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People and Organization
UAA · Corporate body · 1976 -

The Periodical Writers Association of Canada was established in 1976 to promote the development of freelance writers in Canada. They are a non-profit association that advocates for Canadian writers to receive fair pay, contracts and treatment. An early achievement of the PWAC was the development of a Code of Ethics, as well as a contract that defined the rights and obligations of writers and publishers. PWAC also lobbies on behalf of writer’s interests in government and industries.

The PWAC offers online resources for their members, including copyright basics, best practices and tips on contract negotiation, as well as professional development opportunities, an annual conference and a job board. The association has also published the PWAC Guide to Roughing It In the Market and the PWAC Guide to Editing as a Sideline.

PWAC changed its name in 2005 and are now known as the Professional Writers Association of Canada to reflect the broader interests of their members. There are past and current chapters of the PWAC throughout Canada, including Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.