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Blackberg family

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Andrew Luther 'Blackie' Blackberg (1898-ca. 1967) was employed in highway and airport construction for the governments of British Columbia and Canada between 1921 and 1947. From 1947 to 1963 he was Airport Maintenance Foreman for the federal Department of Transport in Yellowknife. Anna Regina (Hole) Blackberg (1904-1983 or 1984) was a registered pharmacist (University of Alberta, 1930) who worked in the northern towns where her husband was also employed.

Jean-Baptiste Amyot Family

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Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Baptiste Amyot was born in 1842 in Saint Gervais, Bellechasse County, Lower Canada and died in March of 1913. His parents were Guillaume Eusebe Amyot, a pilot [born ca. 1803 and died in August 1847] and Louise Gosselin [born ca. 1829]. Jean-Baptiste Amyot took classics and legal studies at Ste. Anne de-la-Pocatierre College. He was also a member of the Quebec Militia, and possessed the Fenian Raid and North West Rebellion medals. He was part of the Red River Expedition to suppress the Riel Provisional Government, and he was also in charge of creating a musical band while in the military.

In January 1872, Jean-Baptiste Amyot was admitted to the Bar. From 1872-1876 he served as Aide-de-Camp and Private Secretary to the first two Lieutenant Governors of Quebec, Sir Narcisse Fortunal Belleau and the Honourable R. E. Caron.

Jean-Baptiste Amyot was also a member of the Institute Canadien de Quebec and Cercle de Quebec, and from 1880-1882, he was appointed the 4th Commanding Officer of the Voltigueurs of Quebec.

Finally, from 1877-1878, Jean-Baptiste Amyot was the second Commissioner of the Quebec Provincial Police, and he replaced Judge Pierre Antoine Doucet. He was made Deputy Sheriff of Quebec from 1879 until ca. 1913, when he passed away.

Zelman, Maier

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Maier accepted a job with the Department of Public Works (DPW) as a Resident Engineer on the Banff-Windermere and Banff-Jasper Highways and immigrated to Canada with his family. He then followed a career through the Public Service of Canada, from his beginnings as a junior engineer with DPW, through Emergency Measures Organisation, Treasury Board, Urban Affairs, Department of Supply and Services, Transport Canada and eventually to the position of Assistant Auditor General under AG Kenneth Dye, followed by a period as Special Advisor to Hon. Elmer MacKay.