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Pocock Scrapbook (1887)

Pocock's 1887 scrapbook consists of approximately 53 leaves of textual and graphic material. Most pages of pasted or tipped in clippings and imprints and handwritten diary entries and letters for the year 1887.

Scrapbook contains:
Sketches of Fort William.
Letters to and from his father, to Mr. Keeper, to his mother, to his sisters, Rose and Daisy, and others. Notable are the telegram telling Pocock of his mother's fatal injury from being thrown from a carriage and the critique of "Spirit of the Plains".
Photographs of his mother on her deathbed and various landscapes.
Imprint cuttings related to Indigenous life, Toronto scenes, Ottawa scenes, Canadian sports, wildlife, and landscapes.
Newsclippings of book reviews, news articles, history of the NWMP, article about his mother's death, jokes, poems (of some Pocock is the author), and current events.
Diary entries for 1887.
Hand-drawn map of Quebec area near Ottawa.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1887 - 1888)

Pocock's 1887-1888 scrapbook consists of approximately 71 sheets of handwritten entries, cuttings of articles and imprints either pasted or tipped in, and letters kept loosely between pages.

Scrapbook contains:
Diary entries for the years 1887-1888
Handwritten financial records.
Notifications of his publication "Tales of Western Life".
Sketches of buildings and paintings of "Day After the Fire - June 14th,1886" (artist not credited).
Letters to his father (handwritten and typewritten), Frank, and his sister, Daisy.
Manuscript copy of "The Tale of a Tenderfoot".
Imprint cuttings of ranching, scenery, landscapes and towns of British Columbia, RCMP, trains and train stations, Calgary, wildlife, and Indigenous people.
Article clippings of jokes, religious editorials, and articles about his injury of breaking his arm.
Maps of British Columbia.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1888)

Pocock's 1888 scrapbook consists of textual and graphic material related his travels in British Columbia and Alaska.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of small portraits of unnamed people, wildlife, and scenes of British Columbia and Alaska.
Clippings of reviews of his book, "Tales of Western Life", articles about Alaska, articles about Pocock's travels and visits with Indigenous people, published critiques on his writing, a published editorial on Pocock's condemnation of how Indigenous people are being treated by the government, jokes and humourous stories, and current events.
Sketches and paintings of scenes in British Columbia and Alaska, totems, and Indigenous people.
Diary entries for the year 1888.
Letters to his father, his sister, Ethel, and from various people (such as lawyers and character references for Pocock).
Maps of British Columbia.
Typewritten manuscript copies of Pocock's stories "A Modern Pirate: The Story of an Adventure in Behring Sea" (35 pages) and "Seventh Watch: The Yokohama Pirates" (28 pages).

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1890)

Pocock's 1890 scrapbook consists mostly of large photographs and imprint cuttings of British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains.
Scrapbook contains:
Imprint cuttings of scenes of B.C. and the Rocky Mountains.
Photographs of Kicking Horse Pass, Rodger's Pass, mountain scenes, Indigenous people, scenes of Bella Coola, Victoria, portraits (most unidentified), Lizzie Denny, two women convocating in caps and gowns, people and scenes of Port Essington, scenes of Skeena River, Fraser River First Nations, and scenes of Fraser River.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1890 - 1891)

Pocock's [1890-1891] scrapbook consists of approximately 163 sheets of newspaper clippings, handwritten entries, sketches, and photographs.
Scrapbook contains:
Sketches of a dugout canoe, Coeur d'Alene camp, Astoria, Kootenay area, Columbia River, Mt. Ranier, B.C. interior (Douglas Lake trail), Nelson Lake, and colour paintings of the [Kootenay Mines?].
Imprint cuttings of Nanaimo, Fort Victoria, the Columbia River, Kootenay area, Fort Astoria, wildlife, the "Duchess" on the Columbia River, Shuswap area, cartoons, Nelson and area, No. 2 Kodak camera, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area, Oregon, Columbia River, Montana area, San Francisco, Grand River, and Colorado area.
Clippings of published articles and stories written by Pocock including "Jack's Hearth", "The Muir Glacier", "Historical Notes", "The Streamer Beaver", "Discovery of Gold in B.C.", "A Kootenay Scheme", "In a Mining Camp (Oregon)" that includes sketches, various letters to the editor, and poems "The Gold Miner" and "The Lumberman". Other clippings includes articles from the Victoria newspaper, the need for advertising B.C., and articles about the Kootenay area, particularly the mines.
Postcards (loose) of the Grand Trunk Pacific track along the Skeena River, scenes at Hazelton, B.C., and mail teams (dog sled) at Skeena River during construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Letters from Pocock to his father, and his sisters, Rose and Daisy, and a letter to Pocock from J.A. MacPherson of Boston, MA.
Diary entries including accounts of his travels in Kootenay, Idaho, and Oregon.
Published maps of Nelson, B.C., "Map to Accompany Report of Supt. S.B. Steele Commanding the Detachment of Mounted Police in British Columbia", and Idaho
Hand-drawn map of Wallace, ID.
Notice of mining claim stake (July 1890).
Pamphlet about Columbia.

Pocock, Roger

1.2 Correspondence

Subseries contains letters from Pocock or to him from various people. Primarily consists of letters between Pocock and Harwood Steele. Also includes letter from his sister Hilda Pocock to Flora Steele regarding Pocock's funeral. Subseries is arranged by correspondent chronologically.

Letter to Daisy (25 May 1887)

Letter from Pocock to Daisy (his sister) dated 25 May 1887. He writes about arrangements for their mother's funeral.

Pocock, Roger

Note to "Gentlemen" [1914?]

A brief note in Pocock's handwriting addressed to "Gentlemen" which states "With reference to Mr. Stanley Hawley's music, set to poems for Miss Ashwell's recitation." There is no date and the address "10 Bedford Row" is written at the top. On the reverse is written "JB Thompson, Hotel Britannique, 20 Avenue Victoria, Paris".

Pocock, Roger

Letter from Harwood Steele (20 July 1928)

Letter from Harwood Steele to Pocock dated 20 July 1928 regarding Harwood trying to sell the motion picture rights possibly for his book Spirit of Iron. Harwood also writes about his health and goals.

Steele, Harwood

Letter to Harwood Steele (28 May 1930)

Letter from Pocock to Harwood Steele dated 28 May 1930 regarding the rejection to reprint or publish several writings of Harwood's and Pocock's attempt to meet with other editors.

Pocock, Roger

Letter to Harwood Steele (1 July 1930)

Letter from Pocock to Harwood Steele dated 1 July 1930 regarding the rejection to publish several of Harwood's writings. Pocock also writes about a veteran's dinner he attended.

Pocock, Roger

Letter from Hilda Pocock to Flora Steele (2 November 1944)

Letter written by Hilda Pocock (sister of Pocock) to Flora Steele dated 2 November 1944. The letter is about Pocock's memorial. Included are four leaflets about his memorial and the Holy Trinity Church in Cookham, where the Pocock family vault is, and a list of the birth years of Pocock and his siblings.

Assorted envelopes

Four envelopes, two of which are addressed from Pocock to Harwood Steele and Miss Steele, and the other two are associated with different Pocock scrapbooks from unknown senders.

1.3 Miscellaneous

Subseries consists of records created by or about Pocock pertaining to his travels, publishing activities, occupations, and interests. It includes publishing contracts for several of his books, his certificate of discharge from the NWMP, and his resume while living in Hollywood. Subseries is arranged chronologically.

Sketch of NWMP Camp (1886)

A watercolour sketch by Pocock of a NWMP encampment in 1886. Writing on front reads "NWMP F. Troop Detachment Camp - Moon of Berries 1886".

Pocock, Roger

Air League Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 42 (October 1922)

Issue of the Air League Bulletin, a publication of the Air League of the British Empire. This issue contains an article about the world flight with details about those involved, the objectives, the itinerary, and foreseen weather issues.

Pilot Chart of the North Pacific Ocean

Chart showing the wind directions over the Pacific Ocean for the month of December. Prepared and published by the Hydrographic Office of the Navy Department of the United States of America.

Photograph of RCMP officer and woman

Photograph of an RCMP office and a woman embracing each other over a fence. Appears to be a still from an unidentified film. Writing on reverse reads "The Royal Mounted Police "From information received".

Photograph of RCMP officer, woman, and man in pith helmet

Photograph of an RCMP officer and a woman embracing each other over a fence while a man in a pith helmet looks on disapprovingly. Appears to be a still from an unidentified film. Writing on reverse reads "Duties of the Royal Mounted Police No 1."

Poem by Eleanor C. Waring (1931)

A typewritten poem that is either dated 12 April 1931 or is titled "April 12th 1931" by Eleanor C. Waring. The words "Ronaele England" are crossed out at the bottom of the page.

Notes written on Tulameen Hotel letterhead [1888]

Travel notes written on piece of paper with the Tulameen Hotel letterhead, undated. This was a hotel in Princeton, BC. The notes are about travel details going from Princeton to Hope, BC. Denotes distances between various landmarks and where 'feed' can be found. It is unclear if these were notes on a planned journey or from a completed journey.

Pocock, Roger

Letter from G.E. Webster (23 April 1903)

Letter from G.E. Webster of Methuen & Co. to Pocock dated 23 April 1903. Webster promises to make suggestions for American publishers and puts forward "A Frontiersman" as the best title for the book.

Letter to G.E. Webster (June 1903)

Letter from Pocock to G.E. Webster of Methuen & Co. undated, possibly from 5 to 10 of June 1903. Pocock writes about the edits he has made and justifies the passages he wants to keep.

Pocock, Roger

Letter to Rudyard Kipling (15 June 1903)

Letter from Pocock to Rudyard Kipling dated 15 June 1903. Pocock asks Kipling to confirm the accuracy of a reference to himself, then explains what the book is about, and asks for a written testimony from Kipling regarding Pocock's merits.

Pocock, Roger

Letter from A.S. Watt (17 June 1903)

Letter from A.S. Watt of A.P. Watt Literary Agency on behalf of Rudyard Kipling to Pocock dated 17 June 1903. Watt writes that Kipling will look at Pocock's book when he has time but that would likely not be soon.

Letter from McClure, Phillips & Co. (8 July 1903)

Letter from Mary L. Bisland of McClure, Phillips & Co. dated 8 July 1903 regarding the contract from the American publishers regarding copyright to Pocock's book under the American title Following the Frontier.

Letter from Methuen & Co. (5 September 1902)

Letter from Methuen and Co. to Pocock dated 5 Septemebr 1902. Methuen writes that they are willing to publish Trails of the Lost Legion (manuscript title for The Frontiersman) under the condition that Pocock reformat it as an autobiography.

Letter from J. Keble Bell to Harold Shepstone (30 July 1903)

Letter from J. Keble Bell of The Sketch to Harold Shepstone dated 30 July 1903. Bell requests that Pocock send him a copy of A Frontiersman and that Shepstone send him a review of the book. Shepstone forwards the letter to Pocock and writes on the reverse requesting that Pocock send Bell a copy of the book.

Letter from G.E. Webster (5 February 1903)

Letter from G.E. Webster of Methuen & Co. to Pocock dated 5 February 1903. Webster suggests edits and additions to Trails of the Lost Legion (manuscript title for The Frontiersman).

Letter from G.E. Webster (8 April 1903)

Letter from G.E. Webster of Methuen & Co. to Pocock dated 8 April 1903. Letter acknowledges the changes to the draft that Pocock made, asks that he consider changing the title of the book, and discusses Pocock's royalties.

Letter to G.E. Webster (9 April 1903)

Letter from Pocock to [G.E.] Webster of Methuen & Co. dated 9 April 1903. Pocock writes that he is deliberating a new title for the book and addresses the royalty fees he expects.

Pocock, Roger

Map of Washington State (1913)

A map of Washington published by Rand-McNally in 1913. There are handwritten notes in Pocock's hand about distances between various landmarks.

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