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PE001156 - "The Bartered Bride" Program

Program for a performance of the musical production “The Bartered Bride” at the Playhouse theatre in Winnipeg. The booklet includes a listing of the music in the production, an outline of the story, a cast list, a list of performing dancers, and lists of production staff and the company executive. In addition, the booklet also includes a number of advertisements for local businesses, individuals and products.

The enclosed newspaper clipping is entitled “’Met’ Choir Scores with Bartered Bride”, and provide a positive review of the performance.

PE001159 - Winnipeg Theatre Magazine

Vol. 6, No. 28 of the Winnipeg Theatre Magazine. Carries a list of upcoming productions at the Theatre, the program for the production “The Witching Hour”, an outline of the next week’s production, “The Girl I left Behind Me”, and a list of music to be (presumably) performed by the Winnipeg Theatre Orchestra. In addition the booklet contains a very large number of advertisements for various products and local businesses.

PE004897 - "Thank You" in Christmas Edition of Winnipeg Tribune

Thank you note - The Winnipeg Tribune - Christmas 1960 Edition. Printed on newsprint in red and black ink, this is a miniature version of this journal containing news stories and images. There are two blank pages at the end of the edition, in which the paper boy, identified as Helmut Thohaben, has written a note to express gratitude to his customer and to wish him a Merry Christmas.

PE004756 - Third Annual Report of the Winnipeg Amateur Driving Club

Booklet titled: "The Winnipeg Amateur Driving Club 1908." The cover contains only a small ink depiction of a carriage pulled by four (4) horses. Interior is comprised of six (6) pages detailing the information of the driving club including:  a list of officers, membership roll, honorary members, class winners, cup donors, mile heat races, records for 1908, and the treasurer’s report. Cover is made from thick paper stock, while the interior pages are comprised of glossy paper stock.

PE000993 - Multiple articles concerning the Boy Scouts in Canada, and especially Lord Baden-Powell

Multiple articles concerning the Boy Scouts in Canada, and especially Lord Baden-Powell. Items include:

  • 15.6 x 23.9 cm souvenir programme for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Boy Scouts Association Ninth Winnipeg Group, 1910-1935. Programme contains a b&w photograph on the front of the First Presbyterian Church of Winnipeg. Below the photograph is a caption noting it as the headquarters of the group during the past either years. It then continues on to describe the formation of the ninth Winnipeg troop Boy Scouts listing the scouters in charge and the instructors. The interior contains advertisements, along with the programme for a three-act comedy performed by the troop. The rest of the programme details the anniversary banquet and dinner, the Divine Worship schedule, and information on the formation of the Wolf Cub Pack and the Girl Guides. Programme is quite stained, and has a few tears in it.
  • 15.3 x 22.5 cm programme titled: "The Boy Scouts Association West Winnipeg and District, assisted by The St. James Concert Orchestra, Presents a Night of 'Good Turns' in the Winnipeg Auditorium Concert Hall on February 1, 1936, under the distinguished patronage of His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba." Below this is the crest of the Boy Scouts Association, and a hand-written note stating: To Willard Lawrence-who actively participated in this “pioneer” concert. C.H. Heddesheimer, Scouter. The interior contains 6 pages, which includes advertisements, the programme for the performances and a list of the Boy Scout Troops, Wolf Club Packs, Rover Scout Crews, and executive members. Programme is in good condition, with little show of wear.
  • 15.3 x 23 cm programme for the Boy Scout and Girl Guide Rally, in honour of The Rt. Hon. Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, G.C.M.G., K.C.B. Chief Scout of the World and The Lady Baden-Powell G.B.E. Chief Guide of the World. Rally was held in the Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, 4th May, 1935. Front cover contains two b&w photographs of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. Interior contains the programme for the rally, and the back page contains a listing of the Scout, Cub, Guide, and Brownie promises and laws. Programme is quite stained and faded, but in otherwise good condition.
  • 15.5 x 14 cm newspaper clipping titled Watching the March Past. Contains a b&w photograph depicting Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, their two daughters, Lieutenant-Governor Tupper, and several other people in the background watching the marching regiments of Boy Scouts as part of Winnipeg’s Silver Jubilee Celebration. Clipping is in good condition, though faded.
  • 15.2 x 12.6 cm newspaper clipping depicting a large b&w photograph of Lord Baden-Powell shaking hands with veteran Scouts. Clipping is faded, but in good condition.
  • 15.2 x 11 cm newspaper clipping from the Winnipeg Free Press, containing a b&W photograph of men in uniform, captioned Regiment Honors Chief Scout. Rest of caption details Lord Baden-Powell’s visit to the Manitoba Club. Clipping is dated Tuesday, May 7, 1935. Clipping is faded, but in good condition.
  • 15.2 x 12 cm newspaper clipping depicting a b&w photograph of a Scout beacon aflame, with the caption noting the lighting of the beacon after the recall of the Spanish Armada. Clipping is faded, but in good condition.
  • 10.2 x 11.8 cm newspaper clipping containing a b&w photograph of Lord Baden-Powell in his youth. A small blurb above it describes how Lord Baden-Powell came to be a scoutmaster. Clipping is faded, but in otherwise good condition.

PE004987 - Minutes of the Western Canadian Press Association

Minutes are either written or pasted into the exercise book. Includes:

  • Manuscript.  Minutes of meeting of the Western Canadian Press Association held in Sons of England Hall.  14pp.
  • Manuscript.  Meeting of Association at Clarendon Hotel Sept (??) 1, 1898.  8pp.
  • Proceedings at Convention of Printers and Publishers held at Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, Friday, Dec. 17th, 1897.  N.p., c.1897.  14pp.
  • Proceedings at the Convention of the W. Canadian Press Assoc. held in Sons of England Hall, Winnipeg, Feb. 11th, 1898.  N.p., c.1898.  6pp.
  • Meeting of the W. Canadian Press Assoc. held at the Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, April 8th, 1898.  2pp.
  • Western Canada Press Assoc. Annual Meeting Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg, March 3, 1899.  8pp.  Includes list of members.
  • Western Canada Press Assoc. Proceedings Fourth Annual Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba, March 1st-3rd, 1900.  Includes list of members.

PE004850 - Postcard invitation to the Winnipeg Section National Council of Jewish Women Annual Meeting.

Postcard invitation to the Winnipeg Section National Council of Jewish Women Annual Meeting. To be held at the Royal Alexandra Hotel on Monday, May 11, 1936. Details the agenda, along with a notice that the meeting will commence promptly at 2:00 pm, and is signed by Sybil M. Cohen, Corresponding-Secretary. The back side is addressed to Mrs .H. Medovy, and the postal stamp dates it to May 7, 1936.

PE004730 - Publicity photographs of various hosts at CJOB radio station in Winnipeg

A group of B&W publicity photographs of various hosts at CJOB radio station in Winnipeg.  The publicity photographs are all reproduced with the signature of the pictured host: George Gallagher (Your “Night Owl”), Geo “Hank” McCloy, Jim Gibson, Chuck Skelding, Allan Bready, and Dudley Armand Paterson.  Additionally, Hank McCloy’s photograph is cropped and reproduced as an advertisement for his daily “Ladies’ Choice” program, with “Miscellaneous” recipes on the back, apparently from page 78 of a publication.  The recipes are for party sandwich loaf, sandwich spread, and Spanish sauce.  Someone has written “Sunday. Jerrys” in blue pen

PE004863 - Photo Album of the Service Flying Training Centre Carberry

Photo album including photographs of RCAF Station Carberry, Service Flying Training School No. 33.

The album leaves devoted to the camp are preceded by about 26 photos illustrating the trajectory to the camp and succeeded by approximately 114 photos of Vancouver. The locations depicted in the photos include: New York City; Moncton, New Brunswick; Carberry, Manitoba; Brandon, Manitoba; various locations within Winnipeg; the Rockies (Jasper, Banff, AB); Regina, Saskatchewan; Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Drumheller, AB; Montreal, Quebec. Photographs of the camp include aerial views of the camp, the Carberry coat of arms, images of activities on base, images of cafeterias and technical stores in the camp, personnel photographs, harvest in Carberry, and images of the town.

PE000986 - "A History of the Winnipeg Public Schools 1871-1950" book

A typewritten manuscript copy of “A History of the Winnipeg Public Schools 1871-1950” written by W.G. Pearce, M.A. (Ed.), and Principal, Pinkham School, Winnipeg, MB. The manuscript is 134 pages with an additional 4 pages for the index adhered inside the back cover. Whole paragraphs and some corrections are often glued into the body of the text. The history of schools in Winnipeg is covered, including curriculum changes, environment of the schools themselves, the effects of World War, etc. A long list of principals, retired principals and their years of service are included as an appendix.

Pearce, W. G.

PE000685 - E. B. Osler Campaign Booklet

Booklet supporting E. B. Osler, the Liberal candidate for the federal riding of Winnipeg South Centre. The booklet has the aesthetic of an issue of TIME magazine, including a masthead listing the members of his campaign committee on the front inside cover; editorials by Osler and Pierre Elliott Trudeau; an article on Osler’s policy positions; many B&W pictures of Osler, his constituents and his family; and a review of Osler’s books The Man Who Had to Hang: Louis Riel and La Salle.

PE001161 - General Study to Establish Areas for Redevelopment, Rehabilitation or Conservation

A report on the need for redevelopment or repair of urban areas within the City of Winnipeg, produced by the Urban Renewal & Rehabilitation Board. The report evaluates a number of areas in then-southeast Winnipeg, along the Red River, for the prevalence of ‘blight’, as determined by a visual survey of building exteriors. The authors separate this area into three types of zones: ‘Redevelopment Areas’, subject to wholesale clearance, ‘rehabilitation areas’, which may be improved through improved enforcement of city bylaws, and ‘conservation areas’, where only preventative action is required. The report recommends further analysis of the areas it examined, re-examination of existing by-laws and enforcement, and better communication of ‘conservation’ programs to the public

The attached maps are of the area examined by the report, and comprise:

  • An overall area map
  • A map of designated ‘urban renewal areas’
  • A maps of existing land use

1903, Dec 7 – Letter to Marion

Place: Winnipeg

From: Alf [T.A. Patrick]

To: Mrs. Marion G. Patrick, Byron, Middlesex Co., Ont[ario]

Delivery: Canada Post, postmarked

Details: 2 pp on Hotel Leland letterhead. Envelope is printed with the words “Hotel Leland, Winnipeg” in black ink.

Notes: T.A. Patrick writes to his wife from Winnipeg while she is away in Ontario stating, "I arrived in Winnipeg yesterday, and Jack [his brother] arrived today having been detained by a banquet given in his honour at Regina on Saturday night. We both leave for Yorkton tomorrow." He continues, "yesterday I got your letter and was sorry to learn of your Aunt Lou's serious illness. I hope this may find her better. Yesterday I heard Rev. Marsh G. Pearse in the Afternoon." He changes the topic back to Jack: "Jack and I have been looking up office equipment for his new office in Yorkton. He will have the best equipped office in Yorkton both in respect of books and filing cabinets. Dick [another brother] and I are giving him the necessary financial backing. Am pleased he got such a pleasant send off and nice address from his Regina friends who included the Deputy Commissioner of Education and the Editor of the Leader and the Law students."

Patrick then changes the subject stating, "I think an other collar would not look well. It looks out of place on a small man, and in my opinion is a [sic] far more becoming to people who are above the average in size, but I am not a good judge. I hope you will get a jacket of the best quality." He then ends his letter with some brief news on a few of his patients.

Patrick, Thomas Alfred

PE000753 - C.S. Judson Company Catalogue

Catalogue - C.S. Judson Company. Typewritten catalogue of farm equipment by C.S. Judson Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Contents include a variety of farm articles with prices and illustrations, as well as two order forms and an envelope addressed to C.S. Judson Co., Limited. Printed in colour.

PE000765 - Winnipeg Movie Advertisement

Advertisement for three films playing throughout April 17th-26th. Film titles are “The Saturday Night Kid,” “Devil May Care,” and “The Return of Sherlock Holmes.” The first film is advertised on one side and the remaining two on the back side. Each side is headlined “Osborne Western Electric System.” Advertisement includes photographs of cast members Clara Bow and Ramon Novarro, as well as prices for adults and children. 

PE004770 - The Free Press Sport Calendar 1917 for Winnipeg

Booklet titled, "The Free Press Sport Calendar 1917, containing Schedules and Information of all Amateur Sports in Winnipeg during Summer Season of 1917, (Compliments of the Free Press)." Cover is done in light blue and has a picture of two (2) baseball players on the front. Back cover contains an advertisement for Men in Touch. The contents contain rules, dates, times, locations, and clubs playing for lacrosse, baseball, soccer, gold, and cricket. Note on the inside states it was compiled by W.J. Finlay and G.P. Leyden, of the Free Press Sport Department.

PE000613 - Five Roses Flour farm record calendar

Farm record calendar printed by Lake of the Woods Milling Co. Ltd. A colour print of Keewatin, Ontario “The Home of Five Roses Flour” is on the cover. Contains information “of practical value to the farm home,” such as recipes, advice on how to treat the common ailments of farm animals, food preservation etc. Also includes empty charts on which to record animals or produce sold per month. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

PE004898 - Leaflet for a free Glaucoma Clinic

Leaflet for Glaucoma Prevention promoting a Free Glaucoma Clinic. The cover invites readers to visit a free glaucoma clinic and includes a photograph of a female patient being examined by a male ophthalmologist. The internal pages include information outlining the symptoms, prevention, diagnosis, and dangers of glaucoma. Sponsored by Lions Club of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Medical Society.

PE000917 - Borbridge’s Fall 1918 Flyer

Flyer printed on thin newsprint and folded three times. Title states: "Borbridge’s Fall 1918 Flyer." The cover has a faded red background with a floral banner running along the left side. There is a large blurb on the front cover describing the up and coming events and specials at the store. The bottom of the flyer contains the store’s logo, indicating its location in Winnipeg, Canada. The interior contains advertisements for products, including pictures and descriptions. Some of the products advertised are horse harnesses and blankets, men’s mitts and pullovers, saddles, robes, bells, and a variety of boots and shoes.

PE000970 - "Peerless Wire Fences" brochure

Brochure for Peerless Wire Fences. Front cover reads: "Peerless Wire Fences Banwell Hoxie Wire Fence Co. Ltd-Hamilton Ont., Winnipeg Man." Below this title is a photograph of two men loading pumpkins into a wagon, with a drawn-in white fence in the foreground. Brochure contains twenty-one (21) pages depicting the various types of fences for sale. Printing credit given to Southam Press, Limited, Toronto.

PE000162 - Documents related to The Winnipeg Paint and Glass Co., Ltd.

Items related to The Winnipeg Paint and Glass Company Limited, including:

  • A typed letter on company letterhead, addressed to The Kennedy Mercantile Co. in Sifton Manitoba regarding a catalog, price list, and discount card. May 22nd, 1914. -- Includes envelope.;
  • A staple-bound pamphlet - a dealers’ price list for screen doors and window screens. Jan 1st, 1914.;
  • A staple-bound pamphlet - a dealers’ price list for roofing and construction materials. Jan 1st, 1914.

See also PE000163 for a booklet of sample roofing papers from The Winnipeg Paint and Glass Co., Ltd.

PE000898 - "Our Northern Waters; A Report Presented to The Winnipeg Board of Trade regarding the Hudson’s Bay and Straits"

Book titled: "Our Northern Waters; A Report Presented to The Winnipeg Board of Trade regarding the Hudson’s Bay and Straits. Being a statement of their resources in minerals, fisheries, timber, furs, game and other products. Also notes on the navigation of these waters, together with historical events and meteorological and climatic data." Written by Charles N. Bell, and published on by the authority of the Winnipeg Board of Trade. James E. Steen, Printer, Winnipeg.

There is no cover to speak of, only a sheet of paper before the title page. The title page has two embossed stamps from the Toronto library, and a stamp of ‘Cancelled’ over these. Page two contains a partial list, made by the author, of authors quoted from when writing the book. A table of contents can be found on the last page. The center of the book contains a pull-out map detailing the plan of Churchill Harbor.

Bell, Charles N.

PE004675 - "Manitoba for Immigrants” booklet written by A. Smith and H. McKellar

Booklet titled “Manitoba for Immigrants” written by A. Smith and H. McKellar of the Provincial Immigration Office in Winnipeg.  Printed at the office of The Commercial.  The text encourages settlement in the County of Russell and Lake Dauphin District.  The cover has an advertisement for H. S. Wesbrook in Winnipeg; the Hudson’s Bay Company’s General Stores across Manitoba, North-West Territories and British Columbia; The Trust and Loan Company of Canada; and New Douglass House in Winnipeg.

PE004757 - Winnipeg Fire Alarm Office, 1902

B&W photographic print mounted on cardboard.  Labelled on reverse “Winnipeg Fire Alarm Office, 1902” handwritten in black ink. Photograph shows the corner of a wall-papered room containing a long counter on which rests various devices, including five alarm bells.  A boxy machine with switches and gauges is pushed against the neighbouring wall.  In the foreground, resting on a desk, is a telephone.  

PE000382 - Group of children, poss. Cadets

B&W print, mounted, of nine (9) children - male and female - who appear to be youth cadets. Flag at feet of children is the Canadian (Red?) Ensign, so estimated date of photograph is between 1921 and 1957. Photographed by Meyers of Winnipeg.

PE000826 - Photograph Album Belonging to "Ben" of the No. 39 Service Training Flying School

Albums contain several portraits of the photographer, Ben (last name not mentioned), member of No. 39 Service Training Flying School (Swift Current, Sask. British Commonwealth Air Training Plan).
Photographs capture daily activities, events, and context related to Swift Current, Saskatchewan, such as the city, images of the prairie, classrooms, sleeping accommodations, leisure activities (e.g. skating), colleagues’ study areas, farm items and animals, transit stations, and Wings parades.
A prominent image is that of the cast of the 3rd Current Review (Sept. 1942), which depicts a line of beauty queens named after war-planes (Miss Hurricane, Miss Spitfire, Miss Mosquito, etc.), and a drag queen at the centre named Missed It.
The photo albums also document the photographer Ben’s travels during his leave. As a result, the albums include many images of Swift Current, Winnipeg, the Rockies, various locations in BC, and California.

PE000841 - Album of newspaper clippings detailing the Winnipeg Newspaper Strike

The first page contains a type-written preface bordered with strips of green paper and pasted to a sheet of yellow paper. The preface explains the Winnipeg Newspapers Strike, which began on November 8, 1945, when the printers failed to turn up for the night shift. The following pages are sheets of green paper with typed accounts and newspaper clippings pasted on. Some attachments are held together with metal brads. The clippings narrate the sequence of events following the strike (e.g. creation of alternate papers, Ottawa legislation appeal, opposition between publishers and stereotypers), and typed captions provide context to each page.

PE001002 - Sir Wilfrid Laurier's 1910 Train Trip Through Western Canada

A photograph album created by an unknown person, documenting the 1910 train trip completed by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, as Prime Minister, across western Canada. In July and August, Sir Laurier traveled on a special Grand Trunk Pacific train from Fort William, ON to Prince Rupert, B.C. and back, returning to Ottawa September 7, 1910. He was accompanied by numerous colleagues, including his private secretary, E. J. Lemaire; Minister of Railways and Canals, George Perry Graham, M.P.; Edward Mortimer Macdonald, M.P.; and Frederick Forsythe Pardee, M.P.

The B&W photographs are captioned in white on the black paper pages of the album. The photographs are only roughly in chronological order. The owner of the album titled the first page, "The Grand Trunk Pacific Trip." The acronym "G.T.P." is used for Grand Trunk Pacific railway throughout the album. Minister Graham is identified in the photographs by the acronym "G.P.G."

Photographs include:

  • Various photographs of the group chatting and milling around the train, occasionally posing for the photographer. Several of these photographs also show the train's crew.

  • A large welcome sign on the bridge in Fort William, ON.

  • Two photographs of the August 5th train wreck between the Laurier special train and a freight train on the C.P.R. track east of Moose Jaw between Belle Plaine and Pense. The train car is torn apart like a toy. No one in the prime minister's party was seriously injured.

  • One photograph of a man in a buggy, captioned "Joe" Clarke. This appears to be the future mayor of Edmonton.

  • Captioned photographs of the welcome received at Inverness [?], Winnipeg [MB], Melfort [SK], Selkirk [MB], Yorkton [SK], Medicine Hat [AB], Calgary [AB], Wetaskiwin [AB], Rosthern [SK], Banff [AB], Golden [B.C.], Prince Rupert [B.C.], and Victoria [B.C.].

  • Photograph of the "Welcome to our Premier" arch made of oats in Yorkton, SK.

  • Several photographs of Indigenous people.

  • Two photographs of "Buffalo at Banff," including a calf.

  • Several beautiful photographs of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Several photographs taken from the deck of a ship off the coast of Prince Rupert, B.C.

PE000786 - Brochure announcing the municipal elections of the city of Winnipeg

Brochure announcing the municipal elections of the city of Winnipeg. It includes poll locations and hours and voting guidelines. The flipside of the brochure includes the mailing stamp, addressee (identified as Marteinsson Runolfur), his address, and his reference number. There is a handwritten note on the bottom right corner that reads “Prominent Icelandic Canadian Lutheran Minister” and an arrow pointing to the addressee’s name.

PE001031 – [National Diary 1936 – C.W.Laidlaw]

This is the diary of Charles Walter Laidlaw. This is due to the annotation in the book on the interior cover. This indicates that Laidlaw was an educator in Winnipeg, a colleague of Sybil Shack and W. J. Sislar, a member of the board of governors at the U of M (Manitoba) and a member of the board of regent for the United College and a president of a committee. The first nine pages are printed and cover information like seasons, air mail rates and postal rules, how to compute interest, and a 13 period calendar.
The diary begins with the death of Gladys (relations unknown), and covers his attendance at various meeting with the legislative committee, records monthly bills for central heat for 1938 – 1945, the days he worked on the Professional Bill, and ends the diary entries on December 31st 1938.
Laidlaw tends to skip whole months or large portions of months in his recording. Skips around in diary re: when entering days.

Charles Walter Laidlaw

PE001154 - “A Country Girl” Program

Program for a performance of the musical production “A Country Girl” at the Playhouse theatre in Winnipeg. The booklet includes a listing of the music in the production, an outline of the story, a cast list, a list of performing chorus singers, musicians and dancers, lists of production staff and the company executive, and a list of sponsors. In addition, the booklet also includes a number of advertisements for local businesses, individuals and products.

PE001155 - “The Maid of the Mountains” Program

Program for a performance of the musical production “The Maid of the Mountains” at the Playhouse theatre in Winnipeg. The booklet includes a listing of the music in the production, an outline of the story, a cast list, lists of performing chorus singers, musicians and dancers, and lists of production staff and the company executive. In addition, the booklet also includes a number of advertisements for local businesses, individuals and products.

The enclosed newspaper clippings include:

  • An advertisement for the “Maid of the Mountains” performance
  • “Metropolitan Choir Scores in Operetta”, an approving review of the production
  • “Major-Minor Notes”, a generally positive review from the Winnipeg Tribune
  • “Presentations by “Met” Choir”, a brief article on a dinner and dance held by the Metropolitan choir
  • “Metropolitan Choir Production Enjoyed”, an approving review of the production

PE000880 - Menu and program for the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot

Menu and program for a complimentary banquet held to commemorate the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and to honour Ashmore Kidd, M.P.P. in Ontario. The cover indicates the location (County of Winnipeg), the sponsoring group (Loyal Orange Order), its active dates, and information regarding time/location of the event.  The left page contains the menu while the right page contains the program. Each page is delineated with a decorative black frame. The back side of the document contains four (4) advertisements for various local businesses.

PE000775 - Championship Gala by the Maple Leaf Swimming Club

Championship Gala at Sherwood Pool staged by the Maple Leaf Swimming Club. It is typewritten on orange newsprint. The cover lists the participating categories, ticket prices, and contact information. It has a printed illustration of a swimmer diving on the top left corner. Printed by the Alberta Printing Trades Council of Winnipeg.

PE004800 - "The Schools Called Public Schools of Manitoba are in reality Protestant Schools," by His Grace A. A. Taché, Archibishop of St. Boniface

Booklet titled: "The Schools Called Public Schools of Manitoba are in reality Protestant Schools," by His Grace A. A. Taché, Archibishop of St. Boniface. Contains 12 pages in which the Archbishop answers the question: “Are the Public Schools of Manitoba the Continuation of the Protestant Schools of the same Province?”

Taché, A. A. (Alexandre-Antonin)

PE001230 - Saint James Church

This booklet provides a history of the St. James Church in Winnipeg, from its construction in 1853 to the time of publication. Accompanying photographs and illustrations depict church buildings or related individuals. The final section in the text includes a solicitation for funding to support repairs and renovations to the building; directly following this is a tear-away form allowing the reader to commit to the church improvement fund.

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