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PE001035 – The short and unhappy life of Queenstown, Alberta

The items included are regarding the formation and ending of the Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Ltd (CPCCL) which was formed in 1888 with the intent of founding a town in Alberta.
l) (Prospectus): Dominion of Canada, Province of Alberta. Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Limited. To found the town of Queenstown, North-Western Canada. Capital £500,000. Nov, 1888. 8 pages. 23 x 18 cm.
m) Reproduced letter: From Henry Hayman D. D. President of the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889. 24 x 19 cm.
n) Share Certificate: 25.5 x 22.5 cm for 10 shares in the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889
o) Broadside: 36.5 x 23 cm. Choice Lands in Alberta. Advert to induced people to move out and colonize Queenstown.
p) Transcript: 32.5 x 20 cm. Discusses circumstances of Queenstown which included a prairie fire, which destroyed the hay crop for the coming winter and caused the loss of several hundred head of cattle.
q) Notice: 20 x 25 cm. Notice of a CPCCL meeting to be held on 24 Dec 1890. Issued 15 Dec 1890.
r) 4 Resolutions: 33 x 20.5 cm. Enumerates the four resolutions o be ratified at the Dec. 24th 1890 meeting.
s) Letter from Maddisons: (open: 25 x 40.5 cm, closed: 25 x 20.5cm) dated Dec 19 1890, acting on behalf of 50 shareholders to wind up the corporation.
t) Letter from the CPCCL: 20 x 26.5 cm. Issued Dec. 20 1890. Rebuffs the Letter from Maddisons.
u) Report of Proceedings: 8 pages. 33.5 x 21 cm. Report of the Dec 24th 1890 meeting.
v) The Companies (Winding-up) Act 1890: The winding up act is in four pieces.
a. No. 23/ Notice: 40.5 x 25 cm. A notice that a meeting of the contributories will be held on March 25 1891 which encloses with it two forms: The General (blue paper, 40.5 x 25 cm) and Special Proxies(yellow paper, 40.5 x 25 cm)
b. A summary of the affairs of the company was included (closed: 40.5 x 25 cm)

PE000462 - Posters as “Warning to Minors” with sections of the Saskatchewan Liquor Act

Two posters on orange cardstock with the words “Warning to Minors” in bold followed by excerpts from the Saskatchewan Liquor Act. It was issued by the Hotels Association of Saskatchewan and Approved by Saskatchewan Liquor Board. Printed by Davidson Leader Print. Since the text infers that serving beer is legal, but serving women is not, it must have been printed sometime between 1935 and 1960. PE000462

PE001081 - Morris Safe & Lock Co. Documents

Documents from, or associated with, the Morris Safe & Lock Co., pertaining to their business affairs with Canadian organizations in Calgary and Saskatchewan. Included amongst the documents are:

  • Correspondence, typed and written, by Norris Safe & Lock Co. employees and by customers of the company on business matters and transactions. Relevant newspaper extracts are attached to two of these.
  • Bills from the City of Calgary, John Jones Alberta Paint Shop, and Tasker Transfer Company
  • Cheques from the Dominion Bank
  • An Alberta Government Telephone notice that payment is in arrears.

PE001036 – Quebec Seal Hunt

Seal-hunt on land in Quebec. Cars in image appear to be from 1940’s era
a) Large herd of seals. Edge of car hood with ornament.
b) Small group of seals being killed by six men with clubs. Other men in background.
c) A group of men tearing off skins of dead seals with skinned ones in image.
d) A field of skinned seals with skinning going on in the distance.

PE001237 - Homestead Payment documents

Materials relating to payment for a homestead in Swift Current, Saskatchewan; the materials are addressed to Percy L. Stubbs. The materials include:

  • An Oct, 7, 1910 payment reminder for the 3rd installment on the homestead, amounting to $64 plus interest on the outstanding amount.
  • A Dec. 27, 1912 payment receipt for $211.35 in relation to the homestead. The receipt includes the location of the homestead property.
  • A postal envelope, addressed to P. L. Stubbs, and dated Dec. 27, 1912.

PE000491 - Four Letters on Wild Flowers to Miss Emily Sartain

Four letters addressed to Miss Emily Sartain apparently responding to inquiries about the total number of wild flowers in Canada and in the province of the respondent’s residence. Found, by the dealer, in a copy of Fraser & Russell’s "A revised, annotated list of the plants of Saskatchewan," 1944.

  • One-page typed letter on University of British Columbia letterhead from John Davidson, Associate Professor of Botany, dated March 31, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Royal Victoria College, McGill University letterhead from Muriel V. Roscoe, dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page handwritten letter on University of Alberta letterhead from E. H. Moss [?], dated Apr. 11, 1947.
  • One-page typed letter on Canada Department of Agriculture letterhead from Harold A. Senn, Senior Botanist, on behalf of Dr. Craigie, sent from the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Ontario, and dated May 29, 1947.

PE001353 – Meine Leibe Christien

: Three letters and a list on scrap paper.
1951 Letter: dated Nov 1st Feast of All Saints 1951. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
Dec 4th Letter: dated Second Sunday in the Advent (Christmastime) Dec 4, Golden Ridge. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Contains 7 questions about Jesus Christ and mentions Evangelism. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
1948 Letter: dated November 21 1948. Letter is in German, addressed to Meine Leibe Christien (my love Christian). Quotes sections of the bible. Mentions of Johannes. Not signed.
List: 6th S. N. October. Partially in English with no0tes in German. Written on scrap paper, torn from original letter from a Regina office. Religious topics.

PE001645 - Edmonton/Klondike Postcards

5 postcards addressed to the secretary of the Law Society of Alberta accompanied by transcriptions and details regarding place, date, and delivery. Postcards sent by G.H.S. Wade who was traveling up from Edmonton to the Yukon looking for gold. Postcards were sent from: Lesser Slave Lake, Fort Dunvegan, Fort Resolution, Mackenzie River, and Peace River Crossing. Accompanied by 5 pages of background information by D.W. Thompson and Hugh Delaney.

G.H.S. Wade

Recitals of the Students of Jean M. Wallace

Programs for musical, dramatic and humourous variety performances put on by the students of Jean M. Wallace - a Winnipeg, Manitoba teacher. Performances occurred between 1927 and 1931. Each program gives the title of each act (including plays, poems, dramatic readings and songs) and the performers' names.

PE001310 - Hudson’s Bay Fur and Hunting Advertisements

Advertising material produced by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), broadly relating to the Canadian fur trade in the 20th Century. The advertisements are directed at trappers, featuring either promotions of goods and supplies offered by the HBC, or promoting the HBC as a purchaser of pelts. These materials include:

  • Flyers and brochures advertising firearms, traps and wilderness supplies
  • Advertising material reporting on trends in the fur market, and emphasizing the high prices, good service and favorable terms offered by the HBC for pelts.
  • A coupon for entry into a prize draw; the coupon was meant to be enclosed with a fur shipment to the HBC.

PE001236 - Saskatchewan Rural Telephone Companies Association convention minutes

Comprises collected meeting minutes from conventions of the Saskatchewan Rural Telephone Companies Association, from 1951 to 1959. Each year’s minutes contain summary minutes of the meeting and of questions asked therein, brief summary financial statements of the Association, and a description of resolutions proposed for vote, including whether they were adopted.

PE001239 - Winnipeg Typographical Union Working Cards

Working cards, issued by the Winnipeg Typographical Union, signed by A.J.P. Atkinson. The cards are dated for 1922 and 1926. Each card contains a description of union dues, as well as a chart to record the payment of dues. A number of stamps are affixed below the chart on each booklet, presumably to certify the payment of dues.

PE001305 - Dominion / Soudack Fur Auction Sales Ltd. documents

Documentation produced by Dominion / Soudack Fur Auction Sales Ltd., which include:

  • Lists of anticipated sales prices for upcoming sales. Most lists contain introductory text on the same sheet as the price list, but one list includes a separate price list.
  • Reports on recent fur sales, including price ranges achieved for various types of furs.

PE001135 - Jimmie’s Restaurant Menus

Various menus from the restaurant ‘Jimmie’s’, comprising:

  • The fountain menu, carrying mostly sundae and ice cream soda options
  • ‘Menu a la Carte’, carrying entrée, appetizers and beverages
  • The breakfast menu, carrying breakfast dishes and beverages.
  • A daily specials menu, carrying entrée options.
  • A single page overall restaurant menu

The first three menus in the above list are illustrated with line drawings of sportsmen in various sporting activities, and bear a photograph of the interior of the restaurant on the back. The single-sheet menus are relatively unadorned.

PE001087 - Winnipeg Jewish Community Wartime Materials

These materials comprise various cards, invitations and programs originating from the Jewish community in Winnipeg immediately prior to, and during the first years of the Second World War. Included are:

  • An invitation to a ‘stag’ in honor of Hy Chmelnitsky, held on Dec. 27, 1941.
  • An invitation to the wedding of Mary Zilberman and Jack Chochinov, held on Dec. 21, 1941.
  • A pamphlet from the National Council of Canadian Hadassah, which carries information about the work performed by the council in facilitating and supporting the movement of Jewish refugees into Palestine.
  • An invitation to, and program for an open meeting of the Hadassah Organizations of Winnipeg. The booklet includes a brief description of the Hadassah’s contribution to the Allied war effort.
  • An invitation to the wedding of the children of the Gold and Chmelnitsky families, Leah and Hymie, held on Jan. 4, 1942.
  • An album containing a variety of small – generally business card sized - greeting cards or invitation, as well as membership cards for the Hadassah Organization of Canada. Many of the cards carry content in Hebrew script, in addition to English text.

PE000429 - Two Letters from the Correspondence of Mr. W.B. Way of High River, AB

Two typed letters from the correspondence of Mr. W.B. Way of High River, Alberta.

  • One page letter from C.A. MacPherson, Grand Scribe E. of the Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of Alberta to W.B. “Bill” Way, Esq., dated April 16, 1943. Mr. MacPherson expresses sadness at the news that Mr. Way’s son has been reported missing and hopes that he has only become a prisoner of war. The letter describes the similar unfortunate circumstances of other Lodge members and then introduces the contents of another letter, no longer attached, asking for information about an unspecified quotation. Sent from Calgary, Alberta. 

  • One page letter from W.B. Way to Alex Calhoun, Esq. at the Public Library, Calgary, dated April 20th, 1943. Mr. Way asks, on behalf of a correspondent from Texas, if Mr. Calhoun could determine the origin of a quotation appended to the end of the letter and provide “the whole of the poem with its history.” High River, Alberta.

PE001116 - Associated Mortgage Investors Loan Documents

Contains three descriptions of loans held by Associated Mortgage Investors, as advertising for re-sale to investors. Each description includes content on the debtor, and the land that they have provided as security for their loan. The loans comprise:

  • A $7,000 loan to Robert Carlton Morrow, of Ethelton, Saskatchewan, with one half-, and one quarter- section valued at $18,640 as security.
  • A $4,000 loan to Arthur Lewis, of Delia, Alberta, with a half-section valued at $11,685 as security.
  • A $4,500 loan to Andrew Aune, of Morrin, Alberta, with two quarter-sections valued at $14,100 as security.

In addition, the cover in which these documents are enclosed includes promotional information and newspaper extracts relevant to the load offerings.

PE001300 - Hudson’s Bay Company Royal Visit Rent-Paying Materials

Assorted materials related to the 1939 and 1959 Hudson’s Bay Company rent-paying ceremonies on the occasions of royal visits to the Company’s territories. The materials include:

  • Two copies of the official booklet for the May 24, 1939 ceremony. Both booklets provide some background on the purpose of the event – namely, the ceremonial fulfillment of the obligation found in the Hudson’s Bay Company charter to provide two Elk and two black beavers to the crown upon any visit to HBC lands. However, while both booklets contain promotional contents for the Company, the details of this material contents; one booklet promotes Hudson’s Bay Point Blankets, while the other promotes the company’s fur purchasing department.
  • A copy of the official booklet for the July 24, 1959 ceremony. The booklet contains background on the purpose of the event –the aforementioned ceremonial fulfillment of the obligation found in the Hudson’s Bay Company charter – as well as illustrations and photographs of the ceremony. The enclosed sheet in the booklet features the text of an address to the Queen by the Governor and Managing Director of the Company. The envelope for this booklet is also enclosed.
  • A photograph of Queen Elizabeth II. A notice on the back of the photograph reads “With the Complements of the Hudson’s Bay Company”.
  • Typed documentation associated with the rent-paying ceremony. Included is the procedure for the ceremony, text of the address by the Governor and Managing Director of the Company, biographies for both officials as well as the High Steward, Designer, and recording artist for the ceremony, and descriptions of the ceremony in general, and of individuals being honored during the ceremony.

PE001303 - Edmonton Fur Auction Sales Documents

Documentation produced by Edmonton Fur Sales Ltd., including

  • A June 26, 1972 booklet of offers for sale, listing lots of furs being sold by the company. On some pages, prices have been handwritten in for the lots.
  • Typewritten letters soliciting furs from trappers
  • Two notices, indicating that the listed consignment may not be entered into the current auction sale due to late receipt, and will be sold in the following sale.
  • Reports on auction sales, describing sales trends, including listing of price ranges for each animal type
  • Letters announcing fur auctions, which include quantities of furs being offered for sale at the event.
  • Vol. 1, No. 1 (Oct. 1952) of the Edmonton Fur Auction News, a newsletter produced by Edmonton Fur Auction Sales Ltd. The newsletter contains news and articles on the Canadian fur trade market. An attached note reads that the document is intended primarily for mink farmers, but ‘contains many items of interest to traders and trappers’.
  • An unused shipper’s invoice, for trappers wishing to send their furs to by Edmonton Fur Sales Ltd.
  • An advertising sheet or small poster, listing the Edmonton Fur Sales’ benefits for both buyers and shippers, and announcing 1954 and 1955 auction sale dates.

PE001334 - Royalite Oil Company Ltd. Documents

Assorted documents produced by the Royalite Oil Company Ltd., which include:

  • An Oct. 9, 1929 letter to Mr. Gardiner C. Boyd, from F. M. Smith, Secretary, which details a new issue of shares by the company; the option to purchase some of the new shares is offered.
  • A note, dated Mar. 16, 1931, which originally accompanied a dividend cheque from the company.
  • A notice to shareholders, dated July 19, 1929, announces the decision of the company directors to issue additional shares.
  • A May 10, 1929 letter to G. C. Boyd, from F. M. Smith, acknowledging a transfer of shares in the company, and requesting payment for charges connected to this transaction.

PE001055 - The Rip Chords

Programs for musical performances given by the personnel at the 33 Service Flying Training School at Carberry, Manitoba. Each program contains a list of cast and orchestra, production credits, the program of the performance itself, and in the two smaller programs, a message from the producer.

PE001038 – Saskatoon c. 1911

Three photographs.
A) CNR Yards: CNR rail yards and 1st Ave, image also shows shops and a high rise building. On back of photo: “CNR yards + First Ave Saskatoon” Saskatoon chamber of commerce.
B) Building: University building on back: Saskatoon Universite, seat also of the provincial agric. College [farm][unintelligible]
C) 5th Ave: Back reads: Saskatoon 14/10/11 – 5th Ave Saskatoon [cannot read] Saskatoon chamber of commerce

PE000689 - Two Letters on C.P.R. Stationery

Two handwritten letters written on Canadian Pacific Railway letterhead. Letter from “John” to his mother describing his train trip across the prairies. Written Nov. 5, 1902 near Moose Jaw station, Saskatchewan. Letter from “Jessie” to “Annie” describing the delays in the author’s train travel. Written Nov. 6, 1902 on the train at Cochrane, Alberta.

PE004750 - Papers and Accounts of James Green

The papers and account book of James Green. Contains:

  • 112 pages of accounts,
  • 3 pages of a small biography of James Green,
  • a mortgage certificate dated 1876,
  • 10 photocopied pages from the Alexander Ross Family papers which contain references to the Green family,
  • a photocopy of James Green’s obituary,
  • 1 page of birth/baptism and death information,
  • a 3 page statement of account re-estate of James Green,
  • an assessment notice for 1887,
  • a promissory note dated 1879,
  • letters to James Green from lawyer O.H. Clark dated 1888,
  • letter to James Green from the Municipal Commissioner for Manitoba dated 1887.

PE001074 - Winnipeg Community Fund Materials

Documents and correspondence relating to fundraising drives by the Winnipeg Community Fund.

  • An informational and advertising booklet produced by the Fund in support of its tenth annual campaign, Nov. 2 – 7, 1931. The booklet details the programs and institutions that the fund supports, and ends with a solicitation for donations.
  • A typed document labelled ‘Instructions to Canvassers’, which provides instructions for fundraising workers.
  • A letter from the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council, expressing gratitude to the fund for its work.
  • An Aug. 11, 1931 letter from the Winnipeg Board of Trade, praising the work of the fund.

PE001100 - Brooks Aniline Works Ltd. Fertilizer Advertisements

Advertisement for the products of the Brooks Aniline Works Ltd., in particular the ‘Bone Ash’ fertilizer, and the ‘Lime-O-Lean’ seed treatment. The booklet takes the form of a first-hand lecture or narrative on the benefits of Brooks’ products to the average farmer, while the single sheet is a more conventional promotion, bearing instructions for using the company’s products.

PE001271 - HBC Land Department Items

Assorted materials and documents produced by the Hudson Bay Company (HBC), Land Department, including:

  • A form for advertising a land sale, with blank spaces to be filled in with the details of the particular parcel of land on offer.
  • Forms for use by travelling representatives of the department, to be used to record land inspections and the performance of interviews.
  • Form letters for arranging meetings
  • A note accompanying a prospect book and interview report, explaining the purpose of the book. Only the note is included in this file; the prospect book itself is not present.
  • A land department interim receipt book
  • Unused HBC land department stationary
  • Newspaper coupons, to be mailed in for a free informational booklet on land available for purchase from HBC
  • A receipt, made out to Mr. C. E. Bodnar, of Loon Lake Saskatchewan, for $18.
  • Various correspondence sent to C.E. Bodnar by HBC managers, chiefly regarding payment arrangements for the amounts owed by Mr. Bodnar for his farmland.
  • A crop declaration form, to be filled out by the farmer on HBC lands, to indicate their production for the season
  • A producer acknowledgement form, which consents to the assignment of part of the signing farmer’s crop to the HBC

PE001041 – Logging on the Pembina River, Alberta

Four images all on blackboards.
a) Untitled image of logging camp with cabins, pine trees, and workers.
b) 8 loggers manipulating logs on the Pembina River. Cliff in background.
c) Pembina Bluffs above GTR crossing. Image: 6 ¾ x 4 ¾ in. Board: 9 ¾ x 7 ¾ in.
d) Pembina River Bluffs. Winter.

PE000233 - Five letters from Gleichen, AB

A collection of letters related to Gleichen, Alberta: A one-page letter from ‘John’ (likely Jack) to his mother, discussing his recent work in Hand Hills, Alberta. January 26th, 1903. A one-page letter from ‘Jack’, of ‘2 [bar] Ranch’ in Gleichen, to his brother Ed. Gleichen, Alberta, Mar 9th, 1903. A one-page letter from Jack to his mother. Includes envelope addressed to Mrs. Ellen Oligher in Davenport, Washington. Gleichen, Alberta, May 30th, 1903. A five-page letter written on Marshall House, Gleichen Alberta letterhead, by Ed Oligher to his mother regarding his travel to Gleichen, the weather conditions there, etc. Gleichen, Alberta, Nov. 21st, 1903. A one-page letter, also by Ed Oligher to his mother, requesting her to send him a uniform. Includes envelope addressed to ‘Mrs. B F Hurley’ at R.F.D. (Rural Free Delivery) No. 1 in Rocklyn, Washington. February 24th, 1916.

PE001028 – Manitoban POW

Rare pair of WWII Canadian prisoner of war, examined by censor, postcard letters. Sent from a prison camp in Germany in November of 1944 to the prisoner’s parents in Grand Marais, Manitoba. Sgt. Hudson writes reassuringly and simply in order to avoid censorship.

Sgt. Hudson

PE001031 – [National Diary 1936 – C.W.Laidlaw]

This is the diary of Charles Walter Laidlaw. This is due to the annotation in the book on the interior cover. This indicates that Laidlaw was an educator in Winnipeg, a colleague of Sybil Shack and W. J. Sislar, a member of the board of governors at the U of M (Manitoba) and a member of the board of regent for the United College and a president of a committee. The first nine pages are printed and cover information like seasons, air mail rates and postal rules, how to compute interest, and a 13 period calendar.
The diary begins with the death of Gladys (relations unknown), and covers his attendance at various meeting with the legislative committee, records monthly bills for central heat for 1938 – 1945, the days he worked on the Professional Bill, and ends the diary entries on December 31st 1938.
Laidlaw tends to skip whole months or large portions of months in his recording. Skips around in diary re: when entering days.

Charles Walter Laidlaw

PE001079 - Frank Yerhoff Jr Chess Correspondence

Comprises 10 post cards send to Frank Yerhoff Jr. from various parties, and one sent to Mr. A. Mogle from Frank Yerhoff Jr. Yerhoff was the Canadian Chess Champion of 1945, and all of the postcards are parts of chess games played by post. Moves are described in chess notation.