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Geoffrey Lester fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Geoffrey Lester.

Lester, Geoffrey

Georg Kaiser Collection

  • Collection

The Georg Kaiser Collection at the University of Alberta

The Georg Kaiser Collection, housed at the University of Alberta Archives, was acquired by the Department of Germanic Languages and the University of Alberta Libraries under the guidance of Prof. Ernest Reinhold, University of Alberta, with the assistance of Prof. Armin Arnold, McGill University. In July 1962, the University of Alberta and the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, agreed to establish at the University of Alberta a repository of photocopies or microfilm reproductions of manuscripts and documentary materials currently held in the Georg-Kaiser-Archiv of the Akademie der Künste. A similar agreement with the heirs of the Swiss poet Caesar von Arx, Kaiser’s closest friend, provided for the transfer from Switzerland to the University of Alberta of photocopies and microfilms of manuscripts, letters, and other documents written by or about Georg Kaiser during his life in exile. The Georg Kaiser Collection at the University of Alberta is privileged to possess a uniquely complete collection of the Kaiser fond.

The Collection includes dramatic, epic, lyric, and theoretical works written by Georg Kaiser as well as his correspondence. It further includes documents relating to the life of Georg Kaiser, who is one of the most prolific expressionist playwrights and who remains one of the most frequently-played dramatists from this period. The Collection is enhanced by original photographs of scenes, programs, and posters relating to the various productions of his plays. The primary materials consist mainly of photocopies of manuscripts and correspondence, including several original letters and original radio and stage scripts, whereas the secondary materials include original newspaper clippings and photocopies of the same, posters, photographs, correspondence, organizational materials and sound recordings of the Georg Kaiser 1878-1978 Symposium (1978: Edmonton), in addition to photocopies of theater programs, reviews, research papers, journal articles, as well as photocopies of trial documents. Copies of cards from the card catalogue of the Kaiser archives in Berlin are also included. Part of the collection which consists primarily of materials acquired from Switzerland is on microfilm, however, most microfilmed documents are also available in paper format.

The project

This bibliography is the result of a four month project initiated and directed by Prof. Marianne Henn and funded by the Research Initiatives Fund, Dean of Arts, Director of Libraries, Division of Germanic Languages, Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Studies at the University of Alberta, and private donors. The project was conducted in the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library with professional support provided by John Charles and Jeannine Green.

The goal of the project was to create an electronic database which will make the Georg Kaiser Collection accessible to scholars and researchers not only at the University of Alberta but also at other academic institutions in Canada and the United States. The target audience of the project includes faculty and students in the following disciplines: German literature, comparative literature, drama, and film studies. The material may also be of interest for interdisciplinary studies, studies of literary and theater criticism of a certain historical period, and studies of the influence of political history on literary production and on the reception of a writer and his works.

The Georg Kaiser Database was developed in Pro-Cite 3.2 for Windows. It includes 360 records describing the Georg Kaiser Collection.

The Georg Kaiser Bibliography with a keyword index is generated from the Database and enhanced into a pre-coordinated index in paper format to serve as a guide to the Collection. The Georg Kaiser Database (in Pro-Cite) will be networked and accessible through the LAN of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.

The bibliography

The records of the Georg Kaiser Collection were received by the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library in two accessions, 96-2 and 96-161 (the number 96 being the code of the Library’s manuscript collections). This Bibliography describes the records of the Kaiser fond in 360 citations, corresponding to the 360 files in the two accessions. It includes primary and secondary materials from 1896 to 1997. Published monographs from the holdings of the University of Alberta Libraries are not included.

The organization of the citations in the Bibliography follows entirely the organization of the accessions 96-2 (i.e. 96-2-1 to 96-2-317) and 96-161 (i.e. 96-161-1 to 96-161-43). This organization was chosen to facilitate physical retrieval of records from the Collection and to make the Keyword index usable in paper format.

The number of each citation in the Bibliography corresponds to the accession number of the described file in the Georg Kaiser Collection, i.e. the citation number is the same as the file number (the last part of each accession number). For example, in the file number 96-2-5, its first part, 96-2-, is the accession number of the manuscript collection, and its last part, 5, is the file number within the collection; 5 is also the number within the appropriate accession in the Bibliography which precedes the corresponding citation.

The Bibliography is divided into two parts corresponding with the two accessions, 96-2 and 96-161. Each part includes two sections, Section 1: Primary materials and Section 2: Secondary materials. In Section 1, the citations are organized alphabetically by document type; within each document type, they are arranged alphabetically by title or by subject of the item or file. In Section 2, the citations are organized in sub-sections by format and document type; within each sub-section, they follow in alphabetical order by the subject of the file.

Since the Bibliography focuses on primary materials, the citations included in Section 1 describe the records on item level. The only exceptions to this rule are the Correspondence and the Poetry sub-sections, where the citations describe the material on the file level. The latter level of description also applies to the secondary materials in Section 2.

The citations do not follow a particular citation style because they describe unpublished manuscripts. The citations for secondary materials, although they include published materials (newspaper clippings, journal articles, parts of books, etc.), provide a file level description.

The format of the citations was developed by the compiler of the Bibliography and represents a combination of cataloguing rules (AACR2r) and principles of archival description. In cases where single issues of periodicals or theater programs are described within particular citations, the description follows the reference list citation type provided in Turabian's Manual for Writers (1987). Each citation includes the following fields: Number, Title, Date, a Note with detailed description, and the Accession number of the file.

The main source of information for the data provided in each citation was the particular item or file that has been described. For the verification of titles, names, and dates, or in cases when the information was incomplete or missing from the main source, the following sources were used: Georg Kaiser Werke (Huder 1971); Georg Kaiser Briefe (Valk 1980); "Bibliographie" in Georg Kaiser (Pausch and Reinhold 1980); Georg Kaiser, Stücke, Erzählungen, Aufsätze, Gedichte (Huder 1966); Georg Kaiser Symposium (Pausch and Reinhold 1980). Any information in the citation that was not taken from the main source of information is enclosed in square brackets.

Kaiser, Georg

George Arthur Plains Bison Collection

  • Collection
  • ca. 1599-1992 (bulk 1960s-1980s)

The bulk of the collection consists of photocopied material pertaining to plains bison. There is also a substantial volume of offprints, newspaper clippings, published reports and pamphlets, all pertaining to various aspects of plains bison culture. A significant amount of ephemera from various conferences and organizations Arthur was involved in, as well as correspondence, research notes, and course materials are also contained in the collection.

Arthur, George W.

George J. Chapman Circus Collection

  • Collection
  • 1909-1991 (predominant 1970-1990)

The collection consists of published circus promotional materials (programs, posters, etc.), trade periodicals, records of several circus-related organizations that Chapman collected or was involved with, and miscellaneous material in a variety of media formats. The collection is divided into series by subject matter and media type.

Chapman, George James

Gertrude Balmer Watt fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1898-1955

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Gertrude Watt.

Watt, Gertrude Balmer

Gordon Peacock fonds

  • Fonds
  • 2009

Fonds depicts Gordon Peacock's professional activities as a actor, teacher, and director from the 1950s to the 1990s. The predominant amount of records are photograhs from various productions of the University of Alberta's Studio Theatre. There are also textual files documenting Peacock's directing, teaching and administrative career. The material is arranged in chronological order.

Peacock, Gordon

Gordon R Freeman Fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of materials related to Dr. Gordon R. Freeman's career and research.

Freeman, Gordon R.

Gordon W. Hodgson fonds

  • UAA-2001-003
  • Fonds
  • 1942-2000

Gordon W. Hodgson Papers 1942-2000

Hodgson, Gordon W.

Halley Hamilton Gaetz fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1917-1970

Fonds consist of records pertaining to Dr. Halley Gaetz's memoirs.

Gaetz, Halley Hamilton

Hans Gruen Mycology Collection

  • Collection
  • 1927-1992

The collection consists of reprints and clippings from various scholarly journals, conference proceedings, speeches, lectures, theses, dissertations, and other sources relating to mycology and plant physiology. Items are in English and German, with a few French works. The bulk of the collection consists of German reprints (Series 2) and reprints/clippings of works by Kenneth Vivian Thimann, a highly respected scholar in the field of plant physiology.

Gruen, Hans

Harlod Purcey Brown fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1920-1979

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Harold Brown.

Brown, Harold Purcey

Harry Ernest Bulyea fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1900-1986

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Dr. Harry Bulyea of the Department of Dentistry at the University of Alberta and his family.

Bulyea, Harry Ernest

Harry Ford Critchley fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1926-1930

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Harry Critchley.

Critchley, Harry Ford

Hector Robertson MacLean fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1880-1987

Fonds consist of records pertaining to Dr. Hector Robertson, Faculty of Dentistry, and privately printed book: "Memoirs of a Soldier".

MacLean, Hector Robertson

Helen Sheldon fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1900-1971

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Helen Sheldon's work as Advisor to Women Students and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Alberta.

Sheldon, Helen

Helene M.E. Schalkwijk-Barendsen fonds

  • UAA-2010-023
  • Fonds
  • 1962-2004

Research, publication and teaching notes of Professor Schalkwijk-Barendsen.

Schalkwijk-Barendsen, Helene M.E.

Henry Marshall Tory Fonds

  • 1968-9
  • Fonds
  • 1927

The H.M. Tory fonds consists of 12 series. They are concerned predominantly with his work as President of the University of Alberta. As the first President of the University, many of the records document the creation of facilites and faculties. To this end there is legislative documentation; financial correspondence and adminstrative files; design records including corrpesondence with architects and engineers; faculty and staff records for Medicine, Agriculture, Education, Law, and Pharmacy; library and laboratory planning records; Convocation and registrations records, University communications and affiliation files; student relations records; documents relating to the First World War and Khaki University.

Tory, Henry Marshall

Henry T. Lewis fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1974-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Anthropologist Henry Lewis.

Lewis, Henry T.

Herbert Edgar Smith fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1927-1955

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Herbert Edgar Smith.

Smith, Herbert Edgar

Herbert Thomas Coutts fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1950-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Educator, H.T. Coutts.

Coutts, Herbert Thomas

Historical HIV/AIDS Pamphlet Collection

  • Collection
  • 1984-1995

This collection of health information is focused on pamphlets and fliers promoting primary prevention measures to the general public and, to a lesser degree, Health Professionals. The drop-down pages are organized as series level finding aids.

Most artifacts are in English and were produced in Canada or the United States of America. Also there are several artifacts in multiple versions by year, the changes in information between editions is both interesting and instructive.

Although primarily of interest for health researchers this collection may also be of interest to a variety of researchers; for example those interested in depictions of minorities including First Nations / Native Americans, Africans, Asians and sexual minorities. The collection may also be of interest to the following disciplines: Art (graphic design & illustration), Education, Counselling, Gender studies, Graphic novels, History, Linguistics (especially slang), Multiculturalism, Public Health policy, Social work, and Sociology.

Hugh Bancroft fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1925-1988

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Hugh Bancroft.

Bancroft, Hugh

Hugh M. Raup fonds

  • Fonds
  • [ca.1940-1979]

Hugh M. Raup's records relating to Arctic and northern research; included are field notes, aerial photographs, maps, drafts and manuscripts of published papers, plant lists, and photographs of research sites and surrounding areas.

Harvard Forest Archives

Hugh Whitney Morrison fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1928-1988

Fonds consist of records pertaining to Journalist Hugh Whitney Morrison, his family,

Morrison, Hugh Whitney

Hulbert Footner fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1911-1913

Fonds consists of records pertaining to author Hulbert Footner and his work.

Footner, Hulbert

Human Rights Institute of Canada fonds

  • 2013-51
  • Fonds
  • 1928-2012

The Human Rights Institute of Canada fonds contains the records of the Human Rights Institute of Canada and its founder and president, Marguerite Ritchie. The Human Rights Institute of Canada is an independent, not for profit, non-partisan research group which conducts and promotes research into issues that impede equality for Canadians, as per the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with a specific focus on women’s equality. This Institute was founded by Ottawa based lawyer, Marguerite Ritchie, a former lawyer for the Department of Justice and Vice-Chair of the Anti-Dumping Tribunal. The fundamental premise of the Institute was to provide expert legal research to the Canadian people in the same way that the Department of Justice gives legal advice to the Government of Canada. As founder and President, Marguerite Ritchie set the tone for the Institute and this fonds also contains her papers from before she founded the Human Rights Institute of Canada.

The materials in this fonds date from 1934 to 2013. Materials from the Human Rights Institute of Canada are from 1973 to 2013, while legal research materials date back to the 1700s. The fonds pertains predominately to Canada, with some research on the United States of America (USA), Europe, the Soviet Union (USSR), the Middle East, and Africa. With the exception of United Nations conferences and research on Israel, most of the research on other nations and regions is for a point of comparison for rights, equality, and politics.

The fonds contains three types of materials: those of Marguerite Ritchie from her personal life and career before she founded the Human Rights Institute of Canada, those relating to the functioning of the institute, such as administrative records, and those relating to the work of the Institute produced mainly by President Marguerite Ritchie. Documents from the work of the Human Rights Institute of Canada is the largest portion of the fonds. Materials produced by the Institute were generated mostly by the projects it was involved with, including tracking issues over the course of years and its efforts to publicise its research in the media and the government. This fonds does not contain working papers of volunteers. Function based Institute records document the Human Rights Institute of Canada’s founding, its procedures, funding, support, and organisation. Materials of founder Marguerite Ritchie contain research from her work at the Department of Justice and the Anti-Dumping Tribunal, Anti-Dumping Tribunal procedures, her personal experiences facing sexism and gender discrimination while working for the federal government. It also includes her personal research on women’s issues which she began while working for the Department of Justice and which became a life-long passion.

The Human Rights Institute of Canada addresses issues of women’s equality, human rights, the United Nations and international law, Canadian laws and equality, the functioning of government, equality in the justice system, the relationship between the federal governments and the provinces, and funding and support for the Institute. Major projects the Institute worked on to address these issues include Persons Case II, Senate reform, the Meech Lake Accord and Charlottetown Accord, status equality for aboriginal women, the Expropriation of Nanoose Bay, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the high arctic relocations, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women and following the development of the status of women, Quebec separatism, and the Official Languages Act and bilingualism. The most common document types are newspaper clippings, memorandum, correspondence, press releases, reports, legislation, House of Commons and Senate debates, committee minutes and proceedings from Parliament, promotional materials, and government publications. Newspaper clippings are mostly annotated with citations and marginalia. The fonds also contains a significant number of Dialogue magazines; Marguerite Ritchie was a long time contributor to this magazine, which publishes reader contributed articles on political and social issues from a variety of perspectives.

Ritchie, Dr. Marguerite E.

Ibrahim Folinsbee Morrison fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1921-1957

Fonds consists of records pertaining to engineer I.F. Morrison and his work.

Morrison, Ibrahim Folinsbee

Ivan Rudnytsky fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1940 - 1984

Fonds consists of personal and research papers of Dr. Ivan L. Rudnytsky.

Rudnytsky, Ivan

J. Dewey Soper Fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1982

The J. Dewey Soper fonds consists of field books, photographs and illustrations, correspondence, and manuscripts. The material covers the years 1908 to 1981. The photographs document his Arctic expeditions for the Canadian government and his work as an officer of the Federal Wildlife Services Department and comprise predominantly the years 1920 to the early 1950s. The textual material more completely documents the span of his lifetime with diaries and field notes from the 1910s to his post 1960s research for the University of Alberta's Department of Zoology. Title is based on the content of the fonds. No further accruals are expected.

Soper, J. Dewey

J. Gordon Kaplan fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1951-1988

Fonds consists of the records of J. Gordon Kaplan.

Kaplan, J. Gordon

J. Peter Meekison fonds

  • Fonds 403
  • Fonds
  • 1950 - 1995

The Peter Meekison fonds document the professional career of an important teacher, researcher, and administrator who had a distinguished career with both the University of Alberta and the Provincial Government of Alberta for a period spanning nearly thirty years. His records contain material relating to both his teaching and administrative career at the University of Alberta, his work related to constitutional affairs for the Province of Alberta, and his role as a Commissioner on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. The records, largely textual, have been arranged according to four fairly broad series. The first series contains records related to Professor Meekison’s academic pursuits, and include some of his student notes while in the Ph.D program at Duke University and his teaching and administrative files from the University of Alberta. Included with the UofA files are teaching and research files, Vice-President (Academic) administrative files, and files related to special projects, programs, and committees Dr. Meekison was committed to while at the University. The second series contains material related more generally to Peter Meekison’s professional career, which is relevant to both his research interests at the University, and his work with the Provincial Government. There are correspondence files, sorted into the Department of Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs chronological files, general correspondence files, and ‘people’ correspondence files. As well, this series contains records related to Meekison’s involvement with various professional associations and committees, his speaking engagements and attendance at conferences and workshops, and his writing and publication activities. Subject reference files maintained by Professor Meekison are included in this series, as well as his personal appointment books. Series three consists of Peter Meekison’s Constitutional material and is arranged according to an original color-coded file scheme applied when the files were current. The color-coded files include reports, briefing books, transcripts, and issues files related to various First Minister meetings, and committee meetings surrounding the constitutional reform discussions. Many of these files were created while Peter Meekison was Minister of Alberta Federal and Inter-Governmental Affairs and relate to the amending of the Constitution Act in 1982. A set of coded files is included in this series which addresses non-Constitutional issues his Ministry was dealing with. In his capacity as constitutional adviser to the provincial government post 1984, there is material related to the Senate Reform Task Force meetings, and the constitutional committee work leading to the Meech Lake Accord discussions and the 1992 Charlottetown Accord. Included in this series are numerous constitutional background material files which provide further insight into the constitutional process and debate. The final series consists of very complete records retained by Peter Meekison in his capacity as a Commissioner on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP). The Commission was struck in 1992, and Meekison appointed to it in 1993. Included in the records are meeting minutes and documents, Intervener Participatory Program (IPP) submissions to the Commission, reports prepared for and by the Commission; policy team records, and background and reference files. The records are in excellent physical shape and because of their completeness and the broad span of years represented, provide valuable insight into issues facing Alberta and Canada in the 1980’s and 1990’s, as well as documenting University activities during this period and earlier.

The J. Peter Meekison fonds consists of records related to Professor Meekison's academic pursuits and his career at the University of Albera; his professional activities encompassing his research and writing files; constitutional material including Senate Reform Task Force records and Meech Lake Accord; and records of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

Meekison, J. Peter

James Bertram Collip fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1913-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to biochemist, Dr. James Collip and his work regarding insulin, medicine, physiology and biochemistry.

Collip, James Bertram

James DeFelice fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds consists of materials related to James DeFelice and his work as a writer, actor, director, and teacher at the University of Alberta's Department of Drama.

Defelice, James

James McPherson Parker fonds

  • 1991-001
  • Fonds
  • 1990

The James M. Parker fonds consists of 85 black and white photographs and one metre of textual material documenting the professional activities and historical research interests of James M. Parker.

Parker, James M.

James Stanely Denis fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1936-1987

Fonds consists of records pertaining to James Denis, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business.

Denis, James Stanely

Jean Louise Wallbridge fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1935-1939

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Jean Wallbridge and her work as an architect who specialized in residences and schools.

Wallbridge, Jean Louise

Joel Martin Halpern Southeast Europe Collection

  • 96-164
  • Collection
  • 1950s to 2007

Collection includes material from the former Yugoslavia and other countries of the Balkans collected by the Donor between the 1950s and 2007.

Halpern, Joel M. (Joel Martin)

John A. Allan fonds

  • Fonds

Fonds contains records pertaining to John A. Allan.

Allan, John A.

John Dawson Newton fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1913-1981

Fonds consists of records pertaining to soil scientist Dr. John Newton.

Newton, John Dawson

John E. Foster fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1968-1996

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Historian Dr. John Foster.

Foster, John E.

John James Ower fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1900-1966

Accession consists of records pertaining to John Ower and the Department of Pathology.

Ower, John James

John Kenneth Martin fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1955-1973

Accession consists of records pertaining to Dr. John Martin and the Department of Pediatrics.

Martin, John Kenneth

John Malcom MacEachran fonds

  • Fonds 676
  • Fonds

A. MacEachron Records Invenory
B. Report of the MacEachron Subcommittee – Finding Aid 2

MacEachran, John Malcom

John Orrell fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1950-2002

Fonds consist of records detailing the academic career of John Overton Orrell, with the bulk of the records concentrating on his academic research related to the Globe Theatre rebuilding project. Dr. Orrell became involved with the project in 1979, and was an active member with the Globe Rebuilding Committee through years of research, site digs, theory constructions, and the eventual rebuilding and opening of the replica Globe Theatre on the banks of the Thames River in London, England. His Globe project files are very detailed, and include annual project files, meeting minutes, correspondence with the Globe architect, Theo Crosby, and other members of the Globe ‘team’, as well as detailed architectural plans, drawings, and photographs. There are also files concerning the function of the theatre once built, including opening festivities, publicity, fund-raising, and theatre season brochures.

The Orrell fonds span his academic career, including early doctoral research files which evolved into early teaching files, with detailed notes on readings, cited references, and copies of various articles, imprint, and scholarly papers related to his fields of research interest. There is a blending between what might have been research files, and what became teaching files, but the end result if a fonds that represents his many professional activities, research interests and directions. There are University of Alberta administrative files, reflecting Orrell’s position as a long-serving faculty member and the accompanying duties this entailed. Dr. Orrell’s professional activities are also reflected in files concerning conferences and seminars attended, speeches given, and correspondence maintained with fellow academics and colleagues.

One series is devoted to his script writing activities, which includes a number of files related to a study of British television programs and scripts, undertaken during an early sabbatical year abroad. Dr. Orrell was the author of several scripts written for Canadian radio and television productions, and copies of the annotated scripts are included in this series of records.

A fairly extensive series relates to John Orrell’s research, writing and publishing activities, and again there is a blurring of lines as much of his research and writing activity is tied closely to his work with the Globe Theatre project. This series is organized into several sub-series to better facilitate access to its many components.

Only a few files concern Professor Orrell’s personal life, and these are described in a small series. A final series describes the extensive photograph holdings, although a more detailed description to the photographs will be prepared at a later date.

Orrell, John

John Ralph Nursall fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1947-1988

Accession consists of records pertaining to J.R. Nursall and his work as a Marine Biologist and in the Department of Zoology at the University of Alberta.

Nursall, John Ralph

John Thomas Jones fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1904-1985

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Dr. John Jones and his work in the Department of English at the University of Alberta.

Jones, John Thomas

John Wardlaw Porteous fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1931-1967

Fonds consists of records pertaining to John Porteous and CKUA.

Porteous, John Wardlaw

John Winstanley Bilsland fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1955-1983

Fonds consists of records pertaining to John Bilsland, the Department of English at the University of Alberta, literature and theatre.

Bilsland, John Winstanley

Joseph Russel Royce fonds

  • Fonds 696
  • Fonds

Joseph Russel Royce Fond – Descriptive Inventory

Royce, Joseph Russel

Joseph Russell Royce fonds

  • Fonds 364
  • Fonds
  • 1944-1985

Joseph Russel Royce Fond – Descriptive Inventory

Royce, Joseph Russell

Julian Mills fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1886 - 1979

The Julian Mills fonds consists of 0.42m of mixed media material. This includes news clippings relating mainly to northern communities and transportation, correspondence, a series of handwritten reminiscences, certificates and other professional documents and approximately 450 photo images in the form of prints, 35mm negatives and glass plate negatives. There was little original order in the material

Mills, Julian

Karl Clark Fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1927

The Karl Clark fonds consists of professional and private records. The professional records document Clark's work in oil sands research and his teaching and administrative work at the University of Alberta. The format is predominantly texutual and includes letters, minutes, a patent and publications. There are also some photographs in this series. The private records document Clark's family life and consists of letters, diairies, a scrapbook and photos of family life.

Clark, Karl

Karlis A. Lesins fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1946-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Karlis Lesins of the Department of Plant Science at the University of Alberta.

Lesins, Karlis A.

Katherine Elizabeth Moore fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1979-1980

Fonds contains records pertaining to athlete Katherine Moore.

Moore, Katherine Elizabeth

Keenlyside Fur Trade Collection

  • FC 3212 K44
  • Collection
  • 1676-1933

This archival collection contains a variety of documents pertaining to the fur trade and other political events in Canada between the years 1676 and 1933. Specifically, it contains printed material regarding the formation of the colony of British Columbia and its incorporation into Canada, as well as manuscripts that describe agreements and treaties made between the governments of the United States and Britain. The archive includes a wide range of business documents, including promissory notes, warrants, and other legal documents relating to payments and goods. It also contains a selection of Voyageur Contracts and documents pertaining to the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company.

Kerry Wood fonds

  • Fonds 709
  • Fonds

A. Guide to the Kerry Wood Papers 1927-1980
B. Kerry Wood Fond – Finding Aid – MG4

Wood, Kerry

Kolson Arctic Governance Collection

  • Collection
  • 1970s-2000s

The Kolson Arctic Governance Collection contains various documents, both published and unpublished, related to the political, social, cultural, and economic development of the Canadian Arctic and Alaska. Although some of the unpublished documents are seemingly original, many others are photocopies or other form of reproduction. Manuscript amendments and corrections are present in many items. While the materials range from the 1970s to the 200s, they are predominantly from the 1980s and 1990s.

Kolson, Bren

Ku Klux Klan Collection

  • HS 2330 K63 K58
  • Collection
  • 1920s to 1990s

This small research collection of printed ephemera documents some of the Ku Klux Klan’s activities to disseminate its beliefs and biases in favour of the white supremacy movement.

L.H. Thomas Fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1939 - 1982

The Lewis H. Thomas fonds span a period of over forty years, and provide a valuable record of the research, teaching, and life experiences of a significant scholar and long-serving member of the University of Alberta's faculty. In his career as an archivist; professor; and researcher and writer of scholarly history, Dr. Thomas' papers encompass a wide range of topics related to the historical development of Western Canada. The source material and research files in this fonds include a wealth of archival documents, bibliographies, imprint items, and research notes on subjects related to the exploration, settlement, and growth of Western Canada, particularly the Prairie region. Dr. Thomas published extensively in this area, and his research files and lecture note material provide insight into the many subjects he lectured and wrote about. They provide insight also into the research methodologies and strategies that he applied in his own work. There is information related to his teaching career at both the Universities of Saskatchewan (Regina) and Alberta, and documents related to the Department of History at the University of Alberta, and Professor Thomas' position as chairman of this department. Among his papers are files of professional correspondence that contain letters written to colleagues, including many well-known Canadian historians, across the country. There is correspondence with graduate students whose work Dr. Thomas supervised, and letters of recommendation prepared by Thomas for these same students as they applied for grants or employment opportunities. Shortly before he died, L.H. Thomas wrote to a young writer that "the aspect of my work which has given me the greatest satisfaction is teaching, and associations with students." (See Accession #87-130-4) He supervised the work of six doctoral students, several masters' students, and sat as a member of many thesis supervising committees. As the long-serving Alberta representative on the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board, L.H. Thomas' papers contain a great deal of information about the workings of the board with particular reference to the naming of historic sites in Alberta and Northern Canada. L.H. Thomas' varied committee experience and affiliation with other national organizations and associations is well documented in the papers. As well, L.H. Thomas' experience as an archivist, and his life-long interest in promoting and encouraging the use of archival documents in historical research, is a subject touched upon frequently in his papers. He corresponds with archivists, writes about archival practice, and fills his source material files with items gleaned from archival holdings. Finally, researchers interested in the topic of Canadian socialism may find these records relevant. L.H. Thomas was himself a life-long supporter of socialist doctrine, and published articles on the CCF and Socialist movements. His last major work before his death was a transcription of a series of taped interviews with Tommy Douglas, and records related to this subject are included in the papers. The records are in excellent physical condition and have been arranged into four series: Early Records; University of Alberta Records; Research and Publication Records; and Associations, Committees and Boards Records. Within these broad series designations are sub-series that further organize the records. Where possible, the file titles provided by L.H. Thomas are retained. A brief description of each series is provided, followed by a detailed file listing. A subject and name index is found at the end of the inventory to assist in locating specific files.

Thomas, Lewis Herbert

Laura Reid fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1901-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Laura Reid and her work as a painter and with the Department of Extension at the University of Alberta.

Reid, Laura

Laurence George Wiedrick fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1949-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Laurence Wiedrick and the University of Alberta's School of Library Science (or MLIS).

Wiedrick, Laurence George

LeRoy Peter Vernon Jhonson fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1909-1970

Fonds consists of records pertaining to LeRoy Johnson and his work in agriculture.

Johnson, LeRoy Peter Vernon

Legal Studies Program fonds

  • 2003-80
  • Fonds
  • 1973-1997

Consists of materials from the University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension, Legal Studies. Materials include program files.

Legal Studies Program, Faculty of Extension

Legion of Frontiersmen Collection

  • FC 8 L44 L47
  • Collection

The Frontiersmen Collection is organized by country—Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and India—and includes correspondence, financial and legal records, meeting minutes, newsletters, and a variety of military forms, as well as photographs, maps, banners, and medals. It is home to the official Charter Certificate for the founding of the Legion of Frontiersmen Canadian Division, whose headquarters are located in Edmonton. The highlight of the collection is a group of nine field diaries penned by Roger Pocock dated 1905-1917. This collection is closely related to several others housed in Bruce Peel Special Collections, specifically the Sir Samuel Benfield Steele Family Archive which includes Pocock's papers. It continues to grow thanks to ongoing donations.

Legion of Frontiersmen

Leonard Eustace Gads fonds

  • Fonds 284
  • Fonds
  • 1969-1970

Leonard Eustace Gads – Descriptive Inventory 1907-1974

Gads, Leonard Eustace

Leslie R. Gue fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1959-1986

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Leslie Gue and his work as an educator.

Gue, Leslie R.

Lewis Gwynne Thomas fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1939-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Lewis Thomas and his work as a historian and lecturer at the University of Alberta.

Thomas, Lewis Gwynne


  • RG15
  • Record Group

Life, Events, and Players in the North-West

  • FC 3213 L55
  • Collection

The Life, Events, and Players in the North-West is comprised of several smaller collections within Bruce Peel Special Collections that contain materials related to the history and culture of the north-west of what would become Canada.

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