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Resolution challenging HBC rights

A document titled: "Resolutions to be moved by Mr. Dawson for An Address to Her Majesty, on the subject of the North Western parts of this Province, the Indian Territories and the Hudson's Bay Company." From the first (1st) session of the sixth (6th) Parliament. Printed by order of the Legislative Assembly by the printer John Lovell in Toronto.

This document has eighteen (18) resolutions outlining the history of the Hudson's Bay Company, challenging the validity of HBC's trading rights, and proposing that their lease to trade within the so-called "Indian Territories" not be renewed.

1858 Resolution: renewal of HBC rights

A document titled: "Resolutions to be proposed by the Hon. Mr. Loranger, in reference to Rupert's land, the Indian Territory and the affairs of the Hudson Bay Company." Printed by the Queen's Printer, S. Derbishire & G. Desbarats.

The six (6) resolutions propose a limited renewal of the Hudson's Bay Company's trading rights. The proposal is for the Canadian government to assume all territory the HBC claimed, allowing the company to retain only those lands on which it had built or otherwise improved. The HBC would not be eligible for compensation from lands lost.

1857 Copy of a Letter & Memo from Chief Justice Draper

From the docket: “Hudson’s Bay Company. Copy of the Letter addressed by Mr. Chief Justice Draper to Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for the Colonies, bearing date the 6th day of May 1857, together with a Copy of the Memorandum therein referred to, relative to the Hudson’s Bay Company. (Mr. Labouchere.) Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed, 16 June 1857.”

This letter and enclosure request that British Parliament settle the question of the exact boundaries between the Hudson's Bay Company and the Province of Canada. From page 5: "The rights of the Hudson’s Bay Company, whatever they may be, are derived from the Crown; the Province of Canada has its boundaries assigned by the same authority; and now that it appears to be indispensable that those boundaries should be settled, and the true limits of Canada ascertained, it is to Her Majesty’s Government that the Province appeals to take such steps as in its wisdom are deemed fitting or necessary to have this important question set at rest.”

1858 Correspondence Relating to The Hudson's Bay Company

On the cover: Hudson's Bay Company-Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 16 February 1858;-for, "Copies or Extracts of any Correspondence that has taken place between the Colonial Office and the Hudson's Bay Company, or the Government of Canada, in consequence of the Report of the Select Committee on the Affairs of the Company which sat in the last Session of Parliament."