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Recitals of the Students of Jean M. Wallace

Programs for musical, dramatic and humourous variety performances put on by the students of Jean M. Wallace - a Winnipeg, Manitoba teacher. Performances occurred between 1927 and 1931. Each program gives the title of each act (including plays, poems, dramatic readings and songs) and the performers' names.

PE001087 - Winnipeg Jewish Community Wartime Materials

These materials comprise various cards, invitations and programs originating from the Jewish community in Winnipeg immediately prior to, and during the first years of the Second World War. Included are:

  • An invitation to a ‘stag’ in honor of Hy Chmelnitsky, held on Dec. 27, 1941.
  • An invitation to the wedding of Mary Zilberman and Jack Chochinov, held on Dec. 21, 1941.
  • A pamphlet from the National Council of Canadian Hadassah, which carries information about the work performed by the council in facilitating and supporting the movement of Jewish refugees into Palestine.
  • An invitation to, and program for an open meeting of the Hadassah Organizations of Winnipeg. The booklet includes a brief description of the Hadassah’s contribution to the Allied war effort.
  • An invitation to the wedding of the children of the Gold and Chmelnitsky families, Leah and Hymie, held on Jan. 4, 1942.
  • An album containing a variety of small – generally business card sized - greeting cards or invitation, as well as membership cards for the Hadassah Organization of Canada. Many of the cards carry content in Hebrew script, in addition to English text.

PE001239 - Winnipeg Typographical Union Working Cards

Working cards, issued by the Winnipeg Typographical Union, signed by A.J.P. Atkinson. The cards are dated for 1922 and 1926. Each card contains a description of union dues, as well as a chart to record the payment of dues. A number of stamps are affixed below the chart on each booklet, presumably to certify the payment of dues.

PE001031 – [National Diary 1936 – C.W.Laidlaw]

This is the diary of Charles Walter Laidlaw. This is due to the annotation in the book on the interior cover. This indicates that Laidlaw was an educator in Winnipeg, a colleague of Sybil Shack and W. J. Sislar, a member of the board of governors at the U of M (Manitoba) and a member of the board of regent for the United College and a president of a committee. The first nine pages are printed and cover information like seasons, air mail rates and postal rules, how to compute interest, and a 13 period calendar.
The diary begins with the death of Gladys (relations unknown), and covers his attendance at various meeting with the legislative committee, records monthly bills for central heat for 1938 – 1945, the days he worked on the Professional Bill, and ends the diary entries on December 31st 1938.
Laidlaw tends to skip whole months or large portions of months in his recording. Skips around in diary re: when entering days.

Charles Walter Laidlaw