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[1846-1850] from Abraham Nelles to Townley

Place: [Grand River]

From: A. Nelles

To: Townley

Details: 2pp

Notes: Reverend Abraham Nelles of the Mohawk Chapel for the Six Nations on Grand River writes to Reverend Adam Townley, thanking him for offering to give an account of the bishop's recent visit to the Mohawk. Rev. Nelles then relates some details of the visit and names some of the people who participated, including students of the Mohawk Institute school.

The letter is undated, but certain assumptions can be made.

  • Reverend Abraham Nelles refers to Reverend Adam Elliot, who took the position of missionary in the Grand River area in 1838.
  • Rev. Nelles then refers to the "young man Peter Martin who interpreted some of the speeches . . . & is now studying for ordination" which seems to be a reference to Oronhyatekha, the famous leader of the Independent Order of Foresters, who was baptized Peter Martin and attended the Mohawk Institute industrial school near the Grand River reserve from 1846–54.
  • "The chief who first addressed the Bishop is a Mohawk by name Johnson." This may be a reference to Chief John “Smoke” Johnson, who was well known for his oratorial gifts in the English and Mohawk languages. Smoke Johnson's son, George Henry Martin Johnson, served as interpreter for Rev. Elliot and lived with the missionary's family during the 1840s. Given the close relationship George Johnson had with the missionaries, it seems unlikely that he was the chief Rev. Nelles referred to by surname only.
    From these references, it appears this letter was written in the late 1840s.

Nelles, Abraham

1856 (Jan) from Edward Dewar to Townley

Place: Sandwich [now Windsor, ON]

From: Edward H. Dewar

To: Townley

Details: 3pp

Notes: Rev. Dewar and Rev. Adam Townley were co-editors of the “Churchman’s Friend” magazine. In this letter, Rev. Dewar writes about editorial matters, including the bursting of an envelope bound for Toronto, the decision to not include several articles in the coming issue, and the first complaint letter.

Dewar, Edward H.

1855 (Dec) from Edward Dewar to Townley

Place: Sandwich [now Windsor, ON]

From: Edward H. Dewar

To: Townley

Details: 3 pp

Notes: Rev. Dewar and Rev. Adam Townley were the editors of the "Churchman's Friend" magazine. In this letter, Rev. Dewar writes about editorial business, including subscribers, plans for articles, and printing.

Dewar, Edward H.

1857 (May) from Rev. Dewar to Townley

Place: Windsor

From: Edward H. Dewar

To: Townley

Details: 4 pp

Notes: Rev. Dewar and Rev. Adam Townley were the editors of the "Churchman's Friend" magazine. In this letter, Rev. Dewar scolds Rev. Townley for not submitting an article for the coming issue. Rev. Dewar points out that he has more than enough trouble from his church, where roof repairs cannot continue due to lack of money. He then relates how dismayed he is at the behaviour of two young women in his congregation who tried to run off to a Catholic convent. Rev. Dewar interfered and the ladies will no longer speak to him. He discusses strategy surrounding the upcoming Synod, criticizing the bishop's plans. In a postscript, he refers to two upcoming articles, one on "Spirit-rapping & Popery" and another which he intends to write as the start of a series about missionary life in Canada.

Dewar, Edward H.

1846 (Apr) from John Strachan to Townley

Place: Toronto

From: John Toronto

To: Rev Adam Townley

Details: 2pp

Notes: A letter marked private, written by John Strachan, Bishop of Toronto. It is addressed to Reverend Adam Townley who was rector in Dunnville at the time, serving the parishes of Dunnville, Port Maitland, and South Cayuga in the Niagara District. Strachan discusses land titles in relation to a new church, and asks several questions to arrange travel. St. John the Evangelist church was built in South Cayuga and consecrated by Strachan in June 1846.

Strachan, John

1855 (Dec) from Hogg to [Dewar and Townley]

Place: Munsee Town, Ekfrid P.O. [Ontario]

From: Henry C. Hogg

To: The Editors of the Churchman’s Friend

Details: 1pp. Someone has written in ink on the outside “Henry C. Hogg Esq. Dec/55” signed? underneath with the initials “AM” or “OM”

Notes: Edward Dewar and Adam Townley were the editors of the "Churchman's Friend" magazine. Mr. Hogg writes to them requesting a replacement copy as his subscription copy did not reach him.

1880 (Oct) from F.D. Fauquier to Townley

Place: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

From: F.D. Algoma

To: Townley

Details: 4 pp

Notes: A letter from F.D. Fauquier, Bishop of Algoma, to Reverend Adam Townley. In this short note, the bishop thanks Rev. Townley for his donation to the mission fund. Bishop Fauquier also congratulates Rev. Townley on returning to a parish that he previously served.

Fauquier, F.D. (Frederick Dawson)

1843 (Jul) from John & Annie Corbett to Townley

Place: Priory Place, New Ross [Ireland]

From: John and Annie Corbett

To: Adam Townley

Details: 8 pp.

Notes: The first sheet of paper is a letter to Adam Townley from his brother-in-law, John Corbett. His letter continues onto the second sheet of paper, on the third and fourth pages. John is the husband of Townley's sister Annie, whose letter makes up the first and second pages on the second sheet of paper.

John Corbett relates how Annie is in fact just recovering from a five-week-long illness after a carriage accident. He comments on the rivalry between the Church Missionary Society and the newer Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. John is very concerned at the unrest in Ireland and within the Anglican church. He also mentions the alarming rise of "the principles called 'Puseyism'."

Annie addresses her brother as "Dearest Addie." She gives news about family members and many acquaintances.

Rev. Adam Townley Letters

An Anglican minister and missionary in Canada, Rev. Adam Townley was also co-editor of the "Churchman's Friend," a 16-page monthly publication that sought to promote and defend high church theology. With his colleague and co-editor Reverend Edward H. Dewar, Rev. Townley released the first issue in October 1855 from Paris, Canada West. Production soon moved to Windsor, Canada West. Publication ceased in 1857, after a short and controversial run. Rev. Townley was also step-father to Rev. C.E. Thomson, himself the successor to Rev. John Smithurst at St. John the Evangelist church in Elora. It is presumably this relationship that led to his correspondence being included in the Rev. Smithurst collection acquired by Bruce Peel Special Collections at the University of Alberta.