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PE004945 - McDermid Studios calendar

Colour calendar from McDermid Studios. Calendar is rolled into a scroll and has a firm crease about a third of the way up the poster. Images show various scenes from Edmonton:

  • January/February: 101 St. and Jasper Ave. Site of the new Royal Bank Building,
  • March/April: Buildings on Old Fort Edmonton Site
  • May/June: Old CNR Station Corner 101st St. and 104th Ave.,
  • July/August: City of Edmonton,
  • September/October: Old City Market,
  • November/December: Jasper Ave Looking West from 99th St.

McDermid Studios

PE004944 - Collection of posters from a picture calendar showing Edmonton, AB

Collection of five (5) posters showing various images related to Edmonton.  All rolled into scrolls but otherwise undamaged.

  • Interior of McNeils Cigar Store 1920,
  • Old CNR (Canadian National Railways) Station showing 101 St. and 104 Ave. 1945,
  • View of Edmonton from the Southwest around 1912,
  • First Social Credit Script passed 1936,
  • Sulky racing around 1912.

PE004923 - Invitations to the 35th Annual Edmonton Historical Board Awards ceremony and to the opening of “The Other Side of the Mountain: Glimpses of Chinese Pioneer Life on the Prairies”

Invitation to attend the 35th Annual Edmonton Historical Board Recognition and Plaque Awards ceremony.  Award recipients include Vern Wishart; Alan Vanterpool; Peel’s Prairie Provinces Website – University of Alberta Library; Jewish Archives and Historical Society of Edmonton and Northern Alberta; Capital Modern Exhibit – Art Gallery of Alberta; Wallbridge Residence; Marshall Residence; Dean/Kuperus Residence; Chandler Barn; Highlands Community; Strathcona Community; Westmount Community.  Included with the invitation is an invitation to attend the opening of an exhibit entitled “The Other Side of the Mountain: Glimpses of Chinese Pioneer Life on the Prairies from the Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection” at the Bruce Peel library.  Both items are in good condition.

PE004903 - Souvenir program of the Official Inauguration of the Gyro Club, Edmonton

Souvenir program of the Official Inauguration of the Gyro Club, Edmonton. The title page includes the event title, location, and date. The first page contains the menu for the event and two caricature-style illustrations of the club’s president and secretary, at the top and bottom of the page, respectively. The following page contains the program and caricature-style illustrations of the speaker and treasurer; the back page contains the lyrics to four “club songs.” A purple ribbon binds this program to a 28 x 18 cm cardboard cover which contains the Gyro Club symbol and the title and date of the event. 

PE004873 - Photo Album of Pope John Paul II’s Visit to Edmonton’s St. Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica

Photo Album of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Edmonton in September, 1984. It has “Bill Connelly,” who was the recipient, handwritten on the top left corner of the inside cover. There is also a letter addressed to Mr. W.J. Connelly offering this album as a gesture of appreciation for his help. Album created by J.N. MacNeil and Roy Watson, Archbishops of Edmonton.

  • Photograph #1: Close-up shot of John Paul II.
  • Photograph #2: John Paul II and bishop walking up a staircase.
  • Photograph #3: Birds-eye view of mass taking place at St. Joseph’s Cathedral.
  • Photograph #4: Long shot of the podium with a group of bishops and cardinals standing behind John Paul II.
  • Photograph #5: Long shot of John Paul II lifting his arms in a blessing gesture.
  • Photograph #6: Diagonal shot of John Paul II’s vehicle being received by an excited crowd.
  • Photograph #7: Lateral view of a procession taking place outdoors in a field. Photo depicts thousands of followers observing mass presumably led upon a white altar.
  • Photograph #8: Medium low shot of John Paul II giving a speech on the altar.
  • Photograph #9: Medium long shot of John Paul II as he stands with his crucifix cane and lifts his hand in a blessing gesture.
  • Photograph #10: Medium long shot of John Paul II with a light background. He waves benevolently.

PE004847 - "Real Estate Directory - City of Edmonton - Bulletin Press"

Book titled: "Real Estate Directory - City of Edmonton - Bulletin Press." Cover is in a dark brown, textured material. The interior contains 122 pages of listings, in chart format, of the lots in Edmonton. They have been divided geographically, i.e. River Lot, Hudson Bay Reserve, Norwood, etc. There is a brief explanation at the front of the book describing the nature and reasoning behind the book.

PE004818 - Special Report upon 'The City’s Finances and Administration' by C.J.Yorath City Commissioner

Booklet titled: "Special Report upon 'The City’s Finances and Administration' by C.J.Yorath City Commissioner, Edmonton Alberta, August, 1924." Stamp on the front cover notes if was the property of J.A. MacDonald, City Assessor & Tax Collector, City of Edmonton. Includes an index and details the assessment done on the city’s financials and administration. Front cover has two hand-written markings: one is a signature of an A. Templeton, while the other notes it part of the Assessor’s Department. Back cover contains publishing information: The Western Veteran Publishing Co. Limited, Edmonton, Alberta. 

PE004817 - Digest of Laws of the City of Edmonton 1935

Booklet titled: "Digest of Laws of the City of Edmonton 1935." Gives information regarding the agreements, charters, by-laws, provincial laws, and provincial regulations affecting the City of Edmonton. Issued by the Bulletin Job Department. There is a stamp on the front cover noting it once belonged to J.A. MacDonald, City Assessor & Tax Collector, City of Edmonton.

PE004794 - Program for Viggo Kihl Master Classes in Pianoforte Playing Technique and Pedagogy.

Program titled: "The University of Alberta Department of Extension, Fine Arts Division, Presents Viggo Kihl, in Master Classes in Pianoforte Playing Technique and Pedagogy." Below the title is a b&w picture of Viggo Kihl, followed by a short biography. The classes are noted to take place in Edmonton from July 20th to 31st, for a 10 day course, and in Banff, from August 3rd to 14th, for a 10 day course. The interior contains class outlines, the fees for private instruction, general information regarding registration, enrollment, and living accommodation, as well as a blank application. Tucked inside the programme is a handwritten note, addressed to Mr. E. A. Corbett, regarding the registration date for the Viggo Kihl Piano Performance class. Letter is signed by B. Violet Kofeld. The back cover contains press comments.

PE004741 - Brochure for a sub-surface disc rim packer to plow

Brochure outlining the advantages of using a sub-surface disc rim packer to plow.  Blue-gray cover reads “Northern Alberta Machinery Company Limited, Manufacturing, Repairing and Rebuilding, Iron and Brass Foundry, Edmonton, AB” on the front.  Most of the pages feature illustrated cross-sections of plowed soil.  Printed by Baker Printing Co., 560 Second Street.

PE004737 - Menu program for the first dinner in the new Corona Hotel

Souvenir program of the first dinner served in the new Corona Hotel.  The program is bound with a yellow ribbon tied through two holes punched through the textured card stock cover and the single interior sheet of paper.  Printed by Douglas Printing Co., Ltd. in Edmonton, AB.  The dinner menu for the evening included dishes such as pigeon printaniere style, saute of frog legs a la Marengo, and milk-fed chicken with bread sauce.  A list of hotel rates is also included.

PE004735 - Program for the University of Alberta Commerce Club’s 1949 Dividend Day party

Grey paper program for the University of Alberta Commerce Club’s Dividend Day party held at the Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton, AB on Wednesday, March 30, 1949.  This program certifies that R. Beere is the holder of five ten shares of the Preferred Stock of the club.  The club declared a dividend of one-fifth of one evening’s enjoyment per share.  The evening included grace, dinner, “The King,” Toast to Graduates by club president Mr. J. D. Campbell, reply by D. M. Wilson, speech by Chairman of the Provincial Board of Public Utility Commissioners Mr. G. M. Blackstock, which was then followed by dancing. 

PE004734 - Program for the annual HBC family picnic in Edmonton

Program for the annual Hudson’s Bay Company Edmonton employees’ family picnic dated July 8, 1931. Transportation of attendees to the picnic held at Alberta Beach was by train.  Attendees were expected to bring their own cutlery and cups.  Various races were scheduled, with candy prizes for children under nine (9).  After supper events included baseball, soft ball, and pitch and putt games.  President: Mr. A. F. Little, Judges: Mr. A. S. Ramsey, Mr. L. V. Trimble, and Mr. L. H. Thorlaksson, Announcer: Mr. Jack McKay, assisted by large Sports, Entertainment, Refreshment and Transportation committees.  Identified as Edmonton by pencilled notation on the cover.

PE004714 - “Strathcona: The Railway, Industrial, Educational Centre of the Province” booklet with a further subtitle of “The Home of Alberta’s University”

Brown construction paper cover printed with “Strathcona, Alberta, Canada” in green ink.  First page bears the title “Strathcona: The Railway, Industrial, Educational Centre of the Province” with a further subtitle of “The Home of Alberta’s University.”  Lists many statistics such as population, the dollar value of public and university buildings under construction, cost of farm implements and lumber, and information about the local climate.  Illustrations are B&W and include a conceptual illustration of the Arts Building of the University of Alberta; photographs of Strathcona schools, industries, banks, business blocks, city hall, some churches, and the C.P.R. depot; a map of the City of Strathcona with added subdivisions; and a photograph from the train tracks looking west down Whyte Ave.

PE004684 - Breakfast menu for the Royal George Hotel Café

Breakfast menu card for the Royal George Hotel Café in Edmonton, AB. Bi-fold door design.  The cover is textured and black printed with silver.  Inside the text is printed in pink on a cream background.  There are five (5) Royal Breakfast Specials as well as Fish to Order, Steaks and Chops, and a variety of beverages, fruit, cereals, toast, hot cakes, rolls, and eggs. The back cover has line illustrations of The Royal George in Edmonton, The York in Calgary, and The Marquis in Lethbridge.  

PE004677 - Commercial Café Menu in Edmonton, AB

Commercial Café paper menu in original plastic-window cover, edged in burgundy with three of the four gold corners intact.  Windows have dried spills.  Front of the menu includes advertisements for Barrett & Olson Men’s Wear and Bates Electric as well as the Commercial Café name and address (10333 – 82 AVE) in South Edmonton.  Menu prices are often obscured by black marker with new prices handwritten beside.  A typewritten page dated Sunday, April 25th shows specials and lists desserts such as “Flapper Pudding.”  Back page has four advertisements for Hollywood Coldwaves, McBeth Agencies, Self’s Meat Market, and Capitol Cleaners and Laundry Limited.

PE001620 - Men Standing in Front of Astoria Hotel

A photograph of three men posing on a dirt road. In the back is the Astoria Hotel. The men are captioned as “Brodeau,” “Cross,” and “Walky.” On the back of the mounting board is an advertisement for “Blair’s Photographs of G.T.P. Ry. Construction, Lumbering, Farming, and other scenes illustrating real life in Canada. Address, Edwin C. Blair, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.” According to dealer’s note, this photo was taken in Edmonton.

[Blair's Photographs?]

PE001619 - Pioneers of Edmonton, N.W.T.

A group of well dressed men posing in front of a hotel. The name of the hotel is cut off, but “A Hotel” as well as “L. Kelly Prop” are visible on the building. The photo is captioned with “No. 380. Pioneers of Edmonton, N.W.T., Nov. 4th 1891.” The mount has “F. Steele, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg” on it.

F. Steele

PE001594 - Leaves from Photo Album of USAF in Edmonton

A collection of photographs that mostly include shots of the fire fighting crew with their equipment in front of their station house. As well as a training exercise, a plane used for training, and a possible snowed in bunkhouse. Some photos are captioned. Captions include: “Alex with Zero,” “Still the same crew,” “Alex in all pictures,” “American Air Force,” “Fire Fighting Crew,” and “Crash Crew with American Air Force.”

PE001577 - Photo album: [Images of the 1939 royal tour of Canada]

The album documents the 1939 visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada and the United States. Approximately 100 of the images were taken during the Alberta portion of the tour, including pictures of events in Calgary, Banff, Bassano, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge. The remaining images capture the Royal Couple in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the United States.

PE001576 - Photographs: [Images of the 1939 royal tour of Alberta]

Alfred Blyth (1901-1980) moved to Edmonton from Scotland around 1913 and began work as a darkroom technician in 1916. He opened his own photographic studio in 1928, which he operated until his retirement in 1970. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Provincial Museum of Alberta's Alfred Blyth fonds (available online at [accessed on 11 December 2018]).

Although the photographs are not accompanied by annotations, they appear to document the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Alberta in 1939. Images of the Royal Couple - often pictured with Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie-King and other dignitaries - and crowd scenes predominate. Events at the Legislature, Calgary City Hall, the Banff Springs Hotel, as well as arrivals and departures from airports and railway depots are present.

Blyth, Alfred

PE001569 - Photographs: [Images of a tour of Alberta mining towns]

The album appears to document a tour through Alberta. Industrial and transportation themes are particularly prominent. Many of the photographs capture scenes from coal-mining communities such as Mercoal, Coleman, and Frank, There are several photographs of aircraft and boats in Fort McMurray and elsewhere in northern Alberta. The remaining images capture mountain scenes as well as various towns and cities across Alberta, including several photographs of Edmonton and Calgary.

Paulsen, J.G.?

PE001566 - [Photographs and printed ephemera documenting an Alberta soldier's service in World War I]

Although several captions list the individual pictured as "self" or "myself," the creator of the album does not appear to be explicitly identified. Nonetheless, several pieces of ephemera in the album - including passes and a voucher for a railway ticket - refer to a S.W. Kerley. One item carrying Mr. Kerley's name is accompanied by the caption "My last ration book in Blighty." Internal references suggest that the soldier served with the 31st Battalion, Alberta Regiment, and a S.W. Kerley is included in the nominal roll. For more information on the Regiment, please see its entry in the Canadian Great War Project Web site (available online at [accessed on 10 December 2018]).

The album documents the experiences of an Alberta soldier during World War I from recruitment to his return from Europe. The majority of photographs capture Mr. Kerley and his fellow soldiers in a variety of settings from training in Alberta to the battlefields of Europe. The album contains portraits of soldiers taken in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Bramshott, England, as well as in Germany and Belgium. Many of the soldiers are identified at least by surname and, in some cases, more fully. There are also images of major Canadian battlefields such as Arras-Cambrai Road, Ypres, Passchendaele, and Vimy Ridge.

The 31st Battalion did not return to Canada until May of 1919, remaining in Germany to serve as part of the occupying forces. The album also documents this phase of the war, containing four photographs dated January 1919 with the accompanying captions "Outpost duty in Germany." Several pieces of ephemera also appear to be from Mr. Kerley's service during the occupation. These include the address of a German family, laundry lists, and a theatre programme from Namur, Belgium, dated 4 March 1919.

As with the photographs and postcards, the printed ephemera document many aspects of Mr. Kerley's military service. The album contains materials from the ship voyages to and from Europe, including menus, a concert programme, and a card listing berth and mess information. There is also a card from the Canadian Pacific Railway for soldiers travelling in Canada following repatriation.

Mr. Kerley also collected a number of miscellaneous souvenirs from his time in Europe, including currency and an identity card used by French and Belgian workers during the German occupation. Documents specifically related to his military service - such as a menu from a 1917 Christmas dinner, a programme from the Canadian Corps Championship (a multi-sport athletic competition held on 1 July 1918), and German and Canadian field-letter cards - are also present.

In a few cases, captions indicate the provenance of individual items, some of which appear to have been taken as souvenirs of combat. Several photographs are listed as having been found on battlefields. For example, three photographs are accompanied by these captions:
• “German N.C.O.’s found on an N.C.O. during the Amiens Drive, Aug.-1918”
• “’A German Fraulein’ found on a Hun soldier found at Neuville Vitasse”
• “Found this photo laying beside this soldier’s body after our capture of Rosiers on the Somme – 1918 Aug.”

Kerley, W.?

PE001562 - [Photo album containing predominantly Edmonton and Alberta images]

Some of the images are identified as from Edmonton's Alfred Blyth Studios. Alfred Blyth (1901-1980) moved to Edmonton from Scotland around 1913 and began work as a darkroom technician in 1916. In 1928, he opened his own studio, which he operated until his retirement in 1970. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Provincial Museum of Alberta's Alfred Blyth fonds (available online at [accessed on 12 December 2018]).

Approximately half of the album's photographs document Edmonton and area landscapes, buildings, and events. These include images of the Legislature, the Public Library, local golf courses, the 1937 Coronation celebration, and the dedication of the Cenotaph. The remaining images capture scenes elsewhere in Alberta - for example, Banff, Jasper, and Cooking Lake - or outside the province. There are a number of photographs of Vancouver and the Pacific Coast of the United States. Northern scenes are particularly prominent, including images of Alaska and a page of photographs accompanied by the notation "Eskimo scenes."

PE001559 - Photographs: [Alberta scenes]

The creator of the album is not explicitly identified, but visual evidence suggests he may have been Lorne Muir. Two images identified as "Lorne Muir" or "L. Muir" appear to match photographs containing the captions "self" or "myself." From 1911 into the 1950s, Edmonton Henderson's directories contain entries for a Lorne Muir, first as a resident of the Mortlake Block and subsequently of other local addresses. He began work as a clerk at Revillon Bros., eventually becoming manager of its hardware department. He later worked at Ashdown's Hardware. The album contains photographs of Revillon buildings as well as the interior of an apartment accompanied by the caption "Rooms, Mortlake Block."

The album consists largely of photographs of individuals - presumably friends, family, and colleagues - in a variety of settings ranging from mountain and ranch scenes to residential and commercial venues. The subjects are often identified by first name and, in many cases, more fully. Although there are a number of British Columbia locales represented, the bulk of the images appear to have been taken in Alberta. There are several photographs and postcards of the Edmonton flood of 1915. The postcards include images of the 1899 flood and prospective miners heading north to the Klondike gold rush.

PE001557 - Photographs: [Images of Edmonton and surrounding area]

The origins of the album are unclear, but it could be the record of British immigrants to northern Alberta. The verso of the loose portrait contains a photographer's stamp that includes a Westbourne Grove address, a retail area of west London. Several of the earliest photographs appear to be taken from a ship in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (including a picture of an iceberg), which could indicate a trans-Atlantic trip.

The majority of photographs, however, are from Alberta locales: Fallis, Rexboro, Lake Wabumun, and, most commonly, Edmonton. The album contains several photographs of the Hudson's Bay Company's 250th anniversary pageant held in Edmonton on 8 May 1920. There are also Edmonton images of the University of Alberta, cutting ice from the river, and Cree and Blackfoot participants in an unnamed 1922 event.

Many of the images are of individuals - presumably family members and friends - in agricultural and other settings. The captions do not always fully identify the subjects, but several surnames are mentioned: Bennett, Cannell, Margerison, Warning, Mullett, Merryweather, and Mills.

PE001275 - “Edmonton and the Saskatchewan Valley”

Vol. 49, No. 13,514 (June 17, 1893) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Edmonton and the Saskatchewan Valley” provides a description of Edmonton and the surrounding environs. As the municipality was still small at the time of writing, much of the content revolves around rural living; however, there is still an in-depth exploration of major Edmonton landmarks and businesses. Accompanying photographs depict both landscapes and scenery outside Edmonton, as well as major buildings within the municipality.

The Globe newspaper, to which the Saturday Globe was a supplement, is bound to the back of the supplement. However, the parent newspaper does not appear to carry substantive content on the Prairie Provinces. Both the supplement and its parent newspaper carry, in addition to articles and editorials, a number of advertisements for products and businesses.

PE001273 - "Calgary: Alberta's Capital"

Vol. 49, No. 13,550 (July 29, 1893) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Calgary: Alberta’s Capital” provides, despite its title, a broad overview of the province of Alberta, including Edmonton, and small towns such as Olds. Accompanying photographs depict various scenes from the province, including prairie landscape shots, agriculture, and town buildings.

In addition to the feature article, a number of brief miscellaneous articles and stories are carried on the last page of the newspaper. A number of advertisements for products and businesses are also present.

PE001253 - Coronation Souvenir: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

Commemorative magazine, issued by the Imperial Veterans of Canada, Edmonton Branch, on the occasion of the coronation of King George VI. The booklet includes articles on the coronation, statements from William Aberhart, Premier of Alberta, Joseph A. Clarke, Mayor of Edmonton, W. A. Griesbach, Senator (ex-Major General), and from the treasurer and chaplain of the Edmonton Branch. Also included are messages of goodwill from other organizations, in support of the coronation souvenir issue. While the features at the beginning of the booklet concentrate on the Coronation, the focus appears to shift to Imperial Veterans of Canada towards the end of the item. A substantial number of advertisements for various local businesses are included alongside the text of the booklet.

PE001245 - Edmonton Promotional photo booklet

Promotional booklet on the City of Edmonton, issued by the Edmonton Board of Trade. The inside page contains a brief list of facts and statistics on contemporary Edmonton; affixed to the page opposite is a fold-out photographic feature, with 27 photographs of various locations in the city.

PE001227 - U.F.C. Bulletin

Vol. 1, No. 2 of the U.F.C. Bulletin, the official organ of the United Farmers of Canada (Alberta Section). In addition to an introductory statement on the bulletin as a whole, the issue features commentary and news articles on topics relevant to United Farmers members and the organization as a whole, including reports on the Alberta Co-op Wholesale Association, the Northern Alberta Dairy pool and the Edmonton District Co-operative Livestock agency.

PE001226 - 38th Annual Auction Sale and Show Catalogue

Booklet accompanying the 38th Annual Auction Sale and Show of cattle, taking place on the Edmonton Exhibition Grounds. The booklet includes the program of judging for the sale, administrative details about livestock purchase and shipping, judging rules, an inventory of each head of cattle being put up for auction, and an index of individuals contributing to the auction.

PE001216 - The MacDonald Advertisement

Advertising brochure for the Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. The brochure contains promotional text describing the hotel and available accommodations and amenities within, and also features several photographs of the hotel interior.

PE001208 - Junior League of Nations Society evening program

Program booklet for “An evening devoted to Peace and a better understanding between individuals and between nations”, held at the Normal School auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta. Contains the events program, which features two plays, and their associate cast lists, acknowledgements, and a number of advertisements for products and local businesses.

PE001204 - Chem 56 Exercise Book

Notebook of I.S. Comfort, of Red Deer, Alberta, as used for note taking for the course Chem. 56 at St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton. Contains handwritten notes – usually either quantities used in various laboratory or classroom assignments, or various mathematical calculations.

PE001148 - 19th Annual Maritime Provinces Banquet Program and Menu

Menu and program for the 19th Annual Maritime Provinces Banquet, held at the MacDonald hotel in Edmonton. The booklet additionally contains a list Maritime Provinces Association executives, sponsors, and, on the back cover, information and sponsors for a scholarship award to Jean Keeley of Edmonton in 1947. The front cover features an illustration of a lighthouse on the coast.

PE001144 - 1939 The MacDonald Hotel Dinner Menu

Dinner menu for the MacDonald Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, operated by Canadian National Railways. Menu items are divided into three categories: ‘Table d’hote’, ‘dinner de lure’, and ‘dinner a la carte’. The front cover of the booklet features an illustration of the royal train carrying George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the back cover carries text that provides further background on that subject.

PE001131 - SST Dinner Program and Menu

Program and menu for the SST dinner, held by the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta at the MacDonald Hotel in Edmonton, which featured D.E. Cameron, librarian at the University of Alberta, as a guest speaker. The booklet is elaborately illustrated, especially on the front cover.

PE001126 - Royal George Hotel Menu

Menu for the King George Hotel, in Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to menu options, the booklet also includes a diagram the King George Hotel in relation to the York and Marquis Hotels, in Calgary and Lethbridge respectively.

PE001119 - 1913 Edmonton Exhibition Sommerville Hardware Booklet

Promotional booklet issued by Sommerville Hardware Co. Ltd., on the occasion of the 1913 Edmonton Exhibition. Contains advertisements, primarily for Sommerville Hardware, or for items sold by the company, but also contains several pages of advertisements for the Edmonton Metal Works Co. Ltd. The back cover features descriptions and directions to city parks in Edmonton.

PE001105 - Reclaiming the West

The text of an address to a joint meeting of the Canadian Club and the Edmonton Board of Trade. The author advocates measures for the prevention of desertification on the prairies, including water conservation, dam construction and tree planting.

MacTavish, W. L.

PE001099 - New Light on the West Bound Grain Route

Argues for the funding and construction of grain elevator facilities in Edmonton, which the authors suggest, will be necessary for Alberta farmers to take full advantage of a grain transport route to the Pacific, via Vancouver, then under development. Include is an annotated map of this westbound grain route.

PE001071 - Rôle Call

Issues 2 – 5 of volume 3 of the monthly publication of the Edmonton Little Theatre. They contain introductions to cast members, as well as theatre-related news, commentary and a variety of advertisements. In addition, No. 3 (Jan. 24, 1938) carries a membership list for the Edmonton Little Theatre for 1937 – 1938.

PE001069 - Program for Edmonton Symphony Orchestra 3rd Concert, 11th Season

Program for a Jan. 19, 1931 performance by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. In addition to the performance program, the booklet also includes notes on each of the musical works being performed. Additionally included are a list of officers and directors of the orchestra, a personnel list, various commercial advertisements, and classified advertisements for music teachers.

PE000983 - Address given by Wm. Aberhart in Edmonton on the 23rd of May, 1935.

Document detailing Aberhart’s speech regarding Social Credit. A handwritten note on the front cover states it to be the property of R. G. Thompson. A note within the booklet states: "A group of 8 or 10 Edmonton citizens hired a court reporter to take down verbatim Mr. Aberhart’s speech given in the Edmonton arena, May 23rd, 1935. Only approximately 15 copies were made. This is one of the original copies." Dated November, 1962 and signed (signature illegible).

Aberhart, William

PE000980 - 1928 Program for the Northern Alberta Old-Timers’ Association Banquet and Dance

A program for the "Northern Alberta Old-Timers’ Association Banquet and Dance at The MacDonald Edmonton Thursday, January 12, 1928." 

Front cover also contains a small flower drawing, and a poem titled "The Pioneer." Back cover contains a larger b&w photograph of seven (7) men and one (1) woman standing around a bust, with log buildings in the background. It’s captioned: 
"Oliver Bust Committee-Left to Right-K.A. McLeod, Campbell Young, J.E. Reilly, C.C. Batson, Kathleen McLeod, W.J. Carter, Howard Douglas, W.R. West. This bust was erected during his lifetime by the Northern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old-Timers’ Association, July 1, 1927, as a part of Canada’s Jubilee Celebration, and as a mark of their respect for an outstanding Pioneer, Publisher, Statesman, and Friend of Western Canada." 
The interior of the program contains a toast list and a menu for the night.

PE000979 - 1925 Program for the Northern Alberta Old Timers' Banquet and Dance

A program for the "Northern Alberta Old Timers Banquet and Dance at the MacDonald Hotel Wednesday, December 16th, 1925 at 7 p.m." Front cover also contains a long b&w photograph depicting a train of wagons pulled by oxen, with old wooden buildings in the background. A figure sits in the lead wagon. This picture is folded down over the top of the program, and covers the top 1/3 of both the back and front covers. The back cover contains a poem by Frank C. Steele titled: "The Pioneer Dead." The interior contains the program and menu for the banquet. Printing attributed to Douglas Printing.

PE000975 - 1st. Bn. Edmonton Fusiliers Christmas Card

Christmas card front cover contains the crest of the Edmonton Fusiliers, and notes it’s from the 1st. Bn. Edmonton Fusiliers, C.A. The interior contains a b&w photograph of two lines of men playing bagpipes. The opposite page provides Christmas greetings. The back cover contains a handwritten message of best wishes, from ‘Dean.’

PE000954 - Newsletter titled: "Join the IWW"

Newsletter titled: "Join the IWW." Text explains that the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is a radical labour union. Several pages were printed by the Edmonton Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation. Another page notes it was printed by the Industrial Workers of the World. Each following page is differently colored, and contains anarchist political perspectives on a variety of topics.

Industrial Workers of the World

PE000943 - Attendance slip for the monthly meeting of the Edmonton Club, as part of The Association of Canadian Clubs.

Attendance slip for the Edmonton Club, as part of The Association of Canadian Clubs. Slip is titled: "Monthly Meeting," and contains a space for printing the name of the attendee and the date of the meeting, as well as a space for noting the number of guests accompanying the attendee. The logo for The Association of Canadian Clubs is located in the top left corner. There is also a portion on the left side meant to be torn or cut off, showing The Association of Canadian Clubs’ logo, below which is a space to write in the date, and below that it states: Monthly Meeting. 

PE000942 - Religious Icon Card from St. John’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

The card is decorated with a picture of the Madonna and Child, printed in colour with a white border. The back of the card contains a stamp bearing the information of the church which provided it. It states: Compliments of St. John’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Fr. Stephan Semotiuk, Dean. Ph: (403) 421-0258. Located in Edmonton, AB. A hand written note in pen above this states the phone number for the CKUA radio station. 

PE000935 - Program for morning worship at Robertson Church in Edmonton

Program for morning worship at Robertson Church in Edmonton, dated August 1957. Front cover contains a b&w photograph of the church with the title: The United Church of Canada - Robertson Church.  It then lists the address of the church, the times of Sunday worship, as well as the church staff. The interior contains the program for morning worship, announcements, pulpit arrangements for August, and the list of hymns. The back cover contains information regarding the pastoral ministry, including pastoral care, church directory and calendar, regular meetings schedule, parking, and the minister’s hour.

PE000934 - Advertisement for the Edmonton Exhibition & Pageant

Card advertisement for the Edmonton Exhibition & Pageant. Cover reads: Edmonton Exhibition & Pageant July 16-21, Magnificent Live Stock Show and District Exhibits, Alberta Amateur Band Contest, H.M. Royal Air Force Band, Pageant Fantasy—“Mother Goose and Cinderella”, 600 people. Printing information at the bottom notes: Shekopeo (Rising Sun) IMB8-4108 ©1927, Brown & Bigelow, St. Paul, Minn. Finished in Canada. The front of the card contains a watercolor drawing of a young woman in Native dress, sitting on an outcropping overlooking a lake. There is a mountain scene in the background. 

PE000930 - Program for the operetta “Hansel and Gretel”

Program for the operetta “Hansel and Gretel.” Front cover contains a hand-drawn picture of a gingerbread house surrounded by trees, with two gingerbread figures on either side of the house. Front cover reads: "Hansel and Gretel - AN Operetta - Music by: E. Humperdinck, Composer - Berta Elsmith, Author - Presented by - The 'McDougall Singing Club' - McDougall School Auditorium - 107 St. 109 Ave. 8:00 PM. May 4 & 5 1950 - By permission of Publishers C.C.Birchard &Co.-Boston, U.S.A." Interior of the program contains the information on the acts, the actors, the characters, and the stage crew. The back of the program contains a thank you note from the McDougall Singing Club to its contributors. Took place in Edmonton, AB.

PE000925 - Programs for the Edmonton “Pops” Orchestra “Pop” Concert

Three (3) programs for the Edmonton “Pops” Orchestra “Pop” Concert. All printed by Co-op Press Limited, Edmonton, AB. 

  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra First 'Pop' Concert." Cover is printed in green ink with a small green border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid green ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - May 21st - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains an advertisement. The interior of the program contains biographies of the soloists, along with small photographs of them, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists.
  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra Second 'Pop' Concert." Cover design is printed in blue ink, and consists of a small blue border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid blue ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - June 12th - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains an advertisement. The interior of the program contains biographies of the soloists, along with small photographs of them, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists. There is a hand-written remark in blue pencil on the front cover dating the program to 1952.;
  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra Eighth 'Pop' Concert." Cover design is printed in green ink, and consists of a small green border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid green ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - Sept. 3rd - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains two advertisements. The interior of the programme contains small photographs of the soloists, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists.

PE000923 - "Addresses by Junior U.F.A. President and Vice-President to the U.F.A Convention" 

Booklet titled: "Addresses by Junior U.F.A. President and Vice-President to the U.F.A Convention." Below this is written: "Masonic Temple, Edmonton-January, 1936." Cover is printed on plain white paper with black writing. Front cover contains a black border with the title within this border, and a small image consisting of a torch with a ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow. The five (5) pages that follow detail the addresses given by the Junior President and Vice-President of the United Farmers Association Co-op at the convention. A small publishing mark on the back cover noted: Allied Printing Edmonton-Trades Council-Union Label. 

PE000922 - Program for the 1909 Law Students Society of Northern Alberta Complimentary Dinner

Program titled: "The Law Students Society of Northern Alberta Complimentary Dinner given at Cronn’s Café, Edmonton, in honor of J.M. MacDonald, B.A.B.C.L., W. Poapst, B.A., R.W. Manley, P.W. Abbott, J.D. Munroe, B.A., W.J.A. Mustard and Edward Brice, B.A. On the occasion of their admission to the Bar. Friday, October 15, 1909." Below this, there is a saying in Latin: "Lex semper dabit Remedium" (The Law always gives a remedy). There are two red seals next to this phrase, and the invitation is bound with a purple ribbon. The writing throughout the card is also in dark purple, and contains a menu and a list of toasts. The back cover is blank aside from the publisher’s mark, which is indicated as Keystone Press. 

PE000920 - Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book

"Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book." Cover is printed on brown cardstock, and the back cover is blank except for the publisher’s mark. The interior details the operations of the Ad Club. Includes a list of members with phone numbers, plans for the upcoming year, information about memberships and dues, a list of officers currently in office, and quite a few advertisements for businesses in Edmonton. Pamphlet also contains one small 12.8 x 7.8 cm card which can be used to apply for a membership with the Edmonton Ad Club. Within is also a 21.5 x 27.8 cm tri-fold letter bearing the Edmonton Ad Club’s letterhead, and addressed to Mr. Ernest Brown. The letter extends an invitation to the addressee to join the Edmonton Ad Club, and extolls some of the benefits of joining. Printed by Edmonton Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd.

PE000900 - "Civil Defence Survival Instructions for the City of Edmonton" brochure

Title reads: "Civil Defence Survival Instructions for the City of Edmonton." Below this is the logo for the Civil Defence department in Edmonton. Below this logo, it states: "Published by Edmonton Civil Defence Headquarters. Telephone: 880642 or 42891." Back cover gives the postage and permit information, as well as the logo for the Civil Defence department of Canada. Below this is a hand-written note: "GB(?) Williams 10232-Wadhurst Rd Ph 448-4081." The brochure opens on the left to reveal emergency instructions in the event of a war emergency. The interior of the front cover includes the signatures of Wm. Hawrelak and H.D. Davidson. Interior includes a map of the city of Edmonton, along with an emergency route map for the city.

PE000858 - Letter Seeking to Promote a Song

A handwritten letter to the editor of the Edmonton Bulletin from S. K. Larson. The letter requests that the Edmonton Bulletin write a few lines on the publication of Larson's song, "The Rose of My Heart," issued by Dearborn Music Co. of Chicago. It has been published in England, Australia, and the United States. Larson mentions that he was a pioneer of Stony Plain in the Edmonton District, having settled there in 1894 for 15 years, although he now lives in Prince Rupert, B.C. Attached is a short notice announcing the song’s success published by The Evening Empire newspaper, from Prince Rupert, B.C. There is a red, 3 cent Canadian stamp featuring King George V's portrait on the bottom right of the letter.

PE000856 - Program for "The Unveiling of the Memorial" on the anniversary of the province of Alberta

Program for ceremony commemorating the inauguration of the province of Alberta. Cover includes title "The Unveiling of the Memorial: Erected by the Government of Canada on the Advice of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board," as well as the event location and time. The ceremony is sponsored by the Historical Society of Alberta. The first page contains a B&W photograph of Sir Wilfrid Laurier speaking at Alberta’s Inauguration Day Ceremonies, dated September 1st, 1905. The opposite page includes the program and event acknowledgements. There is also a slip inside the program containing the lyrics to “O Canada.” The back of the pamphlet contains a photograph of the plaque documenting the creation of the province of Alberta.

PE000850 - "A Souvenir from the Edmonton District By C.W. Mathers" Photo Album

Cover page reads "A Souvenir from the Edmonton District By C.W. Mathers." Inside the album there is a brief note with the Adelphi Book Shop letterhead, addressed to a Mr. Dyde, informing him that another copy of this album has become available, so the recipient may have the current copy. The note is signed but the signature is illegible. Note is stamped Aug 11, 1959.
Photo album includes photographs of various locations and activities within the Edmonton District area, for example: the Saskatchewan river, riding with a dog train, farm yards, St. Albert, the Athabasca landing, among others.

Mathers, C. W.

PE000843 - Notepad used by the Board of Censors - Natural Resources Building in Alberta

Notepad with cardboard backing. Border is in dark purple, with a blank white space in middle for writing. Left-hand side contains Alberta rose and Provincial crest. To the right of this is a drawing of the legislature building. Within the writing area it states: From the Province of Alberta TO:.  At the bottom of this space it notes: Board of Censors-Natural Resources Building-Edmonton-Alberta

PE000830 - Compilation of photographs and postcards related to Leonard Colbron Stevens.

There is a brief biography of the subject and his connection to Alberta. Unless otherwise noted, the photographs are in very good condition; the majority measure 11 x 7cm. Nearly all photographs are in B&W. There are three colour photographs, two of which do not have an indication of the location depicted, and one of which depicts a lookout on Mount Royal, Montreal.
Photographs depict various locations within Alberta, such as:

  • Luscar,
  • Ghost Glacier,
  • the Edmonton river valley,
  • the subject’s office in Coalspur, AB,
  • various photographs of L.C. Stevens with his family in different settings (e.g. in front of a vehicle, posing amid natural settings),
  • and a 19 x 11.5 cm portrait of his son, R.L. Stevens (the handwritten caption indicates he was born in 1912 and dates the photograph 1926).

Stevens, Leonard Colbron

PE000823 - Event Pamphlet - Edmonton Social Credit Women

  1. Event Pamphlet - Edmonton Social Credit Women. Document presents an event titled “Stars in Time” and is dated October 17th, 1966. Cover explains that this is a pantomime to commemorate the 50th anniversary of women’s vote in Alberta, and the publication credit appears to be given to The Edmonton Social Credit Women. The patronesses listed are Mrs. E.C. Manning, Hon. Ethel Wilson, and Mrs. Wilkinson. The program is listed inside the document, along with the names of the committee heads, and a list of Alberta’s five famous women and women M.L.As from 1916-1966. 

PE000778 - Souvenir Album Folder of Western Canada.

Nine (9) photographs depict images of Winnipeg, Brandon, Edmonton, Calgary, Moose Jaw, a standard passenger train, the train on the Canadian Pacific Railway, close-up of the Canadian Northern Railway Standard Passenger Train, and buffalo in the park at Wainwright, Alberta. These photographs are enclosed in a brown envelope containing various imagery typical of Western Canada. Printed by Hough Litho Limited (Toronto).

PE000731 - Various scenes from Edmonton, AB

B&W prints, captioned, mounted, showing various scenes from Edmonton. Contents include:

  • Dominion Day Parade 1923 (4), including 1 print each of Premier Greenfield and the C.N.R. Pipe Band,
  • Images from around Edmonton (8), including 1 print each of the Saskatchewan River, stockyards, and 10439-69th Ave South,
  • Provincial Houses of Parliament (2),
  • University of Alberta buildings (2), including 1 print each of the Arts and Medical buildings.

PE000720 - Photograph Album of Families in Edmonton, Goose Lake (Alberta), and Battleford (Saskatchewan)

A cardboard photo album. It appears that several prints have fallen out or been removed and that several pages are missing.  Prints depict individuals and families in Edmonton (Alberta), Goose Lake (Alberta), and Battleford (Saskatchewan), as well as a variety of rural locales. Description from dealer lists several surnames for the families in the photos: White, MacDonald, Watson, Black, Higgins, Dessert, Fraser, Weaver, MacFarlane. Most of the prints are warped; back page bears evidence of removed prints.

PE000700 - Fire Insurance Report, Supplement, 1951

Fire insurance report titled “Supplement No. 1 to Report No. 16 on the City of Edmonton Alberta,” produced by the Western Canada Insurance Underwriters Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Includes descriptions of the City of Edmonton’s water supply, fire department and fire alarm system as well as statistics on recent fires and losses, fire flow tests and fire companies.

PE000699 - Supplementary Report on the City of Edmonton, Fire Insurance

Fire insurance report titled “Supplementary Report on the City of Edmonton, Alberta (no. 14),” produced by the Fire Branch of the Western Canada Insurance Underwriters’ Association of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Report is a supplement to a full report submitted October 1918. Includes descriptions of the city of Edmonton’s waterworks and fire department as well as some general conclusions.

PE000698 - Souvenir Album “from the University of Alberta, Edmonton with compliments of F. P. Galbraith, Chancellor on the occasion of The Diamond Jubilee 1968”

Album titled “from the University of Alberta, Edmonton with compliments of F. P. Galbraith, Chancellor on the occasion of The Diamond Jubilee 1968.” Subjects include Dr. W. G. Schneider, President of the National Research Council, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and U Thant, Secretary General of the United Nations, who were given honourary Doctor of Laws degrees on May 13, 1969; all ten photographs are described in a list on the second page.

University of Alberta

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