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Prairie Ephemera Collection

  • FC 3234.2 P732
  • Collection
  • 1800s and 1900s

The Prairie Ephemera collection consists of a wide range of photographic and manuscript materials related to the social, economic, and cultural development of the Prairie Provinces. The photographic collection – which consists of both individual images and albums – is highly varied. Scenes of farm and urban life are both well represented. The textual materials are equally diverse, including letters, diaries, meeting minutes, political campaign materials, song books, stock certificates, performance programs and advertisements, among other things. These materials include first hand accounts from homesteaders and visitors to the region discussing the nature of Prairie life in the pioneer period and through the 20th Century.

PE001006 - Tour of Northern Hudson's Bay Company Posts

Unidentified photographer. Judging by the number of aerial photographs, those of bush planes, and the large number of Hudson’s Bay Company buildings and posts, this collection may document a tour of northern Hudson’s Bay Company posts in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario by someone linked with the HBC. Photographs of people usually show them holding fox furs. At least half of the photographs were taken during winter. Nearly all photographs are captioned on the back in pencil, and some are also numbered.
Places photographed include Fort McMurray (AB), Fort Chipewyan (AB), Embarras Portage (AB), Fort Vermilion (AB), Stony Rapids (SK), Moosonee (ON), Moose Factory (ON), Albany (ON), and Attawapiskat (ON).
A guide to the identified places is interleaved within the album.
In the group photograph, 42 adults stand on the steps of a building and smile for the camera. This photograph seems unrelated to the rest of the album.

PE004911 - Luther College of Regina Report Card

College report card for Elsie Mills Dunnet certifying her grades at the Luther College of Regina in her second year of “Arts and Science.” The grades are listed next to the courses that the student undertook. It is signed by the registrar, H. Schmidt.

PE004901 - Program for Royal Alexandra Hospital Alumni Event

Program - R.A.H. Alumni Event (Royal Alexandra Hospital Alumnae Association). The cover contains an drawn black and white illustration of a nurse holding a parchment with the words “RAH Alumnae” written on it. The program is handwritten in black ink and has decorative purple and yellow strings tied along the spine.

PE000608 - Farm Account Book prepared by the Dept. of Farm Management, College of Agriculture, Univ. of Saskatchewan

Farm Account Book prepared by the Department of Farm Management, College of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan. This account book was used by Roger Carlton of Benson, Saskatchewan for his Farm Management II class. It is partially filled in with information dated between 1940 and 1941, likely from examples used in class. The cover of the book says “revised November 1948.”

PE000931 - Sacred Heart Academy Graduation Ball program

Front cover contains a leaf motif on the left hand side, and states: Sacred Heart Academy Graduation Ball C.Y.C Hall, May 12th, 1950 9:00 to 12:00. Sponsored by Sacred Heart Academy & College Alumnae.  The interior is titled "Programme," and has 12 blank lines, under which are varying titles, (e.g. Freshman’s Fight, Scholars’ Scoot, Basketball Bounce, etc). Three of the blank lines above these titles have been filled in by hand with a pencil, and include the names of: Jack Hamilton, Emmett Reid, S. Gardner. The back of the programme is blank. 

PE001062 - Big Game Winter Range Survey Crowsnest Forest Reserve

A study of the grasses, forbs and shrubs of the Crowsnest Forest Reserve, in support of understanding the reserve’s contemporary use as a grazing range for wild and domestic animals. Using the point sample method, the authors describe the plant density and composition in four pre-selected areas in the reserve. Additionally included is a background description of the reserve, conclusions, recommendations, a list literature cited, and appendices with vegetational analysis data for each selected area.

Mitchell, G.J.

Agriculture Groups

Publications, reports, and song books from Agriculture Groups within the Canadian Prairie Provinces, such as: Alberta Wheat Pool, United Farmers of Alberta (U.F.A.), Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, United Grain Growers (U.G.G.), Saskatchewan Cooperative Wheat Producers, Canadian Wheat Board, and the Canadian Seed Growers' Association.

PE000808 - 1945 "The Story of Canadian Wheat" by Saskatchewan Cooperative Producers Ltd

Account titled "The Story of Canadian Wheat" written by Saskatchewan Cooperative Producers Limited.  Details the processes and stages involved in wheat production in Canada. It includes black and white photographs of working farmers to complement the text. The cover contains the title against a background sepia photograph of farmers ploughing.

Saskatchewan Co-operative Producers

PE000812 - 1943 “The Story of Canadian Wheat” by Saskatchewan Cooperative Wheat Producers Ltd

Pamphlet titled “The Story of Canadian Wheat” and published by the Saskatchewan Cooperative Wheat Producers Limited after a policy change was issued in order to suspend trading in wheat on the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, while allowing the Canadian Wheat Board to take delivery of all wheat and to make an initial advance to farmers of $1.25 per bushel for “No. 1 Northern wheat.” Pamphlet is 8-pages long and extolls the quality of Canadian wheat and describes the various stages of its production; it also includes illustrations to complement the text.

Saskatchewan Co-operative Producers

PE000815 - “A Call to Action” pamphlet by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

Pamphlet titled “A Call to Action” providing a review of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool objectives by the Saskatchewan Cooperative Producers Limited since 1924.  Sections include:

  • the on-to-Ottawa delegation,
  • efforts to make pool facilities available to membership,
  • the problem of car allocation,
  • the return to the grower from pool earnings,
  • the implications of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Co-operative Producers

PE000883 - Collection of pamphlets from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

Pamphlets, titled: "Wheat Pool Committee Program," or simply "Committee Program," issued by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in Regina, Saskatchewan. Some are tri-fold, some quad-fold, and some are booklets. Topics range, and include: organization and operation of the wheat pool, meeting minutes, pool elevator deliveries, livestock pool, pool policies, Co-operative education and studies of the co-operative movement, relations with other co-operative associations and junior organizations, The Western Producer Circulation, The Saskatchewan Federation of Agriculture, committee conventions, boxcar allocation, flour sales.

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

PE000923 - "Addresses by Junior U.F.A. President and Vice-President to the U.F.A Convention" 

Booklet titled: "Addresses by Junior U.F.A. President and Vice-President to the U.F.A Convention." Below this is written: "Masonic Temple, Edmonton-January, 1936." Cover is printed on plain white paper with black writing. Front cover contains a black border with the title within this border, and a small image consisting of a torch with a ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow. The five (5) pages that follow detail the addresses given by the Junior President and Vice-President of the United Farmers Association Co-op at the convention. A small publishing mark on the back cover noted: Allied Printing Edmonton-Trades Council-Union Label. 

PE000924 - "United Farmers of Alberta Annual Convention, 1916 - Calgary - Annual Address"

Booklet titled: "United Farmers of Alberta Annual Convention, 1916-Calgary-Annual Address." Below this is written: "Delivered by S.S. Dunham. L.L.B., Lethbridge-Second Vice-President." 

Cover is printed on light brown paper with blue flecks. Front cover features a black decorative border surrounding an image of a torch entwined with a ribbon alongside the title. The back cover contains only the union label for printing, and notes: Quick Print, Calgary. The interior contains fifteen (15) pages denoting the address given by S.S. Dunham at the annual U.F.A. Convention in Calgary. There is also a b&w portrait of S.S. Dunham on the second page.

PE004824 - “The Search for Security” pamphlet by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

Pamphlet titled “The Search for Security” that describes “vital points about the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and its policies.” The document provides an overview as to the way in which the Pool was created and organized, its purposes, and its relationship with farmers and governments, as well as a brief account of its financial records and the industry’s impact on Canadians’ living standards. Published by the Saskatchewan Co-operative Producers Limited. The cover is printed on blue paper and contains an illustration comprised of a farmhouse, a barn, a grain elevator, a boat, a train, and the legislature.

Saskatchewan Co-operative Producers

PE000791 - Early Calgary Department Store share certificate

The share certificate indicates the share amount of the company Price Jones, which was founded in the 1860s in Newton, Wales. It sold locally produced Welsh flannel and eventually expanded and became the first mail-order shop in the world (Queen Victoria was known to be a customer), and issued catalogues in Canada as well. In 1911 the company erected a store in Calgary but it ultimately went out of business in 1916. 

PE001072 - Kindersley (Saskatchewan) Farm Lands Ltd. Stock & Mortgage certificates

Two documents issued by Kindersley (Saskatchewan) Farm Lands Ltd.

  • A signed stock certificate, No. A0297, for ten shares of stock in the company, owned by Liang & Cruickshauk.
  • A signed mortgage debenture certificate, No. B1014, for £100, owned by the Canadian and Empire Investment Trust Ltd., and later resold to Charles James Proud on Dec. 29, 1913. Text on the back refers to the original terms of the debenture; a stamp on the back indicates changes made to the repayment terms.

PE001035 – The short and unhappy life of Queenstown, Alberta

The items included are regarding the formation and ending of the Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Ltd (CPCCL) which was formed in 1888 with the intent of founding a town in Alberta.
l) (Prospectus): Dominion of Canada, Province of Alberta. Canadian Pacific Colonization Corporation Limited. To found the town of Queenstown, North-Western Canada. Capital £500,000. Nov, 1888. 8 pages. 23 x 18 cm.
m) Reproduced letter: From Henry Hayman D. D. President of the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889. 24 x 19 cm.
n) Share Certificate: 25.5 x 22.5 cm for 10 shares in the CPCCL issued Feb. 21 1889
o) Broadside: 36.5 x 23 cm. Choice Lands in Alberta. Advert to induced people to move out and colonize Queenstown.
p) Transcript: 32.5 x 20 cm. Discusses circumstances of Queenstown which included a prairie fire, which destroyed the hay crop for the coming winter and caused the loss of several hundred head of cattle.
q) Notice: 20 x 25 cm. Notice of a CPCCL meeting to be held on 24 Dec 1890. Issued 15 Dec 1890.
r) 4 Resolutions: 33 x 20.5 cm. Enumerates the four resolutions o be ratified at the Dec. 24th 1890 meeting.
s) Letter from Maddisons: (open: 25 x 40.5 cm, closed: 25 x 20.5cm) dated Dec 19 1890, acting on behalf of 50 shareholders to wind up the corporation.
t) Letter from the CPCCL: 20 x 26.5 cm. Issued Dec. 20 1890. Rebuffs the Letter from Maddisons.
u) Report of Proceedings: 8 pages. 33.5 x 21 cm. Report of the Dec 24th 1890 meeting.
v) The Companies (Winding-up) Act 1890: The winding up act is in four pieces.
a. No. 23/ Notice: 40.5 x 25 cm. A notice that a meeting of the contributories will be held on March 25 1891 which encloses with it two forms: The General (blue paper, 40.5 x 25 cm) and Special Proxies(yellow paper, 40.5 x 25 cm)
b. A summary of the affairs of the company was included (closed: 40.5 x 25 cm)

PE004828 - "A New Route from Europe to the Interior of North America with a Description of Hudson’s Bay and Straights"

Book titled "A New Route from Europe to the Interior of North America with a Description of Hudson’s Bay and Straights," issued by the Nelson Valley Railway and Transportation Company, Montreal. Publishers are John Lovell & Son, Montreal, 1881. The cover is a dark green with gold writing, as well as drawings of plants and bugs. Cover itself is very thin and delicate. Inside is a pull-out map titled "Public Lands, also its Geographical Relation to the British Islands." Book contains 19 pages describing the new route from Europe to the interior of North America. Includes a page which lists the Board of Provisional Directors for the company, as well as its address.

PE000647 - Flyer celebrating “Fifty Years of Progress: 1889 – 1939” in Lethbridge, AB

Flyer titled “Fifty Years of Progress: 1889 – 1939,” telling the story of the creation of the Lethbridge, Alberta, Board of Trade and the board’s role in the development of the local airport, Kenyon Field. The back of the flyer is titled “Autographs” and features the signatures of pilots who flew in the air show celebrating the opening of Kenyon Field: Charles E. Selge, Charles Zmuda, George Starr and Arthur Davis.

PE000458 - Advertisement for Alberta Slim and Alberta Slim RCA Victor Records Circus

Folded paper souvenir featuring six (6) B&W photographs and an advertisement for Alberta Slim’s latest releases. There is no price on it, so it could also be a record insert or advertisement. Each photograph is of a scene at the Alberta Slim RCA Victor Records Circus, including images of a performing elephant, horse, dog, and bear, as well as a portrait of Alberta Slim and the Bar X Cowboys.

PE004720 - Souvenir Royal Alexandra Hotel Guest Book from 1915

Royal Alexandra Hotel Guest Book from 1915.  Blue paper cover with the name of the hotel letter-pressed in gold ink on the front, and an advertisement for Blackwoods Dry Ginger Ale and Blackwoods Aero-distilled Drinking Water printed in black ink on the back cover. Inside the front cover is an advertisement for The Princess candy store.  Inside are forty (40) pages of glossy white paper bordered with a repeating maple leaf pattern printed in pale blue ink.  The left page is usually an advertisement for a local business, with the opposing page giving information and an image for a local Winnipeg attraction.  “This book designed and compiled for and with the approval of the Royal Alexandra Hotel by G. E. Webb” and printed by Sulman Bros. Ltd in Winnipeg.

PE004835 - 1905-1955 After Fifty Years Mendham

Book titled: 1905-1955 After Fifty Years Mendham. Book contains 16 pages detailing the beginnings of Mendham and its progression over 50 years. Contains stories, (including one in German), poems, b&w photographs of life in the village, and advertisements of supporters of the book. Cover is a dark yellow, and contains a small b&w photograph of the village on the front. Inside the front cover is a forward from the Mendham Teachers and Pupils. The inside back cover notes it’s for autographs, though this particular book’s autograph page is blank. Book has been dedicated to the brave pioneers of the prairies.

PE000578 - Great-West Life Assurance Co. notebook

Small, bound notebook with graph paper and a red cover, advertising for the Great-West Life Assurance Co. Front inside cover, centrefold and back cover of the book are stamped with statistics about the company. There are a few handwritten notes inside, including two short love poems.

PE000650 - Holland Extra Prime Binder Twine notebooks

Two small, bound notebooks with graph paper advertising for Holland Extra Prime Binder Twine sold by Harold & Thompson, Regina, Saskatchewan. Both notebooks include four pages of facts and testimonials about Holland Twine. The second book includes hand-written notes on hours worked and tools purchased.

PE004944 - Collection of posters from a picture calendar showing Edmonton, AB

Collection of five (5) posters showing various images related to Edmonton.  All rolled into scrolls but otherwise undamaged.

  • Interior of McNeils Cigar Store 1920,
  • Old CNR (Canadian National Railways) Station showing 101 St. and 104 Ave. 1945,
  • View of Edmonton from the Southwest around 1912,
  • First Social Credit Script passed 1936,
  • Sulky racing around 1912.

PE000635 - Canada Paint advertisement

Brochure advertising for Canada Paint, sold at Alsip Brick, Tile & Lumber Co. of Portage Ave. [Winnipeg, Manitoba]. Includes 32 paint colour samples, suggested exterior painting colour schemes and bright colour illustrations on the front and back cover.

PE000754 - Paint Flyer "Brighten Up Your Home with Duco"

Duco Paint Flyer: "Brighten Up Your Home with Duco." Promotional colour flyer for Duco, a line of paint targeting home redecoration. This is a product of Flint Paint & Varnish, based in Toronto, Ontario. The illustration includes a woman in a maid’s uniform painting a chair, and a man painting a headboard.

PE004890 - Drumheller District Tourist Guide

Drumheller District Tourist Guide put together by the Drumheller Junior Chamber of Commerce. It is divided in six sections and the back side of the document opens into a 45.5 x 29.5 cm map of the area, which marks the regions with their thriving industries. There is also a close-up map of the city of Drumheller. The triptych includes a directory for Drumheller, statistical information, tourist attractions, and historical facts.

PE000859 - Brochure promoting the brand Jack Wood Limited, a “Men’s Head-to-Foot Outfitters”

Brochure promoting the brand Jack Wood Limited, a “Men’s Head-to-Foot Outfitters.” Clothing descriptors include suits, shoes, overalls, gloves, and underwear. On the right side there is a photograph of a young woman, and there is an August 16 calendar on the bottom left corner. The document is framed by ornamental flowers printed in silver ink. Printed by Gerlach-Barklow of Canada, Limited, Toronto, ON.

PE004860 - Alexandra Hotel promotional poster

Poster promoting the Alexandra Hotel. The slogan is written on the top centre, and reads “When in CALGARY stay at the Alexandra Hotel” with the hotel name printed in large type. At the centre of the poster there is a 16 x 12.5 cm b&w photograph of the hotel and a caption that reads “Fire-proof.” Amenities and rates are listed on the bottom. 

PE000915 - "Marquis Wheat - The World’s Best Wheat" leaflet

Leaflet titled: "Marquis Wheat - The World’s Best Wheat." The rest of the ad states: "Seed for sale by F.A. Adams, Macleod, Alberta. Producer of the best bushel; best 100 pounds; best 5 bushels of hard wheat at Alberta Provincial Seed Fair, March, 1912. Also grew and sold to H. Holmes, Raymond, seed from which he produced the best bushel at this Congress. My Marquis Wheat Strain is Right. GET THE BEST. Exhibit Under Grand Stand on Grounds. Price $2.00 a bushel F.O.B. Macleod, Alberta." 

PE004804 - "Across the Atlantic How Canada’s Grand Trunk Railway System (and connections) 'Gets You There' " advertisement

Leaflet titled: "Across the Atlantic How Canada’s Grand Trunk Railway System (and connections) 'Gets You There'.” Below this are two watercolour pictures, one depicting a steamship, and the other depicting a famer and his horses plowing a wheat field. Below the pictures is a caption: "Harvesting Along Canada’s Grand Trunk Pacific Railway." The back of the leaflet is a slogan: "You Need Canada Needs You.” Below this are the addresses for European Traffic Offices, and an advertisement for Canadian Express Money Orders.

PE004746 - "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System" tourism brochure

Tourism brochure titled: "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System." Brochure opens up to a three page spread depicting the three major hotels the tour stops at - Banff Springs, Lake Louise Chateau, and Emerald Lake Chalet. Has large b&w pictures of all three areas, a list of Canadian Rockies Feature Events for 1940, and a small map of the Canadian Rockies. The back pages contain information on things to see and do in the Canadian Rockies, and information on how to get to the Canadian Rockies, as well as information on an Alaska Cruise with Princess Cruises.

PE001217 - Where to Go – and What to Do While Visiting Calgary

Advertising brochure, issued by the Tea Kettle Inn of Calgary, Alberta, which promotes Calgary as a tourist destination. The brochure includes background on Calgary in general, and detail on particular tourist attractions in the city. A substantial portion of the item, however, concentrates on promoting the Tea Kettle Inn specifically to tourists, including a photo of the Inn’s kitchen and an illustration of the business’ exterior.

PE001218 - Horseback and Camping Trip in the Canadian Rockies

Advertising booklet for a camping trip to the Canadian Rockies being organized by Caroline Hinman of New Jersey. The booklet describes the route and basic itinerary of the planned trip, the qualifications of the organizer, and provides a brief overview of the pricing structure for the trip. The back cover carries a list of previous members of the organizer’s prior trips. The sheet affixed inside the booklet provides a list of suggested personal equipment for those intending to join the trip.

PE001220 - The Canadian Rockies

Promotional booklet on the Canadian Rockies and Jasper, released by Canadian National Railways. The bulk of the booklet provides background and description of major landmarks in the Rockies from the point of view of the prospective tourist, with the remainder of the text being devoted to describing tourist accommodations along the CNR line through the mountains. Also included are a list of available gold courses, an advertisement for Canadian National Railways Hotels, and a list of worldwide agency representatives for the company. Amongst the photographs and illustrations contained in the booklet, depicting area landmarks and accommodations, are color paintings by Emily Carr.

PE001221 - Day by Day, Lake Louise

Promotional booklet on Lake Louise and the Chateau Lake Louise. The booklet provide some brief description of the lake itself, as well as available and suggested activities, including driving and pony trips, for visitors to the Chateau.

PE001224 - Maligne Lake

Promotional booklet which illustrates the Maligne lake region, located in Jasper National Park, south of Jasper. Includes text extolling the natural beauty of the area, and a number of color illustrations of the lake environs. Additionally included is a map of the area, showing the position of the lake relative to Jasper and nearby highways.

PE001259 - The Feeding of Fur-Bearing Animals for Profit

Informational booklet on the feeding of fur-bearing animals such as minks and foxes, although the bulk of the booklet contents promote the products of the booklet’s publisher, Anderson Grain & Feed Co., Ltd. Much of the booklet is taken up by advertisements for animal rations and supplements produced by the company, as well as other sundry farm supplies. The remainder of the content serves to complement the advertisements, by providing information such as user testimonials, or lists of ingredients found within company products; also included are some tips on animal nutrition, and a chart of fox breeding and whelping dates.

PE001261 - Public Auction Sale Poster

Poster advertisement for a public auction of “Cattle, Harness, Farm Machinery and Household Effects”, to be held in Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. A list of the items to be offered for auction is featured on the poster, as are the terms for payment.

PE001284 - Trapping for Profit

An informational booklet supplied by HBC, and meant as an introductory text for novice fur trappers. The booklet provides tips on trapping, both general and specific to various types of animals, as well as information on the preparation of skins. Additionally enclosed is a postal envelope from the HBC, addressed to Ivan Diegel, of Craigmyle, Alberta.

PE001299 - Welcome to Calgary

Advertising brochure from the HBC, which promotes the HBC department store in Calgary, as well of general tourism in Calgary. The brochure contains information on the types of items carried by the Bay department store and recommendations for tourist activities in Calgary, as well as customs' information for American visitors to Canada.

PE000462 - Posters as “Warning to Minors” with sections of the Saskatchewan Liquor Act

Two posters on orange cardstock with the words “Warning to Minors” in bold followed by excerpts from the Saskatchewan Liquor Act. It was issued by the Hotels Association of Saskatchewan and Approved by Saskatchewan Liquor Board. Printed by Davidson Leader Print. Since the text infers that serving beer is legal, but serving women is not, it must have been printed sometime between 1935 and 1960. PE000462

PE000920 - Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book

"Edmonton Ad Club 1913-1914 Year Book." Cover is printed on brown cardstock, and the back cover is blank except for the publisher’s mark. The interior details the operations of the Ad Club. Includes a list of members with phone numbers, plans for the upcoming year, information about memberships and dues, a list of officers currently in office, and quite a few advertisements for businesses in Edmonton. Pamphlet also contains one small 12.8 x 7.8 cm card which can be used to apply for a membership with the Edmonton Ad Club. Within is also a 21.5 x 27.8 cm tri-fold letter bearing the Edmonton Ad Club’s letterhead, and addressed to Mr. Ernest Brown. The letter extends an invitation to the addressee to join the Edmonton Ad Club, and extolls some of the benefits of joining. Printed by Edmonton Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd.

PE004841 - Receipt to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Top of receipt reads: "International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-1200 15th Street N.W. Washington 5, D.C." It has been issued to H. M. Wilson, initiated on October 22, 1919 and last paid in August, 1954. It states it’s for pension and death benefits, and is signed by the international secretary. There is an address stamped on the back, sending the receipt to Mr. A. E. Fearey, Financial Secretary, Lu. #348, P.O. Box 154, Calgary, Alberta.

PE000428 - Regulations for the sale of lands in the C.P.R.'s irrigation block

Document listing the regulations for the sale of irrigable and non-irrigable lands in the western section of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s irrigation block and for the supply of water for said irrigation lands. Signed J.S. Dennis, Superintendant of Irrigation. Calgary, Alberta.

One of two documents written by J.S. Dennis of the Irrigation Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. See also PE000459

Dennis, J. S.

PE000780 - Letter and Bulletin from the International Record Collector’s Club to Mr. Abbott. 

Bulletin #100 of the International Record Collector’s Club to Mr. W.J. Abbott at 81 Laurier Av. West, Ottawa, Canada.  This is a two page, typewritten brochure with illustrations of renowned opera figures. It has been folded in a triptych to fit in the 9.6 x 16.5 cm envelope. The envelope includes a three cent U.S. postage and a stamp with the date, time, and location (Dec.3, 1940, 9:30PM, Bridgeport, Conn.). Enclosed is also a typewritten note from the club’s founder to the recipient (dated Dec 2nd), which acknowledges the latter’s partial payment towards two records, as well as an expression of concern over Canada’s ban on “luxuries,” and its impact on the club’s Canadian audience. 

PE000851 - United Grain Growers Notebook

Booklet containing a detailed account of the United Grain Growers, including shareholder information, stock and farm supplies, information on other agricultural agencies, record forms, grain assessment, examples of grain bills, and other factors surrounding the company. It also includes calendars and memoranda where the book owner can make notes, as well as space for addresses. The owner of this booklet made a fair number of notes throughout the latter sections, primarily for grocery lists, addresses, and recipes.

PE000858 - Letter Seeking to Promote a Song

A handwritten letter to the editor of the Edmonton Bulletin from S. K. Larson. The letter requests that the Edmonton Bulletin write a few lines on the publication of Larson's song, "The Rose of My Heart," issued by Dearborn Music Co. of Chicago. It has been published in England, Australia, and the United States. Larson mentions that he was a pioneer of Stony Plain in the Edmonton District, having settled there in 1894 for 15 years, although he now lives in Prince Rupert, B.C. Attached is a short notice announcing the song’s success published by The Evening Empire newspaper, from Prince Rupert, B.C. There is a red, 3 cent Canadian stamp featuring King George V's portrait on the bottom right of the letter.

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