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Bruce Peel Special Collections Kitchener, Horatio, Lord Kitchener, 1850-1916 File
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General Correspondence - 1916

General Correspondence – Personal letters, incoming and outgoing, re: various matters; includes letters from military colleagues; a letter Steele sent to C.A. Harwood discussing his military situation (marked by H.S. ‘for use only if necessary’); and a notice of a memorial service planned for Lord Kitchener and others at Folkestone. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Harwood, C.A.

SAC Correspondence - Incoming

Memos; applications for duty; reference letters; general matters and a memo from Robert Baden-Powell discussing Lord K[itchener]'s dispatches and transport.

Baden-Powell, Robert

SAC Correspondence – Incoming / Outgoing

Memos; applications for duty; general matters including brief reports with attached correspondence; and a letter from R. Baden-Powell informing of his new appointment which will take him away from SAC, as well as his recommendation about Steele made to Lord Kitchener.

Baden-Powell, Robert

Military Correspondence - Incoming

Correspondence sent to SBS from Lord Milner and separated by Harwood Steele as correspondence to be consulted “only if necessary”. The two letters and telegram concern the possibility of Kitchener and Steele commanding in the Field during the first world war. Handwritten; typewritten.

Milner, Alfred Milner, Viscount, 1854-1925

Military Correspondence - Incoming / Outgoing

Correspondence sent to and from SBS in his capacity as Colonel in Command of Military District #10, based at the Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg; many confidential letters to and from Robert Rogers, Sam Hughes and others, and includes recommendations for filling Canadian Military positions and appointments. A particular focus in these letters is on SBS’s recommendation that a Lt-Colonel I.R. Snider be appointed Command of the 6th Infantry Brigade and the subsequent appointment of someone to this position, and other general matters. Handwritten; typewritten

Hughes, Sam, Sir, 1853-1921