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PE000624 - Album of Newspaper Clippings from the [Red River Valley Echo] titled “Pioneer Portrait of the Past"

Newspaper clippings of a weekly article in the [Red River Valley Echo] titled “Pioneer Portrait of the Past.” Each numbered article includes a short biography of a Manitoba pioneer family and an image of the articles’ subjects. The articles have been cut from the newspaper and pasted non-chronologically on scrap book pages. Either Lawrence Klippenstein or Elizabeth Bergen authored each article.
The following list provides the names of the subjects, where the subjects lived, the date of publication (when available) and the number of the article.

  • Epp, Peter and Maria, East Reserve and Schoenthal, Man.  (37)
  • Klippenstein, Henry and Sarah, Bergthal and Alt-Bergthal Man. (79)
  • Hoeppner, Peter and Elizabeth, Waldheim, Man. (25)
  • Bergen, Rev. Isaac and Helena Reimer, East Reserve, Alt-Bergthal and Altona, Man. (22)
  • Peters, Herman and Helena, Reinland, Man. And Rosthern, Sask. (33)
  • Funk, Peter S. and Maria (Ewert), Hochstadt, Man. (36)
  • Hampel, Albert and Pauline Kuntz, Gretna, Man. (156)
  • Braun, Gerhard and Anna, Osterwick, Man. (73)
  • Rempel, Johann W. and Katharina, Blumenort, Gretna and Blumenort, Man., Chichuahua, Mexico. (143)
  • Giesbrecht, Peter H. and Katharina (Penner), Altona, Neu Kronsthal, Rudnerweide and Rosefarm, Man. (155)
  • Niebuhr, Aron and Helena (Buhler). Kronsthal, Man. (108)
  • Funk, Anton and Maria (picture shows Anton and Maria Harder Funk with an inset of Anton’s 2nd wife, Maria Friesen Funk), Rosenfeld and Roseville, Man. (47)
  • Dyck, Jacob and Elizabeth, Winkler, Man. and Herbert, Sask. (41)
  • Klassen, Johan K. and Katharina, Hochstadt, Man. (130)
  • Wall, Friedrich and Katharina, near Plum Coulee, Carrot River, Sask. (172)
  • Wiebe, Cornelius and Helena. (82)
  • Reimer, Henry and Anna, Strassberg, Man. and Altona, Man. (148) Notes are taken on this clipping in blue pen.
  • Guenther, Abram and Katherina, Edenberg, Man. Feb, 13, 1974. (5) This early article is titled “Pioneer Parents of the Past.”
  • Friesen, Johann and Katherina Hierbert, Halbstadt, Strassberg and Altona, Man. (20)
  • Driedger, David and Maria, Neubergthal and Sommerfeld, Man. (142)
  • Klippenstein, Johann and Agatha Friesen, Gnadenfeld and Altona, Man. (126)
  • Neustaeter, Jacob and Maria, Kronsthal, Man. (183)
  • Braun, Jacob and Maria, Osterwick, Man. (4) This early article is titled “Pioneer Parents of the Past.”
  • Funk, Elder Johann and Margaretha (Johann later married Susan Rempel), Bergthal and Altbergthal, Man. (8) This early article is titled “Pioneer Parents of the Past.”
  • Sawatzky, John and Maria Toews, East Reserve, Hochstadt and Altona, Man. (10) This early article is titled “Pioneer Parents of the Past.”
  • The Peter Bergens, Sommerfeld, Man. (87)
  • Funk, Henry and Maria, Silberford SE and Hochstadt, Man. (39)
  • Peters, Klaas and Katherina, Gretna, Man., Didsbury, Alta, and Waldeck, Sask. (69)
  • Thiessen, Peter and Maria, Winkler, Man. (106)
  • Hiebert, Diedrich and Elisabeth, Shoenwiese, Man., Fargo, N. D. and Reinland, Man. (149)
  • Klippenstein, Bernhard and Helena, East Reserve and Neubergthal, Man. (27)
  • Kroeker, Frank B. and Aganetha, Rosenort, Man. (175)
  • Elias, Gerhard and Maria, East Reserve, Gruenfeld and Winkler, Man. (45) This article is folded in between the previous and following articles.
  • Kroeker, Peter and Elizabeth, East Reserve and Plum Coulee, Man. (68)
  • Dyck, Heinrich and Anna, Niverville and Kleefeld, Man. (165)
  • Kehler, Peter and Agatha, Altona, Man. (128)
  • Dyck, Diedrich and Helena, East Reserve and Schoenthal, Man., also tells the story of Anna (Loewen) Dyck. (174)
  • Krahn, Gerhard and Maria (Derksen), Winkler, Man., also tells the story of Maria (Unrau) Krahn. (98)
  • Ginter, Isaac and Helena, Kronsthal, Man. (56)
  • Falk, Abraham and Katherina, Schoenthal and Rosenfeld, Man. (72)
  • Penner, Isaac and Katharina, Altona, Man., Herbert Sask. (181)
  • Siemens, Johan and Anna (Hiebert), Schoethal, Man. (113)
  • Hamm, Peter and Sarah, Bergthal and Neubergthal, Man. (166)
  • Hamm, Jacob and Helena, Neubergthal, Man. (176)
  • Siemens, Frank J. and Sarah, Heuboden and Hochstadt, Man. (180)
  • Goertzen, Abram D. and Anna, Chortitz, Man. (170)
  • (113) Second copy
  • Dyck, Isaac and Elizabeth Hooge, Winkler, Man. (119)
  • Sawatzky, Heinrich and Helena Bergen, also tells the story of Heinrich’s second and third wives Anna (Nickel) Sawatzky and Katharina (Nickel) Sawatzky, Blumenthal and Sommerfeld, Man. (135)
  • Bornn, Abraham and Aganetha Janzen, Roland and Winkler, Man. (123)
  • Braun, Abram and Anna, Hochstadt (Kleinstadt), Man. (104)
  • Enna, Frank and Maria Esau, Neu Reinland, Man. (23)
  • Kroeker, Jacob and Anna, Walhalla, N.D. (179)
  • Ewert, Peter and Katherine, Hochstadt and Plum Coulee, Man. (71)
  • Friesen, Johann and Justina, Gnadenthal and Blumengart, Man., Swift Current, Sask., and Haskett district, Man. (168)
  • Loewen, Jacob and Katherina, Altona, Man. (97)
  • Koethler, Jacob and Maria, Gruenthal and Altona, Man. (145)
  • Warkentin, Cornelius and Maria, also tells the story of Maria’s second and third husbands, Frank Loewen and Peter Buhr, Gruenthal, Glencross school quarter and Altona, Man. (93)
  • Unrau, Diedrich and Maria, Schoenthal, Man. Jan. 15, 1975. (50)
  • Harder, Franz and Katherina, Plum Coulee, Man. and Paraguay. (24)
  • Harder, John and Eva, Altona, Man. Aug. 14, 1974. (29)
  • Schapansky, Jacob and Katharina, Lowe Farm and Gretna, Man. (188)
  • Nickel, Cornelius and Aganetha, Kronsthal, Man. (19)
  • Friesen, Rev. Johann K. and Justina, Rosenhoff, Man. (42)
  • Kroeker, Jacob and Anna Penner, Plum Coulee, Man. (153) A black oval mark covers some of the text.
  • Friesen, Heinrich and Maria, East Reserve and Gnadenfeld, Man. (161)
  • Pokrant, Ferdinand and Leocadia, Plum Coulee and Rosenfeld, Man. (136)
  • Bergen, Gerhard and Elisabeth, Rosthern, Man., Hague Sask., and Gretna, Man. (169)
  • Hamm, Peter and Katharina, Neubergthal, Man. (164)
  • Sawatzky, Heinrich and Anna, Neubergthal, Man. (147)
  • Kroeker, Abraham and Helena, Hoffnungsfeld, Man. (101)
  • Sawatzky, Cornelius P. and Maria, Mapleton, N.D., Neu-hoffnung, Rosenfeld Man., Herbert, Sask., Dallas and Portland, Ore., also tells the story of Cornelius’ second wife, Maria Friesen. Handwritten note on the side of the page says “Jake Emms’ grand father”. (92)
  • Harms, Cornelius and Helena, Blumenort and Kleinstadt, Man. (162) Handwritten note on the side of the page.
  • Kehler, Peter and Anna, Sommerfeld, Man. (120)
  • Dyck, Heinrich and Mary, Reinfeld and Winkler, Man. (186)