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Continuous Discharge Certificate (1919)

A continuous certificate of discharge of Pocock for the British fishing trade. It was issued on 14 July 1919 and Pocock's last discharge was on 15 September 1919.

Series 2 Published/Printed Materials

Series documents some of the published works by Pocock, about Pocock, of about the Legion of Frontiersmen. It includes books, articles, and a musical score by Pocock, as well as biographies about Pocock and articles and handbooks from the Legion of Frontiersmen. Series is arranged into three subseries: Books by Pocock, Other publications by Pocock, and Publications by others.

2.1 Books by Pocock

Subseries consists of books written by Pocock. Only one book, Curly, is confirmed to be from Pocock's personal collection. Subseries is arranged chronologically.

Pocock, Roger. The Arctic Night. N.p.: n.p. [1896]

Fiction book: Pocock, Roger. The Arctic Night. N.p.: n.p., [1896]. Contains only the text block and no title page. Stamped periodically throughout with "Richard Clay & Sons, Limited; Bungay; 18 AUG 96".

Pocock, Roger

Pocock, Roger. Sword and Dragon. London: Hodder and Stoughton. (1909)

Pocock, Roger. Sword and Dragon. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1909. No signatures. Left within the pages it contains an envelope of photographic negatives of unidentified people and a small watercolour painting of "A Glimpse of the North Saskatchewan, 5:30 pm July 5th 1886. Prince Albert". Both the painting and writing are indicative of Pocock's hand.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock, Roger. Horses. London: John Murray. (1917)

Non-fiction book written by Roger Pocock: Pocock, Roger. Horses. London: John Murray, 1917. Signed by Pocock for Sam Steele and Harwood Steele. Originally owned by Sam Steele, the book was transferred to Harwood Steele in 1935.

Pocock, Roger

Newspaper article "Ocean Tramps" [1895?]

A clipping of a newspaper article called "Ocean Tramps." The newspaper source and date are unknown, though someone has written '95' in pencil at the top of the article. The author is also not stated but it is very likely written by Pocock.

Newspaper article "Concerning Tramp Steamers" [1896?]

A clipping of a newspaper article called "Concerning Tramp Steamers." The newspaper source and date are unknown, though someone has written '[January] 96' in pencil at the top of the article. The author is also not stated but it is very likely written by Pocock.

Serial novel "By My Own Hand" [ca. 1896]

Clippings pasted onto scrapbook sheets of the serial novel "By My Own Hand" by Pocock. The periodical publication and date are unknown, but it is likely around the time Pocock's book The Dragon Slayer (1896) was published.

Magazine article: "Nine Men who 'Discovered' America" (1931)

Pocock's article, "Nine Men who 'Discovered' America" is published and found in The Cornhill Magazine, no. 417, published in March 1931. His article covers historical accounts of men who 'discovered' America before Columbus. The rest of the magazine consists of short stories, serialized novel chapters, poems, opinion pieces, and advertisements.

Pocock, Roger

2.3 Publications by Others

Subseries consists of biographies or obituaries about Pocock and publications from or about the Legion of Frontiersmen. Many of these publications were written after Pocock's death and were likely not a part of his personal items.

Legion of Frontiersmen Handbook: East Cheshire Squadron [ca. 1905]

A handbook of the The Legion of Frontiersmen for the East Cheshire Squadron. This copy has a dedication bookplate printed on the front endpapers stating "This special copy was printed at the request of The East Cheshire Squadron for Roger Pocock whose ideals were the foundations of The Legion of Frontiersmen." No publication date is stated. It is accompanied by an envelope address to Capt. Charles Dudley in Berkshire, postdated 12 October [1905?].

Obituary of Pocock (1941)

A newspaper obituary of Pocock. The newspaper source and date are not stated, though someone has written 'Times Nov 13th' in pencil at the top of the article.

Photocopy of biographic entry for Pocock (1970)

A photocopy of the biographic entry for Pocock in The Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature (Oxford University Press), published in 1970. The envelope they were found in is address to Harwood Steele from The Geographical Journal, postdated 22 October 1970.

Series 3 Photographs and Postcards

Series documents some of the travels of Pocock and consists of photographs, postcards, and negatives. Images are primarily of the Canadian North-West along with portraits of Pocock and others, Mexico, Canadian Prairies, and Noway. Images were either taken by Pocock or purchased during his travels and usually correlate to the places he visited, as documented through his scrapbooks, diaries, and published autobiographies. Series is arranged chronologically into nine subseries: Portraits, Images of British Columbia, Journey from Fort Macleod to Mexico City, Journey with Randle Cecil, Images of the Canadian Prairies, Journey to Spitzbergen, Images used in Chorus to Adventurers, Semi-Retirement at Charterhouse, and Trip to Canada.

3.1 Portraits

Subseries consists of portrait photographs of Pocock and other family members. It is arranged chronologically.

Potrait of Roger Pocock (1903)

Portrait of Pocock wearing a light-coloured button-up shirt and a bandana around his neck. Text on reverse reads "Roger Pocock, photograph taken in London in 1903" and writing reads "Pictorial Mag".

Portrait of unidentified man [1907 - 1929]

Postcard of an unidentified man sitting in an ornate chair. Writing on reverse reads "Vincent-Mitchell Studios; 1022 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 111 W. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md."

3.2 Images of British Columbia ([1890] - 1895)

Subseries contains photographs and a lithograph of British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains, though locations of photographs are largely unidentified . Photographs were likely either taken or collected by Pocock during his travels through British Columbia. Subseries is arranged according to the order that photographs were processed.

Photograph of police in Banff

Photograph of five police officers on horse-drawn cart. Writing on reverse reads "This is Police force-in-hand at Banff 1895. [Teamstere] Constable Gordon Front Seat. J.P. French aged 18 (Col. J.P.F., D.S.O.); Constable Clark; Baron Karl Craig (from Denmark); Cons. [?]lesworth (from Ottawa); Cons. Clark became C. of E. [Parson?]." Pocock likely acquired this photo in 1897 while on patrol with RCMP.

Photograph of two men in hunting gear

Photograph of two unidentified men dressed in hunting gear. One of them holds a rifle. There is a dog sitting in front of them. Writing on reverse reads "no 10; British Columbians in shooting kit".

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of miners near Lardeau, BC

Photograph of six unidentified men with mining tools in front of A-frame tents near Lardeau on Kootenay Lake, BC. Writing on reverse reads "Popler Cr; Gold Rush; Lardo; Kootenay L".

Photograph of silver mine in BC

Photograph of two log buildings and several log piles in a forested area. Writing on reverse reads "Welling silver mine north of Whitewater BC in early [May]. H Williams, 23 Toronto St, Toronto".

Photograph of nine men sitting on beam

Photograph of nine unidentified men sitting on a wooden beam, taken near Bull River, BC. Writing on reverse reads "No. 2" and on the accompanying sheet of paper it reads "Photograph No. 2 - The men who liberated the jam by inserting charges of dynamite." There are also descriptions for two other photographs, but they were not found with this one.

Photograph of log jam

Photograph of a log jam over a cliff side. Writing on reverse reads "180 000 [lies?], 140,000 logs, 1/2 mile long, 60 ft high".

Pocock, Roger

3.3 Journey from Fort Macleod to Mexico City (1899 - 1900)

Subseries consists of photographs and a typewritten passage related to Pocock's journey from Fort Macleod, AB, to Mexico City. He set forth from Fort MacLeod on 28 June 1899 and arrived in Mexico City 21 January 1900. Photographs were likely collected by Pocock during his travels. Subseries is arranged chronologically according to order of location visited.

Photograph of K Ranch, UT

Photograph of ranch in Utah. Writing on front reads "K Ranch; Garrison Photo" and test on reverse reads "A Mormon ranch in Utah, 1899."

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of man and pack horses resting near Comb Ridge, UT

Photograph of an unidentified man laying down and four horses grazing at base of Comb Ridge, Utah. Writing on reverse reads "no 5; A wonder of the Desert; The Comb Ridge 150 1' high 100 meters long; like a sea breaker rushing straight at you" ; "[line?] on sky [shoner?] not [shown?]" ; and "Pictoral Mag". Text reads "Horses and pack-ponies near Comb Ridge in Utah."

Photographs of Monumental Park, AZ

Photographs showing a panoramic-like view in Monumental Park (now Monument Valley) in Arizona. Writing on front reads "Distant Views in Monumental Park, Northern Arizona, no. 302." and on reverse reads "No.5 Wonders of the Desert, City of Rocks 1200 ft high + 6 miles distant colour scarlet in Navajo Desert California."

Portrait of Pocock in buckskin coat

Portrait of Pocock wearing a fringed buckskin coat. Writing on reverse reads "Cookham Monument" and text reads "Roger Pocock, photographed about 1900".

3.4 Journey with Randle Cecil (1913)

Subseries documents the journey of Pocock and Randle Cecil. Randle Cecil (1889 - 1917) was son of Lord Rupert Ernest William Gascoyne-Cecil, Bishop of Exeter, and in early 1913 Lord Gascoyne-Cecil asked Pocock to act as a guide and chaperon to Randle during an exploration of the Pacific North-West. For the main part of their journey, they traveled mostly by horseback from Calgary, AB, to Red Bluff, CA, over the later half of 1913. Subseries contains photographs and postcards of the locations they visited, and perhaps intended to visit, as well as some people they met (mostly unidentified) along the way. It is arranged into roughly chronologically into three files: Images from unknown locations, Images from Alberta and British Columbia, and Images from Washington to California.

Images from unknown locations

Files contains images of unknown locations from Pocock and Cecil's journey. Most are likely places in British Columbia. File is arranged according to the order in which records were processed.

Photographs of Randle Cecil

Photograph of Randle Cecil sitting on the step of a stable door. Beside him a child plays with two dogs. Writing on the reverse of one reads "Randle Cecil".

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of two men outside of log cabin

Photograph of two men standing outside a log cabin in a forest. Cabin, trees, and ground are covered in snow. Writing on reverse reads "Trappers' Shed; 10 June".

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of gopher

Photograph of gopher standing on hind legs. Writing on reverse reads "Gopher at front door.".

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of man holding trophy bears

Photograph of man holding a trophy bear by the snout with a smaller bear lying at the feet of the first bear. Writing on reverse reads "[Mr?] Silvertip + [Miss] Silvertip".

Pocock, Roger

Negatives and order envelope

Negatives of a various scenes including man standing in front of a canvas tent in a forested area, Randle Cecil at a picnic, men in front of a log cabin, and man sitting between trees. Two negatives and photographic prints in this series. The envelope is from the Photographic Centre of the Associated Screen News Limited in Montreal. Writing on it reads "Mail prints only; Miss Violette Freeman; [Churchwent?]; Bromeswell Heath; Woodbridge; Surrey, England"; "charge & hold [negs?] for Col. H.R.F. Steele; 456 [Pine?]"; and "OGOPOGO / Picutres".

Photographs of unknown locations and envelope

Six photographs of unidentified locations. There are two copies each image. Each photograph is of water front, either from the shore or from the water. The envelope is from Snohomish Studio, in Snohomish, Washington, and the handwriting on the front reads "Georg J. Henry, 2 - 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 - Den 40¢, 2 prints of each good 95¢, (22 prints) $1.35".

Photograph of Randle Cecil looking down

Photograph of Randle Cecil sitting on the step of a barn door. He is looking down and his face is hidden by his hat. Beside him a child is between two dogs.
Randle Cecil (1889-1917) was son of Lord Rupert Ernest William Gascoyne-Cecil, Bishop of Exeter.

Images from Alberta and British Columbia

Files contains images of locations in Alberta and British Columbia from Pocock and Cecil's journey in 1913. Places are identified on the postcards and photographs either by Pocock's handwriting or by printed description. File is arranged chronologically according to order of location visited.

Postcard of Peace River at Ft. Vermilion, AB

Postcard of a steam boot on Peace River at Ft. Vermilion. Caption on front reads "Early Morning on Peace River at Ft. Vermillion[sic]" and text on reverse reads "Series No. 151. "Copyright" The H. Enida Olive Co'y Ltd Calgary. Canada." It is improbable that Pocock and Cecil ever visited Ft. Vermilion and this was likely purchased while in Calgary.

Photograph of the steamer Klahowya

Photograph of the sternwheel steamer, Klahowya, at a dock. Writing on reverse reads "Steamer; [legging me not to short?]; head of Colombia R. (River)".

Pocock, Roger

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