Brochure titled: Our Second Branch in Calgary. Details the opening of a new Bank of Toronto branch in Calgary, on 8th and 4th.  Lists its services, such as Business Banking, Oil Banking, and Personal Accounts. A small section details the professional profile of the new branch manager, Mr. P. W. Atkinson. When fully opened, brochure contains a large b&w aerial photograph of downtown Calgary from 5000 ft. (Photo taken by Photography Survey Corporation). Front and back covers are light green, with interior pictures detailed in green as well.

PE004906 - Calendar Compliments of F.G. Webber Hardware

Calendar- Compliments of F.G. Webber Hardware. Once flipped open it contains each day of the month and its corresponding weekday, as well as sunrise & sunset times and moon phases. Above the small calendar there is a 20 x 13.5 cm colour photograph of the Rocky Mountains. The calendar and photograph are pasted on a 31.5 x 25.5 cm brown cardboard mat, which has the company’s (F.G. Webber Hardware) contact information. The mat also has a brown string tied at its center top which serves to hang this piece.

PE001081 - Morris Safe & Lock Co. Documents

Documents from, or associated with, the Morris Safe & Lock Co., pertaining to their business affairs with Canadian organizations in Calgary and Saskatchewan. Included amongst the documents are:

  • Correspondence, typed and written, by Norris Safe & Lock Co. employees and by customers of the company on business matters and transactions. Relevant newspaper extracts are attached to two of these.
  • Bills from the City of Calgary, John Jones Alberta Paint Shop, and Tasker Transfer Company
  • Cheques from the Dominion Bank
  • An Alberta Government Telephone notice that payment is in arrears.

PE001099 - New Light on the West Bound Grain Route

Argues for the funding and construction of grain elevator facilities in Edmonton, which the authors suggest, will be necessary for Alberta farmers to take full advantage of a grain transport route to the Pacific, via Vancouver, then under development. Include is an annotated map of this westbound grain route.

PE001115 - Farmers’ Receipt Book

Each receipt includes list of terms and conditions, in addition to tables to record the materials being shipped. Additionally included in the booklet are suggestions to shippers for preparation of goods, as well as a certification form for certifying compliance with the Meat Inspection Act, and advertisements for Dominion Express travellers’ cheques and money orders.

PE001269 - 15 Cents per Bushel--

Poster produced by the Vancouver Sun, protesting the opposition of the Winnipeg Board of Trade to modification of existing rail shipping rates. The poster opines that the present rates unnecessarily discourage Western farmers from shipping their products through the westbound route to Vancouver.

PE001328 - Financial Statements of A. Douglass

Account ledger for A. Douglass. Contains lined sheets, upon which are the handwritten ledger balances, balance sheets and profit and loss statements for the years 1924 – 1928.

Additionally, a balance sheet for the year 1943 is present on the first page in handwriting different from that of the remainder of the material.

Douglass, A.

PE000823 - Orvis Kennedy documents

1. Documents pertaining to Orvis Kennedy:

A) undated newspaper clipping of a 22.5 x 13 cm photograph of Orvis Kennedy standing at a podium behind a ballot counter. The caption reads "Tense Moment Between Ballots."

B) undated Edmonton Journal clipping; headline reads "Tough, folksy ‘backroom boy’ retains role with Socreds." Story written by Bob Bell; it describes then league president Mr. Kennedy’s changing role with the Social Credit Party. Story includes an uncredited photograph of the subject.

C) undated newspaper clipping; headline reads "Hustling Party Organizer in Cross-Country Race." Story describes Mr. Kennedy’s core role with the Social Credit Party; includes a portrait of the subject with the caption "Man in a Hurry."

D) holiday greeting card with a green cover that opens to a colour portrait of Orvis and Gladys Kennedy. Two notes handwritten in blue read "Eph 3:20" and "Loving by, Orvis & Gladys."

E) holiday greeting card with a colour photograph of Orvis and Mary Kennedy on the cover. Handwritten message inside the card reads "Very best wishes to you both; Orvis and Mary."

F) newspaper clipping [Edmonton Journal] dated Thursday, February 7, 1997; headline reads "South Side Merchant Social Credit Nominee." Story outlines food merchants win at the Social Credit nomination for the federal constituency of Edmonton-Strathcona and includes a photograph of Mr. Kennedy (national organizer and president of the Alberta Social Credit League) congratulating Sydney H. Thompson.

G) Edmonton Journal newsprint cover page dated Sept 6, 1972. Includes story on Orvis Kennedy’s retirement and a portrait of the subject.

H) obituary for Gladys Kennedy (1919-Nov 23 1995).

I) obituary for Orvis Kennedy (1908-1997).

J) undated Edmonton Journal column on the death and legacy of Orvis Kennedy. Includes a photograph of the subject with the caption "Kennedy was the organizational czar of the party from 1940 to the 1960s."

PE000823 - Documents regarding the Manning family

  1. Documents Pertaining to Ernest Manning and his family:

A) Two (2) 15 x 10cm pamphlets containing stanzas extolling the virtues of E.C. Manning. The cover contains the title "A Tribute to Hon. E. C. Manning," for his 50th birthday party to take place on Sept 30, 1958 at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium; credit given to Hon. A.J. Hooke. One copy has had the back cover partially ripped off while the second copy has had it completely removed and the cover is detached.

B) Edmonton Journal newsprint page dated Sept 27, 1968, p.85; headline- "New era beginning as premier retires." Fragile condition; ripped top.

C) Edmonton Journal newsprint front page dated Sept 27, 1968. Headline - "Manning Resigns." Includes large photograph of the subject at caucus. Fragile condition, several cut outs throughout the document.

D) Edmonton Journal newsprint dated Feb 25, 1996; A7; headline - "Alberta’s Master builder: Premier Ernest Manning presided over rebuilding of the province." A handwritten note on the top left corner contains funeral information. Commentary is a tribute to Mr. Manning and includes two photographs of him.

E) Duplicate of item D without the handwritten note.

F) Edmonton Journal cut out with a handwritten date as May 28, 1998; headline- "Moshing Manning: Preston’s Son is an alternative rocker." Includes a photograph of David Manning on stage and one of Preston Manning jamming with his son and nephew.

G) Edmonton Journal newsprint cut-out dated Sept 28, 1968; headline: "Manning hints retirement may bring new role solving social problems." Story includes a photograph of Preston Manning with a caption questioning whether he will follow his father’s footprints.

H) Newpaper clipping; headline: "Ernest Manning mourned;" colour photograph below headline depicts Preston Manning and mother Muriel following a service for Ernest Manning in Calgary’s First Alliance Church. Credit for the photograph is given to The Canadian Press. A handwritten note on the top right corner dates the clipping on Feb 24, 1996.

I) Edmonton Journal cut-out dated May 7, 1996; editorial headline- "Manning shows real leadership." Story outlines Preston Manning’s decision-making within the Reform Party.

J) Edmonton Journal cut-out, undated; headline- "The father of modern Alberta." Story outlines the subject’s prolific political career and impact on the province of Alberta; includes a large medium shot of the subject.

K) Edmonton Journal cut-out; undated; headline- "Socred caucus speaking with a younger voice." A photograph with the caption "Premier Manning with Dr. D.D. Bouvier…newly-elected Socred for Lac La Biche." Story elaborates on speculation regarding Preston Manning’s political role.

L) Edmonton Journal newsprint cut-out dated Oct 3, 1968, p18; headline- "She’d do it all over again, but dreams of the future." Includes a large portrait of Mrs. Manning with the following caption: "Mrs. Manning looks forward to retirement…husband’s announcement was happiest moment of her life."

M) Newspaper cut-out; undated; headline- "Suddenly, Social Credit was king: there was new hope in the land," author: Mark Lisak; Canadian Press. Story traces the origins and rise of the Social Credit Party in Alberta and includes a large photograph with the following caption: "Sen. Ernest Manning honors William Aberhart, 1976…in 1935 the whole world wondered at events in Alberta."

N) Edmonton Journal newsprint page dated Feb 20, 1996; A3; section headline- "Manning Remembered." Page contains fragments various columns and information about the late premier.

O) Edmonton Journal clipping; headline: "Ernest Manning mourned." Colour photograph below headline depicts Preston Manning and mother Muriel following a service for Ernest Manning in Calgary’s First Alliance Church. Credit for the photograph is given to The Canadian Press. A handwritten note on the top right corner dates the clipping on Feb 24, 1996.

P) Edmonton Journal clipping dated Oct 26, 1963; headline- "Premier, Mrs. Manning Impressed with Israel’s Great Progress." Includes a portrait of Mrs. Manning and a separate one of Ernest Manning. A handwritten note on the top left corner reads "Nice Picture of Mrs. Manning eh."

Q) 28.5 x 34.5 cm Edmonton Sun full newsprint page dated Feb 24, 1996; headline: "Manning laid to rest." B&W photograph below headline depicts family members, including Muriel Manning and son, Preston Manning, attending the funeral of Ernest Manning at Calgary’s First Alliance Church. Credit for the photograph is given to the Calgary Sun. Article below this is titled: "Tributes flow in for ex-premier," and contains a b&w photograph to the left of the caption showing 6 pallbearers carrying the casket of Ernest Manning.

R) 12 X 18 cm B&W photograph of Preston Manning, credited to the Canadian Press, with the caption: R"eform Leader Preston Manning laughs in response to a comment by Reform MP Deborah Grey during opening speeches Thursday morning." There is a handwritten note dating the picture to June 7, 1996.

S) 14 X 13.5 b&w photograph of Mrs. Manning and Mrs. M. S. Parker credited to Goertz Studios, with the caption: "Another Bouquet-The triumphant victory at the polls, Thursday, when the Social Credit government again swept back to power in Alberta was shared by the wife of Premier Ernest C. Manning. Mrs. Manning, left, is pictured as she received a sheaf of red roses from Mrs. M. S. Parker, secretary of the Alberta Social Credit League at the Social Credit headquarters."

T) 31.5 X 13 cm clipping with the headline: "Manning embodied conservative streak in Canadian character." Article written by Mark Lisac, and concerns the effect Ernest Manning had on Alberta.

U) Two related clippings taken from the Edmonton Journal dated May 29, 1997. One is 30.5 x 10 cm, the other is 19 x 11.2 cm. Headline is: "A stroll down memory lane," and the first clipping contains a photo of Preston and Sandra Manning walking along the High Level bridge in Edmonton. Photo credited to Ian Scott of The Journal.

V) 30.5 x 11.2 cm article from Southam Newspapers in the Calgary Herald titled: "Hundreds pay tribute to Manning." Contains a b&w photograph of Ernest Manning from 1980, credited as a File photo.

W) 7.8 x 10.5 cm clipping titled: "Keith Manning dies in hospital." There is a handwritten note dating the clipping to the summer of 1986.

X) 11.5 x 9.5 cm B&W photograph newspaper clipping depicting Ernest Manning, credited to File photo. Caption reads: "The late Ernest Manning, former Alberta premier, pictured in 1971."

Y) Full-page newspaper article, 10 x 58 cm, from the Edmonton Journal, dated Sept. 28, 1968, titled: "Premier remembers day when $100 bill was rare." Includes two b&w photographs of Premier Manning, one from 1968 and one from the 1940’s. Articles below it contain statements from various politicians regarding Premier Manning, and include two b&w photographs, one of Premier Thatcher with the handwritten note of Murdered his wife, and one of Mike Maccagno.

Z) 12.6x10 cm invitation from The Social Credit Women’s Auxiliaries for a reception in honor of Mrs. Ernest C. Manning.

PE000823 - Social Credit Elections featured in various articles

12. Various articles pertaining to Social Credit Elections:

A) 30 x 60 cm full size newspaper article from the Edmonton Journal dating Dec 4, 1968, titled: "Socreds Set to Decide: Who will be the man to follow these giants?" There are two b&w portraits on both sides of the title, one of Premier Manning on the top left, and one of William Aberhart on the top right. The bottom center of the page contains a photo captioned: "The ‘hot seat’ that six men want, and depicts Premier Manning’s former office." The inside left page contains two b&w pictures of Dr. Walter Buck and Edgar Gerhart, along with their profiles and platforms. The inside right page contains two b&w photos of Alfred J. Hooke and Ray Reierson, along with their profiles and platforms. The back page contains two b&w photos of Harry Strom and Gordon Taylor, along with their profiles and platforms. The paper has been folded twice in the middle, and while it shows some wear and tear around the ages, is in generally good condition;

B) 30 x 60 cm full size newspaper article from the Edmonton Journal dating Dec 4, 1968, titled "Socred D-Day: Strom Still man they must beat," taken from the front page of the paper. Article is one of many on the page, and concerns the upcoming election after Premier Manning’s retirement. Article continues on back portion of the page. Front page contains b&w photo on top left side of 5 people with their faces obstructed by political posters of 5 candidates captioned: "Five of the Six Candidates…Mr. Hooke has no campaign literature." Paper has been folded once in the middle, and then twice more, but is in relatively good condition;

C) 20 x 33 cm newspaper clipping titled "Women Behind Each Candidate for Election," taken from the Edmonton Journal, dated March 12, 1963. Article concerns the work of women during the election campaigns, and their effect on those campaigns. Contains two b&w photos: one on the top right of a woman at a table writing notes on a notepad captioned: "Keeps track of thousands - Mrs. Arksey, secretary to Orivs [sic] Kennedy, Social Credit candidate, makes contact with more than 13,000 members of the Alberta Social Credit League, in preparation for the April federal election." The second photo is on the bottom right of the page, showing a woman painting a man’s face, captioned: "A Final Touch - Don Brinton, Liberal candidate for East Edmonton has a touch-up job by Mrs. Michael Powers, a tireless worker in the party’s committee rooms. Mr. Brinton’s larger-than-life size portrait graces the committee rooms’ main window." Clipping is folded once on the bottom, and is in good condition;

D) 18.5 x 24 cm newspaper clipping titled: "Election Forum." Article concerns the opinions of "Glen Cumming, a Social Credit candidate for Calgary-South." An additional article on the page is titled "4 Candidates In Drumheller," and is concerning the speaking of 4 candidates at a meeting in Drumheller. Clipping contains two b&w photos: one in the bottom left corner depicting a man in a suit with glasses, captioned: "Glen Cumming." The other is located on the top right side of the page, depicting two men shown at a table drinking. This is captioned: "Social Credit Leader Robert Thompson has his right hand bandaged at an election luncheon in Victoria. He injured it in car door while campaigning on Vancouver Island. With him is Dr. Charles Ennals, president of the National Young Social Credit Association." Clipping has a tear up the middle, but is otherwise in good condition;

E) 12.5 x 17 cm clipping titled: "16th Alberta Legislative Assembly," and details the number of candidates elected from each party, as well as the names, constituencies, and political affiliation of candidates who were elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta after the May 23, 1967 election. Clipping appears to have been taken from a magazine of some type, as it is printed on glossy paper. Clipping is in good condition.

PE000430 - “Pale Western Cutworm in 1941” Report

Two page report titled “Pale Western Cutworm in 1941,” dated August 5, 1940. Report delimits the areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan most likely affected by an infestation of pale western cutworms and explains how to avoid and treat infestations. Created by (Science Service News) Press and Publicity, Publicity and Extension Division, Department of Agriculture, Canada.

PE000895 - French language "Historical notes on the life of P. E. de Radisson"

Book titled: "Notes Historiques sue la vie de P.E. de Radisson. Par L.A Prud’Homme." (translated: Historical notes on the life of P.E. de Radisson by L.A Prud’Homme). The cover consists only of a rust-colored sheet of paper with a black border. The interior and cover consist of thin paper, and are quite fragile. The 60 pages which make up the interior are entirely in French, and there is a copyright note on the back stating Prud’Homme followed the rules set down by the Parliament of Canada and the Minister of Agriculture in Ottawa. Bottom of front cover indicates the printer/publisher: Imprimerie de L’agriculteur, Saint Boniface Man. 

PE000897 - "Weeds: Their Identification and Control" - SK

Book titled: "Weeds: Their Identification and Control." Above the title it says: "Government of the Province of Saskatchewan." There is a price of 10 cents indicated below the title, and it was published under direction of the Hon. C.M. Hamilton, Minister of Agriculture. Printed in Regina by J. W. Reid, King’s Printer.

The first interior page notes that this is Bulletin No. 57, and was written by M.P. Tullis, Field Crops Commissioner. It is also noted that this is the third edition. 54 pages within the book contain information regarding weeds found in Saskatchewan, including drawings for identification. At the back there are 8 pages detailing the Saskatchewan Revised Statutes of 1920, chapter 167, regarding noxious weeds. A large purple faded stamp on the top of the first page of these statutes states: This act repealed and new act passed in 1924.

PE004871 - “Don’t Take Chances with Communicable Diseases” Pamphlet

Pamphlet promoting prevention of communicable diseases. It contains information on the nature of germs, causes for disease, and preventative methods. It also includes a chart of the most prevalent communicable diseases and their signs, symptoms, sources of infection, and signs to seek in order to assess when it is safe to return to school. Created by the Department of Health and Public Welfare, Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

PE004744 - “Instructions for Trappers, The Frost Drying Method of Preparing Beaver Pelts” booklet

A booklet of “Instructions for Trappers, The Frost Drying Method of Preparing Beaver Pelts.” Published by the Department of Lands and Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division, of the Government of the Province of Alberta. Contains four (4) pages of written instructions and four (4) pages of photographed examples.  The textured gray paper of the cover is bound to the booklet by two staples. 

PE001051 - Minutes of Meetings Held in 1950-1951 Inaugurating and Establishing Civil Defence in Alberta

Contains a record of provincial civil defense committee meetings, exercises and significant activities, from Dec. 12, 1950 to the end of Oct. 1954. The document comprises a summary record of activities (‘Civil Defense Diary’), 50 appendices, largely containing meeting minutes, but also including some administrative records, such as personnel lists, and miscellaneous other documentation, including additional meeting minutes, organizational charts of Alberta’s civil defense organization, and progress reports on civil defense planning.

PE001247 - Saskatchewan: A Few Facts

Informational booklet which describes various aspects of Saskatchewan’s geography, economy and government. The inside cover carries a list of contemporary executive council members and former premiers and lieutenant-governors. The back cover features a simple topographical map of the province.

PE000373 - Cityscape Photograph - Edmonton Civic Centre Development Project

B&W print, wide-angle photograph of cityscape.

Part of a collection of materials related to the planned Edmonton Civic Centre in the 1960s. In the early 1960s, Webb & Knapp, a large land development company, entered into an agreement with the City of Edmonton to develop a proposal for a new downtown civic centre. The agreement contained provisions such that Webb & Knapp would fund the cost of the proposal, and if the proposal were to be approved, Webb & Knapp would receive considerable land rights in the development area as compensation. However, were the proposal to be rejected, the proposal itself was to become property of the City of Edmonton. The proposal by Webb & Knapp was ultimately rejected, but not until after the City of Edmonton Planning Commission developed its own proposal that, Webb & Knapp argued, made significant use of the original proposal. Webb & Knapp sued the City of Edmonton, ultimately winning a decision on breach of copyright in 1970.

Collection includes memorandum of agreement between the City of Edmonton and slated developers Webb & Knapp, architectural plans from Webb & Knapp as well as the City of Edmonton, cityscape photographs, and an artist’s concept rendering. PE000368 (F-8-0-0-5) to PE000375 (F-8-0-0-12).

PE000669 - PC Handbill Federal Campaign

Handbill supporting Progressive Conservatives John Diefenbaker (for Prime Minister) and Robert “Bud” Simpson (for Churchill, Manitoba) in their bid to be returned to Parliament. Features B&W pictures of both candidates and a list of 10 reasons to vote Progressive Conservative.

PE000672 - Winnipeg Municipal Election Handbills

Collection of handbills supporting candidates for positions in Winnipeg municipal government.
Collection includes:

  • Mary Jenkins for School Trustee in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Jenkins and a brief biography. [1940?],
  • W. A. Cuddy for School Trustee in Ward 1. Features B&W photo of Cuddy and list of credentials. [1940?],
  • Ernest Hallonquist for Alderman in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Hallonquist and list of credentials. Oct. 1948,
  • Slaw Rebchuk for Alderman and Andrew Zaharychuk for School Trustee (up for re-election) in Ward 3, supported by the Winnipeg Taxpayers’ Association. Features photos of both candidates. Oct. 1949,
  • James Black for Alderman in Ward 2, up for re-election. Features B&W photo of Black, list of credentials and the heading “Winnipeg Is Your City! Safeguard Its Future!!” Oct. [1949],
  • Peter Taraska for Alderman and Edward Bachynski for School Trustee in Ward 3, supported by the North Winnipeg Taxpayers’ Association. Features B&W photos of both candidates. Oct. 1952.

PE000699 - Supplementary Report on the City of Edmonton, Fire Insurance

Fire insurance report titled “Supplementary Report on the City of Edmonton, Alberta (no. 14),” produced by the Fire Branch of the Western Canada Insurance Underwriters’ Association of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Report is a supplement to a full report submitted October 1918. Includes descriptions of the city of Edmonton’s waterworks and fire department as well as some general conclusions.

PE000734 - Letter regarding employment written by agent of the Canadian Government Agency

One sheet of paper: one side text, other side a B&W map of Western Canada.  Contents are in response to a letter sent by Mr. D.W. Mason from Baker City, Oregon, to the Canadian Government Agency, apparently in regard to finding work in Edmonton or other parts of Alberta.  Letter was written by J.N. Grieve, agent of the Canadian Government Agency.  

PE000890 - Elect Strynadka campaign pamphlet

Brochure cover contains a b&W photograph of a man wearing a suit and glasses, (Harry Strynadka), and it reads: "Elect Strynadka. Vote…New Democrat Strathcona Centre. Vote Strynadka, H. J. X." The bottom notes it was published by Strathcona Centre N.D.P. Top portion of the front folds up to reveal the election campaign of Harry J. Strynadka. Back portion contains the biographical details of Harry Strynadka, as well as contact details for the NDP committee rooms. Writing at the bottom notes the pamphlet was printed by Co-op Press Limited.

PE004765 - Federal re-election campaign brochure for Stanley Knowles of the NDP

Pamphlet from the federal re-election campaign for Stanley Knowles of the New Democratic Party in the riding of Winnipeg North Centre. The front of the pamphlet is taken up by a B&W portrait photograph of Stanley Knowles. The pamphlet’s back gives election day as Monday, November 8, and encourages voters seeking further information to call the New Democratic Party Headquarters at SPruce 2-5795. The pamphlet is authorized by Art Coulter, Official Agent, and is printed by Comet Press Limited.

PE001237 - Homestead Payment documents

Materials relating to payment for a homestead in Swift Current, Saskatchewan; the materials are addressed to Percy L. Stubbs. The materials include:

  • An Oct, 7, 1910 payment reminder for the 3rd installment on the homestead, amounting to $64 plus interest on the outstanding amount.
  • A Dec. 27, 1912 payment receipt for $211.35 in relation to the homestead. The receipt includes the location of the homestead property.
  • A postal envelope, addressed to P. L. Stubbs, and dated Dec. 27, 1912.

PE001246 - What Does Social Credit Stand For?

Reprint of an interview of Solon Law, leader of the Social Credit movement nationally, by Blair Fraser, as originally carried in MacLean’s Magazine. The interview consists of a preface, followed by 33 questions, and their accompanying replies, that broadly outline the positions of the Social Credit party.

PE000836 - Straw Weaving Example from Alberta

Weaving is done in a chevron shape, with wheat tails protruding in a fan from the bottom of the chevron. Chevron is attached to another woven triangle, with a wheat woven hanger on top. Contains an information card stating: "The art of Straw Weaving is a tale of wonder and respect. The farmer would weave a straw symbol of the last grain to act as a resting place of the Spirit - thus ensuring a bountiful harvest for the following year. Today the weavings have become symbols of good luck." Card notes that the weaving was handcrafted in Alberta, and contains a date stamp of Edmonton, 2000.

PE001066 - One Year

Contains photographs, poetry and decorations on seasonal themes. Each page contains a short poem and an accompanying photograph of a locale in Manitoba, with a decorative illustration in the margin. A small calendar is also contained within, for the year 1915.

Bale, Florence Gratiot

PE001089 - A Mountain Vista

A painting of a forest scene in the mountains, subtitled ‘A Mountain Vista’. The frame bears the message ‘The Season’s Greetings’, and is signed by the author in pencil. On the reverse, pencil notes include the message ‘ To Mrs. McRiver and the boy who lay down the lay to her’.

Bridgen, Frederick H

PE000563 - Birthday card from Jean Breadner

Birthday card from Jean Breadner. Colourful paper card with flowers, a ribbon, three notepads and a pencil on the cover. The cover reads “On Your Twenty-First Birthday Sis: Best Wishes for Today and Always”. Inside is a poem and a short note.s.l.

Breadner, Jean

PE000221 - Diary of Mr. Maxworthy

A small, softcover diary (‘1935 DIARY’ on cover), which features brief daily entries about the activities of a Mr. Maxworthy, resident of Lethbridge [?] Alberta. Includes descriptions of trips around southern Alberta, meetings with family and friends, etc.

PE000491 - Four Letters on Wild Flowers to Miss Emily Sartain

Four letters addressed to Miss Emily Sartain apparently responding to inquiries about the total number of wild flowers in Canada and in the province of the respondent’s residence. Found, by the dealer, in a copy of Fraser & Russell’s "A revised, annotated list of the plants of Saskatchewan," 1944.

  • One-page typed letter on University of British Columbia letterhead from John Davidson, Associate Professor of Botany, dated March 31, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Royal Victoria College, McGill University letterhead from Muriel V. Roscoe, dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page handwritten letter on University of Alberta letterhead from E. H. Moss [?], dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Canada Department of Agriculture letterhead from Harold A. Senn, Senior Botanist, on behalf of Dr. Craigie, sent from the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Ontario, and dated May 29, 1947.

PE004781 - Note to Mr. T.L. “Tommy” Robertson, Boy Scout Headquarters

Note addressed to Mr. T.L. “Tommy” Robertson, Boy Scout Headquarters, 42456 or 83504 Ave. Letter is divided into 5 sections, each dealing with slightly different issues. The first section talks about the number of copies needed for Campcraft & Handicraft, the second mentions an unnamed person not receiving booklets, the third refers to the opinion of Mr. Robertson, the fourth regards changes to a section, and the fifth mentions adding the topic of fencing and contacting the Toedol Fencing & Archery Club. It is signed by a Mrs. Mathews.

PE001057 - Christmas Card - RAF Carberry

Christmas card, with the text ‘With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year’, and slightly below, ‘R.A.F’. A map of Canada showing the location of Carberry, and the text ‘Greetings from Canada’, is present on the inside page.

PE001352 – Lindberg Cabin, etc

1) Green leaf rubbing
2) “Original Lindberg Cabin, 1890?” house on ranch.
3) Close up of barn
4) Image of cow and calf and person.
Letter: Addressed to Lois and Mr. Fenna (?). Written in the winter of 1991 and covers basic topics of conversation and Johnson’s new book, her age (77) and nearly being hit by a car.

Magnhild Johnson

PE001353 – Meine Leibe Christien

: Three letters and a list on scrap paper.
1951 Letter: dated Nov 1st Feast of All Saints 1951. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
Dec 4th Letter: dated Second Sunday in the Advent (Christmastime) Dec 4, Golden Ridge. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Contains 7 questions about Jesus Christ and mentions Evangelism. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
1948 Letter: dated November 21 1948. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Quotes sections of the bible. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
List: 6th S. N. October. Partially in English with no0tes in German. Written on scrap paper, torn from original letter from a Regina office. Religious topics.

PE001356 – Nicholas Garry Letter

Letter by Nicholas Garry who gave his name to Fort Garry, now Winnipeg. Removed from album with a few marks on the last (blank) page. Sent from conduit St. (London), 18th March 1828.
“Sir, I request you will permit Sam Gale to visit the Travellers Club….” Garry (1782 - 1856) was a deputy governor of the HBC. In 1821 he was in Canada to facilitate the merger of the HBC and the North West Company. Samuel Gale was active in Quebec and testified three times in 1828 before the committee of the House of Commons inquiring into the Government of Canada.

Nicholas Garry

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