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Prairie Ephemera Collection

  • FC 3234.2 P732
  • Collection
  • 1800s and 1900s

The Prairie Ephemera collection consists of a wide range of photographic and manuscript materials related to the social, economic, and cultural development of the Prairie Provinces. The photographic collection – which consists of both individual images and albums – is highly varied. Scenes of farm and urban life are both well represented. The textual materials are equally diverse, including letters, diaries, meeting minutes, political campaign materials, song books, stock certificates, performance programs and advertisements, among other things. These materials include first hand accounts from homesteaders and visitors to the region discussing the nature of Prairie life in the pioneer period and through the 20th Century.

PE001006 - Tour of Northern Hudson's Bay Company Posts

Unidentified photographer. Judging by the number of aerial photographs, those of bush planes, and the large number of Hudson’s Bay Company buildings and posts, this collection may document a tour of northern Hudson’s Bay Company posts in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario by someone linked with the HBC. Photographs of people usually show them holding fox furs. At least half of the photographs were taken during winter. Nearly all photographs are captioned on the back in pencil, and some are also numbered.
Places photographed include Fort McMurray (AB), Fort Chipewyan (AB), Embarras Portage (AB), Fort Vermilion (AB), Stony Rapids (SK), Moosonee (ON), Moose Factory (ON), Albany (ON), and Attawapiskat (ON).
A guide to the identified places is interleaved within the album.
In the group photograph, 42 adults stand on the steps of a building and smile for the camera. This photograph seems unrelated to the rest of the album.

PE000925 - Programs for the Edmonton “Pops” Orchestra “Pop” Concert

Three (3) programs for the Edmonton “Pops” Orchestra “Pop” Concert. All printed by Co-op Press Limited, Edmonton, AB. 

  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra First 'Pop' Concert." Cover is printed in green ink with a small green border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid green ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - May 21st - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains an advertisement. The interior of the program contains biographies of the soloists, along with small photographs of them, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists.
  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra Second 'Pop' Concert." Cover design is printed in blue ink, and consists of a small blue border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid blue ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - June 12th - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains an advertisement. The interior of the program contains biographies of the soloists, along with small photographs of them, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists. There is a hand-written remark in blue pencil on the front cover dating the program to 1952.;
  • "Edmonton 'Pops' Orchestra Eighth 'Pop' Concert." Cover design is printed in green ink, and consists of a small green border topped by a solid brush-like design, sitting on top of a solid green ‘ground’ with stars. Below the title, more information is given: "Lee Hepner - Conductor - Presented by Edmonton Recreation Commission - in co-operation with Edmonton Musicians’ Protective Association - Sept. 3rd - Sales Pavilion - 8:30." The back cover contains two advertisements. The interior of the programme contains small photographs of the soloists, advertisements, list of works to be performed, and a list of the instrumentalists.

PE000930 - Program for the operetta “Hansel and Gretel”

Program for the operetta “Hansel and Gretel.” Front cover contains a hand-drawn picture of a gingerbread house surrounded by trees, with two gingerbread figures on either side of the house. Front cover reads: "Hansel and Gretel - AN Operetta - Music by: E. Humperdinck, Composer - Berta Elsmith, Author - Presented by - The 'McDougall Singing Club' - McDougall School Auditorium - 107 St. 109 Ave. 8:00 PM. May 4 & 5 1950 - By permission of Publishers C.C.Birchard &Co.-Boston, U.S.A." Interior of the program contains the information on the acts, the actors, the characters, and the stage crew. The back of the program contains a thank you note from the McDougall Singing Club to its contributors. Took place in Edmonton, AB.

PE004738 - Program for the City of Calgary’s Commemoration Services on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.  

The program for the City of Calgary’s Commemoration Services on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.  Held in Victoria Park, Calgary, AB on June 2, 1953.  Printed in Canada by John D. McAra of Calgary.  The program’s front cover features a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II printed in purple ink.  The back cover features the City of Calgary’s coat of arms, also printed in purple.  The program consisted of events held at 12:30pm and later at 8pm, with speeches, music, dances, prayer, and fireworks.

PE000979 - 1925 Program for the Northern Alberta Old Timers' Banquet and Dance

A program for the "Northern Alberta Old Timers Banquet and Dance at the MacDonald Hotel Wednesday, December 16th, 1925 at 7 p.m." Front cover also contains a long b&w photograph depicting a train of wagons pulled by oxen, with old wooden buildings in the background. A figure sits in the lead wagon. This picture is folded down over the top of the program, and covers the top 1/3 of both the back and front covers. The back cover contains a poem by Frank C. Steele titled: "The Pioneer Dead." The interior contains the program and menu for the banquet. Printing attributed to Douglas Printing.

PE004735 - Program for the University of Alberta Commerce Club’s 1949 Dividend Day party

Grey paper program for the University of Alberta Commerce Club’s Dividend Day party held at the Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton, AB on Wednesday, March 30, 1949.  This program certifies that R. Beere is the holder of five ten shares of the Preferred Stock of the club.  The club declared a dividend of one-fifth of one evening’s enjoyment per share.  The evening included grace, dinner, “The King,” Toast to Graduates by club president Mr. J. D. Campbell, reply by D. M. Wilson, speech by Chairman of the Provincial Board of Public Utility Commissioners Mr. G. M. Blackstock, which was then followed by dancing. 

PE000779 - Program for the Seventh Annual Freemasonry Reunion at Moose Jaw Lodge of Perfection

Program for the seventh annual Freemasonry reunion at the Moose Jaw Lodge of Perfection. It is bound in a blue/purple cover with copper-coloured lettering indicating the title of the event and the organization’s logo. The program includes details of the event and a list of members and candidates. Each page is framed by an ornate blue margin around the content.

PE000901 - Canadian Postmasters Association (B.C. and Yukon Branch) Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference.

Title reads: "Canadian Postmasters Association (B.C. and Yukon Branch) Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference." Below this is a pixelated picture of a hotel set next to a roadway. Below the picture it reads: "Leon Hotel, Port Moody, B.C. June 4th, 5th, 6th, 1962. Souvenir Programme." The back cover is blank. The interior is printed on regular paper stock, and details the day to day itinerary of the conference. Also includes various advertisements for sponsors of the conference, as well as a President’s Message on the second page.

PE000981 - Souvenir programme for the Saskatchewan Motorcade to Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee 1936

Program titled: "Welcome Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Motorcade and Souvenir Picnic Programme, Souvenir Program, 1886 Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee 1936." Front cover contains an elaborate drawing depicting cars along a route in the prairies to Vancouver, and another drawing depicting those same cars entering Vancouver. Drawing has been done in green ink. Back cover is blank. Interior contains advertisements for various activities and services in Vancouver, a welcome address by the mayor of Vancouver, and a programme and daily schedule of events from July 11-19th.

PE001148 - 19th Annual Maritime Provinces Banquet Program and Menu

Menu and program for the 19th Annual Maritime Provinces Banquet, held at the MacDonald hotel in Edmonton. The booklet additionally contains a list Maritime Provinces Association executives, sponsors, and, on the back cover, information and sponsors for a scholarship award to Jean Keeley of Edmonton in 1947. The front cover features an illustration of a lighthouse on the coast.

PE001167 - Wesley College 34th Annual Dinner Program

Both booklet and cover comprise the program for the Wesley College’s 34th Annual Dinner Program, held at the Fort Garry Hotel. The cover contains a blank space for autographs – partially filled with handwritten names – and the text of three yells / chants. The booklet contains a menu, events program, and a list of graduating students. The events program is interspersed with the lyrics and text of various songs and chants.

PE001168 - University of Manitoba Engineering Society Annual Banquet Program

Program for the University of Manitoba Engineering Society Annual Banquet, held at the Fort Garry Hotel. The booklet includes a list of the graduating students, cartoons, a menu, the events program, personal messages attributed to staff and students, and a blank space for autographs, which has been filled in partially with handwritten names. The front cover bears an illustration of a graduating student in front of a meal.

PE001257 - Hudson’s Bay Company Royal Visit Program

Information booklet & program for the royal visit to Old Fort Garry, in Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 24, 1939. In addition to the events program, the booklet provides some background on the purpose of the event – namely, the ceremonial fulfillment of the obligation found in the Hudson’s Bay Company charter to provide two Elk and two black beavers to the crown upon any visit to HBC lands.

PE000759 - The Alberta Homestead Journal

The Alberta Homestead Journal. 12-page journal printed in Edmonton, AB, described as a journal for the farmer and his family. It features stories on agriculture, farmer conventions, farm equipment sales advertisements and opinion columns.

PE004752 - Northwest Uprising covered in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, printed in New York, No. 1,544, vol. LX. Front cover contains a large b&w ink drawing of four figures, three on snowshoes with one carrying a child, in a winter landscape. Caption reads: "Canada - The Uprising in the Northwest - White Inhabitants of the Saskatchewan Region Leaving a Settlement, After an Indian Raid." Remainder of the paper contains news from around the world, including Canada and the Riel Rebellion.

PE001273 - "Calgary: Alberta's Capital"

Vol. 49, No. 13,550 (July 29, 1893) of the Saturday Globe. The feature article “Calgary: Alberta’s Capital” provides, despite its title, a broad overview of the province of Alberta, including Edmonton, and small towns such as Olds. Accompanying photographs depict various scenes from the province, including prairie landscape shots, agriculture, and town buildings.

In addition to the feature article, a number of brief miscellaneous articles and stories are carried on the last page of the newspaper. A number of advertisements for products and businesses are also present.

PE004677 - Commercial Café Menu in Edmonton, AB

Commercial Café paper menu in original plastic-window cover, edged in burgundy with three of the four gold corners intact.  Windows have dried spills.  Front of the menu includes advertisements for Barrett & Olson Men’s Wear and Bates Electric as well as the Commercial Café name and address (10333 – 82 AVE) in South Edmonton.  Menu prices are often obscured by black marker with new prices handwritten beside.  A typewritten page dated Sunday, April 25th shows specials and lists desserts such as “Flapper Pudding.”  Back page has four advertisements for Hollywood Coldwaves, McBeth Agencies, Self’s Meat Market, and Capitol Cleaners and Laundry Limited.

PE004688 - Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club

A menu in the shape of a tasseled fez hat.  Burn marks and drink stains on the front cover.  This menu is the Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club located in the Elks Building in Calgary, AB.  It is bound with two staples.  Inside the front cover is a B&W photographic collage of the inside of the Elks Club, while the collage inside the back cover features photographs of teepees, city skyline, a dinosaur sculpture and the Banff Springs Hotel.  The menu is eight (8) pages of alcoholic drinks.  Printed by Foothill Printers Limited.

PE001125 - Silver Inn Restaurant Menu

Menu for the Silver Inn Restaurant, located in Calgary, Alberta. In addition to menu offerings, the item also includes the restaurant’s phone number, address, and opening hours. Menu is chiefly composed of Chinese cuisine.

PE001147 - Elite Cafe Menu

Menu for the Elite Cafe in Banff, Alberta. In addition to food items, the menu also contains a selection of fountain ice cream and soft drink items on the reverse. Some items and prices have been added in either pencil handwriting, or as typed text.

PE004785 - 1956 Red Deer Exhibition Prize List for Ladies and Junior Activities Day

Booklet titled, "1956 Red Deer Exhibition Prize List for Ladies and Junior Activities Day, August 2-3-4." Cover is done in a thick, cream-colored paper stock with red writing, and includes ink drawings of fair activities, including a Ferris wheel, food for judging, and cows. The back cover contains the address of who the list was sent to: "Mrs. F. Grimson, Box 1115 RR 1, Red Deer." A 2 cent Canadian stamp was put over the opening upon mailing. The interior contains lists of the committees in charge, regulations for entry, and the class numbers and categories for entry. Inserted into the booklet are entry forms for the event. Printed by Advocate Press of Red Deer.

PE004878 - Golden Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada manuscript 

Manuscript in commemoration of the Golden Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada. This is a collection of transcripts of 67 interviews conducted with pilots and flight engineers of the golden age of bush flying. These first person narrations are biographical and the manuscript's multiple parts constitute different experiences and perspectives of the birth and development of Canadian aviation, forming a comprehensive body of literature relating to the history of the Canadian aviation industry. The 64 transcripts are photocopies and vary in length. Also enclosed are photocopies of newspaper stories featuring members of the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame, as well as a brief description of the manuscript and its origins by Tony Cashman.

PE004889 - "Short Biography of Artist Tom Roberts"

Short Biography of Artist Tom Roberts. The cover features a headline announcing “an exhibition and sale of paintings by Tom Roberts.” The inside of the slip contains a biography of the artist, while the back has the company name, the Eaton Company Limited, printed at the centre.

PE004790 - "Bramshott Souvenir Magazine, The Maple Leaf for Ever"

Book titled: "Bramshott Souvenir Magazine, The Maple Leaf for Ever." Front cover is decorated with a large ink drawing of a soldier holding an early Canadian flag, with a military camp in the background. The border on the front cover contains the various coats of arms for Canadian provinces along with maple leafs. The interior contains 128 pages depicting the various battalions and regiments at Bramshott Camp, poems and songs, and many b&w photographs of soldiers and regiments, as well as advertisements. Printed by the Press Bureau.

PE000763 - Letter to Members of Aleph Zadik Aleph

Typewritten letter to members of Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) sent by Sam Beber. Contents include a listing of the Supreme Advisory Council members of the Aleph Zadik Aleph of the B’Nai B’rith. The letter implores the visiting members of the A.Z.A. to comport themselves properly during their visit. The letter is in good condition and includes the A.Z.A. seal on the bottom left corner.

PE000666 - Collection of documents related to the creation of the nurses registry in Calgary during the Second World War

Collection of documents related to the creation of the nurses registry in Calgary during the Second World War.

  • Typed letter to “The graduate nurses of Calgary” from Kathleen Connor, Chairman of the Calgary District #3 Alberta Association of Registered Nurses, dated Feb. 5, 1942. Introduces the idea of creating a community nursing registry in order to support the war effort.
  • Typed documents with the heading “The following is condensed from the Report of the Committee on the Formation and Re-Organization of Registries, Province of Ontario, Ottawa, 28th March, 1940.”
  • Recommended by-laws of the Nurses Registry of Calgary District #3, typed, with the name “Mrs. F. Honeywell written in handwriting. No date.  

PE001021 - Bellevue Colliery Explosion - Minutes of Evidence

These three volumes contain 847 pages of transcript recording the Supreme Court of Alberta, Macleod Judicial District's coroner's inquest into the Bellevue Colliery Explosion. The third volume also contains the coroner's ruling. The inquest was held at Bellevue, Alberta on January 3, 1911. The cave-in incident under investigation occurred at a mine owned by West Canadian Collieries Company at Bellevue on December 9, 1910. The coroner, Frederick M. Pinkney, ruled that 30 men died of carbon monoxide poisoning and 1 man died of a combination of carbon monoxide poisoning and a fractured skull.

PE001160 - Flash Williams’ Thrill Show poster

Advertising poster for a stunt driving show by Flash Williams, to be held on May 24, 1939 at the Regina Exhibition Grounds. The poster contains promotional text about the upcoming performance, a photo of a car crashing through a burning structure, and admission prices.

PE001263 - Saskatoon Rodeo Poster

Poster advertising ‘Saskatchewan’s Greatest Rodeo’, to be held at the exhibition grounds in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The poster includes two photographs, taken from the Calgary Stampede, depicting horseback riding and wagon events.


A collection of items created by the activity of the religious organizations and the religious lives of those living on the Prairie Provinces.

PE000573 - Letter from Rev. Salamon answering Lavallée’s questions.

Handwritten letter from Rev. Salamon to Lavallée, on Qu’Appelle Indian School letterhead which has been crossed out and changed to say “Sacred Heart Rectory.” Rev. Salamon answers Lavallée’s questions. Apr. 8, 1978, Lebret, Sask. For further correspondence between Lavallée and Reverend Salamon see also PE000572 (F-2-0-0-11) and PE000574 (F-2-0-0-13).

PE000788 - Papers from R.P. Seguin, Missionary

Letters signed by R.P. Jean Seguin, Missionary at Fort Good Hope Mission in Notre Dame De Bonne Esperance, AB, to his abbe at the Semaine Religieuse, Clermont, France. All three letters are in very delicate and fragile condition; they are generally still legible despite the ink and paper having faded. Letters are dated as follows :

    1. Letter dated February 11th, 1890 contains 2 pages.
    1. Letter dated June 8th, 1892 contains 3 pages.
    1. Letter dated February 11th, 1893 contains 2 pages.
      Enclosed are also two (2) issues of Le Semaine Religieuse de Clermont:
    1. One issue is dated Saturday September 28, 1889; it includes pages 906-928. Page 912 contains a printing of the first part of a letter from Seguin. This issue is in very delicate and deteriorated condition. While it is still generally legible, it has a number of stains and the ink has faded significantly. There is much tear/wear damage along the edges, particularly the corners.
    1. The other issue is dated October 5th, 1889. It includes pages 1930-1951. The concluding part of the letter is printed on pages 940-952.
      Additionally, there is a single detached page of an unclear publication likely dated 1888. It has the play "En route pour la mer glaciale" prominently circled. This is also in very delicate condition and has three parallel folding marks.

All contained in a 26 x 17cm cardboard folder wrapped in bright orange paper. It has a sticker that appears to have been cut in half that reads the name ‘Mackensie.’ The folder is in poor condition: it has a prominent rip on the lower left corner and shows strong signs of usage throughout.

Séguin, Jean

PE000888 - Ukrainian Orthodox record book for family deaths

The cover has a silver design of the Ukrainian Orthodox cross. The first few pages contain writing in Ukrainian, and include two ink drawings: one of the crucified Christ being gazed upon by three people; one depicting a woman kneeling in prayer in front of a cross in the jungle. The remaining pages contain blank lines for writing the names of the dead. 

PE000942 - Religious Icon Card from St. John’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

The card is decorated with a picture of the Madonna and Child, printed in colour with a white border. The back of the card contains a stamp bearing the information of the church which provided it. It states: Compliments of St. John’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, Fr. Stephan Semotiuk, Dean. Ph: (403) 421-0258. Located in Edmonton, AB. A hand written note in pen above this states the phone number for the CKUA radio station. 

PE004784 - Knox United Church Choir, Calgary, Diamond Jubilee Concert Program

Program titled, "Knox United Church Choir, Calgary, Diamond Jubilee Concert, In Celebration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of Knox Church and in Honour of Mr. Clifford Higgin who has served as Organist and Choirmaster for Twenty-one Years. Tuesday, November Sixteenth, Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Three at Eight-Fifteen." Cover contains a large b&w picture of Clifford Higgin. Program contains a biography of Clifford Higgin, advertisements, and the program for the night.

PE004797 - "General Act of the Canonical Visitation of the St. Mary’s Province of Regina by V. R. Father Joseph Rousseau"

Book titled: "General Act of the Canonical Visitation of the St. Mary’s Province of Regina by V. R. Father Joseph Rousseau, O.M.L., Procurator General to the Holy See. March-June 1942."  Book outlines observations made by Father Joseph Rousseau during his Canonical Visitation, and the recommendations and regulations made in response to his observations. His regulations mainly involve the clergy and other church members of the area he visited. Printed by Marian Press, Regina.

PE001284 - Trapping for Profit

An informational booklet supplied by HBC, and meant as an introductory text for novice fur trappers. The booklet provides tips on trapping, both general and specific to various types of animals, as well as information on the preparation of skins. Additionally enclosed is a postal envelope from the HBC, addressed to Ivan Diegel, of Craigmyle, Alberta.

PE001299 - Welcome to Calgary

Advertising brochure from the HBC, which promotes the HBC department store in Calgary, as well of general tourism in Calgary. The brochure contains information on the types of items carried by the Bay department store and recommendations for tourist activities in Calgary, as well as customs' information for American visitors to Canada.

PE000462 - Posters as “Warning to Minors” with sections of the Saskatchewan Liquor Act

Two posters on orange cardstock with the words “Warning to Minors” in bold followed by excerpts from the Saskatchewan Liquor Act. It was issued by the Hotels Association of Saskatchewan and Approved by Saskatchewan Liquor Board. Printed by Davidson Leader Print. Since the text infers that serving beer is legal, but serving women is not, it must have been printed sometime between 1935 and 1960. PE000462

PE000920 - Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book

"Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book." Cover is printed on brown cardstock, and the back cover is blank except for the publisher’s mark. The interior details the operations of the Ad Club. Includes a list of members with phone numbers, plans for the upcoming year, information about memberships and dues, a list of officers currently in office, and quite a few advertisements for businesses in Edmonton. Pamphlet also contains one small 12.8 x 7.8 cm card which can be used to apply for a membership with the Edmonton Ad Club. Within is also a 21.5 x 27.8 cm tri-fold letter bearing the Edmonton Ad Club’s letterhead, and addressed to Mr. Ernest Brown. The letter extends an invitation to the addressee to join the Edmonton Ad Club, and extolls some of the benefits of joining. Printed by Edmonton Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd.

PE004841 - Receipt to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Top of receipt reads: "International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-1200 15th Street N.W. Washington 5, D.C." It has been issued to H. M. Wilson, initiated on October 22, 1919 and last paid in August, 1954. It states it’s for pension and death benefits, and is signed by the international secretary. There is an address stamped on the back, sending the receipt to Mr. A. E. Fearey, Financial Secretary, Lu. #348, P.O. Box 154, Calgary, Alberta.

PE000428 - Regulations for the sale of lands in the C.P.R.'s irrigation block

Document listing the regulations for the sale of irrigable and non-irrigable lands in the western section of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s irrigation block and for the supply of water for said irrigation lands. Signed J.S. Dennis, Superintendant of Irrigation. Calgary, Alberta.

One of two documents written by J.S. Dennis of the Irrigation Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. See also PE000459

Dennis, J. S.

PE000780 - Letter and Bulletin from the International Record Collector’s Club to Mr. Abbott. 

Bulletin #100 of the International Record Collector’s Club to Mr. W.J. Abbott at 81 Laurier Av. West, Ottawa, Canada.  This is a two page, typewritten brochure with illustrations of renowned opera figures. It has been folded in a triptych to fit in the 9.6 x 16.5 cm envelope. The envelope includes a three cent U.S. postage and a stamp with the date, time, and location (Dec.3, 1940, 9:30PM, Bridgeport, Conn.). Enclosed is also a typewritten note from the club’s founder to the recipient (dated Dec 2nd), which acknowledges the latter’s partial payment towards two records, as well as an expression of concern over Canada’s ban on “luxuries,” and its impact on the club’s Canadian audience. 

PE000851 - United Grain Growers Notebook

Booklet containing a detailed account of the United Grain Growers, including shareholder information, stock and farm supplies, information on other agricultural agencies, record forms, grain assessment, examples of grain bills, and other factors surrounding the company. It also includes calendars and memoranda where the book owner can make notes, as well as space for addresses. The owner of this booklet made a fair number of notes throughout the latter sections, primarily for grocery lists, addresses, and recipes.

PE000858 - Letter Seeking to Promote a Song

A handwritten letter to the editor of the Edmonton Bulletin from S. K. Larson. The letter requests that the Edmonton Bulletin write a few lines on the publication of Larson's song, "The Rose of My Heart," issued by Dearborn Music Co. of Chicago. It has been published in England, Australia, and the United States. Larson mentions that he was a pioneer of Stony Plain in the Edmonton District, having settled there in 1894 for 15 years, although he now lives in Prince Rupert, B.C. Attached is a short notice announcing the song’s success published by The Evening Empire newspaper, from Prince Rupert, B.C. There is a red, 3 cent Canadian stamp featuring King George V's portrait on the bottom right of the letter.

PE000892 - Harold & Thompson Holland Binder Twine Notebook

Notebook front cover reads: "Harold & Thompson Holland Binder Twine. Manufacture by United Ropeworks Rotterdam-Holland. Our Brands: Queen City-550 ft. Prairie Pride-600 ft. Harold & Thompson Regina-Sask. General Sales Agents." Cover is a mixture of green and white, with red writing on the white background and white writing on the green background. Cover contains a red and black ink drawing of two sheaves of wheat on either side of a roll of binder twine. Back cover contains an advertisement for the company’s new Lattice Cover. Contains the same logo as is found on the front. Inside contains multiple blank graph pages for writing, along with advertisements, useful information such as weight conversions and standard bushels, as well as a 1939-1940 calendar. Owner has put in several personal notes onto the pages.

PE000892 - Plymouth Binder Twine Notebook

Notebook front reads "Plymouth Binder Twine" and shows four (4) rolls of binder twine. Cover is brown, red and black with black writing. Picture on the front is in b&w, except for the tops of the rolls, which are colored red or green. Back covers is mainly red and brown, with black and green writing. Contains an advertisement for Plymouth Green-Top twine. Contains an ink drawing of a sack bound by rope. Interior covers show the same picture: one man hanging a picture with an advertisement on it: Plymouth binder twine on the inside front cover, and  Green Top twine on the inside back cover. Inside are several pages of graph paper for persona, notes. There is also a 1936-1937 calendar, an identification page, and two pages of advertisements. There are some notes on the pages from the owner. One (1) of eight (8) files associated with PE000892. See also Reference Number: F-7-0-0-49 through to F-7-0-0-56.

PE000913 - Documents pertaining to the acquisition and maintenance of a thresher’s license.

Documents pertaining to the acquisition and maintenance of a thresher’s license. Includes the following:

  • 16.7 x 25.4 cm bifold pamphlet titled: "1934 Chapter 28 An Act to amend and consolidate The Threshers’ Lien Act." Document contains the different aspects of the act, including registration of the threshing machine and threshers’ liens. Back page notes the pamphlet was printed in Edmonton by A. Shnitka, King’s Printer.;
  • 17.7 x 14 cm certificate printed on thick paper stock, titled: "Registration Certificate for Threshing Machine 1941 Registration No. 3416." The certificate is printed in green writing, and contains the emblem for the Department of Agriculture in Alberta, as well as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture’s signature.;
  • 14 x 8.6 cm Canada Post card printed on cream colored thick paper stock. One side contains the Department of Agriculture of Alberta’s emblem, and is a blank report card to be filled out by the thresher owner at the close of harvest season. It includes details such as the name and address of the thresher, and how many acres and bushels of various crops were collected at the end of the harvest season. The opposite side shows that the card has postage pre-paid by the Department of Agriculture of Edmonton, Alberta. The top notes: "Canada Post Card," and there is a 1 cent stamp printed on it.;
  • 27.8 x 17.5 cm notice printed on brown card stock. The top of the notice states: "This card must be attached to a prominent part of the threshing machine. The Noxious Weeds Act. Provisions Relating to Threshers." Below this are noted several sections pertaining to the cleaning of threshing machines and grain, as well as extracts from the Act Affecting Threshing Machine Operators.;
  • 24.2 x 16.5 cm brown envelope. The top of the envelope states: "Thresher’s License No. 3416." On the top left corner it states: "Department of Agriculture Government Buildings Edmonton Alberta." The envelope appears to be addressed to S. Bororoski, ? (there is a second name below this, but it is unclear what it says). 

PE000927 - Envelope from Western School Supply Limited - Used

An envelope from Western School Supply Limited addressed to Copp, Clark Company Limited, 495 Wellington St. W., Toronto, 2, Ont. Envelope has a 3 cent Canadian stamp, and includes a b&W ink drawing of a Western School Supply, Limited building. Above this drawing it states: If not called for in ten days return to Western School Supply Limited. Below this drawing it notes: School Equippers 1402 Rose Street Regina, Sask. Canada. There is a small circular postmark on the envelope stating it was received in Regina at 6 pm, November 5, 1931, Sask. The back of the envelope depicts a b&w drawing of a hanging globe. It is captioned: Hanging Globe No 505.

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