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PE004846 - List of Properties in Arrears for Taxes for Auction in Calgary, AB

Book titled: "City of Calgary, Province of Alberta, List of Properties in Arrears for Taxes, Which Will be Sold by Public Auction, Commencing at 10 A.M., April 22nd, 1919." Calgary, March 7th, 1919. Book contains 219 pages of tables listing properties - some pages have hand-written marks in them. The final page has a printer’s mark: "The Avenue Press Printers, 610 Centre St. –Calgary."  

PE004681 - Menu for White Spot Restaurant

Menu card and laid in sheet for White Spot located at 1101 – 4th street west in Calgary, AB.  Printed on white card stock, the front cover features an illustration of the restaurant and street in black ink with red accents.  Several small stains and some wear appear on the back cover, which is decorated with a smaller illustration in similar style for a Shamrock Grill restaurant located at 1048 – 21 avenue south east.  This smaller illustration has the name J. Bowen.  The list of menu items is decorated with red cartoon figures including a chef and a chicken (who says “alas my poor brother” next to the White Spot Specialty of Chicken in the Rough).  A few corrections to the menu have been handwritten in red pen.  Sunday Specials for November 28 are typewritten on a piece of orange paper and added to the menu card with a paperclip. 

PE004686 - Menu for Eamon’s Drive-Inn Restaurant

Menu card for Eamon’s Drive-Inn Restaurant located on the Banff Highway seven (7) miles west of Calgary, AB.  Printed in burgundy and green on cream-coloured card stock.  The back cover has two photographs, one of the restaurant interior highlighting the large windows looking out on the Rockies, and a second of the outside of the restaurant with striped awning and numerous parked 1950s-era cars.  Inside is an a la carte menu with a Combination Salad struck through and the price of Calgary Ginger Ale adjusted.

PE000933 - Crew repairing and building railroad lines in Calgary, AB

B&W photograph depicting several men working on a railroad line. There are some women and children acting as spectators. In the foreground is the railroad lines and several men working around it. In the background is a steam train, wheat silo, and a town. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph states: "Repairing the lines and putting in new lines at Calgary." There are also the numbers 762 next to this note, and the number 20 in the bottom right corner.

PE000403 - 1916 S.P.A League baseball champions, in Calgary, AB

B&W print, mounted, captioned group portrait of the 1916 S.P.A League baseball champions, in Calgary, Alberta. Team members are in suits with three trophies, with pitcher in separate oval in top left corner. Names and positions of players are captioned. Photographed by A. L. Hess of Calgary. Brown string through a single punched hole in the center at the top allows item to hang.

PE004863 - Photo Album of the Service Flying Training Centre Carberry

Photo album including photographs of RCAF Station Carberry, Service Flying Training School No. 33.

The album leaves devoted to the camp are preceded by about 26 photos illustrating the trajectory to the camp and succeeded by approximately 114 photos of Vancouver. The locations depicted in the photos include: New York City; Moncton, New Brunswick; Carberry, Manitoba; Brandon, Manitoba; various locations within Winnipeg; the Rockies (Jasper, Banff, AB); Regina, Saskatchewan; Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Drumheller, AB; Montreal, Quebec. Photographs of the camp include aerial views of the camp, the Carberry coat of arms, images of activities on base, images of cafeterias and technical stores in the camp, personnel photographs, harvest in Carberry, and images of the town.

PE001052 - Photograph Album of Sgt. Pilot Geoffrey Redfern

Contains photographs taken by, or associated with Sgt. Pilot Geoffrey Redfern, a graduate of the Service Flying Training School in Calgary, Alberta. Photographs are annotated, often with small cartoon illustrations on each page. Subjects of photographs include sightseeing in the United States, Ottawa, Banff, and Lake Louise, images of friends in Toronto, Montreal, Massachusetts, and Vermon, graduation photos from the Service Flying Training School, portraits, and various photographs from Royal Air Force service. In addition to the photographs, other miscellaneous material is also enclosed, including:

  • A 1942 Christmas menu from the No. 10 I.T.W.
  • A Dec. 8, 1943 graduation dinner menu from the Service Flying Training School, featuring a number of signatures
  • A newspaper extract, which features a story that mentions Sgt. Pilot Redfern
  • An undated Christmas card from Geoffrey Redfern
  • A single page of typed diary notes from the author’s wartime transit across the Atlantic
  • 23 assorted postcards, depicting locations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Redfern, Geoffrey

PE001576 - Photographs: [Images of the 1939 royal tour of Alberta]

Alfred Blyth (1901-1980) moved to Edmonton from Scotland around 1913 and began work as a darkroom technician in 1916. He opened his own photographic studio in 1928, which he operated until his retirement in 1970. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Provincial Museum of Alberta's Alfred Blyth fonds (available online at [accessed on 11 December 2018]).

Although the photographs are not accompanied by annotations, they appear to document the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Alberta in 1939. Images of the Royal Couple - often pictured with Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie-King and other dignitaries - and crowd scenes predominate. Events at the Legislature, Calgary City Hall, the Banff Springs Hotel, as well as arrivals and departures from airports and railway depots are present.

Blyth, Alfred

PE000614 - French language essay about dinosaurs

Essay, typed, imagining a trip back in time to observe the dinosaurs that lived near Drumheller, Alberta. Titled, "Une Excursion Fantastique à Drumheller." Likely written by a student for a junior high or high school assignment. Written in French. Reference to the “Centre des Arts Allies” or Allied Arts Centre, which was open in Calgary in the 1960s, dates the essay and locates its creation in Calgary, Alberta.

PE004815 - Summary of Proceedings of the Thirteenth (13th) Annual Meeting of Alberta Wheat Pool Delegates 1935

Booklet titled: "Summary of Proceedings of Thirteenth Annual Meeting of Alberta Wheat Pool Delegates 1935, held at Calgary, Alberta November 26-30, 1935." Back cover contains a listing of the Alberta Wheat Pool delegates elected August 15th, 1935. The interior contains the proceedings of the event, including reports, elections, statements of operations, and a map of Alberta showing the wheat pool elevator points.

Alberta Wheat Pool

PE000837 - Cooks 82nd O.Batt. C.E.F. Calgary 1916

A group photograph of four (4) men in regular military uniforms and fifteen (15) cooks in their kitchen whites. Identified as Cooks 82nd O.Batt. C.E.F. Calgary 1916. Large British flag in background. Photograph taken by W. V. Ring Wright Block 221A Eighth Avenue Calgary.

PE000638 - Members of the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge

Two B&W prints of members of the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge. The first was taken c. 1957 according to a hand-written annotation on the back. A stamp credits David Colville of the Calgary Herald as photographer. A sign in the second photo dates it to January 27, 1957; a stamp on the back credits Jack DeLorme of The Albertan as photographer. Calgary, Alberta.

PE000729 - Press photos of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff.

Nine (9) press photographs of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff. Photos have captions on the back:

  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Annual Indian Day at Banff, Alberta; Stoney Indian Medicine Man in his medicine teepee [sic] (Courtesy Canadian Pacific Railway)."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Newspaper clipping showing printed photograph identifies figure as Walking Buffalo, former chief of the Stony Indians of Western Canada.
  • 7" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney; parade around village and ride into Banff."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Four minutes after the construction job was begun, the Stoney squaw and papooses are comfortably established in their new home—with a slight touch of modern conveniences to get the housework done."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: "Stoney Indian 'Mr. Big,' This is Jonas Roder, second chief of the Stoney Indians tribe, dressed in full regalia for the annual Calgary, Alberta stampede. Far from the 'vanishing American,' the chief has much to say about how his tribesmen live."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Golfing in the Canadian Rockies has its illusions. Chief John Hunter, a full blooded Stoney Indian, makes a picturesque caddy on the Banff course."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: “ 'From where he sits' This papoose seems quite interested in the goings-on at the Calgary, Alberta, stampede. His mother, a Stoney Indians squaw stoops to squint, yet keeps a supporting hand against her back-riding youngster."
  • 7" x 8" B&W print. Caption: " 'The end of a busy day' Chief Spotted Eagle and his squaw Red Cloud Woman finish their shopping trip by indulging in a strawberry soda. Their eight-year-old daughter, Big Bird Woman (center), was a little shy." Print is very wrinkled.
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney, fashion show at Banff Spring, Alberta."

PE001002 - Sir Wilfrid Laurier's 1910 Train Trip Through Western Canada

A photograph album created by an unknown person, documenting the 1910 train trip completed by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, as Prime Minister, across western Canada. In July and August, Sir Laurier traveled on a special Grand Trunk Pacific train from Fort William, ON to Prince Rupert, B.C. and back, returning to Ottawa September 7, 1910. He was accompanied by numerous colleagues, including his private secretary, E. J. Lemaire; Minister of Railways and Canals, George Perry Graham, M.P.; Edward Mortimer Macdonald, M.P.; and Frederick Forsythe Pardee, M.P.

The B&W photographs are captioned in white on the black paper pages of the album. The photographs are only roughly in chronological order. The owner of the album titled the first page, "The Grand Trunk Pacific Trip." The acronym "G.T.P." is used for Grand Trunk Pacific railway throughout the album. Minister Graham is identified in the photographs by the acronym "G.P.G."

Photographs include:

  • Various photographs of the group chatting and milling around the train, occasionally posing for the photographer. Several of these photographs also show the train's crew.

  • A large welcome sign on the bridge in Fort William, ON.

  • Two photographs of the August 5th train wreck between the Laurier special train and a freight train on the C.P.R. track east of Moose Jaw between Belle Plaine and Pense. The train car is torn apart like a toy. No one in the prime minister's party was seriously injured.

  • One photograph of a man in a buggy, captioned "Joe" Clarke. This appears to be the future mayor of Edmonton.

  • Captioned photographs of the welcome received at Inverness [?], Winnipeg [MB], Melfort [SK], Selkirk [MB], Yorkton [SK], Medicine Hat [AB], Calgary [AB], Wetaskiwin [AB], Rosthern [SK], Banff [AB], Golden [B.C.], Prince Rupert [B.C.], and Victoria [B.C.].

  • Photograph of the "Welcome to our Premier" arch made of oats in Yorkton, SK.

  • Several photographs of Indigenous people.

  • Two photographs of "Buffalo at Banff," including a calf.

  • Several beautiful photographs of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Several photographs taken from the deck of a ship off the coast of Prince Rupert, B.C.

PE001577 - Photo album: [Images of the 1939 royal tour of Canada]

The album documents the 1939 visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada and the United States. Approximately 100 of the images were taken during the Alberta portion of the tour, including pictures of events in Calgary, Banff, Bassano, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge. The remaining images capture the Royal Couple in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the United States.

PE001569 - Photographs: [Images of a tour of Alberta mining towns]

The album appears to document a tour through Alberta. Industrial and transportation themes are particularly prominent. Many of the photographs capture scenes from coal-mining communities such as Mercoal, Coleman, and Frank, There are several photographs of aircraft and boats in Fort McMurray and elsewhere in northern Alberta. The remaining images capture mountain scenes as well as various towns and cities across Alberta, including several photographs of Edmonton and Calgary.

Paulsen, J.G.?

PE004705 - 1912 Wanted Posters

Wanted Poster – Wanted for Murder by the Headquarters of the Police Department, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, under Chief Constable Alfred Cuddy. Offering a $300 Reward.  The wanted individual goes by Samuel Sullivan or Salvatore Sarravalli.  Broadside is 18.5 x 26.5 cm, with a 4.5 x 8 cm photograph of Sarravalli.  Pasted onto browning album leaf, on the back of which is another (non-Canadian) wanted poster.  Shows two stamps, one dated Nov. 9, 1912 showing receipt by the Chief of Police and a second stamp by the Bureau of Identification, Hall of Justice, San Francisco, California dated Nov. 11, 1912.

The second wanted poster is in the form of a letter from the Sheriff’s Office in Vanderburgh County, Evansville, Indiana and is dated November 5, 1912. Addressed to the Superintendent of Police of San Francisco, California, the letter reads “This A.M., after knocking the jailer in the head, the following prisoners escaped from the Vanderburg County jail: Levey Lockhart (White man, 34 yrs., 5 ft. 10 or 11, 180 lbs., smooth face, dark hair. Held on a charge of murder.) / Henry Miller (White man, 55 yrs., 5 ft 6, 150 lbs. Sandy beard and hair, bald in front. Serving jail sentence for Passing Fraudulent Check.) / Frank Kelley (White man, 34 yrs., 5 ft. 5, 150 lbs. Smooth face, black hair. Serving jail sentence for Petit Larceny.) / Clint Crow (White man, 45 yrs., 5 ft 10, 175 lbs. Black mustache, stoop shoulders. Awaiting trial on charge of Rape.) If located, arrest and notify – John J. Davis, Sheriff.” Stamped as received by the Chief of Police on November 9, 1912.

PE001150 - 1925 Calgary Civic Election – Labor Candidate Brochure

Political material, associated with candidates running on a pro-labor platform. The content is structured as voting instructions, possibly for already committed supporters, rather than as persuasive advertising. One side of the sheet contains instructions for voting a straight labor ticket in the selection of aldermen and school board trustees, and the other contains instructions for voting on a referendum question to restore free clinics in Calgary Schools.

PE000164 - Written Items Involving Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Hughes

Contains: One handwritten letter and sympathy card, addressed to Margaret Hughes, the wife of Dr. Raymond Hughes, from Eleanor (Robertson) Tregillus on behalf of the Calgary General Hospital nursing class of 1937. ca. 1959 -- [copy of obituary clipping has been included]; A typed letter addressed to Dr. M.G. McCallum referring to a letter (missing) written by Dr. Raymond Hughes concerning pensioners Mr. And Mrs. Harding. June 30th, 1953.

PE004689 - Menu for W. K. Chop Suey Restaurant

Menu card and tipped in sheet for W. K. Chop Suey Restaurant located at 209 Centre Street in Calgary, AB.  The menu shows numerous stains and is printed in green ink on a paler green card stock.  The menu is creased across the lower left corner.  There are forty-six (46) items on the menu.  The tipped in sheet is pink and features the menu in Chinese characters.  Printed by Hickey & Jones of Calgary, AB.

PE004690 - Menu for Sammy’s Coffee Bar

Menu for Sammy’s Coffee Bar in Calgary, AB.  The cover features a charcoal sketch of Sammy and the sentiment “Eat well my Friends as we are here to please you – Sammy.”  The sketch is signed Bowen.  The back cover carries another message in Sammy’s handwriting, “I have a jewelry store just around the corner.  I call it Switzer’s because it happens to be my last name.  We feature costume jewelry of the latest design.  Drop in and see for yourself. – Sammy P.S. Bring your dark glasses; the place will dazzle your eyes. P.S. We also have the finest in quality watches and diamonds priced just for you.”  Both fore edges of the cover have stains from what looks to be binder ring holes, suggesting this menu was stored in a sleeve in a binder at some point.  The restaurant makes its own ice cream and claims to be the first coffee shop in Alberta with T.V.  Sketches on the walls are by Calgary’s John Bowen.

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