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Stuart Island Resort [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • How long it will take to get there by airplane, auto ferry and highway, and by float plane.
  • Vancouver office address and telephone information and instructions to contact the Stuart Island Resort through the radio operator.
  • Rate schedule effective from 15 May to 15 September 1969, including prices for accommodation and resort guests.
  • Reservation form on the reverse side of the rate schedule sheet.

Recreation Guide to Spooner Area [brochure]

Textual Information includes:

  • Map titled "Spooner Lake Region: Heart of Wisconsin's Indian Head Country" with the text: "For your vacation write Chamber of Commerce Spooner, Wisconsin"
  • A three-page directory of recommended resorts
  • A full page (12 panels) map of the Spooner Lakes area in Wisconsin (copyright 1948, John T. Mathiesen)

Algonquin Park [brochure]

Printed by the Canadian National Railway.
Textual information includes:

  • Several photos and information on different hotels and camps in the area
  • Fishing information such as guides and equipment, regulations, and customs
  • List of Canadian National Railways passenger agencies

The Maganetawan River [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Brochure is signed by E.S. Whitney, 5 October 1909
  • All places listed in the brochure are reached by the Grand Trunk Railway system
  • Map of Grand Trunk Railway system
  • Prices and information on hotels and boarding houses
  • Summer schedule of Grand Trunk Railway passenger trains

Algonquin Park Ontario: Highland Inn [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Information on Algonquin Park including a two-day camping trip arranged by the hotel
  • Descriptions of recreational activities such as camping, boating, hiking, riding, fishing, bathing, tennis, badminton, and dancing
  • Hotel features such as church services, comfort, food, and service
  • Rates for rooms, guides, Saddle horses, boats and canoes
  • Includes contact information
  • Printed by Grand & Toy LTD. Toronto

Fishing is Good in Manitoba [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Issued by Province of Manitoba Department of Mines and Natural Resources, Hon. J.S. McDiarmid (Minister), D.M. Stephens (Deputy Minister)
  • Distributed by Tourist and Convention Bureau of Winnipeg and Manitoba (Lt.-Col, G.F.C. Poussette (Manager)
  • Licenses and regulations
  • Hunting information

Douglas Lodge, Stuart Lake [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Activities such as hunting, fishing, walks, trails, riding, and swimming
  • Lodge information such as size, rates and how to get there
  • Map of "Northern Hunting and Fishing Grounds Adjacent to Douglas Lodge"
  • Small map on the back of British Columbia

Trout Lake [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • List of accommodations and facilities
  • Information on where it is located
  • Rates
  • Proprietors are Pat & Rich Broemeling
  • Published privately by Leno-Whimster Printing Ltd., Nelson B.C.

Visitor's Guide to New Zealand [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Formalities for entry
  • Air and Sea Routes, and when to go
  • Information on sightseeing, travel hints, health, currency, climate, transport, vehicles, customs, shopping, food, and sports
  • List of New Zealand Government Travel Representatives Abroad
  • Printed by R. E. Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Details of 11 tours available between 1961-1962
  • Contact information of New Zealand Government Travel Commissioner for San Francisco and New York
  • Map and directions on how to get there
  • Information on things on main attractions and facts about New Zealand

Envelope and Letterhead

Note inside reads: "With the compliments of the New Zealand Government Travel commissioner, Suite 530, 630 Fifth Avenue, New York, Telephone JUDSON 6-0060"

Silver Dace Angling Association

Textual information includes:

  • List of the board members including president, vice presidents, chairman, treasurer, committee, delegates, and secretary
  • List of rules
  • Guide to private waters
  • Contest arrangements
  • Headquarters "White Horse", Two Mile Hill.
  • Member's ticket filled out with name and address of owner, endorsed by J.E. Dolling (Secretary)
  • Quote by "Buck Gnat" on the back cover
  • Printed by H. E. ILES, Halls Road, Kingswood

Bradford City Angling Association

Textual information includes:

  • Address of the Bradford City Angling Association Headquarters: Hepworth & Grandage Sports & Social Club, 357 Sticker Lane, Bradford 4
  • Printed by Ernest Cummins, Bradford BD3 9HG
  • Rules
  • Select Member's names
  • Advertisements on the back pages

Pattern Card of Veniard Special Dyes & Guide for Dyed Goods

Textual information includes:

  • further explanation: "These Dyes are specially prepared for Dyeing Feathers, Furs, Wools &c, Recommended by Roger Woolley, T J. Hanna, F. Napier-Sutton, &c. FAST and BRIGHT"
  • Address of E. Veniard, LTD given on the front cover: 138 Northwood RD, Thronton Heath, Surrey, England.

Ascension Fish & Game Club

This book is rare and offers a brief history of this club (originally the Green Lake Fish and Game Club), which occupies a lease over 22 square miles north of Montreal. The back 2 pages list past and present officers and members of the club.

The Golden Era of Fly Fishing

The item is a 50th-anniversary promotional pamphlet for Weber Fly Tackle.
Textual Information includes:

  • Weber family and company history
  • Photos of the various home bases and factories of the company
  • Information about their upcoming catalog

Fishing in Newfoundland

Includes photos by Lee Wulff, noted angler and author. Wulff was an American who spent a lot of his time fishing in Canada and did promotional work for Newfoundland, among other places.
Textual information includes:

  • Freshwater fishing
  • Big game fishing
  • One page map of Newfoundland

S.I.N.I. [photograph album]

Includes photographs of the following places:

  • Studebaker Creek
  • Mirror Lake
  • Campbell River & Lake
  • Elk Falls
  • Alberni Mountain
  • Alberni Canal
  • Sprout River & Lake
  • Great Central Lake
  • Stamp River
  • Butchart Gardens

Canada Guides Limited [book & photo]

Textual information includes:

  • Map on p.6 showing railroad connections and schedule of Canadian National Railways fares
  • Information about their services
  • Pull out map that shows the routes to Ogoki, Opichuan, and Albany Rivers from Ombabika attached to the rear cover

Photo Album given to Charles V. Hancock from J. Hughes-Parry

Rare -- May be unique. Album was from the library of Charles V. Hancock, Literary Editor of the Birmingham Post. Album has a greeting card inscribed to Hancock with a photo of Hughes-Parry holding the record rod-caught fish for the Dee, a 42 lbs 5 oz salmon caught from the Welsch Dee river dated April 15, 1935. Photos in album are of Hughes-Parry fishing from a coracle (a little folding boat he invented)

Jack Russell's Camps [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Hunting and Fishing in the area
  • Accommodation, rates, location and transportation
  • Printed in the USA - Publishers Printing Co. of N. Y.
  • Small stamp of "Eldred Bailey Lessee" in green on the front panel and inside in the "management" section

The Whiteshell [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Descriptions of canoe trails
  • List of "Suggested Outfit for Two People" including camp outfit, cooking outfit, and rations for five days
  • Photo of Silver Falls on the Winnipeg River
  • Map issued by the Winnipeg Travel and Publicity Bureau Department of Mines and Natural Resources

Trout Fishing in Oregon [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Where to fish in the following areas: The Coast Streams, Willamette Valley Streams, Southern Oregon Lakes and Streams, Central Oregon Lakes and Streams, and Eastern Oregon Lakes and Streams
  • Rates for Hunting and Angling licenses for the 1923-1924 season

Welcome to — Grand Forks and Scenic Sunshine Valley [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Statistics of Grand Forks District
  • A general description of the area provided by The Grand Forks District board of Trade
  • Gazette Printing co., LTD — Grand Forks, B.C.
  • Photo of the Aerial View of Grand Forks
  • One page description of the history of the area
  • One page dedicated to a copy of a hand-drawn map of the Grand Forks and Boundary District