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PE001035 – The short and unhappy life of Queenstown, Alberta

The items included are regarding the formation and ending of the Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Ltd (CPCCL) which was formed in 1888 with the intent of founding a town in Alberta.
l) (Prospectus): Dominion of Canada, Province of Alberta. Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Limited. To found the town of Queenstown, North-Western Canada. Capital £500,000. Nov, 1888. 8 pages. 23 x 18 cm.
m) Reproduced letter: From Henry Hayman D. D. President of the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889. 24 x 19 cm.
n) Share Certificate: 25.5 x 22.5 cm for 10 shares in the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889
o) Broadside: 36.5 x 23 cm. Choice Lands in Alberta. Advert to induced people to move out and colonize Queenstown.
p) Transcript: 32.5 x 20 cm. Discusses circumstances of Queenstown which included a prairie fire, which destroyed the hay crop for the coming winter and caused the loss of several hundred head of cattle.
q) Notice: 20 x 25 cm. Notice of a CPCCL meeting to be held on 24 Dec 1890. Issued 15 Dec 1890.
r) 4 Resolutions: 33 x 20.5 cm. Enumerates the four resolutions o be ratified at the Dec. 24th 1890 meeting.
s) Letter from Maddisons: (open: 25 x 40.5 cm, closed: 25 x 20.5cm) dated Dec 19 1890, acting on behalf of 50 shareholders to wind up the corporation.
t) Letter from the CPCCL: 20 x 26.5 cm. Issued Dec. 20 1890. Rebuffs the Letter from Maddisons.
u) Report of Proceedings: 8 pages. 33.5 x 21 cm. Report of the Dec 24th 1890 meeting.
v) The Companies (Winding-up) Act 1890: The winding up act is in four pieces.
a. No. 23/ Notice: 40.5 x 25 cm. A notice that a meeting of the contributories will be held on March 25 1891 which encloses with it two forms: The General (blue paper, 40.5 x 25 cm) and Special Proxies(yellow paper, 40.5 x 25 cm)
b. A summary of the affairs of the company was included (closed: 40.5 x 25 cm)

PE000462 - Posters as “Warning to Minors” with sections of the Saskatchewan Liquor Act

Two posters on orange cardstock with the words “Warning to Minors” in bold followed by excerpts from the Saskatchewan Liquor Act. It was issued by the Hotels Association of Saskatchewan and Approved by Saskatchewan Liquor Board. Printed by Davidson Leader Print. Since the text infers that serving beer is legal, but serving women is not, it must have been printed sometime between 1935 and 1960. PE000462

PE001081 - Morris Safe & Lock Co. Documents

Documents from, or associated with, the Morris Safe & Lock Co., pertaining to their business affairs with Canadian organizations in Calgary and Saskatchewan. Included amongst the documents are:

  • Correspondence, typed and written, by Norris Safe & Lock Co. employees and by customers of the company on business matters and transactions. Relevant newspaper extracts are attached to two of these.
  • Bills from the City of Calgary, John Jones Alberta Paint Shop, and Tasker Transfer Company
  • Cheques from the Dominion Bank
  • An Alberta Government Telephone notice that payment is in arrears.

PE001237 - Homestead Payment documents

Materials relating to payment for a homestead in Swift Current, Saskatchewan; the materials are addressed to Percy L. Stubbs. The materials include:

  • An Oct, 7, 1910 payment reminder for the 3rd installment on the homestead, amounting to $64 plus interest on the outstanding amount.
  • A Dec. 27, 1912 payment receipt for $211.35 in relation to the homestead. The receipt includes the location of the homestead property.
  • A postal envelope, addressed to P. L. Stubbs, and dated Dec. 27, 1912.

PE000491 - Four Letters on Wild Flowers to Miss Emily Sartain

Four letters addressed to Miss Emily Sartain apparently responding to inquiries about the total number of wild flowers in Canada and in the province of the respondent’s residence. Found, by the dealer, in a copy of Fraser & Russell’s "A revised, annotated list of the plants of Saskatchewan," 1944.

  • One-page typed letter on University of British Columbia letterhead from John Davidson, Associate Professor of Botany, dated March 31, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Royal Victoria College, McGill University letterhead from Muriel V. Roscoe, dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page handwritten letter on University of Alberta letterhead from E. H. Moss [?], dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Canada Department of Agriculture letterhead from Harold A. Senn, Senior Botanist, on behalf of Dr. Craigie, sent from the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Ontario, and dated May 29, 1947.

PE001353 – Meine Leibe Christien

: Three letters and a list on scrap paper.
1951 Letter: dated Nov 1st Feast of All Saints 1951. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
Dec 4th Letter: dated Second Sunday in the Advent (Christmastime) Dec 4, Golden Ridge. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Contains 7 questions about Jesus Christ and mentions Evangelism. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
1948 Letter: dated November 21 1948. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Quotes sections of the bible. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
List: 6th S. N. October. Partially in English with no0tes in German. Written on scrap paper, torn from original letter from a Regina office. Religious topics.

PE001645 - Edmonton/Klondike Postcards

5 postcards addressed to the secretary of the Law Society of Alberta accompanied by transcriptions and details regarding place, date, and delivery. Postcards sent by G.H.S. Wade who was traveling up from Edmonton to the Yukon looking for gold. Postcards were sent from: Lesser Slave Lake, Fort Dunvegan, Fort Resolution, Mackenzie River, and Peace River Crossing. Accompanied by 5 pages of background information by D.W. Thompson and Hugh Delaney.

G.H.S. Wade

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